Stronic Petite Review – Fun Factory Self-Thruster

Subtlety. The Stronic Petite by Fun Factory’s self-propelled “thrusting” is quick little jiggles of motion, back and forth.

It’s Fun Factory’s original Stronic technology โ€” magnetic propulsion โ€” now in a shorter shaft. This Petite, pulsating dildo has โ‰ˆ 4 inches of insertable silicone shaft, vs. 5 inches for the earlier Stronic Real and Stronic G.

So how does the Stronic Petite feel? And, how do you use a Stronic pulsing dildo for best effect? I’ll compare it to the Stronic toys I first reviewed 5 years ago, and to more hardcore-thrusting options. Here’s everything you need to know about this handheld & self-propelled dildo:

Fun Factory Stronic Petite pulsating thrusting dildo - 2 fingers width

Pros & Cons


  • Speedy, but not aggressive, motion.
  • Super-quiet.
  • Easier to hold (and to hide) than other thrusting toys.
  • Waterproof.
  • Feels luxury overall.
  • Can be hands-free (in 1 position) so you can grip a clitoral vibrator for dual stimulation.


  • Stronic pulsation is a subtle feeling. Some people need more pressure, more power, more length, etc.
  • This silicone is kinda draggy, *if* you thrust the toy by hand in longer in-and-out strokes.

Vs. Stronic Real, G, and Surf

I was thrilled over acquiring my 1st Stronic pulsating dildo, the Stronic G. But it’s been a while, and I’ve not used my Fun Factory toys much lately. So, this smaller Stronic revived my memory:

Of how the toy’s quick pulses can produce in me a low-level euphoria. Lying flat on my back in bed, fully relaxed; and I begin to feel almost like a floating effect. It’s… invigorating. A slow & relaxing journey toward orgasm: toward the end of which I do need some aid to reach the “big O.” Either, I jerk the pulsator by hand faster, or I use a great clitoral vibe, too. (The PalmPower Groove’s medium-strong rumbles are a nice pairing with the Stronic Petite’s fluttery pulses, I found recently.)

Stronic Petite pulsator - in motion

Overall, the new Stronic (Petite) does have a very, very similar feeling to the Stronic G, Real, and Surf. It’s not a “half-vibrator with less-thumpy pulsing” hybrid like the F.F. Sundaze was. The Petite has 5 “steady” thrusting-pulse functions, vs. 4 steadier pulsing speeds for the Stronic Real, G, & Surf. So, the Petite is a lil lighter-weight to start: not that I notice much, since I always jump right into speed #4 or #5.

Stronic Petite vs Stronic Real vs Stronic Surf size
Petite, Real, Surf. (Stronic G temp. misplaced, arg!)

The big difference, is the Stronic Petite’s size (and its shape).

How Big is it?

The Stronic Petite is technically 4.33 inches insertable length, with 1.3 inches maximum diameter measured across the front.1 A Stronic pulsator length comparison:

Honestly, the Stronic Petite is like the Stronic Surf except without the Surf’s over-aggressive (IMO), pointed ridges. Those are dramatically smoothed out, made more comfortable; plus a bit smaller. The Petite is less prehistoric-looking; more flowing.

Stronic Surf vs Stronic Petite
Stronic Surf, above; Stronic Petite, below.

Personally, I’d also like to see Fun Factory expand into creating a wider Stronic thrusting dildo, too, so even more size preferences are covered!

Because how big people with vaginas like their dildos varies a lot. So, why a Petite Stronic? Well:

Preferences: Who is the Stronic Petite Suited for?

The Petite is for everyone who doesn’t need it deep & who wants to avoid their cervix getting messed with ๐Ÿ˜โ€”which some of us find a mix of painful and annoying.

The vaginal introitus is one of the most nerve-filled regions of the vagina, with many people reporting that the initial 1 to 3 inches is the area where they have most feeling. Of course it’s not wrong to enjoy deeper stimulation, but this toy is suited for most people, who don’t have long vaginas.

Also for anyone who does want vaginal penetration that’s lightweight and easy, not too forceful. As a corollary:

DON’T Buy a Stronic Petite If:

Pass on a Fun Factory Stronic if you’re looking for a sex machine. This is not hardcore thrusting, and not meant to mirror penis-in-vagina sex. That doesn’t mean a Stronic is a bad time; it just depends on what you’re looking for. Anyone wanting longer strokes of a shaft will be better served by a Hismith machine or other premium fuck machine.

“Self-Thrusting Dildo”: Pulsation Speed

The Stronic Petite starts gentle, slow, thumping: and moves up to very speedy jiggling!

My brain can’t count the exact number because the pulsing movement is so fast, but:

150 to 300 pulsations per second (from function #1 to function #5)

is my best estimate after repeatedly attempting to count the Stronic “thrusting” accurately.

Waterproof & Quiet, Too

Stronic pulsators have 3 advantages over other thrusting dildos:

  • They’re waterproof submersible. They will not break if you wash them the wrong way.
  • They are very quiet; they don’t make whirring / spinning alternating noises that could draw attention. You’d want to pick a Stronic over a Velvet Thruster, for example, if you live with family members (have nosy children?!) & want to masturbate discreetly in your own room. Topping out at 37 decibels (and at 33 decibels on functions except 1 pattern), the Stronic Petite is more silent than almost every vibrator I’ve ever measured: a sampling tabled ๐Ÿ“Š here.
  • They’re slightly easier to position than a longer thrusting dildo. A Stronic will still jiggle itself out of the vagina if it’s not slightly inclined upward, to counteract the force of gravity.

Which leads us to: How to position a Stronic pulsating dildo for easiest use!

How to Position IRL

Biggest tip: Find an old T-shirt, roll it up, place it between your thighs to elevate the Stronic’s handle slightly. It’ll be more hands-free this way. Or, you could go with a small waterproof blanket, similarly rolled to add height under your Stronic as you lie back in bed. Do not try riding it like FF’s graphic suggests: (OMG my back and legs.)

Fun Factory Stronic Petite how to use, positions

Fun Factory offers 3 positioning suggestions for the Stronic Petite:

  1. As a clitoral stimulator (outside).
  2. Doggy-style, kind of, with the user’s butt up in the air as the Stronic penetrates vaginally. (Where the ass really needs to remain lifted up, or gravity will pull the Stronic out, quickly.)
  3. Lying down & using the Stronic vaginally as you stimulate the clitoris (by hand, or with a vibrator).

Option #1: Stronic pulsing against my labia, I was confused at first; I thought, “But it’s like a super-weak vibrator.” Then I realized my positioning was off, and just sitting on the Stronic doesn’t do much for meโ€”too lightweight, I’m used to really rubbing vibrators up and down my alley. But, pointing its tip right on my clitoris was better. Actually arousing. Not a bad warmup.

Option #2: My least favorite. Sarcastic descriptions include: “Hellooo ๐Ÿ‘‹ neck & back strain!” Cuz, you gotta raise your arse in the air enough that the Stronic doesn’t wiggle itself out immediately. That’s like, bending my neck so my face is sideways on the bed, so my legs will form at least a 60-degree angle. Ouch!

Option #3: Let the Stronic do its thing, jiggle-pulsing away; as I use a clit vibrator. Great but mild stimulation! Absolutely get a good clitoral toy that’s not too large: a small wand, a bullet vibrator, even a Melt if it’s strong you seek.

Recap & Rating

This new pulsating dildo compares closely to the Stronic G, Stronic Real and Stronic Surf models from years past: the biggest difference, its smaller size. The name “Petite” doesn’t lie: it’s an easy & accessible size.

TL;DR: Great add-on, awesome relaxing feel, and it’s ideal (once you lube the Stronic up well!) if fast or deep thrusting hurts you. The Stronic Petite is an arousal enhancer, for building sensation; but is not an orgasm machine in itself. I find it best lying back, propped up between my legs, and enjoying as I bring in a clit vibrator.

Find the Stronics all here!

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(out of 10)
per dollar value:
Great feel,
but need extra
help to O
Ease of use:
Must prop up
a certain way
Luxury experience
package, travel lock,
Run time (3 hrs)
& easy charging:
Pulse Speed:
5 steady
โ‰ˆ150 to
to โ‰ˆ300
Noise level
From 30
to 37
  1. It’s more like 1.45 inches max. if you measure diameter across the side at the last, widest ridge.

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