Grinding Sex Toy Guide: Clitoral Hump-ables

Sometimes, a daily grind isn’t a bad thing… A grinding sex toy is for clitoral stimulation from rubbing off—usually against a broad surface. These vibrators & grind pads often possess textures that you massage your clit and vulva against, over and over, building toward orgasm.

If you’re someone who enjoys humping on objects—like pillows, or even a partner’s leg—then grinding toys are 💯 worth leaping onto. This grind guide will review humping vibrator pads, soft silicone grinders by indie artists, and big ride-on vibrators too.

Humping Vibrators Compared

These “vibrator pads” or large “grinding vibrators” typically have two humps, with two vibrating motors. Once you’re sitting on top, you rock your hips forward, grinding your clit onto one raised bump. While the other bump rests under the vagina or perineum, vibrating all over.

A quick recap of 5 grind pads that vibrate:

  • VibePad 2 gives more direct clitoral stimulation: it’s got an automatic moving tongue that flickers.
  • Bump & Grind is the most pinpoint, textured surface to grind on; has the most rocking vibrating motor.
  • Lust Rider has more texture: Groovy lines running up and down its length. A good speed range from “low” to “pretty strong.”
  • VibePad original is smooth, solid vibration.
  • Thrust & Grind has a self-thrusting shaft, moving half an inch in-and-out of the vagina; plus a vibrating motor outside.
Ride on vibrator grind pad comparison VibePad vs Lust Dual Rider

VibePad 2: tongue motion

This licking grinder by Orion makes me come the fastest and most multiply, due to its flappy tongue motion. This one is the laziest for me too, since I’m doing less work moving my hips; it’s best while I’m lying in bed, pillows propping my back up, and feeling the tongue flickering under my clit.

VibePad vs. VibePad 2 licking tongue motion

Sitting on top of the VibePad 2 when it’s mounted higher is the most intense stimulation I’ve felt from a grinding toy. With my body weight pushing my pelvic floor down onto the licking tongue, it’s pinpointing my clitoris more. Very direct contact! That’s why the VibePad 2 is the most forceful clitoral grinder I’ve yet found: it’s grinding with a twist.

Power: 5.0 to 6.5, low to high (where 10=Magic Wand)
Rumble (vibration depth): 7 to 4
Price: $135 here: with gift code FELICITY at checkout

Bump & Grind Dual Rider: Rocking motor, bumpy dots!

Bumpity, bumpity! This dotted friend has the most rev in its bigger motor; more rolling vibration force.

Bump and Grind grinding vibrator - clitoral stimulation texture

It’s for anyone who’s good with zing🎯 pinpoint, firm texture against their clit. Those bumps *pop*. I recommend it most for use during prone-bone sex, for hands-free clitoral stimulation. Lube it up well, then grind forward onto the Bump & Grind vibrator’s large hump while being vaginally penetrated from behind. (Pillows under your lower belly/pelvis may help create better lift under this grinding vibrator, elevating your pelvic floor and butt for easier access.)

Power: 5.5 to 7.5, low to high (where 10=Magic Wand)
Rumble (vibration depth): 9.0 to 5.75
Price: $109.99 here

Thrust & Grind Dual Rider: Self-thrusting shaft

An automatic thrusting dildo with vibrating base you can grind on!! The Thrust & Grind Dual Rider humping vibrator is a step-up for me because sex machines & thrusting dildos can’t be sat on comfortably, while Sybians don’t penetrate in & out.

The thrusting rod here is 1 inch wide by 3.5 inches length, so it’s like a good firm fingering. I stick a penis extender on it to make it more phallic.

Thrust vs Bump Grinding Vibrators - my experience

The torque is not exceptional, is all: this thrusting grinding vibrator will stall if I angle it against your pubic bone (where I get the most G-spot pleasure) while riding down with all my weigh. So, I gotta ride gently to feel the most thrust. Still very fun to feel the thrumming-thrust pulses and the vibration outside against my clitoris, hands-free.

Thrust speed: 240–300 thrusting pulses / minute (w/o resistance)
Vibration power: 6 to 7, low to high (where 10=Magic Wand)
Rumble (vibration depth): 5 to 3
Price: $124.99 here

Lust Rider: textured humps

The Lust Dual Rider’s ripples, running up and down its length, give more feeling as you rub on it. For me, the orgasms are slower-building, then a good release at the end of humping the bigger bump. You can also use it the other way, directions insist; with the larger hump farther back, right at the vaginal mouth or in the perineum. Clitoris-to-vagina distance varies (like human height does), so exact bump-placement will differ person-to-person. For me (I’ve got a short C-to-V distance), one bump is at my perineum and vibrating my asshole most intensely while I grind my clit against the other bump.

Lust Dual Rider Vibrator - size in hand, sideview

The Lust Rider starts lower-powered, and ends more rumbly than either VibePad by Orion. Its highest vibration intensity is very close to the VibePad: fractionally weaker, and less buzzy too: Enough that I’ve gone back and forth on which motor is actually stronger.

For anyone who wants just a humping ride-on vibrator—not a focused tongue stimulator—the Lust Rider makes sense, as the least-expensive option.

Power: 3.5 to 6.9, low to high (where 10=Magic Wand)
Rumble (vibration depth): 8 to 6
Price: $109.99 here

Vibe Pad Original: smooth, solid humping

The VibePad original is like the VibePad 2 except no tongue; and a more resonating motor in the smaller hump. It’s simpler: two smooth bumps, a vibrating motor in each one.

VibePad vs. VibePad 2 licking tongue vibrator - comparison
VibePad 1, top; VibePad 2, bottom.

The vibrations feel so deep when I start the VibePad’s low speed: it resonates, all around my labia, vag mouth, and perineum. Personally, I quickly want more power, so I turn up the VibePad. Being such a broad hump, it’s more indirect focus, like a big wand vibrator. The friction of me moving my bits is essential; I’m not going to come just from the vibration intensity, even on high speed.

This one is suited for clits who do love rubbing, don’t need a lot of clit focus, and are sensitive to mid-range powerful vibrations.

Power: 5.0 to 7.0, low to high (where 10=Magic Wand)
Rumble (vibration depth): 8 to 5
Price: $99 here: with gift code FELICITY at checkout

How to Use a Grinding Sex Toy

Grinding toys fall into 2 groups: vibrating pads, and squishy / textured non-vibrating ones. Depending on the size of the grinding toy, you can choose to:

  1. Sit flat on top of it when the toy’s on a chair. You’ll want to put a waterproof blanket or towel down, and “ride” the toy.
  2. Or, put the grinder on the edge of your bed, and sit on top with your feet on the floor.
  3. Pillow humping plus: With a fantasy grinder with straps, you can strap it to a normal pillow. The Tentacle Grinder, below, is one that’s tall enough I don’t need a taller Liberator high-density pillow.
  4. Sit on it in bed, with pillows behind your back so you don’t have to support your weight. (This is the lazy way for grind pad vibrators!)
  5. Put the grinder on top of a high-density pillow (or, if it’s a large ridable vibrator, just sit on top). The extra height of a toy mount lets you ride “cowgirl style” more naturally, so your legs can power your movements. Rocking on a VibePad is much easier with that extra height: the stimulation is more intense.
  6. For small handheld grinders: Lie back and and rub it on your clit, even (if desired) while using a vaginal toy like a silicone dildo or a vaginal plug.
  7. For some (flatter) handheld grinders too: Insert it into a strapon harness. The grinder is a soft, squishy surface you might rub on while penetrating a partner, if you can get it positioned well.
How to use a grinding sex toy

Motorbunny (and Sybian)

This is for the power fan who loves humping toys. You gotta be committed, as a Motorbunny ride-on vibrator costs $999, before attachments, and the silicone “Mt. Gushmore” grinding attachment is $35 separately. Motorbunny does have a return policy where you get 80% of the cost back if you don’t like it, within 45 days.

That’s versus the Sybian, cost of $1245.00 currently; with Sybian or Motorbunny, be sure to choose the silicone attachments there too, not the TPE ones. Or, there’s also the Cowgirl, which has all-silicone attachments by default and retails for about $1,500 USD.

The Motorbunny is loud, and rumbles the floor. I’ve tested the Motorbunny Buck thrusting model, which has an extra motor for jerking a dildo up inside vaginally. It comes with 4 silicone attachments, one of which is a grinder shape without a shaft: called “Flat/Vibration Only.”

Grinding sex toys vs Motorbunny & Sybian
Me, surveying my grinding options, and pondering where I maybe stashed the Motorbunny’s power cords (the thing is loud, and I live in an apartment!).

That Motorbunny attachment has a small bump to place outside the vagina, plus all these “clit nubs” to rub on. They are small and pointy, somewhat spiky. I suggest lots of lube. I don’t like pointy, so I would’ve been better served here by the original Motorbunny with Mt. Gushmore saddle if I only wanted external grinding.

Don’t Forget the Lubricant while Grinding!

Lube is so helpful for most people who use silicone sex toys. (Unless they’re super-duper wet naturally.) And with grinders in particular, a sex lubricant reduces irritating friction if you have pubic hair (especially pube stubble), which, not lubed, can feel rough sandwiched between the silicone and your skin as you rub or ride the toy.

Unfortunately, water-based (and hybrid) lubricants can be unsafe / even harm internal cell layers in the vagina or rectum. The inner labia minora (“pussy lips,” if you will) up to the clitoral hood are lined with mucosal tissue (mucous membranes), the same as the vagina is inside; so I recommend balanced iso-osmotic lubricants for clitoral grinding use too.

So, I’m on a kick with Good Clean Love lubes lately, and most enjoy the thick gel consistency of Almost Naked; however, folks who are bothered by (vanilla) scent will be better off with BioNude or with Sliquid H2O.

100% Silicone Grinders

This section covers toys without a vibrating motor, made of 100% platinum silicone. Orgasms here will come from (1) friction as you move the toy/grind on the toy; (2) the toy’s textures.

Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder

So good. I wasn’t even drawn to tentacle sex toys before I got a Tentacle Grinder, but this big silicone pad’s wealth of suckers is the best to rub off on. (Cover it liberally with lube!) The individual tentacles have rises and falls all over the place. So, moving my hips different ways will give my clit, my hood, my puffy inner labia, and more all kinds of unexpected feels. I do have one preferred area in the middle to rub on, the tallest tentacly bump!

Tentacle Grinder sex toy by Uncover creations - closeup

For me, it’s best to sit on top of and ride the Tentacle Grinder, like by strapping it around a pillow. Tip!: If you’re like me & tend to squirt from lots of clitoral rubbing, a small waterproof blanket (I have this $15 one) will fit nicely over a flat pillow, even under the grinder’s nylon straps. These tentacles are gettin’ real wet. 💦🐙💦 Afterward, the blanket will need washing, but my pillow & sheets won’t. Uncover Creations also has 2 other tentacle grinders with bigger feelers, plus other high-texture ripples (all in super-soft silicone).

Other Grinders: ALL the Silicone, by Fantasy & Independent Makers

Shops are US-based unless otherwise noted. All models below are 100% platinum silicone (with one possible exception, noted below). A big thanks to BunniBex and Erika Lynae, among others, for pointing to more silicone purveyors & resources I could include here! These toys are mainly intended as pure external clit grinders (or “squishies”): but you could also choose to use many fantasy dildos for clitoral rubbing instead of insertion, like how I think the Fantasy Grove Squid’s head is cool that way.

  • Paladin Pleasure Sculptors has the Calypso, lookin’ mermaid-inspired: it’s a vulva with clitoris & penetrable zone, also with fins and scales! PPSculptors’ colors are next-level awesome, so these sell out quickly almost every Saturday afternoon.
  • Strange Bedfellas: Now has 3 Xymon grinder shapes. Or, their Wand Toppers (for fitting over wand vibrators) also have some serious clit-grinding textures.
  • Odyssey Toys has more tentacle grinders, including one with a twisty tentacle dildo for dual stimulation as you hump. These also include 4 slots in the platinum silicone, for strapping to a chair. Vibrating bullet add-on available.
  • Fantasy Grove Sagitiferra. I have the the small one of these: two breast-like humps all covered in scales! The scales are flat, but very noticeable on top of the 2 humps!
  • Faux Phallus (in Australia) has the Dahlia, a very pretty floral grinder. Available in your choice of firmness & color scheme here.
  • Fantasticocks has “rubbies,” textured pads including a “dark arts”-esque book, Speil. Arguably, they’re the first maker of grinders with 4 slots around the edges, and included nylon straps for firmly attaching your grinder to an object.
  • Kudu Voodoo Darien the Merchant. A grinder, or perhaps a packer: Darien is a semi-phallic shape with lots o’ foreskin, plus big, textured balls to rub on. Or, the Vulva is one of the most-affordable grinders I’ve seen!!! $16 or $26 depending on size. Their “soft” density is what I’m used to calling super-soft, 00-30 Shore; while Kudu’s “super-soft” is the extra-squishy 00-20.
  • Made to Were has Zayn, a fantasy-vulva; and the Monster Licker maul.
  • Twilight Meadow Raido (based in Sweden). It’s like a vulva with a Prince Albert! Available with or without vibrator slot, and in several silicone densities, made to order.
  • Darque Path (in Australia)’s “occult” toys include Maera the sea nymph with tentacles grinder; Ignus the dragon skull, and the Grind.
  • Monster Smash (in the UK) has the Wini’s Book large grinder, 8″ x 6″ size, available in custom firmness + color choices.
  • Fantasdicks (based in Canada) has one “for the Zelda lovers” or anyone who wants lots of raised textures: the Hylian 2.0 shield, with adjustable zelcro straps included to anchor the silicone toy down.
  • The Prince’s Court has “the King” / the “Tiny King,” a small equine shaft backed by a vulva-like grinding area behind, containing a 0.5″ wide x 1″ long hole that might fit a small bullet vibrator.
  • Foxy Moxy does Dragon Grinder pads, also with slots for strapping to a chair, etc.
  • Lycantasy’s Serpent Interface grinders have an open channel; customizable in 2 sizes, 3 firmnesses, and 3 colors.
  • Sp0rePrints does a “Fairy Ring” with lots of little mushrooms!
  • Godemiche (UK-based) makes the Gring Ring, a silicone ring that’ll serve as a cock ring or a dildo attachment, for grinding clit stimulation during penetration.
  • “Bumphers” by BananaPants are designed for strap-on harness play, to cover dildo bases; they do provide a good buffer during hard thrusting, but rest more against the pubic mound than near the clitoris—so for me, the Bumpher is not a “grinder” when worn in a harness, it’s a “buffer.” Bumphers are also firmer silicone than most fantasy options above; 2A Shore durometer for the Bumpher, vs. 00-30 and 00-50 Shore (that’s about 0.5A) as the popular choices for indie toys.
  • The Sili Saddle is also a harness bumper, with a strong raised ridge down the center, that you might put onto a dildo base and grind against more directly. Described as “incredibly soft, squishy and flexible”; no shore durometer disclosed.
  • Pelle Whim / Pelle Twist, etc. These grinders are described as “pillowy” and “marshmellowy [sic].” The manufacturer calls them “silky soft silicone,” so they’re silky but firm outside, and then they’re softer inside: dual-density grinders, if you want! These are less textured, and therefore better for very sensitive vulvas than “fantasy”-type grinders.

Uberrime Rosae, Labae, Alia

Very soft platinum-grade silicone, handmade by Uberrime, these grinders are so attractive. The textures are super-different between the 4 models here:

  • Rosae, the rose; I adore the heart-shaped “clit” in the center, surrounded by flexible petals. Absolutely the easiest Uberrime grinder to hold in my palm and rub against my vulva while I’m holding a small dildo or a vagina plug inside too. The friction feels excellent when using the best thick but still safe water-based lubricant.
  • Labae, the labia + big clit! It’s a cute heart-inspired vulva. For me & my buried clit, I can feel the highest point of the each labium, and I can have the clitoris rub under my own if I press Labae into my genitals hard. Users with clits that stick out more might feel more, or even be able to penetrate the hollow in the center of Labae’s labia.
  • Alia, alien spikes! This one wins for originality, such a cool-looking lil monster. It has lots of raised nubs that are very stimulating. My clit’s afraid of spiky pointy things, so color me confused, but see Betty Butch’s commentary that they’d even enjoy this toy in firmer silicone!
  • And, Uberrime has just released a tentacle grinder too, Sugere, where the suckers have a consistent raised surface and an upward inclining. Hmm, more testing!
Uberrime Rosae grinders review - 3

Other Grinding Sex Toy References

See also: QueerMushroomForest has a long list-guide to all kinds of all-silicone grinding options, including cushions for strap-on harness play, and breast grinders. And, here’s a Twitter thread created Aug. 29, 2022 with pictures, and even more grinders (mostly current, except for a HodgePodge Entourage model & Xenofact Artifacts Cyerce not in production just right now). And, Kelvin Sparks has a list of grinders with easy emoji categorization, and links to 2 reviews of grinder toys he owns, FtM perspective: like the Uncover Creations tentacle. Sooooo many options!

Grind on!!!

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