Zen Rose by Viben – OMG-Blow-RUMBLE Vibrator Review

Oh.my.god. *rumbly* blow-power. I own an army of “suction” clit toys, and within 2 days, the Viben Zen Rose had jumped up into my top 3 — surpassing $199–$219 Womanizer products.

The Zen Rose is 5/5 better vs. other Rose suction toys, says my clit. This most-colorful rose possesses: 1.) Rumbly waves of vibration, so deep & kickin’; 2.) Smooth, wide petals, to transmit the vibes; and 3.) Raised suction mouth, to seal better around the clitoris. Let’s see:

The Run-Down:

Strong air pulse “suction” clit stimulator with extra-rumbly vibration—deeper vs. other Roses. Pastel marble!!! Wider petals = better vibration transfer to labia.

$45.99 (USD) at Peepshow Toys

Viben Zen Rose vibrator review recap

Pros & Cons


  • Ultra-rumbly “clit suction” vibrator.
  • Strong intensity,
  • Deep vibration. (Not buzzy.)
  • Open petals transmit more vibration.
  • Multi-color pastel swirl is unique.
  • 5 steady functions (vs. 3 in other Rose toys).
  • Smooth, body-safe silicone.
  • Simpler cleaning.
  • Awesome price per power.


  • No super-low intensity levels. Some users may prefer a lower-speed warmup.
  • Not quiet. (This is true of all strong air pulse “suction” toys: if they’re quiet, that’s because the stimulation is weak.)

Zen Rose by Viben is made of nonporous silicone (full contact area) with ABS plastic on bottom. I’ve never seen a marbled silicone vibrator before: but Zen Rose blends pastel blue, purple, and pink. Zen Rose’s suction mouth is a 0.5″-diameter circle, while the whole flowerbud is 2.75″ height × 2.25″ width. It’s splashproof, and magnetic USB rechargeable.

Viben Rose Power vs. other clit suction sex toys - Inya Rose, We-Vibe Melt, Satisfyer Pro 2, Womanizer Premium 2
I’ve tested Zen Rose vs. the strongest “suction” air pulse clit toys out there, and it easily matches products 3 times its price!!!
My Review Criteria

All body-safe, zero BS. I only recommend body-safe toys, no bullshit and no paid promos. If I wouldn’t give a toy to a close friend, then I won’t recommend it to you, either. I’ve tested over 810 vibrators, 515 dildos, and 130 butt plugs (and an array of cock rings, kink gear, and lubes!). Everyone’s preferences vary, so I rate vibrating toys by 1. power level and 2. rumbliness; and always describe how my personal tastes color my experience.

My Experience, Viben Zen Rose

If you or your partner has a clitoris, you absolutely need this toy. (And/or the yellow Unihornhuge fan of its flutter-tongue add-on + air pulse combo.) Didn’t think you liked cute sex toys? I didn’t either, until these changed my mind 100%.

viben zen rose vibrator vs. unihorn bean blossom unicorn vibrator

I’m now like: Aaaaah, I love it, so cute, wonderful, my clitoris is singing.

Because the Zen Rose may look sweet, but is not disappointing in re power and performance. The Zen Rose is legitimately the most rumbly vibratory output I’ve ever felt in an air pulse (“suction”) sex toy. It echoes with vibration.

Its “suction” air pulse technology is strong. Strong as We-Vibe Melt ($149). Except Melt and Womanizers don’t vibrate. In contrast, Zen Rose’s vibes travel:

Viben Zen Rose vibrator size

Through the petals’ expanse, as the circular mouth power-air-puffs. I LOVE THIS greater vibration area: It’s not as tough to position as a Magic Wand (which comes with a 10.5-inch handle!), but the Zen Rose’s spread-wide petals cover the same span: 2.4 inches, up and down my vulva.

So the vibration is actually working on the sensitive area between my clit and my vagina—where I like being rubbed and touched most.

Viben Zen Rose vs. Magic wand Rechargeable

Orgasms are easier. I can come on function #3 (out of 5 total speeds) within a minute. When using any other air-pulse, a satisfying climax requires me gently jerking the toy by hand, so its mouth is massaging around my clit.

The Zen Rose is lazier. More enjoyable, and more relaxing for me, as someone who avoids really sharp & pinpoint clit stimulation. Do use a couple drops of water-based lube with extended sessions, to combat the drying air-flow.

Seriously, you must try it with a soft silicone pussy plug, too. G-squeeze size medium is my top rec (for most folks, unless you know you love WIDE). With this vaginal plug, you fold the super-soft silicone (“squeeze” it) inward, then insert it, and it opens up. It feels superbly filling, the G squeeze plug’s scoop curving gently around my G-spot area. Once that’s fully inserted, I add the Zen Rose and it’s like, happy tears level of good stimulation.

Viben Zen Rose pair with G squeeze pussy plug in super soft silicone, medium size

Zen Rose’s 1st function is most peaceful. Lighter pulsing; still plenty of rumble. I start thinking about cumming clitorally. Ejaculating, even; as if I could come into this toy’s mouth. Next, the 2nd speed in Zen Rose jumps up. It’s abrupt, much stronger. An extra in-between function would be ideal.

But, I adjust quickly; and find myself hanging out on the Viben Zen Rose’s function #3 often. I’ve even managed function #5, top power—sometimes! This is a strong toy, and “hardest air-pulse” doesn’t always mean “best orgasms,” so usually I’m satisfied with functions #1 through 3!

Viben Zen Rose in dark
Zen Rose seen in the dark, a drop of lube inside its mouth.

Vibration Functions and Strength

Zen Rose’s function #5 is strong as any Rose vibrator—actually, stronger. Plus the Zen Rose vibrates over a wider vibration contact zone.

I’d previously named the Inya Rose vibrator the “rumbliest Rose.” But I’ve had to change that now, since the Zen Rose is even lower-pitched, at all intensity levels! Full Rose vibe power comparison table, here.

Zen Rose suction clit stimulator intensity vs. Inya Rose, Firefly Dream moon vibrator
Zen Rose vs. Firefly moon vibrator vs. Inya Rose.

The Viben Zen Rose has 10 total functions. All combine vibration and air pulsation (a.k.a. “suction). It’s 5 steady speeds + 5 patterns. That’s versus 3 speeds + 7 patterns for any traditional Rose. I’m always in favor of more steady speeds, less patterns: so, another win here.

How to Use Viben Zen Rose

How to Control

To turn on the Zen Rose, hold down the single control button for 2–3 seconds. It will begin air-pulse-vibrating.

Then, continue tapping that button: 1.) first, tap hard to increase to the 4 stronger air pulse speeds, and then 2.) cycle through the 5 rhythms.

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How to Position

First, lubricate the inside of the Zen Rose’s “blow-hole” with a couple drops of water-based lubricant.

Viben Zen Rose air-pulse clit suction vibrator vs. finger, size

The “long petals” fit best for me in a (( ⭘ )) shape, above and below my clit (not to the left and right). This way, the control button is either beside your right or left inner thigh.

Viben Zen Rose Unicorn marbled silicone

You find the approximate center of your clit, and put the center of the air pulse mouth over it.

Or, you can also try angling the Rose downward if you (like me) enjoy stimulation below the clitoris.

If you want more intensity, press the bottom of the Zen Rose’s bud inward, so it’s pushed tighter against your vulva.

If you want less intensity, angle it slightly, so the “suction seal” isn’t perfect—so part of the air-pulse pressure intensity escapes outward.

More orgasmic tips for air-pulse toys here! Try kegeling / clenching your PC muscles lightly a few times as you build toward climax, as this can increase intensity. I personally find that the depth of Zen Rose’s vibes make me cum harder vs. other “suction” clit toys! So good.

Care & Cleaning

The Viben Zen Rose is (like other Rose vibes) water-resistant. That means you can wash it in the sink with soap and water, but probably don’t submerge it underwater long-term (Don’t use in the bathtub).

Viben Zen Rose vs. Inya rose vibrator - easier to clean

It is soooooooooooooo much easier to clean vs. the traditional Rose vibrator shape. (The amount of “o”s there doesn’t convey my relief.) The normal Rose toy gets sh*t stuck all up in its petal crevices. You scrub for minutes, yet white spots still remain, and you might need to pick up a soft toothbrush, and even then. A hassle.

The Zen Rose, happily, doesn’t make you feel you need a sex toy maid. 30 seconds with a wet Q-tip solves all problems, in the smoother silicone here.

To clean:

  • First, apply your normal handsoap inside the circular mouth. Run a finger around inside, as water runs over. (Better if you have trimmed fingernails: easier, less bacteria too.)
  • Run your fingers around the larger petals.
  • If lube/fluids remain, then get a Q-tip, dampen it, and run it between the larger raised petals here.
viben Zen Rose how to clean
Ready to clean the Zen Rose!

The Zen Rose’s 3 marbled colors are super-pretty, though you will see a line in the middle. That’s because silicone is injected into a two-part mold, that holds and shapes the silicone as it’s cured around the (vibrating+pulsing) motor core.

It’s USB magnetic rechargeable. You sit the Zen Rose’s button on top of the charging base, and it clicks into place strongly. It’s a stronger connection vs. any of the other 13 Roses I’ve used.

Viben Zen Rose how to recharge
Viben Zen Rose, how to recharge. Charge for 2 hours.

Recap & Rating

The Viben Zen Rose is a Rose vibrator that’s worth picking up now—even if you already own literally any other Rose toy, or even a premium “clit suction” toy like the We-Vibe Melt, or if the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a favorite.

Zen Rose is different, packing more rumble into its vibration. (Not to mention, the colors are prettier.)

I can’t even express how much better its rumbly petal expanse is for my clit. Those big floral “lips” covering more area up and down my vulva, as the bumpin’ air pulse suction pulses, making me think about receiving head. Only not for: clits that need super-light stimulation, since the Zen Rose runs from medium power, to strong power.

Find Zen Rose here:

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(out of 5)
Orgasms & fun per dollar value:
Best floral vibrator ever. From stimulating to strong, rumbly vibration packed in. Love the colors, and how the widest petals give as much span as a MW Rechargeable head—but with more clit focus in center.
User experience/ Ease of use:
Easy to hold. Single button control, simple enough to cycle through. More steady speeds & less patterns vs. other Roses. Smooth ripples, just add a couple drops of lube. Raised “mouth” lets me get a better seal vs. with other Roses (flat rim there = not as easy to seal). Like a hundred times easier to clean.
Luxury feel:
Body-safe smooth silicone; Simple packaging; USB magnetic rechargeable base; Water-resistant
not submersible.
Run time (1.13–1.25hrs.) & easy charging3.5
Total4.4 of 5⭐s
Air pulse+vibration power,
low-to-high intensity
[vs. all air pulse vibes]
From 6.75 to 9.5
/out of 10
Vibration depth
From 10.0 to 9.5
/out of 10
32 to 53

8 thoughts on “Zen Rose by Viben – OMG-Blow-RUMBLE Vibrator Review”

  1. I need to try that! I’m curious if you’ve tried the Womanizer Next, I know I haven’t seen a review for it on here. I have one and like it, though it is different from the Premium 2

    • My opinion: I hate the Next, I think it’s a ripoff. Feels so much weaker than the Premium, and the “depth control” is like weak + buzzy vibration. It whines. The lower speeds are more suctiony for sure vs. other Womanizers, but not really noticeable suction like a pump cylinder provides. The price point is insane for the intensity the Next delivers, IMO: $20 more than either Premium, but lacking like the 5 highest intensity levels in terms of feel. Reminds me of that $299 Lora DiCarlo toy from years ago in terms of what it offers vs. its price.

  2. Thank you so much! This may be the first rose toy I actually buy. How deep is the opening? Does it seem adequate for people with bottom growth?

    • Hi, thank you a ton for reading!
      So, I think it depends on how much bottom growth.

      This Zen Rose is right at 0.8 inches depth if not running, but then, real close to 2/3 an inch, like 0.68 inches penetrable depth, while the toy is actually on before you hit the pulse-plate. (And the inner diameter is precisely half an inch across the “mouth” / pulse hole.)

      The largest air pulse mouth I’ve seen remains the Satisfyer Curvy 1, since it’s got 1.25 inches depth while the toy is running. And the diameter is a bit more: 0.65 inches inner diameter.

      Let’s see if I can get a real bright-lit shot that conveys something of the two side-by-side… Hmm, these are pretty level here, but it’s hard to see the depth.

      I hope this helps some!!

      • Not the person you responded to but also on testosterone. I find hitting the pulse plate isn’t a bad thing at all–it just ends up feeling more like a mix of air pulse and those toys that are just the pulse-plate, which is fine by me. The width of the opening matters to me a lot more than the depth, because if it’s too “pinpoint” it just doesn’t work as well for me. In reviews the most helpful thing for understanding the size is photographing it with an AA battery in the nozzle (or a AAA if an AA won’t fit, being clear on which one it is) and stuff like, the battery fits very snugly, or it wiggles around, or something like that. That usually helps me understand better the size I need. As a rule, I won’t buy an air pulse toy if an AA battery wouldn’t fit in the nozzle–with a few exceptions like how the Womanizer Premium size L head has more of a shallow but spread-out spoon shape.

        • Good to know, thank you for writing!!

          It’s great that hitting the pulse plate doesn’t hurt. Do you find it at all unsatisfying if an air-pulse tunnel is too shallow to take your full length?
          That makes me think of how I’ve not-uncommonly seen negative reviews of glans vibrator type toys, which don’t have a long penetrable tunnel. Some folks are just irritated when their entire penis won’t fit in the thing. I’m sure it varies some by individual, though.


  3. Buzzy and rumbly vibrators desensitize my clit making sex less fun. I’m thinking of trying air pulse toys. Is it possible to turn off the vibration on this Zen Rose or any of the Unihorns? Are there any other suction toys you’d recommend for me besides the We-Vibe Melt? Thanks for all of your great reviews and articles!

    • The vibration is built-in for any rose-like suction toy that vibrates, which makes it feel more integrated with the air pulse, vs. with a Satisfyer Pro 2 with vibration where the vibration is separate (and high-pitched).
      Melt is a great choice.


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