Je Joue Vita, Amour & Duet – Textured Small Vibrators Review

Thrumble. Je Joue vibrator motors have a certain beat. A fluttering, rolling, running within their vibes.

And the 3 new “texture bullets” by Je Joue pack that lil thrumming motor into… small vibrator shapes like I’ve never seen before. It’s the Classic Bullet mini-vibe, re-tooled for folks like me who aren’t into hard & focused clitoral pressure:

  • Vita’s “wand tip” is rounded, bulbous, with a concave shape to cup around the clit on the other. It’s softer, compressable, almost squishy!
  • Amour’s rounded heart petals flap. Fluttery, fluttery flaps: either feel them wide against your skin, or turn to feel just a teeny sting from the heart’s edge.
  • Duet is the Classic Bullet by Je Joue except with textured dots on one half its tip (it’s smooth on the opposing 180 degrees).
Je Joue vita, duet, amour vibrator review

As someone who likes a softer feel and not-pointy stimulation against my clit, the Vita’s flexible wand head is absolutely my best fit. The Amour’s flaps are also a fun grinding exploration, though: Let me tell you more about the power, the vibration, and the distinct feel of each Je Joue vibrator’s silicone!

Vibration Functions and Power

Vita, Amour, and Duet have 5 intensity levels × 7 vibration functions (1 steady function + 6 patterned functions). That means: 5 steady speeds + 6 patterns with more or less strength, to taste.

It’s moderately strong vibration, and uniquely thumpy. (See full power points here.) The same is true of Je Joue’s original “bullet” small vibes: Classic Bullet, G-Spot Bullet, and Rabbit Bullet.

Every Je Joue brand motor makes you realize that all vibration is rhythm: sound waves, rotating outward from the motor that produces them. Even the 5 steady speeds have a thumpy beat where you almost feel like it’s a pattern, but yet it’s consistent. It’s a really cool feeling in the mid-speeds: progressing from a low hum (intensity level #1) to a persistant thumping grr (intensity #3) to a higher-pitched rrrrrrrrrrev (intensity #5.

Je Joue Vita – Rounded, Squishy Tip

Vita’s gota a squishier head than the Je Joue G-Spot Bullet. 🙌 This “mini wand” stimulation head also has a concave hollow on one side. (While the other half is normally rounded, like a sphere.)

Je Joue Vita vibrator flex in hand

This vibrator’s neck is flexible. When I pulled the Je Joue Vita out of its pretty box, I first thought it was gonna be too floppy to be effective. But I was wrong: this is my favorite Je Joue vibrator ever, after a month of testing. The “neck” (connector between the wand-tip and the handle, below) does bend under pressure—which also means it stays put against my clit when I’m moving the Vita,

Rubbing it up and down over my clit. The softness makes it more comfy for this, my favorite form of clit masturbation: literally rubbing off. But, with thumpy vibration. Similar to the Pillow Talk Racy’s rumbles to the max, Vita is clit-rubbing comfort.

Je Joue Vita mini-wand tip vibrator - Uberrime Labae clitoral stimulation
Vita poised atop the Labae grinder’s enlarged clit.

The “cup” hollow is an interesting feel too, since — if I turn the Vita slightly to the side — I also sense its soft line pushing down, on either the right or left side of my clit.

I typically use vibration intensities 2 to 4, sometimes revving up to 5 if I want a final push while I’m looking for another orgasm. The 2nd and 3rd levels are the best, IMO: middle-range strong, and with no hint of buzzy high-frequency.

Je Joue Amour – Flappy Flaps

The Amour wasn’t intuitive at first glance. But I turned it on, and played with the very-flexible silicone “heart” shape… Zing!

Je Joue Amour fluttering vibrator

Flippity-flap-flap. The heart’s left and right “petals” both flutter with the vibration emanating from the stem below. The most fun part is when I hold the heart so that it’s exactly surrounding my own inner labia—

Which bulge outward on both sides of my vagina, creating two pouches that make a heart-like shape too when my legs aren’t open. The Amour’s fluttering heart fits great over my vulva that way, mirroring it.

Note that the Je Joue Amour’s silicone flaps are not fleshy: They’re smooth and firm silicone. (Which is flexible because it is thin.) Then, if you turn the heart-flaps, they offer a slightly sharper sensation. (Especially if you’ve got the vibration intensity cranked up!) A ting, a little nip as the vibration jolts through this silicone petal.

Overall, the Amour is hot 🔥 when showing off your vulva to a lover: the way its petals flicker and curve against my own folds. I can also apply some pressure from where Amour’s handle meets its vibrating flaps; it’s a little less shaft-like that I personally prefer, so it’s not the easiest orgasm for me, but it’s certainly a fun exploration:

Moving it all around, fluttering and folding.

Je Joue Duet – Bumpy vs. Smooth

Vs. the Je Joue Classic Bullet, the Duet has the same motor, but here are 2 differences:

  • Duet has the textured bumps on one side.
  • Classic Bullet includes a “finger sleeve” for grip-free positioning. All smooth silicone.
Je Joue Duet vibrator review

If you like bumps and nubs, tiny *zing*s of texture against the clitoris, this could be your rumbly bullet vibrator. Duet’s dots are quite rounded, not super-spiky like some clitoral stimulators; so I find them OK. Not great due to my own anti-clit-focus preferences; YMMV.

Pros and Cons

Overall pluses & minuses of the Je Joue bullets here:


  • Uniquely thumpy vibrations.
  • 5 intensity levels × 7 functions = 35 vibration options.
  • Different-shaped tips on each model, for different tastes.
  • I like the smooshy mini-wand head in the Vita,
  • And the Amour is cool for flappy grinding.
  • Smooth silicone, nonporous.
  • Pretty packaging,
  • Micro-USB charger is compatible with other electronics.


  • Not fully waterproof submersible.
  • Some users (who prefer powerful wand vibes, or precise clit stimulators, for example) may want more power or focus.
  • Vibration feels less rumbly on intensity levels #4 and #5.

How to Control

Je Joue vibrators (including Vita, Duet, and Amour) have 3 control buttons, to switch through the 35 possible vibration settings.

  • Hold down the + button for 3 seconds to turn on.
  • Hit the + button again (at any time) to increase from intensity level #1, up through intensity level #5.
  • Or, the – button decreases the intensity, after you’ve used the + button.
  • While the ~ button in the middle cycles through the 5 functions. Press it if you want to explore the patterned vibration functions.
  • Hold down the – button for 3 seconds to power off.

Care, Cleaning & Charging

The Je Joue bullets are silicone with nonporous plastic connector at bottom.

They are water-resistant in use.

They’re not waterproof submersible because they have a unique charging system, where they’re compatible with micro USB cables: so, any charger for an Android phone, or the charger for my rechargeable mice and keyboard. That’s super convenient if you lose the charging cord: you won’t have to go back the maker and attempt to buy a propriety cord. Here’s how it works:

Je Joue bullet vibrator - how to charge

You flip the flap right here (first photo, above), the charging port is exposed, and you plug in the cable. And when it’s finished charging, push the silicone cover flap back down after the cord’s removed. Voilà, water-tight (but not submersible) again.

Last, Je Joue’s packaging is so classy that even I’m impressed, I who usually don’t care about vibrator boxes!

Je Joue Vita packaging

Recap & Rating

Honestly, “neat” is the best word I have for the new Je Joue bullets—because it’s really nifty to have more “not just the same old” straight, standard bullet vibrator. These have flair,

and when you add the interestingly thumpy vibration that Je Joue manages in their vibe motors, it’s even more distinct.

If you’re looking for a “different than the norm” vibrator that’s small enough to maneuver easily, and pretty strong (not like wand power), I highly recommend them. They’re solid, luxurious feeling products if you’re wanting a smaller vibrator.

Choosing between Vita, Amour, and Duet is the toughest part. Since I like wider surfaces clitorally, the Vita’s bulbous wand-tip is my 1st pick.

Find the Vita and all Je Joue Bullets here,

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(out of 10)
per dollar value
Ease of use:
Small & easy to grip;
Possible to press
button by accident
Luxury experience
package, extras)
Run time & charging:
Charger makes these
not-waterproof, but
micro-USB is great
of vibration
From 4.0
to 6.5
Rumbly-nessFrom 9
to 5

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