How-To Wand? Featuring Nirvana by Bellesa

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Wand vibes are iconic, due to the popularity of the (formerly Hitachi) Magic Wand. Because they’re BIG and they’re POWERFUL and they wanna make you come HARD. Are they easy to use, though? Hmm. Classic full-sized wands are bulky, with heads 2.25 inches wide and bodies extending over a foot in length. Positioning during sex (with another human being) may take special arrangement.

I’ve pondered this a lot recently, since I got a sex machine and decided that unlimited fast thrusting with a fleshy dildo + Magic Wand vibrator are really the ultimate sex toy adventure. What are the best positions for magic wand during sex?

I’ll tell you about incorporating the classic Magic Wand as well as a resonant mid-sized wand, the Nirvana sex toy by Bellesa, into all kinds of angles. Wands here, bodies there, vibes everywhere… let’s explore.

About Nirvana

First a little about Nirvana, a newcomer wand. This wand vibrator is compact, with an easy-curve handle (more on that later). It’s got 7 functions (1 steady, 6 patterned), but all with 5 intensities—so 35 possible options. I love when you have more options, right?! You change the change between the 7 functions by hitting the center button (also the on/off button). Then move up and down in intensity through the plus and minus buttons on either side.

Bellesa Nirvana wand review control buttons

I’d call the Nirvana by Bellesa a mid-sized wand vibrator, smaller than a traditional Magic Wand: its head is just over 1.5 inches diameter, so it’s easier to fit into tighter spots. Nirvana also has a curve that’s pretty nifty, as we’ll see: its handle bends toward you, so it’s more convenient in a number of positions (like actual neck massage!) then a straight wand body would be.

Magic Wand Rechargeable vs. Bellesa Nirvana

The coolest feature about Nirvana, that really sets it apart, is the shiny golden part on the handle. I thought was metallic-coated ABS plastic when I first saw the toy—that’s common these days. But I started using Nirvana and realized that it glows different colors! A distinct shade for each vibration function, so it’s really easy to tell those 4 patterns apart without having to remember what number they are in the progression of 7. Much simpler.

This vibe is waterproof, it’s USB rechargeable, and it’s smooth silicone—except that harder, safely nonporous light-up spot! (Which looks chill when you’re vibing in the dark, btw.)

So I dove right in and started seeing how these patterns would feel in different styles, different positions. What would be my best magic wand vibrator positions to use with the Nirvana by Bellesa?

Wand Vibrator Positions

First a note: Good sex involves being able to explore, adapt. Every person is a little different, plus we often just need different things based on our mood, hormones, or ANYTHING that life might throw at us. So you gotta give it your own twist! Do the same with your wand vibe, your bullet vibe, or your suction cup dildo.


In general, I’d define that doggy style is the easiest way to use a wand during sex, because the wand doesn’t get scrunched between you and your partner so much as if you were in missionary or another tight, eye-to-eye position.

I found that, while getting pounded from behind, I liked intermittent pulsing patterns a lot more than I do during normal masturbation. This meant the “red” speed on Nirvana, function #3, not even at full intensity, but halfway up… So it was dut-dut-dut-dut-dut-dut, mid-powered… With that extra pulusing pressure. I made the thrusting go slower, so I could focus on the on-and-off vibes more, and so the top of Nirvana’s head wasn’t getting pushed too hard into me. The curved handle was great, so easy to hold is it arched around my body. I could grip it as I was leaning over on my elbows, a stack of four pillows underneath my torso for support.

Nirvana’s head is quite firm, the silicone is silky but thin, so it does not have the give that the Magic Wand Rechargeable head does—one point in favor of the classic wand’s comfort despite its heft.

Bellesa Nirvana wand review head closeup

On Ur Side, Penetrated from Behind

So this is where I found my best groove with Nirvana’s first, steady function. It was perfect on high, especially the way the handle was so curved up—easy to hold, as I leaned on my left elbow and felt a dick coming into me from behind. I could feel scrotum lines pushing into my lower butt cheek, and the fleshy mound above it. I didn’t want to go too fast—I made sure the sex didn’t go too fast—because I could feel his balls slapping a little every time that dick pushed all the way in. And I wanted to come a little bit more on Nirvana’s rounded tip with every stroke, until I was propelling its head right into my clitoris harder and harder. And seeing the lighted handle glow blue, on and off, until I finally let myself go.

Missionary: But Slow

Slow n easy, plz. With this position, if you’re using a wand head between your and your partner’s body it’s probably good to have slower, gentler sex. Oh, and it may be most comfy if your partner’s torso is not leaning into you—their back should be more toward a 90-degree angle now, to prevent the wand head getting pushed too hard into your vulva.

Here I was feeling the penis tip move in and out real lightly, using Nirvana on the second speed, the green one. Vroom vroom vroom, escalating on and off, and on and off, the penis tip pushing in now, maybe 4 inches inside me, spreading my lips open lightly. Till I couldn’t take it much longer, and I increased from the third intensity to the fifth one, and came on Nirvana’s head. The purple, revving pattern was also magical here…

But really, we had a lot more to do. Why restrict yourself to PIV penetration only?

While Being Fingered

I’ll just come right out and say that I love having my vulva rubbed, a lot more than oral—prefer it to really anything except a good expansive screwing. I especially enjoy being fingered up and down my slit to the point where I almost can’t hold it any longer, and then a partner directing me to wait—so I’m being edged. That holding-off can really intensify an orgasm.

I found this felt amazing with Nirvana’s rumbling, escalating function: number 6, the purple one. A couple fingers inside, plus Nirvana right on top of my clit. Fingers retracted, rubbed up and down, then back in. Tension building the whole time. (This is exactly the kind of scenario where I need a Layer waterproof blanket because it can get very wet.) Especially if someone else is there directing me, exposing themselves, making it even hotter.

And I’m there with Nirvana, holding onto the thicker top of the handle now, my hand closed around it closer to the head (rather than on the bent curve). Holding it almost straight up, blocking more of my vulva, because I don’t have to keep it out of the way so much as I would during missionary position.

WOW, It *Is* a Neck Massager!

I was exploring, “Where to use the other patterns?” while running through Nirvana’s seven functions. Because, inevitably, there’s no way I’m going to like all seven—that’s why you’ve got choices.

Aurora by Bellesa colors
6 out of 7.

The sixth speed was definitely the winner here too, the best pattern for me overall: it’s got a deep thumping on high speed that was really digging deep into my tissue.

So I was able to use the curved handle to target some lower-neck pain I developed over a day of staring too hard at a computer screen!

This toy is shaped a lot like the LELO Smart Wands—which also have that dramatic curve in the handle. (The Smart Wand Medium is weaker and features the Touch Sense feature that randomly changes speed on you and which many users found annoying; the new Smart Wand 2 is a bigger, rumbly wand that does not have that feature.)

With that curve, it’s easy to target your own neck without having to contort your arm and shoulder very much. With Nirvana, I can hold the my forearm parallel to my torso, and it’s pretty easy to get my upper back, even easier to reach my neck. Those top back vertebra getting vibed, an added bonus!

For G-Spot? Maaaay-be.

Nirvana is of course an external vibrator, for clit or back or wherever else, not really designed to penetrate. But it’s fully waterproof and has an angle like a traditional G-spot vibe, so why not just stick it right in? Its smaller width is a very do-able size, just the width of an average penis (1.5 inches across).

But not everything works: The hard line of the ridge turned out to be a little bit much for me, comfort-wise with the Nirvana, so I can really only recommended it as suitable for about an inch of insertion, and it was very resonant, high-pitched, on the high top, also overwhelming for all the nerves in my vaginal opening. So I pulled the toy out, and, interestingly, thought it then felt very good clitorally, and came pretty much immediately. Again, this is not a recommended use, though it’s also not a dangerous one—so you do you.

Bellesa Nirvana wand review head line

Booty Too

Last, I was feeling the quick thumping of Nirvana’s fourth function, lighted up a teal / turquoise shade—actually my favorite color, so I hadda figure out where I might want to use this vibration pattern on my body.

I was moving a little farther down my pelvic floor, and I thought about how that curl would work to target my butt crack. This turns out really fun, because it’s easy for you to hold the wand from behind either while you rub your own clit in front or while you open your legs and/or have someone else do it.

I’m not recommending inserting the toy anally, because it doesn’t technically have a flared base, and again, the strong hard head line. Instead, you’re just using it outside your butthole you can so hit a lot of the nerve endings around the anus with the strongest vibes, traveling through your tissues on high intensity. Make a little kinky even, maybe: have your partner slap your ass while you’re holding the wand outside on your butt, put on some cuffs or other restraints even—and have them hold a wand on you while you’re at their mercy.

With Other Accessories

Liberator Wand Mount

A wand mount?! This advice is best for larger wands, as mounts are typically made to fit the Magic Wand (and are really most convenient with the cordless Magic Wand Rechargeable).

Liberator is best known for making wand mounts, out of premium high-density foam. These handmade mounts don’t sink under body weight like a normal pillow; they support you better when you’re riding or grinding.

With Wanda or Axis, your straight wand handle inserts into a hole in the pillow, so you have your hands free. To support yourself, to touch yourself or touch your partner. With Axis, it’s lower, so you lean forward over it, like over the edge of the bed, possibly while being penetrated from behind by your partner, everybody getting vibed by Magic Wand power. Vs. Wanda, where you kneel and ride up against the wand head!

OMG the Sex Machine

My Life Will Never Be the Same. You think I’m joking? Maybe…a little. Not much, though, because a fucking machine is the ultimate tool if you have a high drive and you looooove intercourse. (Especially if you’re like me and you always find yourself in mismatched-libido relationships.1)

So getting screwed automatically by a soft, fleshy, platinum silicone dildo for as long as I want is one of those rare things in life that makes me want to search the thesaurus for better synonyms for “excellent.”

But we’re here for wands, right? And Magic Wands are awesome, like over the top for me, with a fucking machine because you get these big rumbly vibes, along with the penetration at almost any speed you want (twist-dial control!), while there is more room between you and the dildo attached to the machine than with a partner: no arms to brace, no torso to poke or hit with the tall wand handle.

Finale! On Wands & You

Now that’s the kind of thorough testing you’re here for, right? 😉 I tired myself out! Wands are definitely versatile toys, and capable of fitting into many scenarios—many more than I’ve explored here, for sure. (Forced orgasm play is another hot scene that’s popular with the strongest wands: check out a Doxy Die Cast or Magic Wand Plus.)

Whatever you come up with, and how you and/or your partner choose to use your wand, I hope you’ll be floored… Please feel free to tell me what’s worked best for you in the comments below!

* * *


  1. Where you find yourself cutting your partner, metaphorically, because it’s been too long for you and they simply can’t keep up. And of course they’re also a man who’s unwilling to satisfy in other ways, like, you know, hugs or kisses or kind words or the massage that’s the greatest predictor of a sexually satisfied partnered relationship.

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