BMS PalmPower Extreme Review, vs. PalmPower Recharge

PalmPower Extreme review vs. Palm Power Recharge
PalmPower Recharge, top; vs. PalmPower Extreme, bottom.

PalmPower Extreme vs Recharge Review

*Strong opinion*: The Palm Power Extreme is better than the classic BMS PalmPower wand vibrators, like the PalmPower Recharge.

*Fact*: I’ve worn stretchy denim shorts every day this week, so PalmPower Extreme’s handle could snuggle inside the waistband, while its large head pressed perfectly against my pelvic floor. Hands-free!

Not only does PalmPower Extreme angle against my body better, it’s easier to clean and stronger than previous BMS PalmPower wands. Plus wider: I have to love this Extreme PalmPower wand’s bigger head! More stimulation, please.

This review compares the BMS PalmPower Extreme’s beautiful power vs. the PalmPower Recharge. I’ll also reference other strong wands so that you can decide which will work best for you.

PalmPower Extreme

The PalmPower Extreme is the newest member of BMS Factory’s well-known line of PalmPower vibrators. When I first saw the Extreme, at a sex toy show last July, my brain did a double-take. I scrutinized it. It was *different*, not the simple straight handle I’d seen on dozens of other wand-style vibrators. But strange can be good—I mean, I’m pretty odd myself 😉—so I reevaluated the angled handle and began to see its benefits.

Convenient Grip

PalmPower Extreme in hand

The top one: I can tuck this strong vibrator into my shorts and use it hands-free. (Except for when I use my fingers to change the intensity every now and then, that is!) Just stick it in and close my legs around it, and PalmPower Extreme stays in place. I can grind against it some…or tug it upward for the kind of rubbing clitoral stimulation I favor. With hella good vibrations attached.

PalmPower Extreme is also easier when I’m lying back in bed: I don’t have to reach forward as far as with a traditional Magic Wand-style vibe. For anyone with reach issues or a larger body, I will strongly recommend PalmPower Extreme over other powerful vibes. Holding it is just simpler due to the flat, tapered handle and the angled head.

Believe it or not, the latter feature even prompted me to use this vibrator as a back massager! A neck massager, really: after too long looking at a computer screen, the low, deep vibes are soothing on my upper spine. (This job isn’t *all* masturbation, you know. 😉)

Speaking of which…this vibe is so much easier to use during doggy-style sex. That angle that lets me tuck PalmPower Extreme into my shorts conveniently also lets me hold and angle the toy against my belly while I’m being penetrated from behind. No more Magic Wand sticking straight out.

PalmPower Extreme Intensity

If you’re considering a wand vibe, you’re probably concerned with *power*. When I was finishing up my wand vibrator comparative guide, I kept going back to test the PalmPower Extreme vs. the Magic Wand Rechargeable. I’d describe the two vibrators as “neck and neck” for strength—but I see PalmPower Extreme edging out MW Rechargeable, barely. In this racing analogy, it’s a photo finish.

The PalmPower Extreme’s lowest possible intensity is slightly higher-frequency than MW Rechargeable’s (the same goes for the final speeds of each toy). You might say PalmPower Extreme is a tad “buzzier.” Really, both toys produce vibrations that travel through flesh well because they are both intensely strong. “Jaw-rattling” is an accurate term.

Speaking of speeds, the PalmPower Extreme is also unusual—this time, definitely in a good way!—because it offers preset vibration functions plus “Incremental Speed” customization. That means you can, of course, flip through the Extreme’s 4 steady speeds, 3 patterns. Those are good, don’t get me wrong. But…I like full control, and the “press and hold” incremental option gives me that choice.

To access incremental control, you first hit the PalmPower Extreme’s power button. Then, instead of tapping the function-change button once, you hold it down for about three seconds. This will take you to an intensity that’s lower (and deeper) than the first preset speed. To progress upward through the full range of vibe intensity, press and hold again; remove your finger whenever you want to stop upping the power.

Once I discovered this Incremental Speed option, I’ve rarely used the preset speed choices! I like the lower-range intensities so much…

Other Features

PalmPower Extreme vs Recharge head size

PalmPower Extreme’s fully silicone-coated head is a big thing for me because it makes wedging the vibe’s head against my clit so comfortable. (PalmPower Recharge and PalmPower Original have a seam: more on that later.) Extreme’s silicone is silky, and the substantial head can be washed easily. (Do not submerge this toy, though, as letting water into the charging port at the end of the handle will damage the motor.)

Because I’m very enthusiastic about broad clitoral stimulation, the bigger head is a huge win for me. It’s pretty thick—1.8″ wide, vs. a traditional large wand’s 2.25″. And it’s all there for me to grind against. The strong vibes travel and stimulate farther back too, through my labia.

PalmPower Extreme’s neck is slightly flexible, much like the head of my favorite G-spot vibrator: Pillow Talk Sassy, also by BMS. Extreme isn’t extremely bendable or wobbly, but that neck can be angled about 30 degrees either way if you’re pushing on it.

Quick word of warning: Like the Magic Wands, PalmPower Extreme will turn itself off after a certain time period. I mistakenly thought I needed to recharge mine the first couple times this happened. But no, just hit the on/off button again to keep going.

As mentioned, this toy isn’t fully waterproof (few truly strong wands are), but it is USB rechargeable and cordless. If you want fully waterproof and would prefer a smaller head, though, then consider the…

PalmPower Recharge

BMS PalmPower Recharge

The original-sized PalmPower wand vibrators have a strong (no pun intended) reputation among sex toy experts. They’re smaller vibes that almost have as much power as many a big wand. When you’ve experienced the PalmPower Recharge’s top speed, the size contrast with a Magic Wand is startling. After the comparison, I find myself feeling like the Magic Wand should have even more power, since it’s much larger!

Overall, the Recharge is my personal favorite PalmPower now, in 2023, after 4 years of testing. Here are detailed reasons why, and pros & cons of the Rechargeable PalmPower. I do think that the PalmPower Recharge isn’t quite as powerful as the PalmPower Extreme, but again…that compact package. Easier to travel with, easier to fit into penetrative play. Since PalmPower Recharge’s head is an “average” width (1.5 inches diameter), I often recommend it to people who aren’t sure whether they whether they want broad vs. pinpoint stimulation. Also, I see the Recharge as being simpler to hold against the frenulum of a penis, since it lacks the dramatic angle (designed for clits).

Ultimately, as much as I say that this toy is “strong,” you have to feel the PalmPower Recharge’s vibes to understand the depth of the lowest speed, and the higher intensity of the top level. The whole range is controlled by pressing and holding the PalmPower vibrator’s single function button.

PalmPower Recharge is the only waterproof PalmPower vibrator. That feature, and the lack of cord, are selling points over PalmPower Recharge’s predecessor, the PalmPower Original. 

Also, I would like to officially thank BMS Factory for adding labels (with the product line/specific toy names) onto the charging cord of every vibrator they produce! For anyone who has more than a couple rechargeable vibes, that’s one less life hassle.

Overall Thoughts / Ranking

Did it sound like I was dissing the earlier BMS PalmPower wands at the beginning of this review? Maybe a little? It’s because the new PalmPower Extreme came in hot when I first got it; a bigger, even bolder PalmPower vibrator. So fun I had to rank it 5/5 stars!!! My only complaint is that it’s a tad buzzy on the higher levels.

But, the PalmPower Recharge has its own benefits, and I recommend it highly and do use it more frequently, over the course of years of opportunity. I’d suggest the compact Recharge especially in certain situations. Here’s what I mean:

Go PalmPower Extreme for:

  • The conveniently angled shape
  • The strongest vibes
  • Wider head covers more ground
  • Full silicone coating on head & neck
  • Incremental control plus preset speed & patterns

Go PalmPower Recharge for:

  • Smaller head makes it easier to work into penetration
  • Lighter weight (5 oz. vs. Extreme’s 12) & shorter (3″ less)
  • Fully waterproof
  • Nearly full-size wand power, but travel-friendly
  • Incremental (adjustable) steady vibration only
  • Accommodates attachments like a dual-stimulating one—for variety’s sake!

Find the PalmPower Extreme here, and the Recharge here.

* * *

Review Recap
PalmPower Extreme
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PalmPower Extreme
USD 105.00

12 thoughts on “BMS PalmPower Extreme Review, vs. PalmPower Recharge”

  1. Hi, great review- really appreciated this one.

    One thing: are you sure the palmpower recharge is fully waterproof? I’ve been after a fully waterproof mini-wand after my broad city one died on me, but everything I’ve read online says that the palmpower recharge *isn’t* waterproof.

  2. I have the Pillow Talk Sassy and I absolutely love the deep rumbly vibrations, but I’ve been craving a broader head so I’m definitely buying the Palm Power Extreme next! I’m already in love with it just from reading the review!

  3. Okay I don’t know if it’s just a me thing (it probably is) but I CANNOT get my palm power recharge to turn on 🙁 it’s brand new, it’s been charging and the LED hasn’t shut off either. Should I continue to let it charge?

    • Hi! So you’ve removed the PalmPower from the charger, and held down the power button? It really should just require a light button-press. If that doesn’t work, check out BMS Factory’s warranty page, they should offer a replacement toy!

  4. Hi! I love your reviews! You’re my go-to blog when I’m doing my toy research for myself!
    On the PalmPower Extreme, how loud would you say it is? Is it like FemmeFun Ultra Wand loud? Or is it quieter like Sassy?
    I have the Ultra and the Sassy, but Sassy recently died and won’t turn on regardless of how much I charge him, so I’m hoping the extreme will be a nice replacement.

    • Hi, thank you so much for the compliment, I appreciate you valuing my work!

      OK, so the PalmPower Extreme’s volume is between the Pillow Talk Sassy and the Ultra Wand.

      I’ve measured the Ultra Wand as ranging from 54 decibels (function #1, low) to 60 decibels (function #3, high steady intensity).

      That’s versus how the PalmPower Extreme maxes out at the same volume level as the Ultra Wand’s gentlest setting. Just tested the Extreme as 37 to 54 decibels, progressing from low to high.

      Sorry to hear your Sassy died!!!

      • Of course! ♡ Your work does so much good and is so helpful! Tbh all the toys I’ve gotten since I recently started getting into toys last year I managed to find through your blog c: it was confusing and scary venturing for the first time, so thank you so much personally for all the work and effort you put into your site to give the details and information that you do – you really do make a huge difference and a world of help to people like me and beyond! ♡

        Ooooh thank you so much for the info! That’s awesome to hear and a surprise too! 🙀 I honestly wouldve expected Extreme to be louder than Ultra since it gives more of a full-sized wand vibe from appearance (*budum tss*), but that’s wonderful to hear! That’s such a relief – I’ll defo be investing in the Extreme soon! Thanks so much again! 😸

        Waaaah it really is such a shame, but I’ll replace Sassy one day! Worth every penny ♡

  5. I’m reading your amazing reviews for 5 billion different wands trying to figure it out lol. You said in a comment above that the Extreme isn’t as rumbly as the Sassy. I have the Sassy and love it but want to try a wand. It’s difficult for me to orgasm and I need rumbly and moderate-high/ish power usually. Are there any wands that are as rumbly (or more) than the Sassy but are also a little easier to hold than the typical straight-necked wands? I was really hoping the Extreme would be the one but it being less rumbly than the Sassy makes me rethink that. Thank you so much for your excellent in-depth reviews!

    • Hi, thank you so much for reading!!! Ooh, yes, the Extreme definitely feels more like a power tool than the P.T. Sassy. Especially on the upper half of the Extreme’s speed range, it’s got all these noticeable bands of higher-frequency resonance, which seem much more aggressive.

      The Dame Com sounds like it would meet your wants best. It’s the most comparable to the Sassy’s vibration for sure among the wands I’ve felt, and it’s got a similarly-angled head to the PalmPower Extreme except the Com’s neck is less flexible (which is good; more durable for folks who put a lot of pressure against their toy). Maybe I downplay the Com’s power too much overall in my wand guide, since I am comparing it with these super-strong power wands.


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