Kink Power Banger Review — F@*% YEAH!

I’m *elated* to review the Kink Power Banger: this sex machine is fully adjustable and exhilarating, to be honest. Mouth open, eyes rolled back, can’t speak: This is me (almost) every day now. Since I got the Kink Power Banger two months ago—the amount of pleasure, and stress relief, it’s brought me is unreal. I’ve had more orgasms with this machine than any single sex toy I’ve ever owned, already. Because it does work so I can keep going, and going.

Why spend almost $500 on a sex toy system? Because you only live once, and you love getting laid. (For as long as you want, with lots of control over the speed and angle of fucking.) Yes, that’s me. Is it you?

Perhaps? Here I’ll go through the Power Banger’s biggest advantages over other sex machines:

  • Sturdy body is low to the ground, and has attachable feet, for more stability while you’re getting pounded
  • Twist-dial speed control
  • Adjustable angle: so missionary, modified doggy and cowgirl, froggy, and lying-on-ur-side positions are all possible
  • Vac-U-Lock attachment included so your dildo stays in place
  • It’s surprisingly light & hides in my closet easily

Doc Johnson’s Power Banger reaches almost 200 strokes per minute, so it’s faster than the top speed of my previous-fastest true thrusting machine, the discontinued Velvet Thruster Jackie.1 It starts real slow…and then can bang me for as long as I want because it does plug into the wall.

This Kink Power Banger sex machine review will describe real-life experiences of using the Power Banger machine both anally and vaginally, then talk about amaze-balls dildo attachments, Power Banger technical details, and how to clean this piece of sex tech.

My Power Banger Experience

Anal Use

Power Banger-compatible dildo attachments start at 1.9 inches thick and get bigger. You may be wanting to know how this machine performs anally, so I (a fan of slim anal toys) enlisted a good friend for some butt testing. I’ve known Zach for a year and a half; we’re not lovers but share a love of toys. So (because this machine is fully sanitizable2) I lent it to him for a weekend. I’ll let Zach take the floor for the rest of this section:

I got myself ready for this, I so I was ready to go! I used silicone lube like I usually do with anal sex or pegging, with a lube launcher. A past fuck buddy of mine introduced me to SquarePeg Egg Plugs maybe 5 years ago, and I love that they work with the silicone lube, like their dildos.

When taking the machine out I felt how small and light is was. After, I saw how long the cord was. The cord’s about 15 feet long, way longer than the cord on my last girlfriend’s Magic Wand. It’s a lot of cord to stretch out so you can put the machine anywhere.

Plugging it in and turning it on was fun. There are three holes you plug the cord into (just check the instruction sheet). First I just watched the thrusting go without a dildo. Turning the knob to make it faster. It’s clockwise for faster, counterclockwise for slower.

I tested it for two days, using a SquarePegToys Leo! That’s one long dildo (in actual size, 9″ length), and it pushed my limits but felt so good. It was a real fuck fest and something I would totally do again.

Leo! 9 Inches of SuperSoft length, and up. —Images by Phallophile

Once I figured which way to twist the gears for the arm adjustment, getting it adjusted was simple. You turn both gears clockwise to tighten the arm in place.

I play with long dildos kneeling a lot, so this machine worked that way well. On hands and knees, letting it come up from below. Leo has so much length, it’s not hard to do. I’m bisexual so I have taken a man before, and when the machine’s thrusting is really going, it’s not that different from the real thing. Besides that Leo curves down more because it’s flexible. I think that makes it more comfortable going fast with the machine. Leo is wide too, I have to warn you. It flexes and is so soft, so it was nice for me, not an anal newbie. Remember the silicone lubricant for long use.

The suction cup feet came in handy here, on all fours. It sticks on flat tile.

I was asked to talk about more positions, so I liked kneeling and also lying on my back. I set the thrusting arm almost all the way down. Parallel to the bed.

One last time I had it angled upward. I backed almost all the way down onto the dildo. It was thrusting slowly at that time. I stopped it for a couple seconds. But it sped up when I moved up. I think I must have made it hit the bend of my colon, like a wall.

Besides that time, the Power Banger machine keep thrusting great for me. Stroking for 1.5 hours at a time until I got too tired! Or I wanted to stop and stroke off, it was getting too frustrating. This can be extreme, so much thrusting. It’s sweet.

I recommend this to people who want a break from riding. It’s much easier not having to move yourself. I also think it’s really good if you’ve gotten into anal play but aren’t in a relationship. I would do it again and, now I’ve tried it, I’m looking at my own machine.


And this is how I, Felicity / Phallophile, discovered my essential sex toy. I’ve never had this many orgasms pre-review while a testing a single sex toy. Never, over years of review-writing.

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a rough year. It’s given me a new motto: I’m alive, and I’m gonna act like it—because *blink*, and you’ll miss your chance to do that thing you really wanted.

So what did I really want? My purest pleasure is simply getting screwed. (Sometimes with a vibrator at play too, as we’ll see later.) I should’ve owned a sex machine years ago!, tbh. Because really, why wouldn’t I want to buy an automatic machine to go harder, faster, and longer than my wrist can keep up?3

So in May 2020, I started investigating sex machines. These are a big investment, for sure, so picking a good one matters.

Commonly recommended names include Hismith machines (whose cheaper high-powered models (before attachments) go for the same price as Doc J.’s Power Banger, $400); and Ken’s Twisted Mind, where a 1-position machine costs $599, and the adjustable ones start at $679. I investigated both: First I discovered that the Hismith support doesn’t read English particularly well and is slow to respond to questions, which made me nervous. (They also gave me the promo code STD10, yikes, and asked for links without me having tried the product. ?!?) And then, with Ken’s, the $600 machine, Hide a Cock, doesn’t have adjustable angles; while I was wary about spending almost $800 on a machine I wasn’t sure I’d be able to use both (1) lying back in bed and (2) doggy or kneeling. Because bigger machines have LOTS of power, but the rectangular structure is more wobbly on mattresses. And I’m clumsy.

Enter the Power Banger by Doc Johnson, also a US company—that makes some real mediocre PVC dildos, but in this case is blowing my mind.

You can see the joy in my face, right after I took Power Banger out of the box, plugged it in, and attached a big realistic dildo. And the Power Banger machine only got better from there.

First, I was surprised Power Banger is so light. 5 pounds total. It came in this big ginormous box, about three feet tall. Much bigger than the machine itself, happily. I carried this box up three flights of stairs and stuck it in the closet of my new apartment: I was moving, and I was shocked at the low weight compared to everything else I was carting up the stairs.

The next week, I finally had the alone time I’d been yearning for… And Power Banger testing progressed as such:

OH HOLY HELL I was excited. Could this be the automatic screwing I truly needed at that moment, even better than a Velvet Thruster?

Oooh let’s see this baby GO!

Immediately, I liked that Power Banger’s remote control really is easy to adjust speed with: just turn the dial right or left, and stop at the level you want. It’s also got grooves for grip, if your fingers are lube-y. My only problem here: I get so engrossed in how good I’m taking it, I accidentally increase speed rather than diminish it sometimes!!! And my cervix gets suddenly pounded like I wasn’t expecting. (Good thing my dildo attachments are all super-soft!)

I loved my first time with Power Banger. So, so good. I can’t even describe the amount of tension between my legs that got relieved.4 Afterward, I was like, “Yeeeees, I am so ready for another week of adulting now!”

At the end of that first session, I thought about one way my previous-best thrusting toy, the Velvet Thruster (Jackie), now discontinued, had failed me. I made the shaft all creaky when I was forcing it to fast-rub against my vulva. Speedy grinding, you know. And the Thruster never sounded quite the same after that pressure.

So I let Power Banger, with the RealCock still, thrust parallel to my slit. The dildo’s large head was bobbing up and down. With the soft, skin feel, I was so ready to be dick-slapped this way. The experience was squirting-level good (I was glad I owned a waterproof blanket), and afterward, Power Banger was as stable as when I took it out of the box.

Two months later, and I’m still using the machine about 6 days a week.5 It is so much more hard-core and realistic than a handheld thruster, since it stalls less and, you know, you don’t need to hang onto it with your hands. (The latter is annoying after a while.)

How convenient Power Banger is does lead to one specific issue: me spending too long with the machine. And/or getting distracted by it.

This is true freelancer problems: I decide to take a quick Power Banger break before lunch. An hour later, I’ve had 25 orgasms, am starving, and wonder, “What’s with this list of THINGS people want me to DO? Like WORK or something, idk. Maybe later.”

I prefer to start by using Power Banger while I’m lying back. Letting it warm me up. Adding a clit vibe is awesome because there’s no human body I have to watch out for; I have more room than I would if a male partner was on top of me. I can happily stay that way for half an hour or even more, have the time blow by. I so like SquarePegToys Nathan 1X here…it’s “just over 6 inches” insertable is the perfect length, and the broad, fleshy head makes me so happy. And ready to keep going. Mmm.

Usually, when I’m feeling energetic, I want to finish by creating something more like cowgirl, on my knees. (More in the positions section below.) And I move from kneeling with my back straight, then I start clenching more and more on the squeezable thrusting dildo, pulling the Power Banger’s handle up for the right angle… And in the end I’m bracing my body weight on the machine’s rounded circles. Leaning forward, letting it support me as I come.

Those rounded edges are very user-friendly, in my opinion, more inviting than a boxy, rectangular fucking machine. When I’m lying on my back, I sometimes put my calves on top of Power Banger’s body, so I can get my thighs real tight together and come even harder.

PowerBanger Doc Johnson fucking machine speed control legs up
Ugh, easy pleasure.

I can also easily move Power Banger’s location with my feet, because it’s so light. And again, rounded, not poking me.

I’ve made this machine stall a few times: and 4 / 5 of those have been when it was on really low speed. It starts again immediately (without me having to touch the speed controller) after I move my butt back an inch. The one other time I made it stall, I was clenching and pushing forward onto the machine so hard; I believe I was dreaming about milking it, having come about 10 times before that. It restarted itself a second or two after I inched back. This is a big contrast again from the Velvet Thruster handheld machine, which I do often make stall, sometimes a couple times in a session. I did manage to screw one to death too, a while after I wrote my review (I got a warranty replacement as a result!)… I think I broke its back. Power Banger, in contrast, has a thrusting arm that’s thicker metal, and I’d need industrial gear to bend and break it.

Knowing that I can go absolutely as hard as I want? And not hurt anyone, not break anything? Amazing. I haven’t been fucked like this in I don’t know how long, to be honest. (Actually, never?) And I find myself saying cheesy things like, “Urrrrrgggh, yeah, daddy, give it to me, give it harder!” Just to the air.

I always start begging at some point, 10+ minutes into the session. I beg for it harder, I beg to suck, I beg for cum. The Power Banger lets my inhibitions down in a way that I have rarely done with a human partner. Because with a partner, I like to please, so I’m always keyed into the signals he’s sending me. And if there’s a real exchange of desire, it’s the best. If he’s responsive. But too many other times, the connection isn’t there, and my attention detracts from what I need.

Here, it’s all for me. My pace, my fantasies, no worries about the other’s needs. (I would truly love to have my best friend with benefits watch me using the machine, though—watching me be satisfied, before I take him.) I would 100% suggest Power Banger as a hot addition for couples, where one partner loves taking it and the other savors watching the pleasure.

Power Banger is certainly no 100% replacement for having sex with a penis-wielding human, if you love that realistic feel. The positioning takes a little more adjustment for me to come on than simple missionary or cowgirl with a penis. (More on that in the following section.) But again, the penises I’ve been with have rarely, if ever, allowed me to keep going for 25 orgasms.6 And I hope no one reading this is fearful that they might be replaced by a machine: if they can be discarded so easily, then their attention, their touch, their feedback, their unique human individuality, must have so little value to their partner.

One last note on realism: I do enjoy the realistic quality the Power Banger’s stroke length. 2.36 inches thrust, which is a normal length for going-for-it PIV sex. It even feels long for me with any dildo that’s 6 inches insertable length and above. Power Banger’s 2.36-inch thrust length is not the longest option in the fucking machine world, of course. So your needs may vary, whether you like the compactness vs. the longest stroke length around. I’m a fan of width over depth7—plus convenient shape and storage.

Someone asked me about hiding the Power Banger. This is my closet. The thrusting arm is pointed upward between shirts. Either the DJ logo here, or the K on the other side, is the most eye-catching part: you could cover that red up with black duct tape. Or, simpler, just put the whole machine in a standard backpack, it will fit. You can even put a travel lock on it that way.

And Power Banger’s 195 thrusts per minute feel slamming on high power—but very slow and gentle at the low end of the speed controller.

Overall, Power Banger is the rare sex toy that can make me truly high. (With little effort on my part.) It’s carnal. It’s pure, simple screwing—phenomenally good for me with an excellent SuperSoft silicone dildo. And maybe an awesome vibrator added too, because you can never have enough orgasms.8 I really have a flair for the dramatic at midnight, so once after a good Power-Bangering, I late-night-texted my friend, exact quote: “OMG IM DYING I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN MY BRAIN AND OVARIES MAY EXPLODE” 😂

Why the Vac System Is Superior for Sex Machines

So with any fucking machine, there’s a system to attach the dildo to the machine itself. The dildo needs to be removable for cleaning, after all. A list of systems:

  1. Suction cup attachments: Stick any suction cup dildo to the flat attachment. The good: Suction cup dildo options are everywhere (though some have much stronger suction than others.) The bad: If you’re too forceful in your play, the suction cup will come detached. How hard do you go? I sometimes screw like no tomorrow, clench like my life depended on it, and I know I can make any suction cup detach those times, no matter how strong.
  2. Universal dildo adapters: Usually flat so they fit suction dils and anything with a flat base. These have straps that fasten around; see an example here. The good: Again, more options for the dildo. The bad: Less hygienic. Because with some toys I want all that length, and I know I would gunk up the fabric straps. Which are not nonporous or santizable. Plus your dildo can wiggle out of the straps if (a) its balls are really heavily weighted to one side, (b) you didn’t fasten the straps tight enough and you’re exerting too much pressure.
  3. KlicLok connector. Proprietary to Hismith machines, this screws into the dildo base. The good: Secure, sanitizable. The bad: Very limited dildo selection, and they’re all mass-produced in China and won’t have the lovely fleshy squish of some US-made options with Vac holes.
  4. Vac-u-Lock attachment: A graduated plug shape, originally designed by Doc Johnson and now used more widely. The bad: You do need to know where to look for Vac hole dildos, as most shops won’t have them in safe silicone (see my list, following). The good: Very secure, you can take the full dildo length without gunking up straps, the Power Banger Plug can be cleaned thoroughly, and amazing soft silicone dildos exist if you know where to buy.

Vac-U-Lock Dildos for Power Banger

My suction cup guide has a full list of silicone dildos with holes that fit Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Lock (= Vac) attachment. Because really, why would you invest in a machine this expensive and then use a toxic PVC sex toy on it?

Vac U Lock dildos platinum silicone SquarePegToys SquarePegHole Hankey's Toys hole Uberrime Large Splendid (2)

These have been the best Vac-holed dildo experiences for me:

  • SquarePegToys realistic dildos, SuperSoft silicone. Oooh yeah! These have “SquarePegHoles,” which are ribbed all the way down. With SquarePeg’s SuperSoft silicone, and the unique hole shape, the SquarePegHole-d dildos are definitely the easiest to get on and off the Vac plug. They feel so fleshy sliding in and out fast, too. I’m still in love with Nathan (big head ridge!), while Steve is so spot-focused (G-spot or prostate), and Leo shines for extra-flexibility and takin’ it anally / real deep (like my friend Zach enjoyed).
  • Uberrime Splendid Large with Vac hole. Beautiful colors, and a big bulb of a head. This version of Uberrime’s Splendid is not dual-density like the original Splendids, but is a pretty soft silicone (a 2A shore durometer, vs. the 00 durometers of SquarePeg & Hankey’s 75% Soft, below). Just a little more pressure, so I’m sensing Splendid with Vac Hole’s “vein” ridges here and there.
Uberrime Large Splendid with Attachment Hole for Vac U Lock
If you got to choose colors for a dildo, what would you pick? This lovely teal + royal purple sounded good to me, for Uberrime’s Large Splendid with Attachment Hole (single-density silicone)
  • All Mr. Hankey’s Toys at least 6 inches circumference! 75% Soft if you want more squeezable, more realistic while you’re taking a pounding; or Medium-Firm if you don’t want the toy to bend, you like more resistance and pressure.
  • RealCock 2: It’s got the best “skin feel” of any dildo I own, the main reason why I totally understand the $500 price tag. Unfortunately, using RealCock 2 Dirk with the machine was trickier than I hoped it’d be. It’s all on the RealCocks’ BIG-ASS base. It wants to twist around on the lubed-up Vac attachment. The Vac hole is also tight and needs to be super-lubed up, too, to get the Vac plug out afterward. A bit of a struggle.

Because the Vac plug insert has ridges that really lock into place. Pro tip: Lube the hole up before inserting the Vac attachment, then remove it right after use so the lube doesn’t dry out.

Finally, please use good lube on the dildo too, you’ll want it to cut down on friction with long ‘n’ hard thrusting! I go with Wicked Simply Hybrid Jelle, a good long line of it down the dildo before I start, because it’s very thick.

Sex Machine Positions

With how adjustable the Power Banger’s arm is (see video here, starting a minute in), you have serious positioning options.

Doc Power Banger fucking machine positions adjustable penetration arm
And anywhere in between these angles: this is Incremental Position Control.

You will want to explore to find what feels best to you, since using a machine isn’t as intuitive as common partnered positions (you on top, or you on bottom??). Here’s what I’ve found.

First, the most relaxing: Just lying my back and receiving. I like “Propped Up Missionary” most with Power Banger, especially to start out. A good long warmup here. Since the machine’s thruster arm is angled slightly down, I need to angle my back up for best G-spot pressure. That’s because the dildos tops are soft, and affected by gravity; and they’re not leaning into me like a partner would, pressing on the front of my opening with their shaft and mons!

So I’ve got about 4 pillows behind my back, and the positioning feels A+ once I’ve got the pillows set up right and the screws turned to lock Power Banger’s arm at the right angle. One advantage of the machine here that I don’t get with normal sex is that there’s more room for a vibrator (even when my back’s propped up). I don’t have to worry about hitting anybody with a long wand handle!

Which brings me to a revelation: (Hitachi) Magic Wands are awesome, but… Have you ever tried a fucking machine AND a Magic Wand? This is serious. This is no drill, better sex toys may not be possible for my anatomy.9

Lying on my side is also a fun change, like just chillin’ and browsing my phone. (Instagram is addictive, watch out.) Once every blue moon for me.

The way I said I love to finish, though? Angled Cowgirl. Power Banger with arm straight up toward the ceiling is too tall for me to take it just kneeling, like I would over a man. So instead I angle that arm about 45 degrees and kneel in front.

I don’t even have the adjustable thrusting arm locked into place: because you can twist the plastic gears to keep the arm steady, or loosen them and move it at all. While kneeling in front, I get the dildo to move upward with my body as I move, by pulling on the Power Banger’s arm handle. It’s so comfortable and I can adjust the angle as I go.

Pull up, for more thrust angle!

Last, Getting It from Behind … a.k.a. Power Banger doggy. Because the machine’s on the floor, it’s not precisely like traditional doggy (more a 90-degree angle). It’s neither better nor worse, just different. This is how I most enjoy the Leo long silicone dildo, as its extra inches are just right. I feel Leo’s wavy head popping, then all those textured skin lines pulling around the back of my vag. Less G-spot stimulation here for me, so this is an occasional position—but one I enjoy when I want a break from the same-old. (As explosive as the same-old is!)

“From Behind” is the only position that I’ve used the suction feet on: the machine works great on bedding without them. I can also kneel on my bed and keep Power Banger in place with my body weight and/or the handle (facing it) or readjust it with my feet (facing away from it). On smooth tile or bathtub, the 4 suction feet are stable when you push them down. On textured “tile,” like the laminate in one of my bathrooms, it’s good to have the feet on so the surface isn’t getting scratched, but they don’t stick because the surface isn’t smooth. So you do need a smooth and flat surface for good suction results.

It’s so very exciting getting to work out what feels best, with the wide range of swing the thrusting shaft has.

More Technical Details

The Power Banger includes:

  • the machine itself,
  • a plugin cord with remote attachment,
  • Vac adapter and ring to go underneath,
  • feet for stability (if desired), and
  • universal power adapters in case you’re outside the US. (If you’re inside the States, you don’t need the adapters.)
Doc Power Banger fucking machine included parts
I promise the instruction manual doesn’t come w/ lube stains. I’ve left the assembly instructions off because you don’t have to screw on the suction cup feet (#1) and you should use lubricant rather than Doc’s “Vac-U powder” (=corn starch) inside your silicone dildo’s Vac hole (#4).

Really, all you need to know from the instructions is that the machine’s main power cord plugs into the hole labeled MOTOR. Then, the remote control has two plug-in inserts (going into the holes labeled DC…). The bigger insert goes in the middle hole, the smaller one into the remaining hole in front.

The Kink Power Banger by Doc J. comes in a massive plain brown box, with the sender being “Hamilton Park Electronics” if you buy from Peepshow Toys. (Use code FELICITY at checkout for $40 off.)

Cleaning Power Banger

As a plug-in machine (like a Magic Wand, Doxy, or Sybian style-vibe), the Power Banger is not waterproof or splashproof. You shouldn’t just stick it in your sink. (I could actually fit it in my kitchen sink if desired, since it’s so compact.)

But it’s fully nonporous, so you can wipe the machine body down.

Use 70% isopropyl alcohol, like in alcohol swabs. Or from a bottle, and applied to a washcloth. Then wipe again with a clean washcloth / rag.

Doc Johnson Power Banger pieces Vac plug

The Vac attachment and circular backing plate screw off the machine. That’s helpful because lube collects in the Vac plug’s ridges. Those you can rinse with soap and water, and use alcohol as well then wash again if you want to sanitize (a.k.a. “sterilize,” kill microorganisms). Both parts are hard ABS plastic, so you could even run these detachable parts through the dishwasher (like in a utensil tray) if desired. Let them dry completely (especially the grooves inside the Vac plug) before leaving that on your machine again.

Final Thoughts / Summary

How much do you need it? As someone with a high drive and a love for dick, but never a really giving partner, I’m so much more focused after I get my (almost) daily screwing from this machine. Vs. a handheld dildo, it’s more effective and more natural feeling—and honestly not as large as I thought a sex machine had to be, so I can use it lying back in bed.

I chose the Kink Power Banger over other machines because of how: it’s low to the ground & stable (I am awkward and knock things over), and the penetrating arm is highly adjustable.

The Vac attachment always keeps the dildo on great for me, and I get to choose from SuperSoft, fleshy, and body-safe dongs like the SquarePegToys Nathan 1X. (My boy!)

As for anal use, this machine is consistent and equally easy to use as well. It won’t break, and stalling is only likely (on the lower speeds) if you are forcing your body weight against the dildo’s full length so it’s ramming into the end of your rectum. I occasionally have someone ask me for a toy that’ll imitate pegging. And the Maia Max isn’t a bad choice, but (as my friend Zach saw) the Power Banger is more reliable for long sessions, and can have a softer dildo attached. It’s for anytime when you don’t have the right person to deliver the thrust you want, as long as you want.

Find the Power Banger Machine here.

See Vac-compatible dildos & attachments here.

* * *

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  1. Pulsators like the Stronic toys go significantly faster but have tiny-tiny short strokes that don’t feel like human sex.
  2. This is like COVID-era scenarios, though, I was much more concerned about passing on germs my kids had picked up at school than any STI: like, “Are you sure you’re OK with taking this fully-disinfected machine? Here’s my corona-risk situation” 😮
  3. And as for suction cup dildos: Listen, they can only do so much, even the ones with strong suction. The amount of confusion people have about how to use these comfortably is huge, believe me. Would recommend to anyone who’s young-ish, thinner, and athletic too… Or you may be better served if you enjoy riding anally, like on a chair. Everyone else, good luck!
  4. It’d been seven months since I rode a dick, and let me tell you, the RealCock 2 feels excellent, but it is an effort to thrust by hand.
  5. Rare exceptions happen for weekends home with my kids, the rare “I don’t need dick” PMS day, and super-sensitive period days.
  6. I may be an orgasmic Energizer Bunny. I simply need good food & drink breaks. Also more lube. 😄
  7. Hey every dude on social who thinks they’re somehow gonna impress me by stating their dick is 8 inches long. Does that work for you, approaching strangers that way?! Yeah, didn’t think so.
  8. A new Phallophile Reviews site tagline?!: NEVER ENOUGH ORGASMS.
  9. Side note: I have to say I smirk when I see claims of “microrobotic” technology that “mimics human touch” in a sex toy. GTFO, create me something that feels like actual fingers, not a hard rolling protrusion that you have to hold in your own hand to position. Truly the closest thing we have to “biomimetic technology”? A sex machine with soft dildo attachment. (Sorry, guys, that realistic BJ robot isn’t here quite yet. Unless you count the Autoblow (2), which I’ve seen too many users say blows in the unfortunate sense.)

6 thoughts on “Kink Power Banger Review — F@*% YEAH!”

  1. Sigh, if it weren’t for the large (ergo, hard to explain away to the home audience) box…also, are there smaller dildos that work with the Vac-U-Lock, or does the cavity for the lock require more size? (The Splendid medium dual density took me a couple of months to work up to, so having to choose and train myself for something bigger is a bit daunting right now…)

  2. With only a 2.36 thrust, did Zach and yourself really find enough anal depth satisfaction? I’m intrigued butt, don’t want the short end to be a disappointment when enjoying SquarePeg dildos. The price is clearly more reasonable than larger machines with a longer thrust. I’m considering this machine as a solo alternative for pegging when a partner isn’t available. Really enjoy your reviews and site. Look forward to your thoughts.


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