Velvet Thruster Prime Review: Jackie, Sammy XL, Suction Cup & More!

Velvet Thruster Prime review group shot 1

In and out, and in again—Velvet Thruster Prime thrusting toys make the motion for you. This improved version of the original Velvet Thrusters lets you “design your own.” Mix & match, and change it up: Why stick with just one dildo attachment, when you might want two, or four?! Why prop your toy up with pillows, when you might want to mount it on the Velvet Thruster Prime suction cup base?

I’ve been sitting on (literally and figuratively) a box full of Velvet Thruster Prime choices since October, because this lineup has lots going on!!! I’ll review all Velvet Thruster Prime attachments: from the suction cup base, to the 4 different dildo shafts, and the extra-length handles. Which accessories should you choose—and why might you get the Velvet Thruster Prime vs. the Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy, released 18 months ago? I’ll describe the differences, and my experience putting these mini sex machines through their paces! Also skip to the end for 25% discount code & quick recap.

Velvet Prime Shaft Choices

So what is the Velvet Thruster Prime, first? Essentially, a very small and portable sex machine. This handheld self-thrusting dildo penetrates (vaginally or anally) at up to 140 strokes per minute. That top speed’s roughly equal to how fast a human with a penis can go if he’s really trying. But you’ve got 6 speeds to choose from, total, so the Thruster can certainly go slow and gentle too!

What sets the Prime Thrusters apart from earlier Velvet Thrusters is that you can remove the Prime silicone shaft / dildo to expose the motor body underneath. Then, swap any of the 4 current body-safe silicone shafts out. (Each is sold separately, this is not a kit.) Choose any of these, each in 4 colors:

Velvet Thruster Prime review interchangeable shafts
From top: Jackie, Sammie, Abbey, Walter, Frankie.

Velvet Prime Jackie

1.5 inch diameter, 6.5 inches insertable, realistic. The classic. The original hot Velvet Thruster shape returns in Jackie Prime. Jackie’s a standard phallic shape, with a subtle ridge and some veiny texture. It’s an average 1.5 inch diameter down the shaft, and feels smooth gliding in and out. (Do use a good lube with any Thruster!)

Velvet Prime Sammie

1.8 inch diameter, 7 inches insertable, realistic. Jackie’s big brother: I would’ve sworn the Sammie Prime was 2 inches thick when I pulled it out, because it’s imposing. Sammie’s slightly longer length also makes it my favorite to use alongside the suction cup attachment (discussed next)—it’s the best height for me to straddle when the Velvet Prime base is stuck to a bathtub side.

Velvet Thruster Prime Abbey

This G-spot massaging shape (not included in the main Prime Thruster listing) has a hooked head that makes me think an alien has decided to land in my vagina. It is extra-curved to arch around and lock into place above the pelvic bone, finding the spot. This Prime version adopts the name of the discountinued original Abbey, basically a cone with a lot of lines running down its “shaft.” This shape is also found in the Teddy GS, its Velvet Mini version; updated review here.

Velvet Prime Walter

Up to 1.5 inch diameter, 6.5 inches insertable, anal beads. Butt balls, thrusting fast! Normal anal beads are super-stimulating, popping in and out, but the problem is that it’s hard to thrust them without the part between the beads folding over. So Walter thrusts itself, for you! This one’s got 5 beads total, and the first two are smaller: ≈ 0.8 inch and 1.05 inches diameter, respectively. That makes Walter easier to insert if you’re not an anal expert.

Velvet Prime Frankie

1.4 inch diameter, 6.25 inches insertable, nonphallic + textured. For the ridges! Frankie’s got a long head with a protruding corona followed by 3 extra ridges. It’s all about the repeated, massaging strokes, as the ridges have more impact that the straight phallic shapes (like Jackie).

Changing the Thruster Prime Shafts: How To

The on-off shaft changing is fairly simple. Sometimes the tip will get a little caught at the end of my Sammie attachment, and takes 10 seconds of gently wiggling and twisting the silicone dildo off.

To put any shaft on:

  1. hold the top of the attachment,
  2. push down lightly,
  3. pull the bottom ribbed “bellows” area down too, tug-tug, and
  4. then pull the rim at the bottom of the shaft down all the way around the plastic ring (right above the uni-balled base). Go around in a circle making sure the silicone is fully secured around the plastic ring.
Velvet Thruster Prime review interchangeable shaft

The Silicone

As in previous Velvet Thrusters, the platinum silicone is semi-firm, about 18A to 20A shore per toy. That’ll provide vigorous penetration, more impact. This firmness helps the silicone keep its shape so the thrusting arm isn’t damaged during play.

If you’re someone who enjoys a soft, realistic feel, hopefully you enjoy thicker dildos too—because the one way to achieve a fleshy feel with a Velvet Thruster is to purchase a soft silicone extender separately, lube its inside up, and stick it on top of a Jackie or Frankie or Velvet Mini Teddy shaft.

Velvet Thruster Prime Suction Cup

This is a huge add-on! I would recommend buying the Velvet Thruster Prime suction cup even if you don’t mean to ride the Thruster, because the suction cup lets you point the Velvet Thruster shaft straight up in the air, rather than you having to lie it on its side while you’re getting ready to play or while you’re cleaning multiple shaft options.

For its primary purpose, sticking to a flat surface hands-free, the Prime suction cup is stronger than the Velvet Mini Teddy’s. It’s less flat: so you get better attachment strength by pushing the base down to remove the air and create a nice seal.

It’s stronger, but it’s not perfect: all suction cups have some limits. More on how I like the suction cup next…

Velvet Thruster Prime Jackie suction cup base bathtub Phallophile Review
Velvet Prime Jackie, center, with suction cup tested between 2 other suction cup thrusters that don’t go as hard.

Velvet Thruster Prime vs. Velvet Thruster Mini: My Experience

I’ve found my favorite Thruster use now, since I got the Sammie (= BIG Jackie/Teddy) shaft and the new suction cup.

Before, I really loved the Teddy Mini with a VixSkin sleeve (or even, later, a cheaper Boneyard silicone sleeve) over the Velvet Mini’s shaft, so that I got a full normal penis length. (Teddy original is a lil short, and the bellows can catch on my labia if I stick its shaft all the way in: not painful, but a twinge of “awkward.”) The VixSkin Holster sleeve also delivers a squishy feeling that’s more “fleshy” when it’s moving fast; and a bigger size, of course, because I’m all in for the thick but not massive dildos most days.

Now that I’ve got the Sammie sleeve and the suction cup, my most entertaining Thruster time is sticking that base to the edge of my bathtub, and straddling it. Leaning forward, I can support my weight against the wall while I feel Sammie’s stocky head penetrate me up and down, up and down.

The size and firmness make this sleeve feel really in charge. And I don’t have to worry about getting it propped up just right on pillows between my legs.

The Jackie shaft should be a similar experience for anyone who doesn’t want wide. Or longer—though I like Sammie’s extra length so I can use the suction cup more easily, rather than inserting the full 7 inches.

Velvet Thruster Prime review group shot 1
Let’s look again at the Sammie’s size! The lower purple one. Suction base above it, left.

Getting a comfortable position with Velvet Thruster Prime penetration is by far easier with the suction cup, or with lots of pillows behind your back for missionary-style vaginal play.

👉 Tip: You do need to hold onto the base of any Velvet Thruster if it’s not braced against a solid object (like the suciton cup does), because the shaft will move backward out of your body without that support.

Walter, the anal beads, was kinda tricky for me to get a good grip on originally, due to the earlier model’s boxy base. I worked with riding it upright by wedging it between pillows. Now, with the suction cup—assuming your bathtub edge is wide enough / the right height—Velvet Thruster Prime Walter can give hands-free (besides speed changes) anal play too.

Velvet thruster Jackie original vs. Velvet Thruster Prime Jackie ed
See the original Velvet Jackie, top; vs. the current Velvet Jackie Prime version, bottom, with thrusting rod fully extended. Jackie Prime is almost 13 inches full length, about the length of a Magic Wand.

Lube it all up good, first. (I love Simply Hybrid Jelle for anal, cuts down on friction so much.) Then insert Walter’s first 2 or 3 beads… and start on low speed, I’d recommend. Pop, pop, pop. Anal beads can be crazy stimulating when pulled out, and this is still the only way I can have a fully anal orgasm.

The suction cup can withstand you pushing your weight down on the Velvet Thruster Prime and angling it either forward or backward up to about 45 degrees. Lean more than that, and it will detach. The Thruster will keep thrusting, it simply won’t press forward as hard (like if you’re trying to get G-spot or prostate pressure).

Remember to press down hard before starting to play, to get the air out from the suction cup and seal it best.

And finally, the Abbey / GS shaft: My G-spot wants to punch you if you push on it too hard. So the Abbey’s beaked shape, even though it locks into place perfectly, starts to get a little intense in firm silicone—after a couple minutes of thrusting. I like broad, flatter ridges due to my personal sensitivity.

Velvet Thruster Teddy GS Mini self-thrusting dildo G-spot head vs. Njoy Pure Wand
Abbey’s hooked shape compared to the indubitable Njoy Pure Wand.

So… I’ve found the Velvet Prime Abbey shaft is super for clitoral massage (maybe with a lil insertion, not deep). I put it right under my clit’s hood, and let it rub there; or I insert the first inch of Abbey’s shaft inside, then angle the toy upward so the rest of Abbey is, again, pulling down on my hood. That’s the way for me!

So how well have the Velvet Thruster Primes stood up to pressure? It’s a hard call, but I think the Velvet Thruster Prime series is slightly more stall-resistant than the Velvet Thruster Mini. That’s down to its motor…

Motor Capacity & Endurance; Thrust Length

Velvet Co. (makers of the Thruster) was founded by a couple who worked in aerospace manufacturering and engineering...and who enjoyed “lifestyle parties.” So the Thruster technology is patentned and quite high-tech, with 2 years of work before the first thrusters were released, and another 3 years gone by since then.

It’s surprising hard to make a self-thrusting toy that isn’t big and heavy, it turns out! Thrusters are really easy to pick up and throw into a bag, versus like: the 25 pounds and metal bars of a Hismith machine; or about 15 pounds and large mound of a Motorbunny Buck rideable milking vibrator.

There are smaller self-propelled toys, of course: see the Fun Factory Stronics. But the reason why you’d want to buy any Velvet Thruster over the lightweight, waterproof, and quiet Fun Factory Stronics is that the Velvet Thrusters actually thrust, more like a human being. Whereas the Stronics jiggle and flutter, with their teeny but speedy internal movements.

So the Velvet Thrusters move farther in and out: How far?

I’m seeing the Velvet Thruster Prime’s stroke length as a bit under 2.5 inches, very similar to the stroke length of the Kink Power Banger machine that I feel is a realistic, lifelike thrust distance. (Vs. big sex machines that can go over 5 inches per thrust—which is real hardcore & makes my vagina cry.) That’s versus the 1.75-inches-ish stroke length my Velvet Thruster Mini is producing currently.

Velvet Thruster Prime review motor body
The Velvet Thruster Prime’s exposed motor core.

The Velvet Thrusters do have certain limits. If you’re the guy who’s wanting a monster anal dildo, please buy a full-sized sex machine. In terms of motor resistance, the Velvet Thruster Prime has stalled out on me less than the Mini Thruster, which I can make stop when I’m clenching real hard right before a strong orgasm. I have to restart the toy. The Prime series is suitable for anal for sure, and can handle some pressure, but if you drive it up against a wall inside your body at full speed, you might make it stop.

Ask yourself: How hardcore do you need it? How much of an advantage is a machine that you can carry around easily? I personally need a larger closet now to hide all the sex machines I own, so I get the convenience of being able to stash the Velvet Thruster in a drawer.

Prime Handle Attachments

The Velvet Thruster Prime can also be bought with either or both of these handles, that screw onto the bottom of the base just like the suction cup attachment can. Both handles have notches throughout that make gripping them easier.

Velvet Thruster Prime handle attachments
Partner Play handle, not screwed into the Prime’s base (see the hole in the bottom there).

Partner Play Handle

This is an extension of about 5.75 inches that basically turns the Velvet Thruster Prime into a dildo sword. Use the handle as a “hilt” while watching it penetrate between your partner’s legs. Sound fun?

Long Reach Handle

This one’s curved, and the handle—though firm—also surprisingly flexible. Like really flexible. It bends left to right as the toy jerks in and out. I actually found it more difficult to use the Thruster with the handle while lying back than just holding onto the base of the toy. Maybe I’m doing this wrong, folks, but I need more control than this handle can deliver.

Other Prime Features

Water-Resistance. This toy is not waterproof by itself, not water-resistant either. This is a smol sex machine, so do not take it in the shower or bath, unless you’re just using it on the edge of the tub without water running like I’m wont to do.

The removable shaft, however, is easy to clean. You can douse that with as much water as you want, or sanitize it fully using liquid like bleach solution or alcohol, after you remove it from the Prime machine body. The other attachments like suction cup are similarly sanitizable.

Ultra-Flexible. Bends 90°.This is certainly NOT true of the larger attachments like Sammie: the silicone is too thick and firm. Thinner attachments, especially Walter’s top two beads, are more flexible. Overall, Velvet Thrusters perform best straight in and out, or when you angle the motor-body base to your preferred degree. Do not count on any Velvet Thruster Prime shaft bending with your body like a SuperSoft silicone dildo does.

Noise Level. Not quiet. Less loud than the drilling noise of the original Velvet Thrusters (circa 2017) or the Maia thrusters, but you’re not hiding the Velvet Thruster Prime from your housemates (unless you want to use the it while standing outside the shower running water, or playing real loud music). Here’s a comparison chart:

ToyNoise Level (Decibels)*
Fun Factory Stronic Pulsators36–38
Velvet Prime57–65
Velvet Mini "Teddy": GS, XL, or TX (original)57–65
Maia thrusting vibrators70–75

Original Velvet Thrusters


Where ambient noise= 31 dB
Naked Addiction FREAK42–48

Warranty. Velvet Thruster has a solid 1-year warranty built into its products, which is great because defects do happen with thrusting machines. If you’re someone who’s really screwing these machines hard—especially if you’re looking to put your full weight on top of the toy and ride, consider picking up the extended 36-month or 24-month warranty sold separately along with the Velvet Prime.

Battery Life. These have the really good battery life of the original Thrusters, like almost 8 hours. That’s phenomenal for a rechargeable battery: most sex toys will have a 1 to 2 hour run time per charge, with some li-ion batteries as low as 45 minutes per charge.

Overall Velvet Thruster Prime Recap & Rating

The Velvet Thruster Prime series feels super-premium, versus other self-thrusting dildos. A good rate of power, and very smooth platinum silicone. Vs. the Velvet Mini, these Prime Thrusters are an improvement if you want:

  • Different shaft choices! for different moods / different users
  • A better suction cup, that sticks nicely (if not perfectly) to bathtub edges, tile, etc.
  • Lifelike shaft length, with longer stroke length
  • An extra-length handle so a partner can guide the toy into you
  • Longer battery life

Still, the Velvet Mini does retain a few advantages:

  • It’s cheaper, especially the original Mini model (now called TX).
  • It’s shorter, so it’s easier to grip its base if you’re lying back, missionary-like.

Find the Velvet Thruster Prime “Build Your Own” here.

Save 25% with code WELCOME25 while inventory lasts!

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6 thoughts on “Velvet Thruster Prime Review: Jackie, Sammy XL, Suction Cup & More!”

  1. I have the liberator pulse and the Teddy and Teddy XL fit in the middle hole easily. They do not fit in my Wanda mount and do not fit well in my Tula mount (the top hole has bigger width but still doesn’t hold either firmly enough) to ride for use. The way I use the Pulse with the Thruster is actually laying back but it is a wonderful experience.

  2. Forgive me for commenting on such an old post, but I’ve got a question regarding the handles for the Velvet Thruster – could you theoretically mount a dildo with a suction cup on the mounting ‘plate’ of these handles? I’ve been searching for a curved dildo handle for a while now that won’t break the bank, and the Long Reach Handle might be a feasible option to me if a suction cup could be suction-cupped to it.

    • Intriguing question! (Thank you for reading!)
      I suppose *theoretically* it would be possible if one was able to create a suction cup dildo with a metal thread inset to receive the screw that sticks up from the Velvet Thruster handle attachments. That would take a lot of engineering, and quite possibly enough $$$ that someone might as well find a manufacturer to create a run of a few thousand dildos with handle to their exact specifications.

      Have you seen the more recent Smartee dildo by an offshoot Velvet Thruster brand, Voila? It has the same handle on a vibrating G-spot dildo, using a different attachment mechanism: 4 notches around the handle’s inner ring. Here’s a closer look at how that works. Same deal with Velvet Co.’s other sibling brand L’Acier and their handles for stainless steel dildos.

      I’m sorry this seems like such a slim selection! More curved handles needed!!!

  3. I ordered one of these, and when I received it, it broke in my hands as I was manipulating it (fairly gently, I thought). It was still in the bag!

    I emailed them and asked for a new one. I spent 6 months going back and forth with them .. they barely responded to my emails. Finally, they asked what happened (I don’t mind answering but on their website it said ‘no questions asked replacements’). Finally they sent me a tracking number – however, the destination was back to their own factory. So, it seems it was a pretend shipping, and of course nothing arrived. I wrote them again and they finally shipped a new one to me, after about 6 months of communication!

    I finally received the new one and I enjoyed it so much. But after about 8 uses it broke again, in the same place, this time *while* it was inside me.

    I had to conclude it is not well constructed, sadly.

    I’m curious if there are similar models from other companies that are more sturdy.


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