Lucky Bloke Review: Best Condom Selection

Lucky Bloke is an online boutique for condoms & safe sex supplies that I began shopping at back in 2017! It’s a small business with a mission: to provide an amazing selection of the best condoms around, so you can enjoy protected sex more. “Better fit” can 100% mean “better feel.” In this Lucky Bloke review, I’ll share my experience with their responsive customer service, fast shipping, and how much I’ve benefited from the wide condom selection.

My site, Phallophile Reviews, has always focused on both safety and product quality, and it’s obvious to me that Lucky Bloke shares both goals. You may need condoms for a variety of valid reasons: whether you use them for contraception, because you have multiple sex partners, because you’ve taken a new partner and are cautious about STIs, because you want easy cleanup with anal or masturbation, etc., etc.

Without further ado, let me slide right into my Lucky Bloke review…

Lucky Bloke Customer Service: A Story

First, this is what drew me into buying from Lucky Bloke 4 years ago:

  1. OMG, the amount of different options (for distinct penis sizes or larger heads; for ultra-thin & better-feeling & non-smelly latex; for non-latex condoms; and for lubricant samplers to go with!). So many more choices than you’d find in a drugstore, and also easier to find diagrams with specific measurements. (More on fit later in this Lucky Bloke review!)
  2. As a new reviewer-writer myself back then, I was struck by the customer reviews for specific condoms! contains a lot of honest reviews, many comparing the customer’s experience with one condom vs. others they’ve tried previously. As I learned, this shop really does care about true-life customer feedback!
Lucky Bloke review, condom selection & lube packets for safe sex
Just a small sampler of what Lucky Bloke offers!

This is my best Lucky Bloke shopping anecdote. In February 2019, I was going on a trip to New Orleans and needed condoms STAT. The ex and I were having condom fit issues: drugstore-available Skyn Large (57 mm nominal width) condoms fit him like a tight cock ring, leaving a big red circle and also sliding progressively upward during sex. Then, I learned that the IUD I’d had placed the previous month had twisted inside my uterus, so it had to be removed suddenly. So I ordered bigger condoms from Lucky Bloke five days before our vacation: 60 mm and 64 mm. It was gonna be a close call, getting them there in time!

I sent Lucky Bloke’s customer service an email, asking if they thought they could get the condoms to the hotel by our arrival. They answered back a couple hours later! There was a snowstorm going on where they are in Washington state, but they would do their best to rush the order.

Fantastically, the condoms were indeed waiting at the hotel when we checked in in New Orleans. I was SUPER impressed at the level of responsive customer service from Lucky Bloke. Even during a serious snowstorm!

I think Lucky Bloke’s normal shipping speed is great even today. That means the free shipping option (available with orders of $30 and up, worldwide). Postal carrier delays have been HELL over the last year and a half, but Lucky Bloke’s padded envelopes have always arrived in less than a week โ€” and often just 2 or 3 business days โ€” since I started ordering condoms again this spring 2021. Lucky Bloke does a superb job of processing orders quickly, and their light bubble mailer envelopes arrive speedily, in my experience (with a discreet shipper name).

Lucky Bloke’s Size Selection!

We have options. As a sex toy reviewer, my #1 takeaway is that human experience is diverse: people have different bodies, different preferences, different needs.

Condom size varies in several ways, all of which affect how the “rubber” feels:

  1. “Nominal” width is the width straight across: important to know if the penis you’re covering is not average sized.
  2. Condom wall thinness: how narrow the latex is. Japanese micro-thin technology has allowed for condoms that are just as reliable while being thinner: 0.04 mm is as thin as they come.
  3. Flared? Some condoms offer “more head room” / have a balloon-style bubble up top.1 I’ve found that partners with a curved penis & a prominent ridge (a G-spot dick!) appreciate this style.

Lucky Bloke has a quick “Find Your Size” page here that involves comparing the penis in question to a toilet paper roll.

54mm is a standard width that will fit most penises,2 but “most” means that a fair amount of guys I run into will be more comfortable in a larger size. Condoms should NOT fit like cock rings at the base (super-constrictive), nor should they roll up during fast thrusting. If the latter happens, your condom is not properly sized.

Still, condom thinness and materials can feel (and smell/taste) quite a bit different: So Lucky Bloke’s sampler packs are awesome because they give you a bunch of options to try, and investigate further which ones you like. I also like the sampler packs for getting a fair range of sizes, just in case, because I am currently polyamorous and may run into various fit issues whenever taking a new partner. I most respect guys who come prepared with condoms that already work well for them; but other times, the condom will start to roooolllll and, well, at least I’m prepared. If you do run into a very large dick, you will need to size up even more beyond the Large sampler.3

And in re condom sensation: Lucky Bloke wants to know, Have you tried micro-thin condoms??? (Also called “ultra-thin”!)

Lucky Bloke review ultra-thin condom selection
A few thin-walled condoms (that are reliable!). Crown are very close to Kimono. Skyn Elite, bottom left, is the best non-latex option IMO.

Because there are condom options that are less intrusive โ€” so you get a good sense of the skin underneath the latex. Kimono Micro-Thin are popular, and respect-worthy. A 4/5 from me. But I’m recently LOVING ๐Ÿ’– the “Sheerlon” premium latex condoms by Okamoto, especially the Wink variety I bought a large batch of for my new favorite sex partner recently. Hoping for the best. And it was a home run, because they’re incredibly better for both of us. Turns out: They don’t smell like latex, and they really meld to the skin underneath. They come in wall-thinnesses as low as 0.04 mm for the average size one, and even the 0.065 mm thickness of the Large Wink (that fits my partner’s big-curved head great) transfers some “skin feel.” There’s a review in the Wink Slider (=extra-lubricated) listing where a guy says, “No lies, I slapped this baby on then all I heard next was “‘wwWHOA!’ coming from the misses. Honestly can’t remember the last time she had such a profound reaction like that to a new skin. Pretty cool!” And I believe it, because I tried this condom on a dildo first, and I could feel all the heavy texture underneath super-well. Then, the next weekend, I put another one on my friend WB, slid down onto him on the couch, and the feeling. Screaming ensued. Lots of screaming. It was really, really good. I gave up on the other condom options in my bag and pulled out another Wink the second time we had sex that night. I’m not sure I’ve ever been this excited about a condom before.

Ultra Thin Large condoms, Wink Super sheerlon latex condom on SquarePegToys Steve Actual size
When you find one that works ๐Ÿคค๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œโœจ๐Ÿพ

The moral:

  • Find your correct fit! My tip: Consider both bottom-of-the-shaft size & head size.4
  • Try a thinner-walled condom for better feeling. (See ultra-thin standard & ultra-thin large condom categories.)
  • Not all latex is the same! It doesn’t have to smell. The best latex condoms are close enough to uncovered sex.

If you do have a true latex allergy, unfortunately options are less plentiful, but they are out there. “Skyn” condoms by Durex are IMO the best-feeling & most protective: see Skyn Elite for standard fit & thinner condom walls; or Skyn Large for, well, a bit larger. Here’s Lucky Bloke’s most recent guide to non-latex condoms.

Safe Lubricant Selection & Travel Lubes

I also respect Lucky Bloke’s curated lubricant selection. They work to pick the safest options here too, avoiding lubricants with glycerin and propylene glycol as much as possible. (Only a few flavored lubes have glycerin on Lucky Bloke.)

Silicone lubes are great with all condom types, so Uberlube traveler kits make a lot of sense if you’re sexing it up outside your home often. So slick. I’ve bought and brought the individual packets with me a good bit this year too. I really like hybrid lubricants too, they’re my favorite! And easier to clean off, especially if you’re using silicone sex toys!

All the lube packets Lucky Bloke has sent me as freebies have been solid; no glycerin or problematic ingredients you find in lots of water-based lubes. Speaking of which:

The Freebies & Donations

Lucky Bloke has always thrown in little samples of some kind with my orders. Uberlube packets; hybrid or thick water-based lube packets; or occasionally a new condom they’re wanting feedback on.

Lucky Bloke review, lubricant samplers & wipes for sexual health
I really like the AfterGlow wipes for cleanup quickly, too. They’re glycerin-free, unlike butt wipes & most “feminine” wipes.

Other freebies include the free shipping when your order reaches $30! Anywhere in the world! That’s incredible. It tells me that Lucky Bloke & their founder Melissa really do believe in promoting sexual health everywhere, not simply profiting from their sales. This email

When I think of Lucky Bloke reviewers and customers my heart is full…

It is because you trust Lucky Bloke with supporting your health, that I am able to do work I love, employ people I care about, and provide for my family. Thank you, so sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

While you might not know this… when you chose to support Lucky Bloke, we are able to donate a portion of our sales to important causes such as clean water, food banks, and making sure teens and young adults have access to accurate sex-ed (and free condoms).

Please enjoy a token of my gratitude and affection with no strings attached. I offer each of you $5 to spend… [discount code followed]

-Email sent by Lucky Bloke, Nov. 25, 2020

Honestly, we need more of the above in the world. โœจ๐Ÿฅฐ I truly believe Lucky Bloke is among the best ethical retailers for sex & wellness products on the internet today.

Lucky Bloke Recap

Lucky Bloke is just the best place to pick up condoms. Their impressive selection, info-packed listings for each condom, and excellent customer service speak volumes. Plus Lucky Bloke is a small business founded by a human with a passion for making safe, protected sex more enjoyable for everyone. Not to mention, you get little freebies like free lube packets or wipes, etc., with orders in my experience; and Lucky Bloke often offers discounts, and rewards customers for giving their honest & thoughtful feedback about how their condom purchases have performed.

This is a win-win, there are no negatives about Lucky Bloke! I love this shop, both as a customer and a body-safe reviewer.

Find the Lucky Bloke homepage here;

Or the Shop page for Multi-Choice size samplers & more.

  1. To apply these properly: pinch the tip of the condom (right above the penis head), then roll it over the head and make sure to remove excess air there, before rolling the condom all the way down the shaft.
  2. 54 mm refers to the condom width when it’s lying totally flat, with nothing inside; so 54 mm = 2.125 inches diameter, which is super-thick if a penis is actually that diameter. Latex is semi-stretchy, but still… That size will NOT fit a penis that’s over 2 inches diameter well, it will be tight and less comfortable, possibly rolling off while fucking.
  3. 64 mm nominal width is quite big, and I’ve had sex with a couple guys who 69mm condoms (which is bigger than what some makers call “XXL”) are the appropriate fit for.
  4. The shaft measurement (measured around the base of the penis) is the most important factor since you don’t want the condom to roll up if it’s too tight (or narrow). But a curved penis / one with a proportionally large head or ridge will benefit from a “flared head” (or “reservoir tip,” as it may also be called). See Kimono Maxx Large Flare for a standard-sized shaft; or Wink Large for a thicker shaft.

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