Uberrime Rosae Review

Hump n grind: Uberrime’s rose toy, the Rosae, is for clits that want to rub off against a textured surface. It’s 100% very-soft platinum silicone: so the petals and nubs are comfortable for sensitive vulvas too.

They’re not vibrators, so how to use and enjoy the Uberrime Rosae? It’s all about your motion… Hold it in your palm and massage all over the vulva, or just sit on top of the Rosae and rock your hips, as desired. What you feel is determined by your own movements: you can choose to press the silicone in hard, rub it harder, rock your hips harder. (Use lube to avoid too much friction.)

The Rosae is one of Uberrime’s five 100% silicone grinders, artisan-made in Florida. And I’m focusing on the Uberrime Rosae here because it’s my personal favorite—but I’ll also give brief notes on the Labae and Alia silicone grinders! So, let’s jump into (on top of?) the grind of this Uberrime Rosae review, all the details…

What Is the Uberrime Rosae?

The Uberrime Rosae, Labae, and Alia are “grinders” for clitoral stimulation: They’re toys that you rub against yourself, or that you sit on and hump.

Uberrime Rosae grinders review - 3

If you’re someone who learned to get off by humping pillows, then a grinder will likely fit your style. If not: these toys are for clits that enjoy soft textures. The platinum silicone is avaiable in either 00-30 or 00-50 Shore durometer: super-soft vs. quite soft.

The Uberrime Rose & other grinders create sensation by both (1) the friction of your skin rubbing against the silicone, and (2) the textures Uberrime has created on each clitoral grinder.

And they are very different textures between the 3 Uberrime grinders:

Rosae Grinder Experience

It’s such a pretty rose — and if you don’t like pink, you got 41 other colors to choose from!!! (You can pick 1, 2, or 3 out of 42 total color options, to be blended and marbled in an Uberrime Rosae.)

The petals feel great to rub on. (The outer ones are even more flexible, because they’re thin: Great for sensitive clit hoods like mine.) I recommend the squishiest 0030 “Soft & Squishy” density, it’s even more fun to hump and the 0050 “soft” option!!!

The best part of the Uberrime Rosae is the center: it’s a heart-shaped clit, essentially. So frickin’ cute.

Uberrime Rosae grinder - close up, how to hold

More than that, getting my clit in between that heart-bud and the petals right outside is the place.

I’m using a nice thick (but safe, it’s osmotically & pH balanced) lubricant to avoid any excess friction.

I do usually hold Rosae and rub it against me, after getting its clit-heart situated under my own clit. Start slow… then move up to faster rubs.

For me, the Uberrime Rosae is not an insta-orgasm tool like the Rose vibe; rather, it’s an experience that’s slower, less aggressive. It’s about feeling the gentle textures, finding your own rhythm.

Uberrime Rosae grinder - petals

I find orgasms easier with the Rosae when I’ve got a vaginal toy going on, too. I started with my new favorite glass dildo;

And then I realized that a silicone vaginal plug would be the best, since vag plugs don’t stick outside the vagina (like dildos do) and cover up precious space. The SquarePegToys G squeeze, being short enough with a smaller base, fits so well. I’ll lie back with it in, then get my Rosae positioned and lubed up; and start moving my Rosae-laden palm. Building, and fun; but, it’s the best when I’m in sensitive spots of my cycle and don’t need strong clitoral stimulation.

All those petals, folding over and massaging my vulva: The Rosae is for exploring squishy silicone textures. What about the other Uberrime silicone clitoral grinders?

Labae Grinder

The Labae by Uberrime is obviously a play on “labia.” It’s a heart-shaped vulva of sorts; with a large round ball at the top, to evoke a substantially sized clitoris.

Uberrime Labae silicone labia grinder

For me, this one’s easier to sit flat on, instead of holding in my palm: The heart shape is tougher for me to move than the Rosae’s circular bottom.

The big clit is the funnest part to grind against. I kinda wish it stuck out more. The crevice in the middle of the vulva is canyon that my bits can’t really touch, since nothing sticks out from my vulva. See Betty Butch’s review of how their partner, Buster, enjoys rubbing off on the Labae’s clit more.

Care and Cleaning

Uberrime’s clitoral grinders are certified skin-safe platinum silicone, so the material will remain usable for many years. (Just be careful not to create rips and tears in the base, like with long fingernails. Short fingernails are more hygienic anyway, as they trap less microbes underneath.)

Incredibly, the Uberrime Rosae, etc. are much easier to clean than the Rose vibrator. (Which is a hassle, requiring a dedicated soft toothbrush.) In contrast:

With Rosae, Alia, and Labae: soap and water remove your fluids and lube quite well from the many indents:

Uberrime Rosae grinder - how to clean
Normal soap & water.

The key is to rub your fingers around the recesses, hard enough, when the toy’s covered in soapy water. Then, rinse again; and shake the water out. Finally, leave it to air-dry.

Uberrime Rosae Recap

If you like humping toys, and/or if you’ve found vibrators overstimulating in the past, then the Uberrime Rosae makes sense. It’s for a good rubbing session, with lots of fine textures:

High-five for Uberrime’s pretty, pretty metallic marbled silicone! This material is so much simpler to clean than other creviced sex toys.

Find the Rosae here,

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