Dame Aer Review vs. We-Vibe Melt

If it’s popular, it’ll be copycatted. The Dame Aer takes We-Vibe Melt’s characteristic shape + air pulsation technology, and makes it more clunky and less powerful (with less clitoral-stimulation intensity options). In principle, I dislike that the Dame Aer is an imitator1 and in bed, I’m disappointed that the Aer doesn’t get more intense like Melt. Or like multiple other air pulse toys that are cheaper than Aer, too.

I’ve tried to like the Dame Aer. I wanted to recommend it to anyone who wants gentler air-pulsing stimulation, in a silky-silicone luxury package. (Because the We-Vibe Melt is quite strong: Some newbies who try the Melt find it too much.) But, but, but… every time I try to use the Aer, I simply get frustrated by the creeeeeaky noise it makes; by how surface-level its air pulses are, too. I mean, c’mon, Dame: The Womanizer Starlet 3 is $75 (vs. Aer’s $99.99), Starlet’s got the same number of intensities, and Starlet thumps with so much more impact.

Dame Aer vs. We-Vibe Melt - front side view, outline
Melt, blue; in front of Aer, side view.

So, in short, there is one group of users I will still recommend the Dame Aer to: People who want a milder air pulse toy than Melt that they can use during penis-in-vagina sex. Since the Aer does take Melt’s sex-friendly curve…kind of (more on how these “suction” clitoral stimulators’ shapes compare later.) If that’s you, keep reading this Dame Aer review for more Aer features & functions.

Dame Aer Power Ranking vs. Melt & Others

I accepted this review thinking that the Aer’s $50 lower price (over Melt) is an advantage. Yet, I now find that, for that 33% discount, the Aer offers:

  • 50% less functions (5 for Aer, 10 for Melt2)
  • Half the power of We-Vibe Melt, on high speed for each toy. (This may be an advantage for some people who do not like intensity.)
  • A clanking noise.
Melt vs Dame Aer intensity chart
Chart with a dot representing each toy’s functions: From low to high intensities (left to right).

Other Dame Aer features: It does actually have patterns, which Melt does not. Two of them: one on-off-on-off pulsing, then one rattly escalating one. Find how to access those (it’s not obvious) in this section. The toy is waterproof and USB rechargeable. Best part of the Aer: Its silky matte silicone.

Dame’s product description does something I absolutely loathe, by saying, “Aer mimics the flutter of a tongue and the suction of a mouth.” No, no it really doesn’t. Who is the copywriter having sex with: Bionic men? Robots? Whoever these strange creatures are, they must have small, weak lips; because the Aer does not suction. It pulses air outward. Then, it’s regrettable that this luxury brand feels the need to resort to an implied “Just like the real thing!” to sell a clitoral toy.3 People’s mouths simply don’t move like air pulsation devices, ever. And that’s OK. Humans do many things that toys do not, and toys can create intense clitoral stimulation in a way that humans cannot.

Growling Noise Level!?!

Out of the original trendsetters in “air pulsation” stimulation—Womanizer, then Satisfyer, then Lelo Sona & We-Vibe Melt—I’d say the Lelo Sona is the most noisy. But the Dame Aer has reached a new level of “OMG why is that so loud.”

This thing gets as loud as a Magic Wand Rechargeable. Which is ridiculous, given how much less powerful the Dame Aer is.

It ranges from 50 to 60 decibels (low to high intensities), measured from a foot away, mouth uncovered. And it creeeeeaks. It sqwuaaaaaawks. Reminds me of a seal, tbh.

Dame Aer noise level demo clip
Noise level demo, click up for video ⬆️

OK, so maybe I’m being a little uncharitable here: because fully covering the Aer’s suction mouth reduces the noise to barely over 40 decibels. What that means is: you gotta be sure you aren’t moving the Aer during play, nor releasing your grip/not keeping it in place well between your thighs. (Still, even then it rattles much more significantly than the Melt does.)

Plus, keeping the Aer’s mouth still is impossible for me, because I move my air pulsation stimulators for more satisfying orgasms. I wiggle-jerk them a little, don’t just leave them steady. Many people will keep these toys stationary at least sometimes, sure, but… Wouldn’t it be nice just to buy a toy that doesn’t make you inclined to search “sea lion noise” on YouTube?

My Aer Experience

It’s not going well with me and the Dame 4 Aer. Problem is, I got too many other air pulsation toys.

Usually find at least some pleasure while product testing. (Or even enjoy myself a lot!) Using the Dame Aer, in contrast, absolutely feels like work. It’s like:

Ugh, I have to prepare that presentation for the team tomorrow…Need more coffee…

Except with me & Aer, it’s like: Ugh, I have to lube this thing up again and see if I can survive the boredom and disappointment of using it for more than two minutes straight.

But who am I kidding: I’m self-employed. By my third test session with Aer, my effort level did consist of trying it for two minutes, giving up, and moving on. To the Melt. Or the Curvy 3+. Or the Womanizer Starlet 3, which I previously had sitting in my closet unused for months, until the Aer made it feel phenomenal by comparison!

Toying with the Womanizer Starlet 3, by comparison with the Dame Aer, brought home the truth of my flappy vs. thuddy divide (kinda like buzzy vs. rumbly vibrations: the first more surface-level, the second more deeply felt). The Aer’s air pulses simply don’t resonate. I perceive them as so superficial, vs. Womanizers (even the cheapest Womanizer!) having more clit impact.

Dame Aer vs. We-Vibe Melt - side view

And, as mentioned, I think Aer’s body is clunkier than Melt’s. The top side, specifically. Aer’s backside curve follows the We-Vibe Melt’s ergonomic design; Aer’s mouth position and oval shape repeat the Melt’s as well. But, the Aer’s front (the side that will be touching the user’s pubic mound) is more raised; it has a rounded slope. That’s versus Melt being much flatter—which makes Melt 5 times better to rest my thumb on.

How to Use Dame Aer: Operating Instructions

The Dame Aer has 3 control buttons. Here’s how to operate it:

  • Press down the button button for 3 seconds to turn on (or off).
  • Tap the top button (closest to the mouth) to increase speed.
  • Tap the middle button to decrease speed, once Aer’s above its low speed.
  • Press (short press) the bottom power button to access the 2 patterned pulsation functions.
Dame Aer how to use
Aer, top, and its 3 control buttons; pictured above the coral-pink Melt’s 2 buttons.

The Aer’s buttons meld together a bit, all being similarly shaped. I prefer the straightforwardness of Melt’s + and – buttons. If Aer was stronger (and I, like, actually needed to turn down the power), I can see myself hitting the bottom on/off and accidentally activating the patterned settings.

Dame Aer Recap & Rating

You just maybe have noticed: I’m not a fan of the Dame Aer. I don’t like at all. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, unless they have tried the We-Vibe Melt and found it too intense. That small fraction of people, the ones who the Melt is too strong for: Yeah, the Aer could work for you. (Perhaps you’ll be less critical about its noise level than I am.)

For everyone else, there’s the Melt original, a world of Satisfyers (less pricey!), the also-affordable Rose craze, or even the cheapest Womanizer that’ll give deeper stimulation than the Dame Aer!

I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5 stars because most people do value more power with this type of stimulator; and the afore-elaborated creaking noises, plus less-easy-to-grip body vs. We-Vibe Melt. That’s a “Well… You tried” score from me for the Aer.

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  1. First time I saw the product photo last year, from a side-view, I was like, “NO, that’s the We-Vibe Melt! In a different color!”
  2. Plus the We-Vibe Melt has app control, optional, where you can drag your finger up and down your phone screen to adjust the intensity a lil more precisely.
  3. Dame makes this even worse by highlighting a review (who knows if it’s by an actual user, or whether a Dame employee wrote it) entitled “If you are single, BUY THIS!!!” and stating that the Aer makes their solo time feel like “actual sex.” Actual sex. Let that sink in. Can we please not perpetuate this myth, that a toy can replace a human lover? Listen, I’m single too, but I’m not lying to myself and saying that any air pulse toy feels remotely like good oral. (Or, better yet for me, getting rubbed off really nicely.) That’s fine, though; toys are generally more reliable than humans.
  4. Everytime I type “Dame,” it ends up as “Damn” and I gotta delete that n and redo. Not good feelings here 🤪

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