Grinder Toys – 6 Humping Positions + 5 Best Grinding Toys!

Grind off. Do you like clit stimulation from rubbing and humping, not just letting a vibrator sit still? If so, awesome, because:

Silicone grinder toys & hump-worthy vibrators have boomed💥 lately. I’m here for it, since I only orgasm clitorally when I’m stroking a vibe: massaging and rubbing off!

From my beginnings grinding on a Magic Wand, to all my new favorites 😍, I’ll dive into the best grinding sex toys I’ve tested over the last 3 years, plus how-to grinder positioning ideas. All included grinder toys employ body-safe silicone as the material that’ll be in contact with your clitoris and vulva; no cheap “jelly” products, to ensure the toy remains clean and safe over time!

How to Position a Grinder Toy

How does grinding sex work, and why?

Grinding can be complete vulva stimulation.

It’s typically a form of humping sex: gettin’ on top and rubbin’ your stuff against a surface. Grinder toys stimulate more nerve endings all over the pelvic floor—not just the clitoris, but also both sets of labia. And, grinding vibrators’ raised bump also massages the vaginal opening, urethra, & perineum.

Grinding vibrators on a bed - PhallophileReviews
Humpable vibrators comparison testing!

Humping & grinding are normal: Many people with clits start their orgasmic journeys by humping pillows, table edges, and more. (I started out on a rolling-ball back massager😄.) Cowgirl-style sex with a partner can involve grinding too, as the rider rubs their clit against their partner’s pubic mound or testicles (depending on which direction they’re facing!).

To start grinding with a sex toy: Put your weight on top, and rock your hips and pelvis forward—creating motion, light friction, and broad stimulation. Here are my favorite ways, 6 how-to position a grinder toy ideas:

How to position grinding vibrator
Lubricate your grinding toy if it’s becoming a friction-fest!
  1. Cowgirl grind: On top of two pillows in bed. This best imitates riding on a partner, except you can focus on the external stimulation and don’t have to go for vaginal penetration. (Tip: To shield your pillow from drippage, put a small “waterproof pet blanket” on top.)
  2. Chair support: Good for eliminating leg strain; comfortable chair with narrower middle required. Here, you can face the back of the chair and use it for leverage, as you wrap your legs around the chair and rock back-and-forth. Or, flip around and sit in the chair normally…except you can rock your hips & butt forward, with your back supported.
  3. Lazy queen: Lying down in bed, back propped up by pillows, grinder underneath. Minimal effort humping, barely rocking your hips; works great with a strong vibrator.
  4. Stroke it: Rubbing-off clitoral masturbation is a form of grinding sex. I truly love the wrist-and-arm motion of “jerking off” clitorally: Lie back in bed (comfy pillows behind ur back!), while gripping a sex toy and stroking it up-and-down your vulva. This way, you can finely adjust the pressure and speed. Any toy can be a grinder toy this way, but easiest are toys that have a compact, grippable handle. (For this, I like the Shroomie vibe’s wide, soft cap most; followed by G-spot vibrators rubbed clitorally.)
  5. MW, bound. “Harness” a Magic Wand so you can sit on top, making it a grinder toy. Either (a) twist a soft fabric scarf around the wand’s neck, then double-knot the scarf-ends behind a propped-up pillow (cheaper, but less stable for vigorous play; gauze cloth cost me $6.99 here); or (b) buy a magic wand harness or magic wand mount.
  6. Underwear grind: Honestly a new one for me, as I’ve finally found a soft-silicone grinding vibrator that it’s comfortable to mash my bits against. Place it inside your underwear… then sit on a padded chair, and rock your hips so your clit is grinding into the lay-on vibrator.

Favorite Grinding Toys Recap

My favorite grinder toys are mostly grinding vibrators, with one tentacle grinding pad that can have a small vibe added.

  1. VibePad 3: For G-spot stimulation as you grind against a big, firm clitoral hump. (Also a smaller “butt bump”!) VibePad 3 is large, so it covers your whole pelvic floor. Three vibrating motors; remote controlled; extra-rumbly. (If you don’t like G-spot stimulation, see instead the non-penetrative VibePads: 1 and 2.)
  2. Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder: Personal fave for humping all up on, clitorally. Squishy tentacles with a ton of fine textures; super-comfortable. Place it atop 2 pillows on my bed. Bullet vibrator hole can be added, get that!
  3. Maia Shroomie: Large, soft cap covers alotta vulva. The Shroom vibe’s short stalk is easier to grip & move versus Magic Wand’s long handle. Fantastic for broad-stimulation rubbing; 2.3-inch-wide squishy cap.
  4. Magic Wand remains a classic for a reason: great power. The Rechargeable “Hitachi” is still my favorite one. Magic Wands R. & Plus are long, 13″ length, so you’ll want to hump from on top / harness your Magic Wand for extended sessions.
  5. Cashmere Velvet Curve: For sticking in underwear, sitting down, and rubbing on. Super-soft; smooth inside arcs forward to press into the clitoris.

Best Grind Pad Vibrators, 2024

You can grind off on any vibrator, from wand heads to G-spot vibes. Magic Wand grinding-off is popular, and one of my first 100% satisfying clitoral vibrator experiences was Magic Wand Plus: It’s intense (vibration power!) yet gentle (padded, yielding head to grind on). Magic Wands are stronger, but:

Vibrator pads a.k.a. grind pads don’t require holding or extra positioning: they’re specifically designed for you to sit on top and hump them. Top grind-pad picks:

VibePads by You2Toys/Orion

A vibrator-pad trio, the VibePads are big silicone surfaces (≈11.5 inches long, by 5.5 to 8.2 inches wide). Each VibePad has a different thang:

VibePad 3 vs. VibePad 2 vs. VibePad humpable vibrators on bed - remote control
  • VibePad 2 has a licking tongue for clit stimulation + a vaginal hump. 2 motors. Self-propelled tongue makes it IMO the laziest humpable vibrator😊
  • VibePad 3 has a G-spot vibrating shaft + large clit hump + small butt bump. 3 motors. Classic G-spot curve makes me feel like I needa squirt whenever I put it in. Rumbliest vibration of any grinder; it rolls all through the vibepad!
  • VibePad 1 is the original: Full, taller clit bump + vag bump. 2 motors.

All VibePads include a remote control that lets you separately change the 2 or 3 vibrating motor’s functions (7 functions × 3 motors for VibePad3; or 7 functions × 2 motors for VibePads 1–2). They’re waterproof and USB rechargeable, and the vibration is moderately strong.

Dual Riders & Lust Rider by CalExotics

CalExotics, a sex toy giant, also makes 3 kinds of “Rider” vibrator-pad. IMO one of those has a specific point vs. the VibePads:

  • Pinpoint stim. Dual Rider “Bump & Grind” agressively targets the clit & surrounding tissue with its firm dots as you rock against it. Revving motor makes this the strongest grinding vibe.
  • Smaller ride-on. The original Lust Rider is a two-bump saddle that’s smaller than the VibePad, and very close for vibration power. It’s rippled for a lil extra textured stimulation; the ripples are barely harder to clean vs. VibePads.
  • Thrusting ride-on vibrator…sometimes. The “Thrust & Grind” Dual Rider has a 1-inch-wide thrusting peg that moves in-and-out, vaginally. I love the concept of a ride-on thrusting dildo, but practically, this one stalls out more than I would like.
Dual Rider grinding vibrators - Bump & Grind vs. Thrust & Grind vs. Lust Dual Rider

Grinding Vibrator Power & Functions Comparison Chart

I rate for vibration strength on a 10-point scale1, plus rumbliness on a 10-point scale2. All these humpable vibrators include a remote control, and dual or triple motors.

Find all six with 10% discount here (applies in cart)!

out of 10
out of 10
VibePad35.75 to 7.29.5 to 9.0,
G-spot vibe + clit & butt motors.
Dual Rider
5.5 to 7.5,
8.0 to 4.5Super-textured clitoral bump region!
Rev-it-up vibes.
VibePad25.0 to 6.756.5 to 3.5Flicking, clit-targeted tongue + warming function.
Inya Grinder5.0 to 7.05.0 to 3.5Softest silicone. Fits over dildo or penis, for clit humping during penetrative sex.
VibePad14.5 to 7.08.0 to 5.52 purely smooth bumps.
Lust Rider3.5 to 6.97.0 to 5.5Smaller, two bumps, vertical ripples.
Dual Rider
or Grind
3.0 to 7.06.0 to 4.01″-wide thrusting peg:
Feels like more until you put too much weight/pressure against
it, then it stalls.
how to clean grinding vibrators
Phew, post-wash! To clean any silicone grinding vibrator, just wash with your normal handsoap under running water.

Soft, Vibrating Grinders

I love softness for comfort reasons: it’s more forgiving to hump and grind off on. Happily, we finally we got soft-squishy silicone starting to be utilized by big vibrator manufacturers—whereas in past years, the only soft vibrating options were porous jelly (TPE or PVC), which degrades and harbors bacteria. My favorite new safe-silicone vibrators for grinding:

Liquid soft silicone vibrators - comfortable humping, Maia Shroomie, Maia Rina, CalExotics Cashmere Curve
Hoooooray for soft silicone vibrators, I’ve needed this for a decade!!!
  • Maia Shroomie: I love wide vulva rubbing, so this is tops for me: a wand-vibe-sized head, but softer. The strongest vibrator in this section, I still only rate the shroom a 6.75 out of 10 for its top intensity — roughly comparable to MW Rechargeable’s speed #2. But for me, Shroomie’s soffffft rubbing-off compensates for its “pretty good, not strong-strong” power.
  • Maia Rina: Above in yellow (also in teal!), a mini-wand squishy head with flat cutout, for resting over the clit. Two motors, separately controlled: So the pinpoint bullet vibrator end is such a different feel from the squishy & round head. Much more focus clitorally vs. the Shroom.
  • Cashmere Curve by CalExotics. A “lay-on” vibrator that you can turn into a grinder toy. Put it in your underwear, sit in a padded chair, and rock forward so you’re rubbing your clit against the soft, thick silicone. Downside: No remote control. Comparison: I see Cashmere Curve as a better option than the made-for-underwear OhMiBod Foxy with squishy grinding hump & app control—because Foxy is unfortunately very high-pitched/buzzy (2/10 for rumbliness on high intensity), made for only those who don’t seek rumbly vibration.
  • Uncover Creations Grinder pads, 9 grinder-shapes to choose from, with bullet hole add-in (+$13 for the hole; vibrator is extra). Super-soft 00-40-Shore silicone is squishy & so comfortable. The $26 bullet vibe is pretty darn strong. More on why I love the original Tentacle Grinder’s teeny tendrils next in 🐙 fantasy grinding opinions:
Soft vibrators for clitoral grinding - CalExotics Cashmere Curve vs. Ohmibod Foxy

Handmade Silicone Grinding Toys

“Fantasy” sex toy makers craft dildos (and now grinding toys!) from truly-super-soft platinum silicone, often colored in gorgeous marbles. Tentacle grinder toys are common because the suckers provide tons of soft texture. You’ll also find humanoid vulvas with fantastical flourishes (mermaid, anyone?), and a multitude of varied shapes.

The original Tentacle Grinder by Uncover Creations is my personal favorite textured rubbing toy. Why? Its suckers are so small, they give a good amount of stimulation, but don’t poke like larger raised lines would. (I’m sensitive.) I love humping all down on this particular tentacle, gettin’ it real wet:

Silicone grinding toy - Tentacle Grinder in hand
Tentacle Grinders by Uncover have removable nyln straps with 2 buckles, so you can strap ’em around a pillow.

A beautiful smaller grinder is the Xymon size small by Strange Bedfellas. I’d recommend it in 00-30 (super-soft) silicone, though the 00-50 (still darn soft) option will let you feel the raised suckers more: they stand out, they’re big and open! SB does amazing work. Find a fuller list of indie silicone grinding toys here.

Strange Bedfellas tentacle grinder toy - handmade silicone
My Xymon is so shiny in person, due to microfine glitter safely embedded in the platinum silicone.

Sybian-style Ride-On vibrators – Grinder toy attachments

Sybian started the “ride-on” vibrator trend in the 1980s, based on creator Dave Lampert’s thought that women will orgasm best from sex when riding on top.

Sybian machines have strong vibration + rotation, flowing through a “saddle” attachment that you rock & hump on.

Motorbunny and the Cowgirl are two Sybian competitors/copycats. Each vibrating-mound-maker offers silicone grinding attachments. Motorbunny has more; their silicone attachments covered here. After testing, I’d pick the “Mt. Gushmore” as the best silicone attachment that turns Motorbunny into a grinder toy.

I’ve reviewed the Motorbunny because the company’s 45-day “try it and see” policy is helpful given these ride-on vibrators’ ≈$1,000 pricetag. Riding atop a huge vibrating mound that rocks your literal floor and your pelvic floor is an experience.

Motorbunny review - rideon vibrator with rotation and intense vibration - Lolli silicone attachment rotates


  1. Where the strongest vibrators—high-power, full-sized wands—average out at 10/10; whereas most smaller vibrators will max out between 5 to 7 out of 10.
  2. Rumbliness scale based on Hertz readings of vibration frequency, translated into my point system.

4 thoughts on “Grinder Toys – 6 Humping Positions + 5 Best Grinding Toys!”

  1. You’ve mentioned briefly the Cashmere vibe — how long does the charge last, how loud is it, and how soft is it? And have you tried the Satin G from the same line?

    • Hi, good questions. It has 10 steady vibration functions, it runs for up to 1 hour 20 minutes, it’s not loud (I’m getting a max. of 30 decibels measured a foot away from the vibe), and it’s legitimately squishy but not the very softest super-soft (I’ve never found a silicone vibrator in a very super-soft, like 00-30 Shore).

      So, if you’re used to fantasy dildos, you won’t find it the softest; but if you don’t regularly use artisan fantasy sex toys or like Hankey’s toys’ softer densities, etc., then you probably will find it quite soft.

      Very, very likely the Satin G is same liquid silicone that CalEx is using in the Cashmere Velvet Curve and every vibrator labeled “liquid silicone” on their website. It’d be fantastic (for me) if they had the Satin G with a more bulbous head shape, since right now it has the subdued kinda head that would drive me bonkers, personally, for not having enough of a cut-out ridge or forward-curving bulb for great G-spotting!

  2. Hello,
    New to grinders. Looking for something that my partner and I can use simultaneously. Where one of use could place in or on our underwear and the other is riding but we both are able to receive pleasure. I’m not sure what I should be looking for. Thank you.

    • Oooh, good idea. For two vulvas, is that right? (Or maybe I misunderstood.)

      What are called “Panty vibrators” were my first thought, but then I realized that the magnet is supposed to keep those in place and it goes on the outside of the underwear and could get knocked off – but, if the person wearing in their underwear is lying on their back, then a panty vibe should stay in place pretty well in underwear. They don’t slide easily unless you’re running or something. I like the Vedo Kiwi inside the open pouch of most of my underwear, the second layer that’s supposed to be a liner when it isn’t sewn closed (I’m usually wearing Pink ribbed bikini underwear, they have the open pouch). Other panty vibes to consider here; or the Cashmere Curve could be good for this if you want more softness, since the silicone there is squishier vs. standard silicone vibrators.


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