Curve Jock dildos, 8.5-Inch and 9.8-Inch uncut silicone!

In it for the skin. Curve Jock dildos have that uncut look, in dual-density platinum silicone. The skin lines are very present in these realistic dildos. And they are XL sizes: 2 inches diameter for both the Curve Jock 8.5 Inch and Jock 9.8-Inch dildos, and over 7.5″ usable length.

I prefer how one of these uncircum-sized dildos feels, slightly, over its brother:

The Run-Down:

Long silicone dildos with awesome dual-density realistic balance. Tons of skin. Choose from no-balls or balls models.

$79.99 – $120 USD standard price

$63.99 – $73.99 at Peepshow Toys

Curve Jock XL uncut dildos 8.5 and 9.8 silicone dildos

Pros & Cons


  • XL dildos with full foreskins.
  • Dual-density silicone = softer skin + hard within.
  • Good for realistic feel.
  • All the skin lines.
  • Cured silicone highlight doesn’t degrade.
  • Body-safe silicone.
  • Strong suction cups stick great.


  • Bit of drag = use hybrid lube.
  • Only in XL. (No average-size.)
  • Minimal G-spot stimulation.

Curve Jock dual-density silicone dildos are made of 100% nonporous silicone. Dual-density composition means soft silicone outside, girded by a firmer silicone core. (Silicone is blended in many firmness options.) Both Curve Jock dildos have a 2″ maximum diameter, including a 1.75″ diameter × 1.75″ long head. The Jock 9.8″ has 7.6″ insertable length (due to its large balls), while the Jock 8.5″ has 7.75″ insertable length.

So, how real does it feel?

My Review Criteria

All body-safe, zero BS. I only recommend body-safe toys, no bullshit and no paid promos. If I wouldn’t give a toy to a close friend, then I won’t recommend it to you, either. I’ve tested over 820 vibrators, 515 dildos, and 130 butt plugs (and an array of cock rings, kink gear, and lubes!). Everyone’s preferences vary, so I rate vibrating toys by 1. power level and 2. rumbliness; and always describe how my personal tastes color my experience.

My Experience with Curve Jock dildos

The Curve Jock 8.5″ is my favorite uncut dildo thus far, for realistic feel. Soft silicone toys have 10/10 improved over the last decade.

I’ve always been fascinated by dildos with foreskin. Different and intriguing. And versus my first uncut dildo (which I loved at the time!), the Jock dildo is even softer outside, plus even firmer-cored. The balance just feels more lifelike. More skin + erection-like.

It’s almost like a real dick after I lube with Sliquid Silk. But it has a touch more drag than real skin, without lubricant. I find the 8.5″ ball-less Curve Jock smoother—and thus, it’s my preferred model.


And, it’s starting to look more human, too — while remaining body-safe. No peeling, nothing; stable.

I can feel the thicker-than-98% of dudes silicone cock, including its unretracted skin at the top. I sense the foreskin most when the Jock 8.5″ dildo’s head is lower down inside my vagina, at only 2 to 3 inches inserted. When I go deeper, I’m feeling the ripply-skinned middle shaft most.

It’s a lot of length for my vag.: Like with my 1st uncut dildo, I use the extra length as a handle/grip, as I lie back on my bed, thrusting it into my body.


On the 9.8″ Jock Uncut, the shaft’s sized so close to the 8.5″ Jock Uncut. But on this ball-laden 9.8-Inch, the shaft has even more lines. All these horizontal mini-folds, that’re supposed to deliver skin texture. So, 9.8″ dildo requires more lube. I enjoy looking at the wrinkly ball-sack, but think the number of skin lines is “above and beyond” real-life vaginally.

Curve Jock XL uncut dildos close-up skin texture

So, I’d choose it first as an oral toy: Gripping the large balls, while trying to go deeper. Since it is a good realistic dual-density balance, it’s perfect for blowjob re-creation or training. (I can only do 6 of the inches!!)

On both Curve Jock uncuts, the smoothed, minimal head ridges do not lend themselves to Gspot stimulation. I can have vaginal orgasms (without a clitoral toy) on them, but that takes work—and is most likely to occur if I’ve warmed up first with an air pulse toy. (The Zen Rose and the yellow Unihorn vibrator are my favorite clitoral toys there!)

Curve Jock Uncut Dildos’ Silicone

The density balance is so good here. Two layers, dual-density: Just soft enough outside to feel fleshy, and firm cored so these XL dildos aren’t limp.

Jock dildos feel more realistic than the $600 RealCock 2 dildo, just with more skin lines.

Curve Jock 8.5 inch dildo

The Jock dildos’ outside silicone density isn’t as squashy or oddly-slick like VixSkin. Curve Jock is less sticky (similar to a smaller favorite, the Naked Addiction dual dildo). Curve Jocks feel more like hard cocks, vs. super-soft silicone that got a hard middle put inside it.

The silicone highlights are a reddish-pink tip (the glans peeking through the foreskin and [slightly unrealistically] the top of the foreskin); and a couple of the veins are dark-blue-black. This part is good for realism at a glance, but obviously not 100% lifelike. I’ve boiled, baked, and bleached these toys, and the coloring isn’t going anywhere, it’s locked in.

The foreskins don’t move, but trust me, that’s a good thing. It’s much safer.

How to Use

The 8.5″ Inch Curve Jock (without balls) is totally fine for thrusting by hand. I grip the bottom of the suction cup + bottom of the shaft, and rub it. It bends slightly, so it massages under my clit too—my favorite way of coming on a dildo.

Initially, I was using the Jock uncut 9.8″ dildo (with balls!) suction-cupped on my Hismith sex machine (fantastic) only. That’s because 1.) the fuck-machine is always the lazy option, but also 2.) the large balls make this Jock dildo more burdensome to thrust by hand. Weighing down my wrist as I “jerk in.”

If, instead, you got stamina for propelling yourself on a ride: either Curve Jock dildo’s extra-length will give you more to ride on. Like, if you want to use it suction-cupped to the floor / bathtub corner.

Jock uncut 9.8 inch dual-density silicone dildo suction cupped to bathtub edge

How to Position – Suction Cup

These Jock uncut dildo suction cups are easy to stick down. They don’t require much pressure.

Just push down on the dildo’s lower shaft—pushing the suction cup down onto a flat surface—and it will stick.

Care & Cleaning

To clean, just use your normal handsoap and scrub the dildo’s silicone under running water from your sink. Soap it up, and rub your hands up and down the head and shaft (and balls, with the 9.8″).

Silicone dildos can be stored with each other, damage-free. You can put them in any drawer or even a plastic bag or storage tub. Do avoid storing any super-soft silicone dildo directly touching a firmer-silicone coated vibrator or air pulse “suction” toy.

Use water-based or hybrid lubricant; or coconut oil for anal. Hybrid lubricant is totally safe on silicone toys, easy to wash off.

Recap & Rating

Jock uncut XL dildos by Curve are finally, dual-density silicone that feels skin-like plus hard and has full foreskin coverage.

The smooth feel of the 8.5″ Jock XL dildo wins me over. Warm up with a clit toy first, and then I can come hard and get so worn out by my orgasm, I fall asleep with the Curve Jock 8.5″ afterward. 😄 It’s the smoother, most phallic-feeling one. My vagina is picky about realism, so it is a great mark for this Curve uncut lineup what I’d love it to expand to include: 1.) an uncut with a bigger coronal ridge and 2.) a medium-size dildo with more foreskin!

Find the Jock dual-density dildos here,

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(out of 10)
Orgasms&fun per dollar value:
This dual-density balance is very good. Awesome price for the XL size. Coloring = hotter for photos (of dildo-blowjobs). Hard O’s for me after paired with a good clit toy. Love the skin-up look.
User experience/ Ease of use (8.5 Inch):
I am experienced with girthy toys, so this toy’s tapered tip was no prob to insert. Long length works for grip, even tho I’m not getting the last 3 inches in. Nice smooth glide after hybrid lubricant—which resolves the slight drag of many shaft-skin-lines. Can feel the foreskin when I move it slow and low. Suction cup is strong, if you like suction-cup toys. Warmup with a clit toy first, then very fun to thrust and come on.
Product + Packaging Quality:
Body-safe silicone; Clean packaging; Highlights look sexy; Does pick up lint easily.
Silicone Feel4.5
Total4.5 of 5⭐s
Dimensions2″ width × 7.6″–7.75″ insertable length

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  1. Loving that uncut dildos are becoming more popular lately, just hoping that these come out in more shades — judging from images, these Jock ones look very light, especially in comparison to other realistic dual density dils you’ve reviewed, FemmeFunn Shaft and King Cock coming to mind (both featuring the bare minimum of 3 shades).


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