VibePad Review: Original vs. VibePad 2 with Tongue

Discovery: Sitting on a licking tongue is 10 times better than lying back and holding a licking tongue against your clit. The automatic 👅 motion, with vibration running underneath: I orgasm much faster.

This Vibe Pad2 review will compare the licking-tongue vibrator to the original (tongue-less) VibePad ride-on vibrator by Orion. I’ll describe how to use it, how to clean it, and who it’s right for.

VibePad 2 Functions & Power: What’s the Deal?

The VibePad 2 has, appropriately, two motors situated in two humps. The front hump/bump has the flicking tongue carved out into it, to face your clitoris; and then the back bump houses a pure vibrating motor. They’re controlled separately: So you adjust the flicking-tongue speed & the vibration power each to your taste. You need the VibePad 2’s remote control for that independent control. (It’s got a button for each bump.)

The tongue motor has 7 functions (=3 steadier speeds + 4 rhythms); while the vibration-only motor has 7 functions too (but 2 steady speeds + 5 patterns). VibePad 2’s also got a heating function🔥for the vibrating hump—so it’ll warm up, upon command.

VibePad vs. VibePad 2 licking tongue motion
The tongue’s blurry above because it’s moving!

The tongue flickers in little speedy strokes, about a quarter inch back and forth. The tongue’s silicone is flexible—but the pressure can still feel very focused, harder, if you’re sitting right on top of the VibePad grinding vibrator.

I’d rate the VibePad 2 a 6.5 out of 10 for top vibration strength—but on a scale where “10” is for powerhouses like plug-in Magic Wands. The vibration is pretty rumbly to start, as it begins with deeper-pitched grrrr: I’d give that first setting an 8 out of 10 for rumbliness; while high power is moderately rumbly, a 5/10.

Importantly: Unlike the original VibePad (comparison later), the VibePad 2’s flicky-tongue does offer more direct stimulation—that makes it likely more orgasmic for a lot of folks who orgasm better from clitoral focus (vs. just vibration over a wide area). That’s a general statement: so next, I’ll cover how I (a fan of moderately wide clit sensations) enjoy the VibePad 2’s tongue and its motion.

How to Use the VibePad

The VibePad 2’s bigger hump is the one with the tongue cut out into it. Then, the lower hump will sit farther back on your pelvic floor, either right under the vagina or on the perineum (depending on how tightly you’re spaced).

VibePad 2 review ride on vibrator on bed with remote control

To turn on the VibePad, press the power button on the underside of the toy. Then, turn on the remote and use its buttons to change intensity.

You can use the VibePad 2 in several positions; these are the ones I’ve tried:

  • Favorite: Under my pelvic floor when I’m in bed, my legs in front of me & pillows propping up my back. This way, I can position the VibePad’s tongue right under my clit but I’m not putting all my weight on top of it. It also feels more leisurely.
  • Sitting on a chair. You can either face the chair back, or put pillows behind your back and stretch your legs out. (You may find yourself clenching your thighs as the VibePad gets more intense!) I like the pillows-behind-back position, again, so that I don’t have to support my own weight.
  • Over the edge of the bed: Your feet on the floor. This is great if you want to lean forward and mash your clit into the tongue harder.
  • Sitting directly on top of the VibePad mounted on a large pillow / sex toy mount. But this is the best for super-focused tongue pressure from the VibePad 2. I’ve used the Liberator Wing under the VibePad: it’s high-density foam that doesn’t sink under bodyweight. The elevation lets you ride better, vs. just sitting the VibePad on a flat surface, where your legs will be crunched up froggy style under you, and that hurts. A firm pillow eliminates the problem. And OMG, does the VibePad 2’s tongue seem stronger this way! (It’s a litle much for my personal taste, so I will go back to lazy reclining before too long.)

Tip: Getchu a waterproof blanket for putting under any grindpad. Towels are fine, but a waterproof/pet blanket contains more spillage; so I feel freer to not worry about letting go. Great for squirters.

My VibePad Preferences

Grinding sex toys are best for people who do orgasm by humping/rubbing externally, like by grinding their clit against pillows or other surfaces. Personally, I like grinding, but need finger-like strokes and/or penetration for excellent orgasms.

So it’s the self-propelled movement of the VibePad 2 that makes it better for me. I prefer lying back and having this thing flicker against my clit; it’s 💯 laziness. It even ends up squirting-level good for me sometimes.

Ride on vibrator squirting - vibepad 2
Friday night relaxation 🙌

I was skeptical about the VibePad 2’s design at first, because most dual stim vibrators (for clitoral & vaginal play together) don’t fit me well.

Happily, once I got seated on top of the large Vibe Pad, I realized that the back bump’s location didn’t matter a whole lot. After I got the tongue situated so it was licking my clitoris right, I could just turn on the second motor—and the rumbling vibration will be simulating everything from my labia to around my vagina to my perineum and my lower ass cheeks.

It’s the VibePad 2’s tongue motion that does give me orgasms, while I appreciate the decently strong vibrating motor behind it—more stimulation. The back bump is pressing into my perineum, right in front of my butthole, because I’m more tightly spaced than is normal. Thankfully, the vibes are rumbly enough that they travel well, all through this big grinding pad, so my labia are getting a good bit of vibration. This is all an advantage for me over the VibePad original model by Orion Toys…

Vs. VibePad Original

The VibePad 1, the original model, is basically the VibePad 2 without the tongue, and without a heating feature for the back-bump. The VibePad original has 2 pure-vibration motors, with no automatic tonguing motion.

VibePad vs. VibePad 2 licking tongue vibrator - comparison

The motors are just a little different in the v.1 versus v.2. Overall, the original VP is marginally stronger in its larger hump: this makes sense, as no energy is being directed into a flickering tongue. I give the VibePad 1 a strength rating of 5.0 to 7.0 (low steady intensity to high steady intensity), vs. 5.0 to 6.5 for the VibePad 2. Also, the VibePad original—while not the rumbliest toy on high power—has about 20 Hertz lower vibration frequency. So, VibePad 1 is lower-pitched than VibePad 2. And last, VibePad 1 has three steady vibrating speeds, vs. only two steady speeds in VibePad 2. I wish VibePad 2 had a 3rd steady vibrating function.

That all said, I still cum much more easily on the VibePad 2, the less rumbly, less-intense-vibrating model. Some background:

I got a VibePad 1 in late 2020, when I was dying for something that felt like humping a partner. The VibePad was not that, and I struggled to get the hang of it: I was looking for more vaginal insertion (alongside the grinding), whereas the VibePad’s larger bump is really easier to grind your clitoris against, not your vagina. It was one of those toys that I was trying to force my (extremely horny at the time, post-quarantine) preferences on, and didn’t spend enough time with to understand the best way to use the product.

Still, today with more VibePad & grinding toy experimentation behind me, the VibePad original falls flat for me vs. the VibePad 2. The self-moving tongue is the ticket. Sure, the VibePad original’s smoothness is great for easy cleaning: but it’s also less stimulation as I move against it. (I would pick the Lust Rider’s ridgier texture first.)

Vs. Other Tongue Vibrators & “Suction” Clit Stimulators

The VibePad 2’s tongue is thin and flexible. That lets it flutter better than a really firm tongue would, makes it more “flappy.” The tongue speed is good, but not super-powered.

It does feel stronger than stimulators like:

  • The Twitch suction toy by Shots, whose tongue doesn’t move a whole lot, and whose vibration is weaker. (However, if you like spiky spikes around your clit—some people do—the texture there may appeal.) It does suck a little (literally), in a light way; it’s not water-resistant as a result of that airflow. And another Shots tongue toy, the Dreamy, combines so-so vibration with a moderate (“Eh”) tongue flicking.
  • The NS Triple Delight, whose tongue is longer and broader—and it moves about 0.2-inch more distance back and forth than VibePad2’s tongue. But, the Triple Delight only has 1 tongue speed, vs. the VibePad 2’s 7 functions (3 steady, 4 patterned).
  • The Fantasy for Her Her Ultimate Pleasure’s tongue is harder and pointier than the VibePad 2’s—the Fantasy for Her irritates me, but some may enjoy that bite. The suction-pumping can also be very aggressive, and not the easiest to control. But the Fantasy for Her’s vibration seems cheap vs. the VibePad’s: weaker and extremely high-pitched.
  • The NS Inya The Kiss’s tongue is the fastest-moving of the bunch: best if you do like targeted flicking 👅🎯. Again, the Kiss’s vibration is not as strong as the VibePad 2’s, and it assuredly covers less ground: it doesn’t vibrate the whole pelvic floor like the big VibePad. An Inya The Kiss advantage, tho: it’s really quick, focused stimulation that is easier to hold, store, and hide than a VibePad is.

I have never met a moving-tongue vibrator that is powerful 💪 in the way an air pulsation clitoral stimulator (often called “clitoral suction toy”) can be. The Satisfyer Pro 2, for example, elicits a strong response & is a fan-favorite because of the intense sensation it produces, by surrounding and pulsing on the clitoris. Likewise, the strongest Rose vibrator makes the VibePad’s 2 tongue feel like a gust of wind, vs. the Inya Rose’s hurricane.

“Stronger” does not mean “better orgasms for everyone,” though. The VibePads are a gentler, more all-encompassing kind of feeling that’s for people who like rubbing off & grinding to orgasm: whereas a Satisfyer/Rose is like having an orgasm pulled out of your body, for some (like me!). The VibePad is for being more active in how you get yourself off.

How to Clean & Charge

The VibePads are marked waterproof. I’ve cleaned their silicone under running water, with soap, in the sink. I doubt they are reliably IPX 7-8 waterproof submersible, due to the charging hole in the bottom of the base. I wouldn’t use it while taking a bath, VibePad underwater.

Spend a few seconds running your finger around the inset tongue, with soap and water, to remove any fluids. Then, shake the VibePad 2 off, and let it air-dry. (You could blot with a washcloth or lint-free cloth if desired, too.) Let it dry on a clean towel or drying rack.

VibePad 2 review - how to clean
Rinsing VibePad 2’s tongue-hole.

To charge the toy, plug the included charging cable’s prong into the bottom of the base, near the power button. You do need to flip the VibePad over and press on the power button to get it to start, before the remote will work.

VibePad 2 review - functions and how-to instructions

The remote has three buttons, and the inner cover of the box clearly indicates which is which. The tongue is the middle button, the all-vibrating hump is the top button, and the heating is the bottom button.

VibePad 2 Recap & Rating

The VibePad 2 has made grinding vibrators more relevant to my tastes: the flickering tongue takes the vibrating ride-on saddle up a notch, so orgasms are so much easier to achieve.

The self-propelled motion helps me sit back, pillows arranged so I’m all comfortable, and purely enjoy the VibePad 2. All I gotta do is use the remote control to play around with more vibe strength, or different tongue patterns when I want a change of pace.

Sitting on top of the VibePad 2 with tongue is the most-stimulating way—so much that my sensitive clit is like, “WHOA! That’s a lot.” So, this model is definitely better suited for folks who enjoy pinpoint clitoral stimulators than the original VibePad is.

This grinder’s vibration is moderately strong, and rumbly on the low intensity. Besides the tongue, it’s an all-over vibration: the vibe waves travel through the silicone grinder pad and stimulate my labia, outside my vagina, and my butt crack area. It’s suitable for folks who do like to hump wider surfaces to orgasm—but who also want more direct, targeted clit stimulation sometimes too.

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