SquarePegToys Firmer Realistic Dildos: How to Choose Firmer vs. SuperSoft

All the real details. SquarePegToys’ life-cast dildos began with Leo, a long penis transformed into “SuperSoft” platinum silicone. Today, six years later, we got more SquarePeg choices than ever: SuperSoft vs. Firmer dildos based on 6 🍆s, in a load of sizes.

SquarePegToys realistics are among my very favorite toys, and I know choosing is tough!!! So this SquarePeg Firmer silicone dildos review will recap: How do you decide which density you want (Super-Soft vs. Firmer)? How do all the different names (Leo, Nathan, Mel, Dirk, Steve, Dustin) feel different? And: Why do I like these toys so much?

SquarePegToys Firmer vs. SuperSoft Silicone: Which One?

Silicone density (=firmness) is intriguing! I started Phallophile Reviews to explore it & inform more about how: Platinum silicone in sex toys is awesome because it both (1) is functionally nonporous for safe long-term use and (2) spans this wide range of densities—from very solid to almost oooey-gooey. (Whereas metal & glass toys, etc., can’t feel comfortably fleshy!)

Reasons to choose Firmer silicone by SquarePegToys:

  1. You value some pressure inside.
  2. You’re getting a first vaginal dildo, and don’t want it to feel floppy. (SuperSoft silicone may be an adjustment.) I recommend Nathan Actual, Firmer.
  3. You’re getting a thinner toy (Leo XS especially) for anal or vaginal, and want it to have a more “erect” firmness.
  4. You enjoy texture on a dildo: In particular, the Leo dildo’s skin lines are easier to feel in Firmer Ultraviolet or Pink Sugar: Small size.
  5. You plan to wear it in a harness, and want your partner to feel every stroke powerfully.
  6. You appreciate toys that don’t fold over on themselves when you’re trying to insert them anally.1
SquarePegToys Firmer silicone realistic dildos - Leo xs, Leo small, nathan actual, nathan 1x, mel small PR
Leo XS, Leo S, Nathan Actual, Nathan 1X, Mel S.

Reasons to choose SuperSoft silicone by SquarePegToys:

  1. You value a soft, fleshy feel inside.
  2. You’re getting a larger toy (Leo Actual Size & up, Dirk 1X, Steve, Dustin) and want it to be comfortable.
  3. You plan to wear it in a harness, and want your partner to never hurt as you thrust hard.
  4. You appreciate toys that feel comfy inside, even if more warmup is required to have your anal sphincter muscles relaxed.
  5. You dislike dildo textures & are highly sensitive to “drag.” I’d recommend Nathan or Steve in SuperSoft.
SquarePegToys Leo SuperSoft silicone - bent in half
Leo (Actual) can be bent with one hand, with force (see the veins in my arm pop out as I make this happen). It does NOT do this inside the body.

The History: SquarePegToys has a long history of creating platinum silicone sex toys: In the late 1990s, SquarePeg’s founder Scott wanted to make better, safer toys for himself and his friends. First came the “Firmer” silicone: Previously only in Firmer Black products (like the Egg Plug!), but now (2022) in the Firmer Ultraviolet and Firmer Pink Sugar for these Firmer realistic dildos. It’s a contrast because SquarePegToys originated the first 100% “SuperSoft” sex toys back in 2006—and that squishier, fleshier density is very in-demand for SquarePegToys’ larger offerings.

What do “soft” and “firm” mean? Let’s look at a name: it’s Firmer silicone, not Firm silicone. The Firmer density is considerably softer than your standard mass-produced realistic dildo. A SquarePegToys Firmer product clocks in at ≈5A Shore durometer2; a density that some makers even call “Soft” by comparison to their much-firmer dongs. SuperSoft by SquarePegToys, in contrast, is measured on the softer 00 Shore scale, below 00-50.3

SquarePegtoys Firmer silicone vs SuperSoft silicone densities
Nathan SuperSoft’s head can be squished inward; Nathan Firmer’s head will bend some, but not be squashed with pressure.

HUGE point: Thicker toys feel harder (than thinner ones) in the same silicone density. An XS Leo (≈1.3 inches diameter) is going to bend and yield more than a 1X Dirk (≈2 inches diameter), even if they’re poured from the exact same pot of silicone.

Also, your personal experience & comfort level—like, how big the dildos or penises you’ve had inside you before—are extremely important factors to consider when choosing a dildo size.

SquarePeg Realistic Dildos: All the Dudes

Four dildos listed below are found in Firmer silicone, in 1 or 2 sizes. All are available in SuperSoft silicone.

SquarePegToys realistic dildos - Firmer vs SuperSoft silicone Leo, Nathan, Steve, Dirk, Dustin, Mel
Firmer toys are in the pink & purple tones; softer toys are in the tan, copper, and gray colors. Left to right: four Leos, four Nathans, one Steve, four Dirks, one Dustin, two Mels.
  • Leo is impressive: proportionally long, and full of rippling skin lines. If you think you’re not into depth toys, this one may make you reconsider: I suddenly developed a deep appreciate for “deep spot” vaginal stim while using it. The longer length (1) looks super-cool in a harness, and (2) will give you more to work with either strapped-on, or if you’re using a Leo with FlushCup suction base. In 2 Firmer sizes, or 9 SuperSoft sizes.
  • Nathan has the most “standard” shape, now with a smoothed-out ridge. It’s easy and comfortable in Actual Size; the Firmer density has more gravitas if you’re wanting to feel Nathan v.2’s ridge in either size. The 1X size is thicker for sure! In 2 Firmer & 2 SuperSoft sizes.
  • Steve! is the strongest G-spot / prostate dick of the bunch! Actual size is already thick; not a beginner toy. Steve’s curve homes in and targets the spot; and Steve holds its shape best amidst fast play, due to its stocky proportions. If you want prostate play, get this one. In 3 SuperSoft sizes.
  • Dirk is super-thick for its shorter stature & uncut. The two sizes are so different here: Dirk Actual curves for wide G-spot or prostate pressure (and is short-short!), while the 1X size stands up straight and has a more decent length. It’s just my kind of dildo: the head is proportionally large (head size is absolutely the most important thing for my vagina), plus the foreskin and the 2-inch diameter meet my needs so well. In 2 Firmer & 2 SuperSoft sizes.
  • Dustin is the new guy, with an intriguingly crinkly foreskin. TONS of skin lines, more than Leo or Dirk. This is an anal-stretch toy: the head feels smaller, then the shaft gets thick. The Harness version is longer than Dirk 1X. Currently available in 1 SuperSoft size.
  • Mel: Also quite long, Mel really slides now: It tapers outward, and the smoother (than Leo) silicone glides and hooks to one side. Its asymmetry is a lifelike change of pace from most dildos. Mel is best as an anal-pounding toy, IMO. In 1 Firmer size, or 3 SuperSoft sizes.

My Experience: SPT Favorites

My overall experience is: Firmer silicone creates a faster orgasm vaginally, and is nice to pair with a clitoral toy.

But, SuperSoft silicone creates a harder orgasm (after a while)—which is usually more fulfilling (as long as I’m not limited to a quick session).

Firmer silicone is hands-down better for 3 toys in particular, IMO: Leo XS (extra-small), Dirk Actual4, and Nathan Actual.

  1. Leo XS, If you want a first anal dildo or slim vag toy. It feels so much more substantial in the Firmer density: more erect. It’s a ton easier to insert anally too, in Firmer silicone: like how I recommend Firmer Black for the Egg Plug in XS, if you’re new to anal plugging.
  2. Dirk Actual, If you want a G-spot / P-spot plug. In the short (3 inches insertable) Harness version: Because the Firmer silicone makes it a fun G-spot plug. Dirk Actual Firmer, has more gravitas when you sit on it, vs. the SuperSoft version bending backward, less pressure. I pop the Dirk Actual, Firmer Ultraviolet, in now and immediately am turned on. Sit on it, rock on it, then stick a bullet vibe under my clit: much better.
  3. And Nathan Actual, too: If you want the best mid-sized realistic. It’s got more presence now, in Firmer. When I first got a Nathan, I chose the Actual size trying to opt for the most standard-human-sized SquarePeg toy—and I liked it. But it was quite flexible, so I wanted it to be bigger and sized up to 1X.
SquarePegToys Firmer silicone realistic dildos - Nathan, Dirk, Leo Small vs water bottle
Nathan Actual, Dirk Actual, Leo small.

My favorite overall SquarePeg dildos just right now are:

  • Firmer: Nathan Actual. Feels good going in, smooth, just the right amount of pressure for the size. I’ve been using it with the Satisfyer Curvy 3+ clit-pulsator, the Pillow Talk Racy rumbly bullet vibe, or the Powerhouse Vibe for real *zing*.
  • SuperSoft: Dirk 1X & Leo Actual are currently tied. I strongly prefer the larger size of the glans in Dirk, the width is what I need for G-spot rubbing. I love this dildo; contracting around the fleshy SuperSoft silicone is so enjoyable, after a burst of good fast thrusting. While Leo feels great smashing deeper, with its wavy, SuperSoft head; as its skin lines lightly pull against my G-spot.

Those are the regulars. But I do like variety: alternating between densities is a blast on other days. I like the switcheroo with Nathan 1X: the newly toned-down ridge, gentler in SuperSoft; followed by the Firmer Nathan version so I can orgasm without thrusting too hard. Or… Steve Actual SuperSoft for more G-spot precision during thrusting; vs. Dirk Actual Firmer, sitting inside, curving in, as I’m at my desk tying away.

I mean, you gotta have options. And silicone never disappoints; it’s always available, on my timeline.

These Firmer SquarePeg toys are all the Harness version (=they don’t have testicles), and all have a FlushCup suction cup included. That feature’s most useful for me with Dirk Actual, for rocking on my bathtub edge against its short girth.

SquarePegToys Dirk dildo Actual size Firmer Ultraviolet with suction cup, on shower ledge, with Pillow Talk Racy
Dirk Actual pictured with Pillow Talk Racy rumbly bullet vibe.

Recap on Firmer vs. SuperSoft Plat. Silicone

The uniqueness of these real-model toys, made of platinum silicone: They’re individuals. SquarePegToys’ realistic dildos all have different feels, and the Firmer vs. SuperSoft densities will give you even more to think about.

In short: For most people (not all), the Firmer silicone density makes sense for the smallest SquarePeg realistics: Leo XS and Dirk Actual especially. And Nathan Actual, Firmer, is just-right if you want a vaginal toy that’s easier to notice during clit stimulation.5 Or, for anyone who digs texture / wants a more solid feel, then the other Firmer realistics (Leo small, Nathan 1X, Dirk 1X, Mel small) are less wiggly, and you’ll likely notice the surface textures more.

Versus the SuperSoft versions: All these are great for comfort while getting pounded; and they do have the softness that’s more likely to have the average user thinking, “Oh, that feels pretty real.” If you’re a fan of very-girthy dildos, then the comfort of SuperSoft silicone is unmatched.

Find ’em all here!


  1. This is not an argument in favor of cramming in a larger-size toy than you’re used to: Go slow and read about anal training if you’re new to ass play.
  2. My reading, SquarePegToys doesn’t release densities.
  3. I’d say it’s comparable to a medium-density Bad Dragon product, and a little harder than just the outside layer of a VixSkin dildo, which you can only feel independently if you’re squeezing the top of a VixSkin dildo’s head where there’s no core.
  4. Harness version especially; in contrast, the one with balls has a bit more insertable length that makes it feel more substantial in SuperSoft; plus I like grinding on the large flat scrotum.
  5. But that isn’t too hard, not so forceful like glass or metal.

6 thoughts on “SquarePegToys Firmer Realistic Dildos: How to Choose Firmer vs. SuperSoft”

  1. I’ve been hesitant to get a new dildo. Right now I have the neo Elite 7.5 no balls cause if you and I find it to be okay. But I want something more substantial. A bit more girth, im fine with the length. I’ve been stuck between the Mel small firmer vs the BMS naked addiction (your fav) but I don’t find many demonstration of the firmness for the mel. I’m looking to use it for anal. Could you help me make a choice?

    • I think it’s ironic that I see a good amount of people recently wondering whether SuperSoft silicone is too soft for anal,

      when it was made specifically for anal, and is more popular for anal than for vaginal use.

      That’s even more true when we’re talking about large anal play; with dildos that are thick to monster, nearly everyone prefers a purely soft density for anal *thrusting*. This is the genesis of SquarePegToys, Bad Dragon, and the reason for Hankey’s Toys’ success too (their 75% Soft blend is the one that sells, and I’ve heard from a good handful of people who will special-order the softer 30% Soft for thicker toys).

      The Mel small is still pretty thick, nearly 2″ across, so it’s a fair step-up from the Neo Elite 7.5″ no balls; but could be do-able if one inserts slowly, very gradually, after taking the Neo elite down around 75% of the way down its shaft where it’s the widest.

      I don’t even like the firmer Mel for vaginal use. It’s not as bad as like a Colours firm dildo, but it’s not plush like SuperSoft is. I prefer the Firmer blend for medium to thin toys, like Leo in size XS is floppy in SuperSoft, so it needs the Firmer silicone; but by the time you get to Leo Actual Size, SuperSoft feels so much better, IMO.

    • With the Actual size, its short length could make it harder to use on a fucking machine, especially if your machine adjusts up to much over 2.5″ stroke length — in that case, the machine could fully pull the toy out of your hole with each stroke, so it’d be a bumpy ride.

      If you’re comfortable with the circumference of Dirk 1X, definitely go that route. It’s up to 7″ circumference, and 2″ wide at the widest part of the head, most of the shaft is 2″ diameter as well, and 2.15″ max. usable diameter at the bottom of the shaft before the base starts. 5.4″ insertable length. The kind with the FlushCup will fit on a 3.5″ Hismith stainless steel suction cup attachment. I do recommend SuperSoft strongly for the 1X size.

      If you’re looking for not as-wide, Leo in small would be better, as it still offers a lot of length that makes it easier on an f-machine because your body doesn’t have to be right up next to the end of the thrusting rod. It’s a hard call between Firmer and SuperSoft on that one. I’d generally gravitate toward Supersoft still, but Firmer makes sense if you like toys to not bend so much.


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