Lovense Lush 3: 6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Have you seen the “pink tail” vibrator, dangling outside in a porno? If so, you’re familiar with the Lovense Lush. But, how does it perform in real life?

I’ve owned a Lush 3 for 18 months, been on both sides of public vibrator control, and realized it’s not the best vibrator for every occasion.

First, Lush 3’s pros and cons: Plus, questions to ask before buying a Lovense Lush! A power rating, details on Lovense’s app, my Lush experience, and a summary of Lush 3 user reviews follow:

Lovense Lush Pros & Cons

What is Lush by Lovense? This “love egg” vibrator’s bulb inserts inside the vagina, where it vibrates the G-spot area. Then, its pink tail curls around outside—vibrating near the clitoris. Lush 3 is a strong mini-vibe, but it’s not for everyone.


  • Strongest wearable vibe.
  • Good app connection.
  • Custom vibration control.
  • Pink tail offers light clit vibration.
  • Long-distance control ready.
  • Body-safe silicone.


  • Most people will need more clitoral stimulation to orgasm.
  • Doesn’t stroke or apply pressure for intense G-spot stimulation.
  • Doesn’t stay in well for all users: May slip out of the vagina.
  • Tighter vaginas will find it too big.
Lovense Lush 3 review wearable bluetooth vibrator

Questions to Ask Before Buying:

I’ll say whether or not Lush is a good fit for you based on each answer!

  1. Are you looking for a teasing vibrator / a warmup & foreplay vibrator? If yes, Lush makes sense; but see question #2:
  2. Do you prefer clitoral stimulation to G-spot stimulation? If yes, -1 for Lush. (See the Lovense Ferri if you want a wearable clit vibe!)
  3. Are you looking for a very strong vibrator? If yes, both the Lovense Dolce and Lovense Domi are more powerful. Lovense Lush 3 is fairly strong, just not as strong as those larger vibrators. (Lush power rating, next:)
  4. Are you looking for an anal vibrator? If yes, say NO to Lush. It’s not safely flared, and may be tough to extract.
  5. Are you looking for a vibrator to wear during sex (the penis-in-vagina kind)? If yes, -1 for Lush. Some porn artists manage this, but the Lush 3’s bulb is pointy, so it likely will not be comfortable sex.
  6. Are you buying your first vibrator? I would not recommend the Lush 3 as a first vibrator unless: (A) you’re looking for public play or a foreplay toy specifically, and (B) you’re experienced with penetration. (The Lush 3’s bulb is not small.)

Lush 3 vs. Ferri vs. Dolce – Lovense Vibes Compared

(10 = max.)
Lush 3:
$119 Best Price
Vaginal wear
5.5 to 7.58 to 5:
< 40 dB
Lovense Ferri:
$99 Best Price
Clit wear
5.5 to 7.256 to 3:
48 to 54
Vedo Kiwi:
$54.90 w/code

Vag. or clit wear
4.0 to 6.7510 to 7:
28 to 34,
Lovense Dolce:
$119 Best Price
Clit+vag (dual);
hard to wear.
6.5 to 8.09 to 5:
37 to 43,
Lovense Domi2:
$99 Best Price
Clit play @ home
7.0 to 9.259 to 7:
& rattles!
Lovense vibration functions power compared! See Lush, Ferri, Dolce, and Domi:
Lovense Lush 3 power vs. Lovense Ferri, vs. Lovense Dolce, Vedo Kiwi, and Lovense Domi 2

Vedo Kiwi wearable vibrator with remote

Vedo Kiwi – How It Stacks Up

Rumblier than Lush, ½ the price.

  • Lower-pitched, deeper vibes = better warmup.
  • Beginner-friendly: lower start, mid-range powerful.
  • Easy to wear as a clit stimulator inside panties, unlike Lush. Or insert Kiwi vaginally.
  • 6 intensities x 10 functions via remote.
  • Remote-only. (Not app controlled.)

Lush 3 for Foreplay & Public Play

I like the Lush 3 well two ways:

  • For letting my boyfriend tease me as foreplay, or
  • for (semi) public vibrator control.

The Lush 3 is sexiest with another person, 100%. It’s a tool for him to turn me on. We’ve played together in person, and “long-distance” (across town) on nights we’re not together.

This is the best: I’m home alone on a weekend night, and I text him that I have the Lush in… And it’s connected and ready. Whenever he wants. I go about my evening, relaxing, doing whatever.

Lovense Lush 3 - pink tail vibrator in sweatpants
Like this, but inside my sweatpants!

Then, the Lush 3 kicks on. Suddenly. It’s revving up, rolling along, vibrating inside me. Vrooom! I like for him to give me limits: “Don’t orgasm yet.” I like for him to ask me questions: “Are you throbbing yet?” “Are you holding your cum for me?”

It’s the anticipation, the tension building. The pleasure of the vibes, but frustration that they aren’t moving and stroking me.

I can half-come by myself. Have you ever had an orgasm where you felt a slight tremor, and you were kinda there but not really? That’s me and the Lush, alone. With careful directions from my boyfriend, it’s different: He’ll make me come, teasing me along, and then directing my orgasm. That’s a release! I don’t squirt from the Lovense Lush, but I do tend to push the vibrator out my vagina at orgasm. Afterward, I wanna go more; I wanna play with a thrustable sex toy, and/or a vibrator on my clit.

How to Wear Lush 3 Outside:

My Tip #1: I need tight spandex shorts. Lush will wiggle its way out when I walk at a nice pace, if it’s not secured. Not everyone has this problem, but the Lush wants to pop out of me. YMMV.

Lovense Lush 3 how to wear

My Tip #2: I need a space that’s very discreet. A nice trail where no one could hear that my vagina is buzzing, quietly. Lush 3’s volume is up to 63 decibels outside; but it drops down to 38 decibels max. when it’s in my vagina.

He and I like to walk together, so it’s perfect. Stroll for 15 or 20 minutes, as he sees my reactions up close.

My Tip #3: Clench around the Lush, doing kegels as it starts feeling good. Eventually, we’ll find a bench or other clean place to sit… and I’ll be allowed to come then. The sex when we get back home is spicier for it, as I think about us playing together, out under a blue sky.

I’ve controlled the Lush 3, too, last year. A couple I was briefly dating owned one. And she asked me to control her pink tail vibe, late one night. We’d gone to a nice bar ’round midnight, where she told me when I should pull up the app and start controlling the Lush, already resting against her G-spot. She was trying to remain “discreet,” even talking to the bartender. I could hear her breathing harder, occasionally, as I revved the Lush 3’s speed up and down, up and down fast. But I couldn’t tell if she was coming, or how much she was enjoying it, 98% of the time! Discreet public play is difficult like that, because I prefer more real-time feedback from any partner. The Lush’s vibration teases; I wanted it to make her moan & visibly come.👀

Lovense Lush 3 pink tail vibrator in underwear
The Lush 3’s pink tail is its antenna, with its power button at the end!

Why I Don’t Use the Lush Solo

I don’t masturbate with Lush 3; don’t use it when I’m alone in my bedroom. Here’s why.

First, I love me a good G-spot vibrator, and can orgasm easily from vaginal sex alone.1 But, I don’t come fast and hard on the Lush. Because: Lush 3 sits in place; it can’t be thrust up and down. The pink tail’s too flexible to grip and move easily.

So, the Lovense Lush doesn’t create a downward pressure, pushing into the G-spot with repeated strokes. This is how the G-spot is stimulated, ideally: The strokes should (1) push forward into the front vaginal wall (belly button side), and (2) pull downward, on repeat.

How to massage G-spot with fingers diagram
Image modified from Wikimedia Commons, author Tsaitgaist. Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0 license.

It’s difficult for me to climax from motion-less vibration. I need friction, I need movement. So, I can orgasm on the Lush, but those climaxes take effort and are less fulfilling to me than if my G-spot and/or clit are being stroked.

As for the porn orgasms one may view, a cam girl with the Lovense Lush inside: We can’t know whether they’re performance art, in any specific video.

Lush 3 User Reviews

When you read real-life Lush vibe stories, one theme comes up again and again: Most people use it for teasing / foreplay, they don’t have G-spot orgasms from Lush’s vibration. (The Lovense Ferri, a clit vibrator, is more orgasmic for most users.) Let’s see:

“My wife has a Lush. She likes it but alone I don’t think it would get her off. The Domi, external stimulation, is her favorite followed by the Hyphy. Typically she inserts the Lush and using one of the other two at the same time.” —u/RodRowdie

“Generally speaking, Lovense has some of the best LDR toys out there. However, you need to get a toy that works for you and your anatomy. I have a Lush 3 and it’s one of my least reached for toys. It just doesn’t do it for me as a I’m someone who prefers more external pleasure over internal.” —u/coastalkid92

“The Lush is VERY comfortable once you get it in, but do be aware it’s pretty large. I didn’t realize how large it was until I saw it in person. Even though I was very warmed up, aroused, and was able to fit 3 fingers in it was still difficult to get in (caused pain). It’s super quiet even on max so it’s super discreet, but it wasn’t as stimulating as I thought it would be (I basically only masturbate with my g-spot).” —u/GooseMakingMonies

“Despite [me] not being able to orgasm using just the Lush 3 alone, it’s still an extremely fun toy to use when spicing up my daily tasks and chores, or if we want to kink up couple’s play by handing him control of the app.” —Cara Sutra

“GF cleans the house while streaming audio to it and does her Kegel exercises. Loves it.” —u/FieldWelder77

“I am so unimpressed with it, shouldn’t have spent the money. The girls in those videos might be exaggerating a bit.” —u/RainbowBriteside

“I am currently using the Lush 3 and Ferri in tandem. It’s so much fun. I am impressed with the apps ability to control multiple toys at one time. It’s by far my new favorite. The battery life is also impressive to me.” –u/induca

“The Lush is shaped great and my favorite toy for public play. The insertable part is pretty filling and hits the gspot just right. The antenna… is still strong enough to provide clitoral stimulation. Lush I feel like is the best one for sitting/standing/moving around.” —u/Vegasbabbyy

Lovense App Fave Features

The Lovense app has 3 consistent features that’ve been important to me over the years (since 2019 when I got my first Lush):

  • Custom intensity control / custom pattern creation.
  • Long-distance capable: With text, voice call, & video functions built in.
  • Huge library of patterns other Lovense users have created.

Several features have come or gone. For example, you can’t sync the Lush’s vibration to free music off Spotify anymore; you can only sync to music you’ve bought.

Or, a new function is the “Speed Mode,” where your Lovense Lush vibrates harder as the Lovense app senses acceleration. If your partner is driving while you have Speed Mode running: 🚨Take care & be safe!!! Distracted driving can be deadly!2

How to Connect Lush to Lovense App

To connect the Lush 3 to the Lovense app:

Lovense app how-to connect vibrator
  1. Press & hold the power button for 3 seconds (at the end of Lush’s tail).
  2. A light will appear, showing it’s in “standby” mode.
  3. Pull up the free Lovense app on your phone.
  4. Click the link icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. The toy’s name will appear.
  6. Tap the Done link in the upper right-hand again.
  7. You’re connected!

How to link up with a partner: If you’re physically together, you can let them control the toy directly through your phone. Or, better, they use their phone to connect via the Long Distance function (even if you’re 2 feet apart)! Just find the 💕Long Distance option at the bottom of the app. Here are fuller how-to Lovense app instructions!

Cleaning & Recharging the Lush

Lush 3’s silicone is functionally nonporous, very hygienic. To wash: Just put normal hand soap on it, and wash it under running water in the sink. Rub the soap and water over the Lovense Lush with your hands. Then lay it on a towel to dry.

The Lush 3 is magnetic rechargeable. (Vs. the Lush 2, which is plug-in rechargeable.) It’s waterproof submersible now, IPX7, so you could use it underwater if you want.

The magnetic charging cable clips on Lush’s pink tail, seen below. A light will appear when the Lovense cord is connected right:

Lovense Lush 3 how to charge, battery life

The Lush 3 will stay in standby mode for at least 3 hours, without much battery drain. (That’s how long I’ve worn it; it would feel too hard inside me, much longer!) When the Lovense Lush 3 is actively vibrating, 2 hours battery life is normal. It will be slightly more if you stay on the low end of the speed range, and just under 2 hours if you run it on high power all the way.

Lush 3 Recap & Rating

The Lovense Lush 3 is the iconic public sex toy, now. The one people recognize. It’s become very popular because it is very strong for a wearable “love egg.”

Yet: It is not Hitachi Magic Wand-level strong; and it is not a clitoral stimulating vibrator, not really. The pink tail gives light vibes over the clitoris, while Lush 3’s strongest vibration is inside the wearer’s vagina.

As someone who can orgasm on just the Lush, I’m the odd vag-owner out. But still, I’ve had harder G-spot orgasms from silicone dildos that I can thrust, and I find the Lush great as a tease rather than a main event. Fun foreplay, for fooling around. Overall, I’d rate the Lovense Lush 3 at 4.5 / 5 stars because it’s so strong for a G-spot wearable vibrator, with great app control; I’d only make it less pointy because I like broader G-spot stimulation!

Lovense provides a 1-year warranty if you have any technical problems.


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  1. An estimated 75% of women don’t regularly orgasm from P-in-V sex without clit stimulation, so I’m in the minority.
  2. Accidents are the leading cause of death in every U.S. age group between 5 and 44 years old (after 44, deaths from cancer and then heart disease pick up).

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