Naked Addiction Noir – A Demon Thrusting Vibrator Review

A thrusting vibe with fantasy dildo texture!!! The Noir “Demon” is the latest automatic thrusting toy from BMS’s Naked Addiction line. Good vibration & soft silicone feel are what drew me to the previous Naked Addiction thruster:

And this one’s even better for me. The Naked Addiction Noir Demon has a mega-long head, smoother super-soft silicone, and faster thrusting. It puts out two times as many thrusts per minute as the “Freak” dildo. Other big pros, a couple cons, and my full experience with this fantasy thrusting vibe…

Naked Addiction Noir thrusting dildo side textures super-soft silicone

Pros & Cons


  • Rapid, automatic thrusting.
  • Good G-spot stimulation from larger, curvy head.
  • Dual motors can be separately controlled.
  • Super-soft silicone.
  • Fun fantasy dildo textures.
  • Faster speed than Naked Addiction Freak.
  • Waterproof submersible.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • Only fantasy thrusting dildo in soft platinum silicone.
  • Decent rumbly vibration.
  • Remote control.
  • Good suction cup.


  • 0.25″ shorter stroke length vs. Naked Addiction Freak.
  • Not bendable: an excess amount of force will break it. (Still, more durable than Velvet Thrusters.)
  • Moderately loud, ≈50 decibels.
  • 68-minute battery life with dual motors running.

The Naked Addiction Noir “Demon” dildo is platinum liquid silicone, 00-50 Shore durometer, with a wavy 1.6″ diameter head. The Noir dildo extends from 6″ to 7″ usable length as it thrusts!

My Experience with Naked Addiction Noir

“Fantasy dildo + thrusting dildo” is so exciting!!! I love realistic-headed toys, but also enjoy more texture on a dildo shaft—ripply ridges, back plates, gentle swirls.

The Naked Addiction Noir Demon is very squishy silicone, the best for fantasy textures. It’s nicknamed Demon for its: wavy cloven-tipped head, back-plates, and cape-like swirls…

Addiction Noir Demon thrusting vibrator review - fantasy dildo

In the soft silicone, all that’s more fun as it mooooves all up inside me. The large, squeezeable head pummeling deep, from my G-spot to A-spot: HECK yeah.

Naked Addiction Noir Demon - squishy super-soft silicone
Its head is 2 inches long by ≈1.65 inches max. diameter.

Speed is this Demon’s biggest improvement over Naked Addiction Freak realistic thruster. On function #1 (low thrust speed!), the Naked Addiction Noir thrusts slightly over 2 strokes per second, so 130 strokes/minute. On function #3 (high speed!), it thrusts at ≈150 strokes/minute. That’s so fast, I’m losing count.

Naked Addiction Thrusting Dildos - Freak vs Demon suction cup sex toys

With Naked Addiction Noir, the power is like a strong bullet vibrator. It’s pretty rumbly, and pretty strong. It adds to the thrusting, but isn’t like max. wand power. Typically, I like functions #2 and #3 in the vibration functions, the strongest steady vibration.

The thrusting is the stand-out feature, though. I level up from function #1 to #3 (the fastest) over the course of about 5 minutes with this Naked Addiction Noir thrusting vibrator. It’s goin’ good. Then, I turn the vibration up to max. power too…

And feel the Naked Addiction Noir-Demon’s wavy head stroking my G-spot. Its full 2-inch-length, wiggling-jiggling, pulsing away. I may jerk it more, too, because I prize the feeling of “jerking in,” sending a dildo into my body while gripping a shaft. Soon, it’ll feel myself clenching and cumming.

Sometimes I’ll pull out the Swan Max. Bullet to go with, on less-sensitive days when I need clitoral stimulation too. Amazing. Max Bullet is my favorite clit vibrator during penetration because its soft-silicone cuff tethers it to my fingers, so they’re rubbing+rumbling. (I don’t have to hold the Max. Bullet directly!)

Naked addiction thrusting dildo fantasy textures

The Demon’s shaft feels remarkably smooth for how many ripples, dots, and ridges it holds. It’s super-soft but not sticky. Still, it’s a lotta texture, so a splash of lubricant is needed for top comfort. (That’s often true of my partner’s real penis, so not a real complaint.)

I’ve also ridden it suction-cupped… More on positioning the N.A. Demon, next.

Thrusting & Vibration Functions

The Naked Addiction Noir 8.6″ Thrusting Dildo’s dual motors give you: 7 thrusting functions (3 steady + 4 patterns) and 7 vibration functions (3 steady + 4 patterns).

The thrusting and vibration run simultaneously after you press the Naked Addiction Noir’s power button (located on the underside of the dildo’s balls).

For separate vibration and thrusting control, use the Naked Addiction Demon’s remote. Its power button controls the vibration too, while the bigger button flips thru the auto-thrusting functions.

Naked Addiction thrusting dildo Noir with remote in hand
Freshly washed, and ready to thrust.

The thrusting moves 7/8″ length back-and-forth, vigorously: From 130 to 150 thrusts per minute, as you move from low speed to high speed. The vibration is fairly rumbly (but not as rumbly as Pillow Talk Sassy) and medium-strong.

How to Use

The Naked Addiction Demon can be used lying back in bed, or suction-cupped to a flat surface.

Suction Cup vs. Pillows: positioning

To use the Naked Addiction Demon comfortably in bed: Lubricate it (water-based or hybrid lubricant), insert at least its head into the vagina, then turn on the first function.

Once you’ve found a speed you enjoy, I recommend: Roll up a towel, blanket, or pillow. Then, put that between your thighs so that the blanket/towel/pillow is wedged up against the Demon thrusting vibrator’s suction cup base. That’ll keep it tunneling into you, rather than backing out of the vagina.

How to position Naked Addiction thrusting dildo

When I’ve got it suction-cupped to the corner of my bathtub, on a horizontal corner space— then I can feel the motion deepest. I can manage this for 3 to 5 minutes, since my legs are supporting half my body weight (the shower wall behind supports the rest). Feels great for a minute,

Naked Addiction Noir dildo - suction cup base and remote control

But get a dildo stand if you want more lift. The Naked Addiction Noir Demon’s shaft is rigid—it will not bend—plus the suction cup likely won’t hold well on a vertical surface. Stick to a flat horizontal one: smooth tile, smooth plastic, perhaps a paint can if you’re an adventurous dildo-rider.

How to Recharge & Battery Life

The Naked Addiction Demon is magnetic rechargeable, so you just let the magnetic prongs touch the charging dots after you plug in the charging cable. When it’s charging, the power button will light up. After about 3 hours, the power button will not be lit, meaning the Naked Addiction Noir is fully charged.

Naked addiction noir demon thrusting dildo review - charging and battery life

The thruster’s remote takes a CR2032 battery, included; that you might need to replace after a year. (It’s a long-lasting battery type.)

Care & Cleaning

Since the Naked Addiction Noir is waterproof submersible, you don’t need to take extra precautions cleaning it.

Naked addiction noir demon thrusting dildo review - how to clean

Just wash with handsoap under running water; scrub your soapy fingers up and down its shaft for about a minute. It is platinum liquid silicone, which is body-safe and will not degrade. Washing with soap and water is very safe as you use the Naked Addiction Demon over the days, weeks, and months.

Recap & Rating

My darling devil? This soft silicone toy has enraptured me 😈 more than any other dildo this year, because it is so squishy soft and it propels itself & vibrates nicely.

The Demon dildo’s dragon-meets-dracula melding of textures is more entertaining vs. a plain smooth shaft too, IMO. If you like thrusting toys, and you like fantasy… then you’re this demon’s most susceptible subject. 😉

Vs. the Naked Addiction Freak, the thrusting pace is more emphatic; simply put, faster. As a counterweight, its thrusts are shorter than the Freak’s. Overall, I’d say to choose between the two based on whether you want (1) a larger head / more girth (if so, Demon wins), vs. (2) whether you dislike fantasy textures (if so, Freak wins). Both BMS Naked Addiction thrusters are easy to hold and less cumbersome (bulky/weighty) than a sex machine—also, handheld thrusting toys are more affordable—but not as hard-pounding as a premium machine.

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(out of 5)
Fun per dollar value:
Awesome squishy silicone feel, big head=win 4 my G-spot, fun fantasy element,
auto-thrust + rumbly vibes; Medium price.
User experience/Ease of use:
Easy to turn on, Remote for independent thrust & vibe control; gentle silicone; decent,
not great suction cup.
Luxury feel:
Body-safe, squishy silicone; clean packaging; USB rechargeable, waterproof, 4-mo. warranty
Run time (68 mins.)
& easy charging
Total3.8 of 5 ⭐s
[vs. all thrusting
/out of 10
8 to 7.5/
out of 10
From 6.0
to 6.5/10
Naked Addiction Noir

A thrusting vibe w/ fantasy dildo texture! Naked Addiction Noir's a DEMON of a dildo, 2 times the thrust speed... Pros & cons, my experience, and power rating.

Editor's Rating:


  • Rapid, automatic thrusting.
  • Good G-spot stimulation from larger, curvy head.
  • Dual motors can be separately controlled.
  • Super-soft silicone.
  • Fun fantasy dildo textures.
  • Faster speed than Naked Addiction Freak.
  • Waterproof submersible.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • Only fantasy thrusting dildo in soft platinum silicone.
  • Decent rumbly vibration.
  • Remote control.
  • Good suction cup.


  • 0.25" shorter stroke length vs. Naked Addiction Freak.
  • Not bendable.
  • Moderately loud, ≈50 decibels.
  • 68-minute battery life with dual motors running.

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