Basic vs. Premium Sex Machines Compared

How cheap can a sex machine be, and still be decent? The best dildo-machines are penetration power tools that run expensive. But what if you want long-lasting banging on a budget: will an affordable thrusting machine get ‘er done?

Curious, I set out to compare the cheapest “Basic” Hismith fuck-machine vs. the Premium machine (for $300 more), by the most popular sex machine seller. My boyfriend & I would discover how the thrust, the adjustability, and the volume stack up in an affordable vs. a premium machine…

Hismith Basic vs. Premium Machines Comparison Chart

The $130 “Auxfun” Basic Machine from Hismith is a “dildo machine” with decent fucking speed, but less weight and drilling power. The statistics below compare this “basic machine” to the Premium machine 3.0. The vendor, Hismith, is respected among toy enthusiasts since their products offer great power for comparably lower prices vs. very high-end thrusting machines.1

per minute
≈50 to 30012 to ≈350
2.3 inches,
1.75 to 5.25 inches:
thrust length
Noise level
32 to 5133 to 54
Motor power
(=forceful feel)
24 watts100 watts
Positioning7 out of 10
9 out of 10
TPE dildos;
Get suction
cup option
1 silicone

The biggest differences are that (1) the basic machine does not have adjustable thrust depth, it’s set at 6cm thrust distance; and (2) the thrusting doesn’t feel as wham-bam forceful.

Save some 💵s: Use code PR10 in the “Voucher” box above order total when checking out at Hismith here for 10% savings off orders over $265: so the Premium machine is $387 (the version that includes twist-dial control, not app-control).
Hismith basic vs. premium sex machines - weight
The Premium machine, left, carries over 8 times the weight of the basic machine, right, making its metal frame stay put better. (Above, I was glad I’ve picked up some weight-lifting this year!)

Basic Fuck Machine Pros & Cons

When buying a sex machine, it’s important to ask yourself: How hard do you like your penetration? (Not everyone wants or needs the deepest, hardest thrusting—but if you do, that’s awesome too!) These Pros & Cons cover the Auxfun Basic “Sex machine for women,” while thinking of Hismith’s Premium machine:


  • More affordable.
  • Realistic thrust length: 2.3 inches.
  • Good speed range from ≈50 to 300 thrusts/minute, operated via twist-dial controller.
  • Compares positively vs. handheld thrusting dildos.
  • Hands-free for missionary-style penetration.
  • Light-weight; easier to set up and move around than Premium machine.


  • Stalls out at the lower speeds (but not the higher ones) with hard vaginal clenching.
  • Feels less forceful than Premium machine.
  • Stroke length is preset, not adjustable.
  • Twist-dial feels less precise: it’s easy to jump up in speed rather quickly vs. the slow, deliberate escalation you get with the Premium’s controller.
  • Included dildos are more porous than with Premium machine, & smell plasticky. Use the Auxfun machine with suction cup attachment, then put your own silicone dildo on it, for best safety long-term.
  • Suction cups on machine’s base don’t stick well (even to smooth surfaces).
  • Light-weight also means it’ll edge backward slightly when it’s thrusting hard into your body.

Our Experience

Easy banging, with low effort. Once you’re set up with a sex machine and have figured out how to position it, it’s absolutely lazier. The penetration is extremely consistent, almost robotic; and it can run for hours, literally, powered by your home’s electricity.

For single folk, a machine can stand in for a human penis or for pegging; and for couples, it’ll let a penis-owning partner take a break, lie back and watch and enjoy if their partner wants to be fucked for a longer period. (Thrusting is hard work, yo!) My boyfriend enjoyed the testing of both machines as “a fun way of being present that’s less labor intensive… It allowed me to focus on you, I could grope you and be there, without getting too distracted by the mechanics [of penetration positions or fingering].”

Basic sex machine with remote control
Auxfun basic machine’s speed control, with twist-dial you turn clockwise.

That was true of both machines, but I was more into the steel-framed badboy, the Premium machine. Here’s why:

The Premium machine can deliver such exceptional, high-power thrusting that all fuck machines feel kinda disappointing afterward. If I’d started with the basic machine, I’m certain I would’ve been quite satisfied. Indeed, the Basic machine “for women” (at only $130 price) does stroke as long as, and a bit faster than, the $360–400 Power Banger machine I reviewed in fall ’20, and was over the moon about at the time. And the Auxfun / Hismith basic is quieter than the Power Banger! Only downside:

The Auxfun sex machine is much lighter-weight, at only 3.5 pounds, so it’s easy to pick up and move around. But. That means your body can move it easier too. Like, I’ve had to edge mine back up closer to my core after some hard thrusting (the machine had eased itself backwards on my bed, and was penetrating less deeply).

I like the basic machine OK as a steady dick-replacement mid-week.2 It scratches a horny itch. It’s reliable, it’s consistent, it thrusts deep enough for me. It feels most awesome when I’m using a clitoral vibe. I get to just lie back and edge, until I let myself come. Would strongly recommend it with either a PalmPower Recharge (my fave not-huge wand massager) or a Maximum Bullet vibrator.

I can feel that the power behind the Auxfun basic machine is less than on the Premium Hismith machine. I tend to like slower-speed strokes, gentle vaginal thrusting, so I’m going at about 40% of Basic Auxfun’s top power as I build toward orgasm. Unfortunately, if I do start coming on that lower level, I have to turn it up to about 60% to keep the thrusting going as I clench hard around the dildo. If I don’t turn up the speed, my vagina’s clenching will briefly make the thrusting rod pause its action.

I use the Auxfun with suction cup attachment here, then stick any suction cup dildo onto it:

Basic Machine Attachments

As a body-safe reviewer, I strongly recommend you buy the Basic with suction cup attachment for greater safety. Search for “Passey” on Hismith’s site to find it included with machine, then use your own silicone suction cup dildo. TPE toys (included with basic Hismith machines) aren’t great for extended use inside your body, since they can hold onto bacteria, yeast, and viruses for longer; and their softened thermoplastic material degrades over time. In contrast, silicone repels microbial growth, definitely doesn’t include the petroleum-derived oils that can soften TPE, and is stable for many years.

Favorite Dildos to Attach to Suction Cup Adapter

Suction cup dildos I’ve enjoyed attaching:

Basic sex machine - favorite silicone dildos

The suction cup attachment for 3XLR works very well because of the included “rubber bands.” A suction cup dildo by itself would be a bit more likely to get pulled off the machine (when you turn up the speed!). But the bands anchor any standard-sized suction cup dildo to the suction cup attachment securely.

Hismith Auxfun sex machine suction cup attachment bands how to attach dildo to dildo machine

Only restriction: the dildo’s base needs to be 3.5 inches diameter at widest or less, to fit within the suction cup attachment’s ring. This means it’ll fit standard dildos, but not ultra-large realistics like Hankey’s Toys nor fantasy like Bad Dragon’s larger sizes. The Premium machine (which is better suited for moving larger dildos fast), in contrast, has a suction cup attachment with inner diameter ≈4.3 inches.

How to Position Basic Dildo Machine

The basic machine is essentially a “dildo gun” mounted onto a sturdy rectangular base. It’s got a good range of angles it can penetrate you from:

Hismith Basic adjustable angle

To reach the different angles: The machine has two sets of knobs you twist, to fix the machine’s thrusting at different angles. The front one controls the dildo-gun’s elevation over the flat base it’s anchored on, and the back knob controls the angle upward or downward.

Adjustment knobs for basic sex machine

For vaginal penetration, lying back in bed, a pillow or two under your head, is laziest. Have the dildo machine’s rod angling downward, to simulate more missionary-style positioning.

Or you can kneel, and angle the machine’s thrusting rod farther upward: going for doggy style. Your legs will be spread, with the machine’s base between them. This is reasonably stable, but if you start riding or moving, you can also move the basic sex machine’s base around. It doesn’t carry the weight of a Premium machine, which is intense—solid, heavy metal, making it tougher to move around.

Vagina Cup Penis-Stroking Attachment

My boyfriend tried out the vagina cup attachment for the basic sex machine, vs. the Premium machine with an Arcwave Pow silicone stroker attached via this attachment.

In short, he thinks the “Fleshlight on a machine” setup is best for drawn-out, edging kind of masturbation. The automated stroker gives your wrist a break if you like watching porn for an extended period, for example.

He found the Premium machine more enjoyable, since you can really customize how far the stroker thrusts back and forth. So, he got it angled and stroking the length of his shaft, after a minute of adjustment. Overall, it was rather too robotic IHO. Also, the hard-plastic-shell casing required for a stroker attached to a machine means you can’t squeeze and grip like during manual masturbation. Fun overall, but harder to orgasm on. (He’s never cum in a Fleshlight-style cannister masturbator that he can’t grip up on, so YMMV.) See how the stroke length on the basic machine is, by clicking below for a video:

Basic sex machine vagina cup attachment - how to position
Shown with average-length dick, similar to our IRL testing: trying to get an upward-curving D into the vagina-cup/stroker is tricky.

It seems the basic stroker would be better for anyone who loves frenulum and cock head stimulation, with the vagina cup stroking tight along the first couple inches of penis. (This is basically the polar opposite of his preferences.)

Positioning for penis stroking was also trickier, vs. using the machine for vaginal penetration. He didn’t like the machine so much, set on the raised edge of the bed with him standing in front. There, having the stroker move into his pelvis (instead of him thrusting his dick forward), was an odd adjustment. “Interesting” was the best adjective he came up with to describe it. Later, he used the Premium machine as such: sitting on the floor, with its thrust-rod (and stroker attached) angled upward as he sat on my computer chair in front. There, his upward-curving dick meant he needed to lean forward more. I considered putting the machine on a (large) sturdy stand, or perhaps the coffee table in front of the couch, so the thrusting-rod could angle downward instead, and suit his phallic angle better…

TL;DR: The Hismith Premium machine is better suited for longer strokes; while the basic machine may serve better for fans of penis-head massage & frenulum stimulation. Overall, a stroker + sex machine combo is very rhythmic, good for extended sessions especially if you already know you enjoy fucking a Fleshlight—it automates that.

3XLR Connector: How it works

The Auxfun / Hismith basic sex machine uses a connection system called “3XLR”—you line up 3 dots between the machine & attachment, to make a dildo attachment accelerate.

You line up the 3 dots on the attachment, and the thrusting rod:

Hismith basic sex machine 3XLR attachment

Later, to remove the attachment, you push down on this metal clip:

Auxfun basic sex machine 3XLR attachment how to release

Basic Machine vs. Thrusting Dildos

Overall, a basic sex machine is simpler than a thrusting dildo because:

  • you don’t have to prop the machine up against makeshift stands, like a pillow or towels between your legs, to keep it moving forward. The dildo-machine is mounted on a stable base.
  • Quieter for the lower speeds, and less noticeable creaky noise on high.
  • More adjustable speeds, with remote where you can adjust gradually.

The only not-simple part is choosing a silicone dildo to go with the dildo-machine’s suction attachment—though that also lets you pick different dildo shapes and sizes, and attach dual-density silicone dildos that feel more realistic than the firm, thin silicone coat on a thrusting dildo.

Recap & Rating

The basic machine is more of an “everyday” fuck, while the Premium machine is like getting railed by a pornstar turned android.

The Hismith Premium machines do offer more hard-core thrust. They’re better for long reaming as well as for anal sex. One will cost you 3 times a basic machine’s price, however.

The “basic” sex machines, like the Auxfun “Passey” model, are lighter-weight and significantly cheaper. They’re decent, and very functional for vaginal use if you don’t mind (1) the less-adjustable stroke length; (2) the moderately good, but not great, amount of torque that prevents the machine from stalling out against harder resistance. My vagina can make the machine stall at lower speeds, but not after about 50% power (6 o’clock on the twist dial controller). If you’re someone who goes balls-to-the-wall with anal thrusting, then you may encounter more resistance and be best served by the Premium machine. And, penis masturbator attachments definitely feel better on the more expensive machine, which offers longer strokes (3 inches longer range of motion).

Find all Hismith thrusting machines by clicking here, or going thru the QR code⬇️!

Enter PR10 in the voucher box at checkout to save 10%.

  1. I’ve measured all the numbers in this table independently except for the wattage (where I’m taking Hismith’s word for it, but I can feel a definite difference in use), while the “Positioning” score is my opinion about how easy each machine is to adjust to a desired angle.
  2. I do not live with my partner.

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