Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator Review

Pulsing, massaging, and jiggling—these are all words that describe the Fun Factory Stronic Pulsators’ unique thrusting motions. The Stronic Surf is a new, wavy-textured member of this dynasty of self-propelled toys. Surf’s shaft ripples with big bumps; I admit I was a little scared of them before I started testing Surf.

But I set to work, trying the Stronic Surf in all the positions Fun Factory suggests, and I ended up finding a new way to stronic.

G-Spot Stim

When I first saw the Stronic Surf’s design, I doubted how much I’d like it. I’m really into getting my G-spot massaged, and I could tell the Stronic Surf’s smaller head and tapered shape would translate into more pressure at my vaginal mouth—instead of higher up on the front wall, where my G-spot is. (If you’re looking for pure G-spot stim, I suggest the Stronic G instead.)

And my intuition was mostly correct: I can turn the Stronic Surf into a thrusting G-spot dildo, but only if I tilt the head upward at just the right angle. When tilted way up, the Stronic Surf’s slightly curved head and first ridge create some pressure—a gentle kind of pressure—on my G-spot. For this positioning to work well, the Surf’s last ridge (the biggest wave!) has to stay outside my vag. That last bump, which makes the Stronic Surf the thickest pulsator I own, juts out so much that inserting it feels awkward.

Luckily, the large ridge does much better things for my body when it’s left outside to play.

Back Wall/Perineal Massage

When I first started playing with the Stronic Surf, I was so focused on it as a G-spotting toy that I didn’t even consider turning it around the other way. I realized that Surf felt pretty damn good “upside down” by accident when I was twisting the shaft around to see if the side ridges would do anything for my labia. (The answer: No, not too much.)

Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator waves
This pulsator casts a large shadow!

When the Stronic Surf’s wavy ridges are pulsating against the back wall of my vag, I truly understand the toy’s design. Here’s what it does:

  • The small head locks into place behind my cervix.
  • The exaggerated ridges give me the intense pressure I need for non-G-spot orgasms.
  • The biggest ridge massages my perineum (a.k.a. taint).

It’s a super-fun stimulation combination. Even better is that I have the room to use a clit vibe, something I couldn’t pull off when I was using Surf’s ridges for G-spot play.

I’ve even found—*gasp*, because I usually despise non-rhythmic thrusting—that I enjoy some of the preset Stronic patterns this way. A special nod goes to Rollerball, the first “dynamic mode” setting, which has an escalating feel.

Stronic patterns
Click to enlarge.

So What’s the Verdict?: A Stronic Pulsator Comparison

So you’re seriously considering a Stronic Pulsator but aren’t sure which to get?

Fun Factory Stronic G Stronic Real Stronic Surf Pulsator comparison shot
Stronic Real, top; Stronic Surf; and Stronic G, bottom.

Here are my thoughts on how the new Stronics (called the Pulsator II series) fit different tastes.

  • The star of this review, the Stronic Surf, is best for stimulating the mouth of the vagina, and also for giving your back wall all the attention it deserves. The tapered shape will be appealing for anyone who doesn’t like toys with bulbous heads (like the Stronic G, next). The Stronic Surf is also capable of rubbing against your perineum/taint—a feeling that none of my other pulsators and thrusters give me, and one that really adds to clitoral stimulation.
  • The Stronic G’s name gives it all away: this pulsator’s meant for G-spot stimulation. I was delighted to have it as my first Stronic: I was wowwed by its fast, rhythmic motion. I still pull out the Stronic G when I want more focused G-spot pressure. But when I want something more realistic, more penis-like…
  • …then of course there’s the Stronic Real. What can I say, I like the phallic shapes, so this is the one that I personally use the most. The Stronic Real’s streamlined shaft ends in a coronal ridge that teases my whole front vaginal wall until I give in to waves of orgasms—and hands-free ones, at that.

Overall Thoughts/TL;DR

I’m a ginormous fan of the Fun Factory Stronics (and lots of other self-thrusting dildos, really), so it’s hard for me to not rave about the benefits of the Stronic Surf. It’s true, this pulsator confused me at first because I was trying to use it the same way as the Stronic G and the Stronic Real—but then I realized that the Stronic Surf is a different creature (with the same motor).

Surf’s big waves make the most splash when I let the toy gently massage the whole back wall of my vagina, plus my perineum, in contrast with the G-spot action of other Stronics (especially the Stronic G).

This Stronic Surf is a heavy hitter, and if you’re looking for a sleeker, smoother shape, then I would definitely recommend other Stronic pulsators instead.

Interested? You can find the Fun Factory Stronic Surf here!

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  1. I know this is an old review… but I’ve been stuck on whether or not to buy the Stronic surf.. what rating.. say 00-20 to 00-50 eco flex or Shore A rating would you give the Stronic surf??



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