Revolution Earthquake, Tsunami, Hurricane Thrusting Vibrators Review

Crazy shaky-pulsing. The Revolution Earthquake, Tsunami, and Hurricane are gyrating-thrusting dildos like I’ve never seen before, over 5 years of collecting automatic-moving sex toys.

Their stormy names capture these silicone vibrators’ dramatic motion: But happily, the Revolution Earthquake, Tsunami, and Hurricane leave no path of destruction in their wake. Instead, for me it’s been 99% breezy pleasure. (Cheesy pun required!) The NS Novelties Revolution toys are actually novel in the world of thrusting vibrators—they’re like Fun Factory Stronic pulsators on speed, and with gyration & vibration too. I’ve discovered their pros & cons over a whirlwind of testing sessions 😊

Revolution Dildo Functions & Motion

Each Revolution toy (Earthquake, Hurricane, Tsunami) has three functions of vibration + rotating/thrusting/pulsing. It’s a really unique movement that you gotta see to understand:

Revolution Tsunami thrusting dildo in motion
Tsunami rocking my hand!

The gyrating is powered by a rotating ball under each Revolution toy’s shaft. It makes the shaft pulsate back and forth, from 0.8 to 1 inch range of motion, approaching 300 pulses per minute. That’s nuts!

The built-in vibration is moderately powerful. It starts very rumbly, and never feels “buzzy” (=high-pitched and grating) to me. It runs jointly with these dildos’ self-propelled motion.

Pros & Cons


  • Crazy thrusty-spinning movement = lots of feeling.
  • Pulses, quivers, and vibrates simultaneously.
  • Can be for G-spot, vulva (and clitoral), or prostate massage.
  • Vibration is not buzzy. Low-pitched and nice.
  • Body-safe silicone.
  • Easier to position: Doesn’t back out of your canal (vag or rectum) while pulse-gyrating.
  • Remote control included with all models.
  • Rechargeable dildo.
  • Less creaky noise than many thrusting dildos.
  • Earthquake & Hurricane have a suction cup base, so you can ride them on the floor.
  • Tsunami has the best G-spotting head IMO.


  • Slightly loud. Makes a chirpy kinda noise.
  • Short battery life. Recharge after each use.
  • Water-resistant, but not submersible. Not for bathtub use.
  • Suction cup bases aren’t concave enough to hold the toys’ weight + motion on a shower wall. Use on tile / other smooth flooring only.

My Experience: Which is my Fave?

First, I love the Tsunami most for G-spot centric vaginal penetration, plus some. It’s my definite favorite. While the Earthquake is spot-on for getting my vulva hammered (in a good way) like my hands cannot manage.

Revolution Tsunami is the double-ended dildo in this series, and I’m using it for G-spot / vaginal and clitoral play. Here’s how: I grip the second shaft (the one I’m not inserting in my vagina), and use it to angle the rotating-motor’s broad surface against my clitoris.

Revolution Tsunami review vs. Revolution Hurricane and Revolution Earthquake by NS Novelties

Essentially, the NS Tsunami acts as a pulsating dildo + wand vibrator—with a nifty extra-rotation that I’ve never felt in a normal wand vibe. That’s just neat. I don’t always need to hold onto the second dildo, but if I want to grind harder against the ball—for a dual-stimulation orgasm—then it helps to stabilize everything.

It took me a couple sessions to figure that motion out, because the pulsing is so wild that I was content to just sit back and experience it for half an hour, not even needing to come.

Then, I got to grinding on the rotating ball… and taking the Tsunami’s larger head in and out, to pop harder at the entrance to my vagina… and orgasming got easier and more powerful. I come a lot harder when the rotating ball is against my labia.

Revolution Tsunami double-ended gyrating thrusting dildo - larger dildo end in hand

I like the Revolution Earthquake, as well as the Tsunami, as a vulva-thumper. I’m someone who can’t come from really focused “pulse plates” for clitoral stimulation, so the wider whomping here is an improvement. I have to position the rotating dildo shaft so it’s mostly parallel to my vulva, with the dildo’s curved tip arching back to right in front of my vagina; then I’ll feel myself getting wetter and will cum a few minutes later. I find the orgasms are harder when I’m inserting the Tsunami, however!!!

Revolution Earthquake gyrating thrusting dildo in hand - review
Revolution Earthquake has a curved, smooth head that’s decent for G-spot stimulation (but not as good as Tsunami).

The battery life unfortunately isn’t great (biggest downside), so I do have to charge each Revolution rotating dildo up immediately before use. It requires 2.5 hours of charging for 30 to 35 minutes of run-time. That’s short. But on the other hand, the rocking movement starts to feel so over-the-top, that my vagina is usually like, “Yeah, let’s take a break” after a half-hour sesh. (I recommend Sliquid Silk lube to smooth the moooovin’ speed here.)

As for the noise level, I’m measuring it at 48 to 56 decibels. I like that it’s not as creaky as many a handheld thrusting dildo. Instead, the Revolution toys make this chirpy kind of noise, that made me start thinking about Tribbles… fluffy creatures mating explosively😆

Vs. Stronic Pulsating Dildos

I was so excited when I got my first Stronic dildo, powered by “magnetic propulsion,” years back. It was so new and cool. The stimulation was exhilarating, the toy moving itself inside me.

But this, the Revolution toys, is next-level. They’re more dynamic. They make a bigger, more obvious impact than the Stronics’ pulsation—which seems almost sedate in contrast to Revolution here. Not to mention, NS’s Revolution silicone is smoother (Fun Factory dildos always have a more-draggy texture). And last, I strongly prefer the Revolution Tsunami’s rounded corona (head ridge) to the Stronic G’s pointier ridge.

Revolution Tsunami, above Stronic G by Fun Factory.

So, I do think the Revolution toys offer more bang: and are over $50 cheaper, as well.

That said, the Stronic toys retain two advantages: They’re quieter, and they have battery life that’s roughly 4x as long as a Revolution rotator.

Charging and Remote Control

The Revolution gyrating dildos are USB rechargeable.

To charge, you carefully lift this flap of silicone, then look for a hole in the black ball beneath. If the hole isn’t apparent, then turn the toy on for a couple seconds, and it’ll come into view after a lil rolling. Insert the charging prong.

Revolution Tsunami how to charge

When finished, remove the charging cord, and fully close the silicone flap.

With 35 minutes max. battery life, these are not endurance toys. They put out a big bang, for a short; I haven’t seen anything remotely close to this level of motion in a handheld sex toy. But if you are going for the long-term thrust—self-propelled motion for 45 minutes and up—a sex machine is clearly the better choice for ya.

Revolution Earthquake remote control gyration

The Revolution rotating dildo remotes take two AAA batteries (not included).

Suction Cups: Revolution Earthquake and Hurricane

The Revolution Earthquake and the Revolution Hurricane each include a suction cup base.

It’s quite a flat suction cup, and the rotating-motor-holding ball is weighty, so it doesn’t perform well when you stick the suction cup on a wall and then turn the toy on. If you press down hard on the suction cup base onto flat tile, it will stick and keep the toy reasonably steady.

NS Revolution Hurricane suction cup base
Suction cup on Revolution Hurricane.

My experience was that using these toys suction-cupped is somehow both too much and not enough at the same time. Maybe it’s just that I don’t like being on my knees on hard tile at this point, but comfortable positioning was not achieved here. I do like that moving (my body) up and down on the Revolution toys’ shafts was easier! Felt cool. I just prefer the laziness of lying back in bed more, personally.

Care & Cleaning

The Revolution Tsunami, Earthquake, and Hurricane dildos are coated in body-safe silicone. When the flap over the toy’s charging port is pressed down (to close it), then you can wash the rotating dildo in the sink. Wash with your normal handsoap under running water. Silicone is the best not-ultra-hard toy material, safety-wise, because it’s functionally nonporous and hydrophobic.

Each toy is water-resistant (with flap closed), with an IPX5 rating. It can be used in the shower (since it’s tested to withstand jets of spraying water), but shouldn’t be sunk underwater in a bathtub.

Recap & Rating

Coolest new self-propelled find of the year, for sure: I can’t imagine anyone comin’ up with a more dynamic vibrator over the next 6 months. It’s a waving, a pulsing, a swirly-twirling all at once, with vibration to boot.

Orgasming on the Revolution Tsunami was best for me, after I got the dildo’s head hitting my G-spot just right, and started massaging my clit against the rotating & vibrating ball. Hard, clenching, waves of coming result.

I would recommend these products if you like motion during sex: thrusting, grinding, and bumpin’!!! But avoid if you need a longer battery life, or you really need strong clitoral stimulation to orgasm. The Revolution series works most effectively for penetration, while the rumbly vibration you’ll feel outside is medium powerful. Thumbs-up for the remote included with each toy, which lends itself to letting a partner turn up the thumping for you. I’d rate the whole package for Tsunami, my fave, at 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Find Revolution pulsing-gyrating dildos here.

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    • It depends on whether you like a beaded shape. Usually, beads feel more impactful as you move them in and out, so thrusting or riding the Hurricane feels more *popping*. I do like anal beads, but gentler ones (I prefer that they smooth out, rather than having a big “drop-off” in girth between the beads),

      so personally I would go for the Earthquake first because of the smoother shape.


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