Colours Pleasures Vibrating Review

Vibrating + body-safe silicone dildos are too rare! The Colours Pleasures Vibrating 5 Inch has come to help fill in that gap — it’s vibration in a realistic shape that’s safe for long-term use. It also has the strongest suction cup I’ve seen in a silicone vibrating dildo!

This Colours Vibrating dildo review will cover: Vibration strength vs. other vibrating silicone dildos, the Colours Vibrating’s silicone firmness, and how simple it is to hold and control. Overall, the Colours Vibrating by NS Novelties makes sense as a first sex toy purchase for anyone who wants a phallic (realistic-penis-shaped) vibrator that can be used either vaginally, clitorally, or anally. Update: There’s now a 7 Inch (thicker & longer) Colours Vibrating too, with similar motor power.

My Colours Vibrating Dildo Experience

I’ll start with my recap of how the NS Colours Pleasures Vibrating has been for me. In short, it’s fun, realistic enough, & reasonably powerful. Not the hardest orgasms I’ve had with a sex toy, but good. When I consider the low price for a body-safe vibrator, I’m really happy to recommend it.

Colours Pleasures Vibrating dildo review
Colours Vibrating comes in purple (pictured above); blue (also seen in this review); and a couple “flesh” tones.

I appreciate that the Colours Pleasures Vibrating’s silicone layer isn’t actually firm-firm. (See more detail about the silicone density later in this review.) Instead, the toy’s outside is moderately soft, which means it’s more comfortable for me to thrust it in and out of my vagina. Then, the Colours Vibrating’s motor core (underneath the Colours Vibrating’s silicone) keeps it angled forward — like any decent G-spot / prostate toy has to be.

That’s helpful for G-spot massage. The Colours Vibrating 5″ is actually a lot better at G-spot stimulation, IMO, than the Colours Dual Density 5″, whose squishy head is too squishy and too small for me, personally, to be able to orgasm. (Granted, there is a larger Colours Dual Density if you do enjoy a wider head.)

Colours Dual Density 5, Colours Vibrating 5, Neo Elite 7.5 Balls, Colours Dual Density 8 dildo size comparison
Size from left to right: Colours Dual Density 5″ blue, Colours Vibrating 5″ purple, Neo Elite 7.5 Inch w/ Balls, Colours Dual Density 8″.

The Colours Pleasure Vibrating is also nice to rub up and down my vulva, for clitoral orgasms. (Why choose between internal & external play, go for both!)

This is not the rumbliest vibrator, but it’s also not super-buzzy (on speeds #1 and #2 especially). (“Buzzy” meaning high-pitched and potentially irritating.) The Colours Vibrating 5″ holds a decent amount of power, enough to make me orgasm while moving its phallic shape. I do wish the battery life was longer, though; the lifespan has been about 40 minutes per recharge. Usually I’ll not have to recharge a vibrator for 4 or more uses, but the NS Colours Vibrating 5″ is one where you really should plug in the USB charging cable after every play session (unless you only masturbate in very short bursts).

The balls are easy to wrap my fingers around, when I’m thrusting this vibrating dildo. The control button, however, is not so easy to find. You gotta kind of dig around for it if you’re not looking straight at the toy. I’m used to operating vibrators without having to look at this, so this — how the power/speed change button isn’t raised and easily discernible — is a tad frustrating. But, I mean, it is a decent silicone vibrator for under $40, so slightly-awkward button control is forgiveable. The key is learning where the button is located “blind,” so you can find it better if, like me, you tend to masturbate in a dim bedroom at night.

Colours Pleasures Vibrating 5_ Dildo charging port button control
Charging port under the “DC”; power button/fuction-change button above the DC.

I really would’ve enjoyed this as a first vibrator, over the toxic (and low-powered to boot) vibrating realistic dongs I stumbled across as a new sex toy buyer; and then, also more than the Colours Pleasures Thick 5″ I got as a first silicone dildo. I’d pick the Vibrating Colours first for sure, due to its more yielding head (vs. the original Colours silicone circa 2015, which was like “Whoa, that’s aggressively hard” for me!). For anyone else who is looking for a first vibrator (for G-spot and clit), I think the Colours Vibrating is a good choice if you want it to look “realistic.” But I really also suggest that vibrator-noobs consider the Pillow Talk Sassy, even if they think they want a realistic dildo; because Sassy simply feels great: in terms of the silky silicone, the flexible but G-spot-targeting head, and the rumbly vibrations inside.

Colours Pleasures Vibrating Functions & Features

The Colours Pleasures Vibrating 5 Inch Silicone Dildo by NS Novelties looks phallic, as you can see. It’s got 10 vibration functions: 3 steady speeds + 7 patterned/rhythmic ones. The vibration intensity and feeling reminds me of NS Novelties’ Luxe bullets, the Electra and the Princess. I enjoyed the Electra a lot when I first got it back in 2018: it’s pretty rumbly on speed #1, speed #2 is stronger and higher-pitched (my favorite for orgasmic results), and then speed #3 is moving into wheeee, buzzy! territory so I don’t linger there for long. Simply put: The Colours Vibrating Dildo’s motor is good, but NOT the most powerful or the most rumbly.

You navigate the Colours Vibrating’s 10 functions by pressing the power button, to cycle through. Given the $39.99 price, it’s fine that you gotta flip through 10 functions to back down one level; the Colours Vibrating is affordable and you get a lot of features for under $40. (I have very different thoughts about $150 vibes that make the user do the extra work of flipping through every single function to back down one intensity level.)

The suction cup base is another plus! It’s nice and strong, I’d give it an 8 / 10 for suction cup strength) *if* you push or slam the suction cup down onto a smooth surface (e.g., shower wall or bathtub edge, smooth plastic, polished & not-grainy wood, toilet seat, etc.). It’s more likely to detach if you don’t push down hard first to remove extra air, creating that suction seal! This feature is for everyone who likes shower-wall-stuck dildos, who is athletic (and short-legged) enough to manage hands-free rides with a shorter dildo, or who’s using a mounting solution like the TOM mount.

Colours Pleasures Vibrating suction cup dildo review - bathtub edge
Or maybe your shower has a nice wide back corner, so you can wiggle up and down / rock on a suction cup toy & there’s still room for your butt!

The Colours Vibrating 5″ Dildo is USB rechargeable. Push the charging prong into the port marked out in the base, as far in as that prong will go. As noted in My Experience earlier, the battery life is unfortunately short: between 30 and 57 minutes run time per charge (depending on how high an intensity you select. Low speed, #1, gives you the longest battery life, while high power gives you 30 minutes).

This Colours vibrating dildo is waterproof. Wash it in the sink well with soap and water, to remove fluids from the veiny detailing and all the letters / marks imprinted in the silicone around the charging hole.

Vibrating Dildo Strength Comparison

How strong do ya like it? The Colours Pleasures Vibrating is not a ⚡power vibrator⚡, though it’s also not weak. If you’ve never used a vibrator before, it’s more likely to wow 🤩, especially when compared to cheaper bullet vibes (a common “beginner” choice) and other battery-powered vibes. Here, though, I’ll stack it up against more intense options, for anyone who does favor *strength*. Rankings on a 10-point scale, for the vibrator’s power on its highest setting!:

  • Colours Vibrating 5″: 5.75 (out of 10).
  • Vedo Rialto: 7.2. Rialto’s first 3 intensity levels are similar in strength to the Colours Vibrating, but then Rialto has another 3 intensities more (6 total steady speeds). Also + and – intensity control; no suction cup.
  • Blush Impressions: 8.75. Much firmer than the NS Colours Vibe. 5 steady speeds. Suction cups are OK; button control is also clunky. More defect-prone.
  • Pillow Talk Sassy: 8.25, and very rumbly for the first half of the speed range. (Not excessively buzzy on high power, either.) Sparkly stars ✨ & hearts 💖 are my personal feelings about this vibrator, a favorite for both G-spot and clit. Fully adjustable intensity range; no preset speeds. Only downside, short warranty; tho both my Sassys have lasted over 2 years.
  • Evolved Ballistic Dildo: 10. HOLY MOLY, this vibrator is EXTREME, I’ve never felt a smaller toy that’s so strong. Starts powerful, then gets as strong as a Magic Wand massager. I hadda test it against the Viben Obsession, a new water-resistant rival to the Magic Wands, and it is a close race — with the Ballistic dildo in some ways even feeling more intense because its head is more focused than a wand vibe’s huge one. Downsides: May be too much for many users; only 3 steady speeds; don’t rely on the suction cup base, it will probably unstick itself.
  • [not pictured below] Neo Elite Encore by Blush: 6.75. Noteworthy for having a similarly soft [but not squishy super-soft] silicone exterior as the Colours Pleasures Vibrating — but the Encore’s shaft is more imposing, at 1.7 inches diameter vs. the Colours Vibe’s 1.4 to 1.5 inch width. The Neo Elite Encore is also more posable, so you can bend the shaft for G-spot; and has a remote control. Good suction cup. Downside: all 3 steady vibration frequencies are quite buzzy / high-pitched & leave my hands feeling tingly after holding it for a couple minutes.
  • [not pictured below] Fun Factory Boss G5: 7.0. Feels very sophisticated for a realistic-kinda vibrator. Very robust vibe intensity; starts rumbly, gets higher-pitched. Above-average thickness. Slightly draggy silicone. German-produced, high-quality.
Left to right: Colours Vibrating in blue & purple; Vedo Rialto in mocha; Blush Impressions N5; Blush Impressions N4; Pillow Talk Sassy; Evolved Ballistic dildo.

Silicone Density of the Colours Pleasures Vibe

NS has done it again, with softer silicone. The Colours Pleasures 5″ Vibrating Dildo picks up the torch from the ColourSoft silicone dildo in 2017, and the Firefly soft-silicone penis strokers in 2020. These NS Novelties products all were among the first toys of their type mass-produced in a softer (body-safe!) silicone than competitors’ offerings. This is important because generally, many users find softer silicone more realistic-feeling.

The Colours Pleasures Vibrating 5 Inch is a 10A Shore durometer outer layer of silicone: medium-soft, but not really soft. Most vibrators will have a thin coat of 20A-silicone. That’s much firmer than the Colours Vibrating’s feel especially in its head, where the Colours Vibrating yields some. Just do not expect a squishy fantasy / SuperSoft silicone dildo feel, however.

The NS Colours vibrator does have a firm motor core under that slightly-soft silicone, so it’s essentially a dual-density dildo. But I’m not adding it to my list of non-vibrating dual dildos anytime soon because the Colours Vibrating is still substantially harder than the densities that are most popular for lifelike effect. Yet, NS’s silicone choice is a big step in the right direction. And it makes sense for stability reasons that the Colours Vibrating 5 Inch’s silicone isn’t super-soft, since squishy-squishy silicone doesn’t bind well to hard, non-silicone cores; it’ll detach itself.

NS Colours Vibrating flexibility
See how it *can* bend, with harder pressure. From left to right: Colours Vibrating in its normal curved angle; with the head forced forward; and with the shaft bent slightly backward.

Colours Vibrating Review Summary

I like the Colours Pleasures Vibrating in theory and in use; it’s pretty good. Since I have a mondo-size sex toy collection, I’m not blown away, but the Colours Pleasures Vibrating checks so many boxes for being a good suggestion for newer buyers. I’d recommend it first to someone who:

  1. Is seeking a first (or second or third) vibrator.
  2. Wants it to look like “realistic” (penis-like).

Because it is body-safe silicone, the NS Colours Vibrating stands out. It’s not too expensive, it’s got a decent motor, and maybe the user wants to try hands-free masturbation via the suction cup base too. It can be used for G-spot/prostate pressure; or for clitoral stimulation, whatever the user wants. The not-super-hard silicone was an excellent choice by NS Novelties, so thrusting the Colours Vibrating is much more comfortable for me (than a standard 20A-density silicone realistic dildo would be to move in and out). The Colours Pleasures Vibrating 5″ is a pretty good G-spotter for me too, because the firm core makes the Colours Vibe’s head stay arched forward, massaging as I thrust the dildo.

Pick up the Colours Vibrating 5″ Here.

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