Dame Com Review

Oh wow, this wand rumbles. The Dame Com excels at deep, resonant vibration quality. It’s not an ultra-powerful wand: If you love 💥strong💥 vibes, get a “Hitachi” Magic Wand, or a Doxy, or a Lovense Domi. But for truly low-frequency vibration—the kind less likely to itch or numb sensitive skin—then the Dame Com is the best. Unlike other wand massagers, it is actually quiet, too.

The Dame Com’s smooth silicone and packaging feel luxurious. This is a premium vibe with a motor that matches the price tag. (A nice change, because I’ve previously found Dame toys to be either “it’s fine, I guess” or simply inferior to similar We-Vibe products.)

Dame Com - pastel wand massager
Dame Com floating among a sea of pastel sex toys.1

Instead, the Com’s shape is easy to hold, it feels good in hand—and most of all, those rumbly vibrations. Keep reading for my full review of the Dame Com: a power ranking vs. Magic Wands, how to use the Dame Com, and my experiences toying with this waterproof 💦 vibrator. Who is the pretty pastel Com wand suitable for?

Dame Com Power Ranking & Vibration Functions

In short, the Dame Com is not knock-your-socks-off strong: It’s moderately powerful (7.5 / 10 on top intensity) & extremely rumbly. That means Com’s vibration feels… tight. The head is this ball of deeply resonant vibration. You can feel the vibration echo, rotate around the head, if you pay close attention; and that’s a cool feeling.

Unlike other wands, Com amazingly does not feel more buzzy as you increase power. It maintains the same low-frequency range through all 5 steady vibration levels.

The Dame Com has 5 intensity levels for all 5 vibration functions (1 steady function, 4 patterned functions)—so that means 25 total possible vibe options. Including 5 steady speeds. And I’ve actually orgasmed on one of the patterns! That’s exceptionally rare!

This mid-sized wand is almost 25% shorter than full-size Magic Wands and imitators. That’s part of the reason why it’s “decently strong” instead of “mega-strong.” This makes the Dame Com easier to hold, along with its angled design (discussed later, here).

Dame Com review vs. Magic Wand Rechargeable and Pillow Talk Sassy
Shot sizing up the Com’s head size: 2.25 inches Magic Wand head, vs. 1.72 inches Com head, vs. 1.5 inches for Pillow Talk Sassy G-spot vibe. Note that the way the Com’s and Pillow Talk Sassy’s handles are angled upward distorts their length vs. the MW in this image.2

Another positive point about the Dame Com: its neck is NOT flexible. That’s for everyone who wants to press their wand head hard into their clitoris. Many wands will list “flexible neck” as a selling point: which is 😭 ironic for anyone who does want firm pressure. “Flexible” is a downer in their case—both because firm-pressure-lovers (1) will have to work their hand and wrist harder to get the stimulation they crave from a flexi-neck toy, and (2) are more likely to break their vibrator by bending its neck over time.

Is the Dame Com Waterproof?

Yes, absolutely, the Com vibrator is waterproof submersible. I’ve enjoyed its conveniently curved shape in the shower—so Com’s head is hanging out while I alternate between just holding it between my thighs standing still, and applying more pressure with the thicker grip area of Com’s handle.

Dame Com waterproof wand in shower

The waterproof rating is great, since many wand vibrators are not waterproof enough for shower, and especially not for bathtime, play. With strong roots in the legacy of the Hitachi (now Vibratex) Magic Wand, other wands have been slow to move toward the new norm for premium body-safe vibrators: that they should be waterproof submersible and USB rechargeable (preferably magnetic rechargeable, too).

Noise Level!!!

The Dame Com is very quiet compared to most wand vibrators. Here’s a chart comparing the Dame Com’s decibel level & my power rating, vs. other wand vibes:

ToyNoise Level (Decibels)*Power Rating
Dame Com34–407.5
Magic Wand Rechargeable37–519.75
Fun Factory Vim33–448.5
PalmPower Recharge37–518.8
PalmPower Extreme35–509.8
Magic Wand Plus43–5410.5
Where ambient noise= 27–29 dB

What do decibels mean? Basically, anything under 40 dB is easy to disguise and shouldn’t be heard through walls. Under 50 dB, you should be able to hide it with blankets in bed. (You definitely can’t hear that volume if a toy is used in the shower.) Between 50 and 60 decibels, vibration volume starts getting recognizable from a distance / through thinly insulated walls.

As you can see from the numbers above, the Dame Com is the only wand that stays close to 40 dB even on max. power. The only plug-in wand above, the Magic Wand Plus, starts (on its low speed) at a higher volume than the Com maxes out at. So, as I’ve seen with many vibrators before: One has to choose whether they value more (1) the strongest power or (2) quietness, since the two qualities are opposed to each other.

My Dame Com Experience

So I’m a fan of big wands because they offer super-wide clitoral stimulation, vs. the Com’s more focused head. As a “mid-sized” wand massager, the Dame Com is much simpler to hold and also to use during vaginal sex. BUT, it doesn’t cover the area of the Magic Wand’s head top. Whether you/your partner gravitates toward broad vs. pinpoint clit stimulation definitely matters here. So, for me, it took me a few sessions to adjust to the Com’s smaller contact area. It spans barely more width than a standard G-spot vibrator.

The rumbliness of Com’s vibes is delicious, so the adjustment period was worth it. Usually with my smaller wand vibrators—like the PalmPower Recharge, and its sweet motor—I’ll rub the small, round stimulation head against my vulva, to get the sensation I need to orgasm.

Dame Com review - how to hold

I had to figure out where to hold the Com’s handle to do that. The angled end didn’t quite allow me to apply pressure right during vulva-parallel massage. So I choked up. That was the ticket: gripping around the thicker “shaft”-like protrusion of the Dame Com’s handle.

Because the Com’s vibration is low-key—gentle and super-rumbly on low; mid-range powerful and still robustly rumbly on high—it’s a nice gradual warmup.

This is an awesome vibrator if you do NOT enjoy being bowled over by ⚡STRONG⚡ at speed #1. If you like a nice, leisurely, building orgasm. (In that case, definitely avoid the Rose vibe hype; that thing takes no prisoners on the “low” setting.)

So I’ll warm up with the Dame Com, and I’ll probably throw a vaginal toy in at some point, or sit on a nice soft dildo. (Com is so good along with a soft vaginal plug/leave-in dildo if you, like me, love a bit of stretch inside, too.)

I find myself trying to grind on its small-for-a-wand head, grateful that the Dame Com’s neck does not flex. Then an orgasm will build, and wash over me satisfyingly.

Because the Com is waterproof, there’s no reason you can’t insert the head vaginally. It’s slightly above average width (≈1.7 inches diameter, vs. standard dildos ranging around the median penis size of 1.5 inches diameter).3 Of course I did that, since vaginal sex is my favorite. And it is AWESOME. Especially on HIGH POWER, where it’s rumblier than the Pillow Talk Sassy (my fave vaginal vibrator) for an equivalent intensity level, on the higher end of both vibrators’ intensity range.

But the Dame Com is not a G-spot toy if inserted; the Dame Com, instead, it’ll stimulate all the nerve endings around the vaginal introitus (=opening). That’s a very sensitive area. The Dame Com added this rumbly, grumbly purrrrr vaginally when I used it during my last We-Vibe Melt session. So stimulating.

Why I actually like the Dame Com’s patterned settings: The first 3 don’t have start-stop-start-stop jarring breaks in the vibration, they’re more escalating continual vibes—so my clitoris is not frustrated. I find MAYBE one new vibrator a year that I can like any of its nonsteady patterns. The Dame Com’s patterns are a rarity!!!

A stand-out due to its hardcore rumbles, but the Dame Com reminds me of two other vibrators, compared next:

Rumbliness vs. Satisfyer Double Wand-er

Last year I was impressed enough to call the Satisfyer Double Wand-er the rumbliest (deepest vibrating) wand I’d encountered. And the Dame Com tops it: retaining even more rumble, and a fraction more power on its highest intensity, vs. that Satisfyer wand. The Com by Dame also has a slightly better speed range, starting lower.

True, the Double Wand-er includes interchangeable heads and long-distance app control (optional); but feels BIG in contrast with the Dame Com’s compact length. Speaking of how easy it is to hold, see next:

Ergonomics vs. PalmPower Extreme

Angled head. This was a trait pioneered by BMS Factory’s PalmPower Extreme wand in 2019. The PalmPower Extreme’s got a serious motor, with fully adjustable speed control (press & hold to increase power, vs. being limited to preset speeds like in most vibrators).

Dame Com review - shape vs. PalmPower Extreme wand vibrator
Dame Com vs. PalmPower Extreme.

The angled head’s benefits:

  • Easier to position while you’re lying on your back masturbating. You don’t need to reach your arms forwards as much as you do with a straight wand.
  • Amazing for fitting into penetration from behind.

Personally I think the PalmPower Extreme’s head is at a slightly better angle for my body. The handle curves immediately, vs. the Com having a bit of “shaft” that extends the angle up more. BUT, it’s close: I imagine that people who have a larger stomach will may find the Dame Com’s increased angle there better for them. Button access should be easier. It is easier for me when I’m leaning forward — so my stomach sticks out more — as I’m taking a suction cup dildo stuck on a door.

Overall, the contoured handle-grip of the Com has made more and more sense to me, the longer I used it. I’m torn between thinking the Com is derivative of the BMS PalmPower wand, and appreciating Com’s more-rigid neck and greater rumbles. The Com has a better warranty too; twelve times as long as BMS’s PalmPower vibes.4 Yet, vibration strength may be a big deciding factor, depending on your taste: If you like really strong, any PalmPower wand5 is more aggressive than the Dame Com.

How to Operate Dam Com

To operate the Dame Com’s 3-button controls:

Dame Com - how to operate, turn on and off
  • The bottom button (#1) will power it on or off. Press down for 3 seconds.
  • Then, the top button (#3, with a dot) increases intensity.
  • The middle button (#2) decreases intensity (after you’ve increased power).
  • The buttom button (#1) also lets you flip through the 4 patterned functions. Press once, vs. holding it down (which would power off the vibration).

To recharge the Dame Com, let its charging cable’s magnetic prongs click into place, and a green light will appear beside it. (The light turns red when Com runs out of battery life after 2-3 hours.) See below:

Dame Com how to recharge

Dame products arrive in fancy, heavy cardboard packaging; and the Com has a plastic insert inside that box. I generally see this type of “frufru” packaging as a negative because it’s less environmentally friendly (creates more waste). It does look pretty. If you’re not going to store your Com inside its cardboard box, do consider recycling the box after removing the foam padding from the top and the non-recyclable plastic insert.

Finally, the Com includes a royal-blue fabric storage pouch that’s the most attractive free bag I’ve ever gotten with a sex toy.

Dame Com Recap & Rating

Angled wand rumbles. The Dame Com is well-suited for anyone who wants:

  • Really deep vibrations, never high-pitched & buzzy ones.
  • Compact sizing, less clunky than a Magic Wand.
  • A wand that’s easy to fit into doggy-style sex, or easier to hang onto during missionary.
  • A QUIET wand vibrator, miracle of miracles.

The Dame Com has the power of a good G-spot vibrator, and the design is really nice for fitting into other kinds of play too. The firm neck is a huge advantage, IMO, because I’ve seen approximately zero humans over the years seeking out flexible wand necks, versus more than a handful who want a firmer wand neck (after having been disappointed by a flexible one). So the Dame Com makes direct pressure more accessible. And it’s possibly even better than the PalmPower Extreme for fitting into doggy-style sex. More testing is needed, yes? 😉

All in all: I’ve never tried packing so many distinct advantages into the “Pros” section of a product rating (below) as I’ve had to cram into the Dame Com’s Pro #5! The Com vibrator is the best product Dame Toys has ever produced, in this toy expert’s opinion.

Find the Dame Com here.

  1. Curious what any of these are? Email me at phal.rev@gmail.com.
  2. Whatever is closest to a camera lens appears larger.
  3. Versus the 2.25 inch diameter head of the Magic Wand, where you have to be a girth enthusiast to pull that off; and the MW’s neck is not waterproof, so do be careful, you will not want to really drip down it.
  4. My PalmPower Extreme still works 2.5 years into its life, but it’s not an every-week toy for me.
  5. Besides the itty-bitty toy model, called the PalmPower Mini.

10 thoughts on “Dame Com Review”

    • On each wand’s higher intensities, I’d say yes, the Com is rumblier. The We-Vibe Wand gets a bit higher-pitched as it gets stronger (though it’s still rumblier than a lot of wands).

  1. How does Com compare to Viben’s Sultry in terms of rumbliness, power, and how easy is it to hold for longer sessions (vibration, temp shape, etc)? Trying to find the right fit since it’s an investment.

    • Hi!! The Com is rumblier all throughout its speed range, but the Sultry is stronger. I like a little more *kick* on my high wand speeds (but I don’t need full Magic Wand top-speed power!) and the Com is not strong enough in that department; it’s more subtle than the Sultry. Some folks do like gentler vibrations, so it really depends on your taste!

      The Sultry feels a little warmer with long-term use, but it’s not burning or anything to bother me personally. It’s like a warming vibrator.

      The Sultry weighs 2.5 ounces more than the Com, and is between 2 and 3 inches longer than the Com, depending on what angle you hold the Com’s head at;

      Personally I like the hand-feel of the Sultry more, as someone who will *jerk* my wands up and down to massage my clit. The straight shape, with cut-out indent, is beautiful for that. (I kinda wish I’d designed the shape myself, I think it’s brilliant.) The Com is better if you’re someone who does just hold the wand steady against their clit, and who wants to apply direct focused pressure, vs. than moving / rubbing / jerking the vibe over a wider area.

      I hope that helps!!!

  2. Your review is absolutely perfect. You hit all the points I was looking for to make the decision on weather to buy this or not. Thank you for being so thorough.

  3. Hi Felicity,

    My wife and I have never used toys and are looking for advice. We have a happy sex life, but in order for her to orgasm, she needs a very specific position and quite a bit of tiring (for her) right hand work. She does not orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone or from oral sex.

    I am looking for a fairly discrete, versatile, quiet toy or two that a) she can hold during intercourse to give her hand a rest, ideally to also allow her to cum in other positions, and b) something I can use to augment oral sex to give her a first orgasm that way. (We’ve talked about it, she’s open to it—especially after accidentally making her cum with a friend’s body massager once). Bonus points for something that doesn’t look like a dildo.

    I’ve somewhat narrowed it down to the We Vibe Touch X, Pillow Talk Sassy, and Dame Com. In comparing your ultra helpful reviews, I’m leaning toward the Touch X for her to hold during sex, but I’m torn between maybe also getting one of the other two in case a longer handle would be helpful for her sometimes and especially as something for me to hold while giving her oral. I could of course be wrong, but I honestly don’t think she’s immediately wanting an insertable internal g spot toy… maybe just in the introitus).

    Reading your review on the Com wand, I’m surprised to see you’ve rated it less powerful than the Sassy. For us, having a range from calm to intense will be helpful in figuring out what she likes best.

    So, if you’ve read this far, thank you. If you were me, would you buy the Com or Sassy in addition to the Touch X?

    Thanks again for providing so much helpful information to novices like me!


    • Hi, Jim! Thank you a ton for reading.

      So, I’m going to make a few assumptions in this recommendation, let me know if I’m wrong.
      I’m assuming that your wife might enjoy a vibe that finishes strong, based on the body massager experience. I do always think it’s great to have a lower end of the speed range, some good warmup speeds, too;

      but if orgasms don’t come easily, I’d prioritize “strong” over “very adjustable”.

      I like your thought about choosing two different toys, because then you can get one toy that’s rumbly and moderately strong, and a second one that gets more intense.

      I’d recommend the Com first over the Touch X. The Touch is good but just not… striking.

      The two strongest clit-toy categories overall are 1. (larger) wand vibrators and 2. air pulse toys. The latter usually easier to hold in one’s hand, being smaller. The We-Vibe Melt would be great to fit into oral sex. It’s possible to use during penis-in-vagina sex, but also kinda finicky because these air-pulse toy “mouths” need to be positioned consistently. Too much motion will maladjust them, so then you lose the intensity.

      Holler with any other questions you have. Hope you two have fun!

      • Gotcha. We’re kind of simpletons with all this, and I honestly think a “clit sucker” is probably a bit of a stretch. (I will say, the massage gun thing was literally just a back and butt and thigh kind of a thing, not direct contact, but holding the super powerful gun in the groin nearby seemed to do it. SHE sort of had the experience that that would be way too much. We’re not trying to replace me lol). So I guess the question is: is the Com strong enough, direct vulva-clit use? I guess we’ll find out! :). I guess I have hope for a sub-power wand since she is able to cum with her hand, just takes a little bit. We also want something quiet since we have kids nearby.

        I notice you didn’t mention the sassy for external or slight internal use. (If I should be posting on the Sassy review page, happy to do that instead.). How does that one fit in here? You reviewed it highly. I think you gave that a power of 8.25 over the Com 7.5. Should I be leaning that direction?

        Thanks again for all of this excellent help!

  4. Or if you’re putting the Com in the medium strength category over the Touch, what fairly quiet more powerful, battery, small-or-medium size wand wins over the com?


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