Oxballs Balls-T Stretcher Review

Have you ever wrapped a hand around your (or your partner’s) balls while stroking the shaft? I hope so, the grip and the pressure definitely add more. But it’s tough to maintain that grip around the full scrotum: Which is the big deal about Oxballs’ stretchers like the Balls-T I’ll review here.

Balls-T is a hands-free tool, made of Oxballs’ “blubbery” soft silicone. This is Oxballs’ plainest testicles-toy: essentially, a cock ring for your nutsack. But—in contrast with most cock rings—the Oxballs Balls-T isn’t all about staying harder, longer. Instead of making an erection last, this ball stretcher works by creating more feeling.

…That may even make you want to come faster, as my testicular tester found out the first time we employed the Balls-T. Keep reading for a full “why,” how it works, and a 10% Balls-T discount code at end.

What’s the Point?

So there are multiple purposes a ball stretcher might accomplish:

  1. More feeling. A ball stretcher is stimulating an area (scrotal skin, along with the testicles underneath) that’s typically not the focus in penetrative sex. A ballstretcher will grip it hands-free, no matter how you and any parter are shifting positions.
  2. The look. Long, dangly balls look bigger. (If you’re really into ball stretching, you can make your sack stretch to be almost as long as an average-length dick.) They swing and protrude. Some people dig that look, enjoy the low-hanging feel either alone or when slapping their partner during sex.
  3. BDSM and CBT play. Ball stretching can certainly be a form of cock & ball torture (or male submission). But, Oxballs’ soft-silicone rings really aren’t geared for that. Instead, they’re meant to be comfortably wearable (even all day long).

Testicular stimulation is for sure an area we need more quality sex toys for, since all three men I’ve used ball-related products on (over the years) have been extremely enthusiastic about how that ball-play added to sex. The scrotum has a lot of nerve endings too!

Oxballs Balls-T stretcher over balls - Hankey's Nick Capra
Balls-T over Nick Capra dildo, whose balls are above-average but not super-tight.

In short, versus other testicle toys, the Balls-T is not an extreme stretcher. That makes it more geared toward objective #1, adding feeling (see my experience on that); or for working toward longer stretchers (useful for objective #2). Indeed, Oxballs says about the Balls-T…

Balls-T Sizing & Fit

BALLS-T is a shorter ring, built for high & tight nut-sacks, or smaller balls.  Also good as a trainer…wear one for a while, stack another on top as your sack stretches…

—Oxballs’ Balls-T description, emphasis added

So, like with penis toys, size definitely matters in balls sex toys. If you’re outside a “median” range, especially on the quite-large side, you’ll have to do more research (and will have less options that fit). I’m sure it’s the Balls-T’s 1-inch inner diameter that makes it smaller-sack & beginner-oriented, as much as Balls-T’s “shorter” length. See Oxballs’s photo of a more-average sack here wearing Balls-T (and Cock-T too), if you’re not sure if your nuts are large.

Oxballs’ soft silicone stretches a lot. Still, the Balls-T reviewed here is not a big ring: So if you have long & dangly testicles already, or a really round sack, it won’t be your best fit. (You’ll probably know this if you’re a dude who’s used to testicular chafing / your balls getting irritated by rubbing against your boxers when you go walking or do other outdoor activity.)

Oxballs ball stretcher silicone lineup, Balls-T, Neo, Hung, Grinder, Morph
Left to right: Balls-T vs. Neo vs. Hung vs. Grinder vs. Morph. The 3 leftmost rings feel substantially weightier in hand.

The Balls-T is the one I’ll pull out for a guy who hasn’t used a stretcher before (assuming he doesn’t have a very large sack). I have a whole pile of Oxballs silicone stretchers & rings to be tested, and Balls-T isn’t an extreme lengthening tool like the Morph, or a sack-picker-upper like the Oxballs Hung, or the very thickest smoosh! of a thick ring like Grinder. Balls-T is not the one that makes you think “CBT.”

Our Balls-T Experience

So I found a new friend this year who Balls-T is spot-on-sized for, being that he doesn’t have a massive dangling scrotum (like my partner who first was interested in this ball-stretcher in 2019).

Balls-T review - not for big testicles
Balls-T is a great first stretcher UNLESS you have a wide sack like this one. Dirk by SquarePeg pictured.

For New Guy (N.G.), the Balls-T was absolutely a pleasure tool upon first application; and then we’re working up in the stretching department.

The first time we played with the Balls-T was the first time we’d had sex in general, so a lot of new things going on. N.G.’d been on a short break from having sex with other people, so he was ready for action as we entered my bedroom.

Fifteen minutes later, I had the Balls-T out, stretched, and applied to his nutsack. It pushed them down by about an inch; so they were definitely more prominent. And more plump at the bottom, where they emerged from the ring. So we kept going, with me stroking his cock; but he was super-aroused, thought the ring added an awesome pressure—and said he was about to start coming a couple minutes in.

Now, I don’t think sex is over when a penis orgasms, far from it. (They very likely can get hard again a short while later, anyway, if they’re interested.) But I didn’t think it was right for him to orgasm so quickly, so I pulled my hand away; and he leaked just a little, instead of really cumming. Later, when I was more pleased, I made him ejaculate very hard, over a foot upward as he was lying back in bed.

The Balls-T’s pressure added to him wanting to come faster; and to him shooting more at the end.

To verify that this wasn’t just first-fuck enthusiasm, I pulled out the Balls-T again weeks later. He knew what was coming, that encircling grip; stimulating his balls in ways he didn’t usually get from sex. I told him to jerk off while wearing it, for me to watch; and the lengthened balls hanging a bit lower was a cool visual touch.

Oxballs Balls-T stretcher review - soft silicone stretch

Again, he felt he got more, and said the squeeze was really fun. He’d never thought of trying one of these before, but said, “This is a sweet idea. It’s stretchy, it pushes my balls down, but it’s not painful. I want to come harder when it’s on, too.”

You can wear the Balls-T longer too, since it is comfortable. Wear for at least 2 weeks, for several hours most days, to start to see the balls sitting lower. I asked N.G. if he was interested, and he said, “Sure,” took it home; and finds a while to wear it several days a week. After that, we’ve found the initial application to be even snappier on our last trial run; but it’s not a huge stretch unless your balls are naturally really tight (even when you’re not close to ejaculation).

But with these Oxballs stretchers, being affordable, they’re like ice cream flavors. Why try just one? The Balls-T is vanilla, for sure. I’m thinking our next venture will include a Grip being worn under pants in public, to a nice bar, so I can think about it encircling his package & pushing the balls up a bit.

Balls-T review - 2 color ball rings (2)
Balls-T comes in black or sparkly Blueballs.

How Do You Put on a Balls-T?

Oxballs Balls-T tips:

  1. Use a small amount of lube, or no lube, when you’re applying Balls-T for the first time: To see how it fits without slipping around. (I once overlubed the Balls-T and tried putting on my last year’s lover, then a nut popped out, and I hear that’s not a great experience.) Once you’re used to how it fits, you can apply lube as needed.
  2. Instead, simply stretch the Balls-T wide, with one hand on its right and left sides; then approach the testicles from either the bottom or the top of their sack, and slide the ring over till its resting on the opposite side.
  3. This will be more comfortable if your nuts are shaved. Stray hairs can get pulled by the silicone.
  4. Wear for up to 1-2 hours at first. Unlike standard cock rings, if an Oxballs ball-stretcher isn’t painful upon application (i.e., it’s just too small for your package by nature), then you can wear longer-term: for hours rather than only 30 minutes.
  5. If you are wearing a soft-silicone stretcher long-term, I hear baby powder can prevent chafing. (My big-testicled ex swore by Happy Sak, though!)

Again, I’d recommend the Balls-T for nuts that are not super-tightly connected to their pelvic floor. They need to dangle a little. For really compact-tight sacks, the Neo Angle’s angled “lip” can help to ease the balls outward more than a 100% circular ring; and once adjusted to wearing that, go for a Bent-1 ring for extra stretch down.

Balls-T Recap

The Balls-T by Oxballs is a simple design, like a cock ring for the nuts—but not only enhancing how your package looks, but also giving more feeling to the balls. So hands-free ball-play is easier.

Oxballs rings stand out because they are made to be gentle enough for longer wear. (Not constrictive and potentially damaging like a hard ring.) Their silicone is “smooshy-soft.” They’re US-sourced platinum silicone too, so they’re high-quality. A Balls-T can last several years of extended regular wear (which is great, for under $25).

Oxballs makes a lot of stretchers: And the Balls-T is the straightfoward, introductory mode—so you can feel what that extra pressure around your nutsack adds to any kind of sex, or as a first step if you wanna dangle loooooow.

Find Oxballs’ soft-silicone ball toys here.

Save 10% above with discount code FELICITY during checkout.

6 thoughts on “Oxballs Balls-T Stretcher Review”

  1. I have a few of these Oxballs stretchers (including the T) and am very happy to see them reviewed here! They’re too often associated with extreme play, but these soft ones are far from that and are just like another added pleasure… they’re even better than cockrings.

    • Awesome, so well said! I almost felt the need to call this a “ball ring” since I know I’ve seen multiple people assume “ball stretcher” equaled CBT and S&M.

      Which Oxballs is your favorite?

      • I probably use the T most, especially during sex… although I once did have one nut pop out while coming! I also have the Grinder, Clone, Bent, and the Lowball dual ring/stretcher. The Grinder (the one that resembles a burr mill) is my favorite of these; it’s heftier in a good way although the internal texture tends to get uncomfortable after hours of wear.

        I also like the steel donut ring from The Chain Gang that’s commonly recommended on Reddit (which is how I heard about it). It’s more for #2- looks- as even though mine is among the very lightest weights, I can’t imagine being very active with it!

  2. Thanks for what is probably the most comprehensive review of cock rings I have read. We have three ball stretchers from Oxballs and really enjoy the comfort of the material, the sensations and effects when wearing during sex (they actually create a really great added pressure and stretch feeling, and delay my ejaculation for a few strokes as the pressure builds up until I come), and my wife is very turned-on by the visuals when I am wearing them. One of the models we have is a “splitter” that I have found just does not work well on my larger but compact (and pulled-up) sack; very hard to get separation between my balls most times; especially when aroused.) I am going to try this Balls-T stretcher. As mentioned, these are not very expensive toys and worth the investment to try them out. We originally did so on a whim and are really pleased at how they elevate sex for both of us.

    • As an update, I did order this and it shipped/arrived very quickly. I have to say it is super comfortable to wear (I can imagine wearing it for several hours at a time with no issues.) I have worn it for about 15 minutes each day for the last two days. I am only beginning the process of stretching my balls, so I want to take it very slowly at first (having my balls hang lower is something both my wife and I have wanted.) My testicles are on the larger size, they are typically up high, and in a wide sack, but I was able to slip the stretcher on with little difficulty, and a lot of caution (I found a time these last two days when my balls had a slight hang to them.) The pulling sensation is really comfortable, and the visual is something my wife is going to love. Looking forward to wearing it during foreplay and sex this weekend. I am also definitely going to order the Neo Angle to continue my stretching exercises and training along with the Balls-T, so thanks for that suggestion for those of us with a wider and tight nut sack.

  3. Love how it feels around my balls it does make you cum harder and is great to wear for long periods of time balls feel great bouncing up and down when jacking off


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