Blown Glass Dildos Review – New Fave Glass Toy!

I thought phallic 🍆 glass dildos were a weird concept—until I tested a couple of the Blown realistic glass dildos. They’ve got a streamlined penis-like shape, but they are rock hard.

Surprise🎆: The “Double Ended with Twist” dildo became the first glass sex toy I’ve had amazing multiple orgasms on. Three back to back, and I didn’t get over-sensitive like during my previous glass toy experiences.

This Blown glass realistic review will dive into the differences between all the Blown dildo models—explaining why I have one huge favorite & how they all feel! Skip to the end for a quick summary & 10% discount code.

Blown Double Twist Dildo

My favorite glass. The Double Ended with Twist glass dildo is for flip-flopping. For switching between one end and the other—it’s not mega-long like the kind of double dildo intended for two people to use at the same time (like ass to ass). It’s for masturbation variety, not partner play.

Blown Double-Ended With Twist Glass Dildo in hand

The two ends are:

  1. the more phallic side, including a smooth realistic head with extra ridge;
  2. vs. the twisty spiral side.

You can use either one first, or alternate between twirly & phallic in the same session. This is how I use the Double Ended with Twist for best effect personally:

First, I call on that spiral side, as a warmup. Spin it side-to-side, twisting it right to left (instead of thrusting it in and out). Maybe I’ll pull out a clitoral vibrator too; whatever I’m feeling like, for in-tandem use with the swirling glass.  

And that feels sexy. I enjoy it. But then… I gotta switch around to that more realistic-headed side.

The curve on this thing, the pressure from the smooth & hard ridges: The Blown Double Ended Twist is more enjoyable for me than the Njoy Pure Wand—which is too targeted, too focused for my G spot a lot of the time. That’s a big damn deal, because the Pure Wand has many people practically over-the-moon about how good the G-spot orgasms are. In contrast, the Blown Double Ended is a similar hardness, but it’s not low-key assailing my G-spot with how forceful its shape is.

As I began lightly thrusting the Blown Double Dildo, it’s rubbing and massaging my G-spot with those that three-ridged head. After I’ve come the first time, it still feels good—so I keep going. And I’m consistently able to orgasm two to three times just on this dildo.

The Double Ended Twist Dildo’s shape just clicks with me: the pressure, but in the semi-realistic shape; the smoothness of that shaft, after I’ve been warmed up by the twistyness of the other end. Uggghhhhhh! Hooray! See the textures more clearly via this photo filter (original image here):

Blown Double-Ended With Twist Glass Dildo by Spartacus
Hubba-hubba, the triple coronal head ridge won me over.

Large Glass Dildo by Blown

BIG glass sex toys are rare. And now I’ve felt why that is. Glass feels like more, since it’s so firm.

The Blown Large Realistic, then, is only 1.7 inches max. diameter, but it feels as girthy as my 2-inch diameter silicone dildos. (Especially the Blown Large’s extra-long head.) I also understand why the BDSM-oriented maker Spartacus creates this Blown glass line:

Blown Large Realistic Dildo review - whoa!

Because the Blown Large Realistic Glass toy is exactly the kind of imposing force I’d want a trusted dominant partner to use on me, stretching me and applying its slick pressure judiciously. In ways I hadn’t imagined.

For now, I’m guiding my own Blown Large Dildo experiences: And its size is still surprising me, even though I own a large big-dildo collection (some them reviewed here).

Blown Large Realistic Glass Dildo review - 8 inches glass dildo
Yeah, it’s the length of my forearm (not counting my hand).

This glass dong’s length, first: 7.5 inches will go in. Then, the Blown Large Realistic Dildo’s got these huge rounded balls on the end. I am *not* jerking this toy fast, easily. The balls act like a counterweight, as if they exist to balance out the Large Realistic Glass Dildo’s extra-long head on the other side.

The head…oh, man. It’s a large, hard force inside my vagina. And it’s totally straight: it doesn’t conform to how my vag curves like most silicone dildos, or even like penises do to some degree. This big’un is not moving. It was an adjustment!

Blown realistic glass dildos - review
It’s a large head. Sizes compared: Blown Large, Blown Medium, Blown Double Ended.

I found that the best use for me was burrowing the Blown Large Realistic’s head in DEEP, so it’s wedged behind my cervix, at the posterior fornix or “deep spot” of my vagina. That’s very filling, and satisfying in a way but not uber-orgasmic. So, enter the clit vibrator. I gotta have a We-Vibe Melt or an Intense Travel Vibe Mini with the Large Glass Dildo, to come hard.

The ripples on the shaft are…interesting. I’m on the fence about how to feel, here. The wavy lines add another note to the dildo’s aggressiveness. These little lines don’t look like much: but they absolutely are noticeable when I’m moving the dildo—a sharp contrast with the smoothness of the glass surface elsewhere. They were the biggest struggle for me to get used to. I started using oil-based lube on the sides to slicken it up, reducing sensation some.

See-Through Dildo “Blowjobs”

Another twist: I love seeing the way my tongue’s shape is refracted through the glass—makes for such sexy selfies to send to a lover. These realistic glass dildos don’t just have to be for penetration. If you like the extra-pressure of glass, and you also have a partner who likes watching you give blowjobs:

Blown glass dildo blowjob

Then, the Glass Realistic Dildos are a worthy exhibitionist tool. With the large one being so long, it’s impossible to take all the way in my throat, so I’m focusing on its big head.

The Medium Blown Realistic Glass, though, is really the best for BJ shows: thinner so it’s easier to take in general, plus the slight curve lets it bend better under my uvula (vs. the Large Realistic blocking the back of my throat, less sexy).

Just be more mindful of what your teeth are doing, since glass is so hard! I could see the Realistic Dildos being a training tool for how to not expose one’s teeth during a blowjob, even.

More on the average-size Blown Medium Realistic Glass Dildo:

Blown Medium Realistic Dildo

This “Medium Realistic” glass has a curve (for G-spot/prostate) and a 1.5 inch diameter, so it’s in line with median penis girth. It shares the large realistic’s wavy lines down the shaft. It does not share the large overhanging balls: the medium realistic Blown sports a nice smaller round base, so it is a lot easier to grip. The base apparently makes it harness compatible too; though, based on my “I’m not too sure about this” experience with the wavy lines, I would really recommend the Basic Curve glass dildo by Blown first for harness use.

The Medium Glass Dildo became a fun spin on my second try with it: once I got over the extra sensitivity of my period. It is much easier to thrust than the Large Blown Realistic. And I enjoyed the head’s hard medium size so much more. (Remember: Always try a toy at least 3 times before making a final judgment!)

Blown Glass realistic dildos

The Medium Realistic Glass Dildo’s curve is huge bonus for me: better for G-spot stimulation than the Large Realistic Glass Dildo’s super-straightness.

Still, the Medium Realistic’s more-phallic (more penis-like) head doesn’t deliver the targeted focus of the Firefly Glass G-spot Wand. This Realistic Blown is medium wide, vs. a pinpoint bulb. The Medium Realistic Glass’s secondary ridge (the lip under the head) pulls just a little: I can feel the Double Ended Twist’s ridges-on-repeat better, though!

Blown medium realistic glass dildo vs double ended twist glass dildo review by spartacus
Medium Realistic shot from the top; vs. Double Ended Twist dildo.

And again, with the Medium Realistic Glass Dildo, the side textures are the big difference vs. the Double Ended Twist’s smoother phallic shaft, or the Basic Curve’s ultra-slickness. The Medium Realistic’s wavy ripples—stylized veins—runnnnn down both sides of the shaft. And, since this is firm glass, I do feel them with every movement.

Now, I’m someone who purposefully added a huge vein down the center of my personalized G-spot dildo, for the extra stimulation: But that was in soft silicone. Glass is a different beast: The wavy lines are both smooth and unyielding. Basically, they’re more. If you love the hard textures, this will likely be less of an issue for you.

Blown realistic glass dildos - vein texture

How To Clean Glass Dildos

Generally, glass is a super-easy sex toy material to clean. It’s smoother, it attracts less dust than silicone, and you can clearly see any fluids left over after you’re done playing.

That’s smooth glass. Now, textures on glass can add a lot of sensation, but they also a little bit of work when you’re cleaning a more textured glass dildo.

With the veins on the Large and Medium Blown Realistic Dildos, some fluids can get trapped there; and on the Double Ended Twist, the twisty side has these deep indents between the spirals that’re going to require more work for sure.

What you’ll need is a soft bristled toothbrush—dedicated to just dildo cleaning. Wet the toy and the toothbrush, run some liquid dish soap over the dildo under running water, and the gunk washes off in one minute.

Are Glass Dildos Safe?

Blown toys are made of borosilicate glass, which was engineered (ca. 1887–1893) by to stand up to high heat & temperature shifts, and be resistant to corrosive chemicals and pressure. Borosilicate glass is still used in medical applications, like in vaccine vials, due to its durability; as well as in some glass cookware pans, so they won’t break when cooled or heated quickly.

Borosilicate glass is chemically durable compared to soda-lime glass, but of course still has some limits. It’s not a material you’ll want to literally throw around, since it can shatter if you are causing an impact between the glass and another hard surface. In practical use, there’s nothing inside the human body that would break a solid borosilicate glass dildo—our flesh, muscular structures, and thin bones just aren’t hard enough: And I hope no one will be hammering a toy this firm into their body as if they’re a major league baseball pitcher, trying to strike out an opponent.

Recap and Ranking

Blown glass dildos have been a fun foray into harder textures: giving me the cock-like head shape I really need to enjoy a dildo, but with more pressure.

The Double Ended with Twist Dildo remains my favorite: now the glass dildo I’m most likely to use. Solid, multiple orgasms result. The smooth head, the curve, the second ridge: great for G-spot thrusting—especially when I’m at a less sensitive point in my cycle and I do want the pressure plus. Warming up with slow twirls of the “Twist” end is super. It’s now got a spot in my regular bed-time rotation.

The Large Realistic Dildo, meanwhile, is the biggest glass dildo I own: and the head is filling. It works for me for BIG deep-spot stimulation, when combined with a clitoral sex toy. This big glass dick is a weighty toy, really for hanging out instead of thrusting; or for being dominated by. Meanwhile, the Medium Blown Realistic eliminates the weight of the balls (it’s just a circular base), and has a slight curve (like the Double Ended), so it’s more “spot-friendly” for G-spot or prostate. I like the shape in general, though sometimes the glass “veins” are overstimulating and I have to use thicker lubricant to pad them.

If you’re very texture-sensitive and do want a thrusting toy: Blown makes the Basic Curve too, which is super-smooth all the way, and still has that G-/P-spot stimulating bent.

Find all the Blown Glass Dildos here, and

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