We-Vibe Bond Review: App Controlled Penis Ring

We-Vibe Bond is a penis vibrator designed to be worn (possibly in public). I agreed to review We-Vibe Bond because it was called “adjustable,” with a new-fangled “Custom Fit link” in the middle of (apparently) a vibrating cock ring. Now, We-Vibe (a popular vibrator maker!) already made an app-controlled cock ring, the We-Vibe Pivot; but it’s so tight that I’ve had a hard time finding male partners who could wear the thing comfortably. I do tend to select for thick penises, to be fair โ€” but the Pivot is constrictive. Would the We-Vibe Bond’s adjustable joint and softer silicone make it any better for wearing around, for foreplay and more?

We-Vibe Bond Features & Vibration Intensity

The Bond holds a rumbly We-Vibe motor (other We-Vibe Reviews here). You can flip through 10 built-in functions through the power button on the We-Vibe Bond, or use the included remote control to increase/decrease the vibration intensity for each function โ€” which is really helpful during partner play, when the Bond-wearer is penetrating someone else. It is also app controllable, so you can tweak vibe strength and vibration patterns more that way, via the We-Connect app. (Or try using the Bond long-distance or with a partner controlling it.)

The We-Vibe Bond’s vibes are deep and feel nice. They are far from the strongest among the We-Vibe lineup, given the Bond’s smaller size. Its motor power is most comparable to another We-Vibe wearable, the Moxie hands-free clitoral vibrator; I’d rate both vibes at about a 6/10 on their highest steady vibration intensity. Like all We-Vibe toys, the Bond is waterproof and USB magnetic rechargeable.1

How to Wear We-Vibe Bond

The We-Vibe Bond is meant to be a cock and balls ring. The little tab fits underneath the testicles, extending back toward the perineum (the area between balls and butt crack). HOWEVER. If you have not-compact testicles, you can choose to wear it around your shaft only, so the extension sits on top of the scrotum.

We-Vibe Bond how to wear
Image ยฉ 2021 WOW Techโ„ข Group, taken from the We-Vibe Bond product listing page.

The marketing is subtle โ€” We-Vibe calls the Bond an “undercover tease.” That means Bond can be worn as a cock-and-ball ring in public (or at home, for foreplay). No major sex toy company has made an app-controlled penis vibrator specifically designed for public wear before We-Vibe. Vaginal wearables like Lovense Lush, and clitoral “panty” vibes, are much more available.

Bond is definitely “easy release,” in case you need to remove it quickly. Indeed, while I was trying the Bond on different-sized silicone dildos, the snap-clip kept popping off accidentally. But once you have the ring set securely, fully stretched out to the width you need, it will stay in place better. The Custom Fit extender tab uses the same snap-in tab system as well, discussed next.

How Hung Are You? Bond Fit Issues

OK, let me start with what absolute nonsense We-Vibe’s statement is that: “Bond is designed to fit almost any penis size.”

“Almost any” is a bit of a disclaimer: implying that yeah, there are a few randos who will be too big or too small for Bond. But this is a cock-and-ball ring that measures 35 mm circumference inside natively. That means Bond starts out at 1.38 inches across, intended to encompass both the penis AND the testicles. Whereas the median erect diameter for just the penis is around 1.45 inches diameter.2

We-Vibe Bond review, remote control wearable vibrator, beside Naked Addiction Dual Density dildo
Bond with Custom Link not in place, sitting beside the “pretty average sized” Naked Addiction Dual-Density silicone.

The “Custom Fit” link is used as a further “out”: We-Vibe implies that it’ll allow lots of adjustability. The problem: This is a small piece of hard plastic. It’s half an inch wide, and the hollow ends (with notch tabs) take off a little more length. The Custom Fit link only adds about a third an inch across Bond’s middle.

Recap: You should measure yourself if you are wanting to use the Bond under your balls like We-Vibe suggests. Use a string, make a U shape that goes under your balls and then close it up on top of your shaft. 7 INCHES is what I’ve measured the circumference (with extension; 6.7 inches without the extension) to be right before Bond starts to get snug. If your C+B measurement is 7.5 inches plus, you’ll likely only want to use Bond as a pure cock ring. In that case, it should fit everyone who isn’t really thick.

Being HARD PLASTIC, the “Custom Fit” link is firm and creates pressure in the middle of the penis it’s worn on.

We-Vibe Bond review, adjustable___ Bond sizing & Custom Fit link
Bond sitting open. It’ll stretch some, but is meant to be wearable around average flaccid penises, so…it’s not extremely expansive.

The Bond is indeed softer silicone that’s somewhat stretchy. It’s around a 5A Shore durometer. But the “adjustable” Custom Fit clip actually limit’s the Bond’s stretching potential. It sounds ironic: the part that’s supposed to allow Bond to fit more penises actually prevents it from expanding to fit more girth comfortably. However, my thought is that the clip was put in place to prevent the Bond from tearing when it’s overstretched. (Truly soft silicone penis rings, like Oxballs does so well,3 are taller and have a thicker band as an alternate tactic to avoid tearing.)

Also, the Bond is meant to be a longer-term wearable, just like the Oxballs rings. So the wearer doesn’t need to be hard while wearing it, which certainly should make it not so tight if you’re wearing it underneath the testicles โ€” especially for wearers who are “growers” rather than “show-ers.” The problem comes in when the combination of the band, the hard plastic pressure point, and the vibrations instantly cause erection, as we’ll see in my test subject, next section.

In conclusion, for the Bond to fit well using We-Vibe’s instruction (tab under the testicles), you need to be average size or below in terms of both (1) erect penis circumference and (2) scrotum size. And your balls shouldn’t dangle low either. Or be too round. Testicles are very diverse, let me tell you: and the Bond can go wrong in so many ways. Both penis size and testicle size vary hugely person to person. Honestly, for me the Bond fit question is like this: A manufacturer creates a bra and claims it’s supposed to “fit almost any breast size” (โ—) because it has a 1.5-inch wide extender tab that you can slot into the back clasps, and the straps are kinda stretchy. Individual humans are simply too diverse for that hypothetical bra to fit well for a substantial percentage of boobie-owners. So measure yourself, and if you’re actually thick-of-penis or large-of-nutsack, figure out whether you’d be OK with only using the Bond as a penis ring.

We-Vibe Bond review app-controlled penis vibrator on Blush Neo Elite 7.5 Balls; Naked Addiction Dual Density Dildo vs. RealCock 2 vs. Hankey's Nick Capra silicone dildos size comparison
Left to right: The Bond is perfect for a very-average erection & tight balls like the Neo Elite 7.5 Inch. Also *can* stretch around a slightly larger nutsack like the BMS Dual Density. See the “big boys” RealCock 2 Dirk and the LIFE-CAST Nick Capra (gold) to the right: the Bond simply cannot fit BIG “equipment” comfortably, and I wish sex toy makers would be clearer about penis size variation.
๐ŸŸขTIP!: If you’re looking for a vibrating c-ring to actually fit larger testicles (2 inches length, measured from the underside of the penis to the bottom of the ballsack; or more!) get a Zero Tolerance Vibrating Ball Cradle. Look at HOW WELL this thing fits Nick Capra’s big size, it is super-flexible! The vibration also starts pretty rumbly, and it is as strong as the We-Vibe Bond and has a remote control too.

Our We-Vibe Bond Experience

So I tested the Bond on a man who’s thick-ish but not HUGE. I brought the Bond over to his house one afternoon, after I’ve been screwed senseless the night and morning before by another man. But R. knew what was going on, and had volunteered his services to check out this vibrating penis ring by We-Vibe โ€” and any other sex toy I wanted to use on him.

We checked out the packaging, and I opened the box as I explained the We-Vibe Bond was supposed to fit under his balls. I expressed concern over the tightness level. R. is about 5.5 inches circumference (just the penis) erect, with a ballsack that isn’t large but that extends downward, longer than average against his pelvic floor. He shrugged and said he didn’t care. So I fitted in the extender tab, and he took it and reached under his nuts, with his pants fallen to the floor.

We-Vibe Bond packaging, with the Custom Fit connector already slotted into the ring (my doing).

The tab clicked into place. A hint of a grimace passed over his face as his eyes flitted downward toward his equipment. I could see his hand disappearing, trying to pull the perineum tab backward โ€” so his balls were all in front of the ring, rather than smushed underneath it. A 5-second adjustment ensued. And his cock up was; the Bond had made him hard right away, with the tightness of the band.

We fumbled looking for the POWER button. A mistake it had been not powering the vibrating ring on first! But I found the button, then reached for that remote, which made the power UP process easier.

R. is quite the nudist, so he walked into the living room naked with the Bond vibrating, and sat at the kitchen table. His friend C. and C.’s wife were staying over for the weekend; the wife was out shopping while C. was chilling at the table. We’d explained the ring-testing task to him first. I was still concerned about the testicular tightness R. might be experiencing and asked him about it. He maintained, “Eh, it’s good.”

C. is hard into BDSM and safety training, so he made pointed & sarcastic jokes about R.’s penis turning (from brown to) purple and falling off after 30 minutes. I laughed, after which R. told me to come sit on his lap. So I ground against him for a couple minutes while maintaing a conversation with C., whose expertise intrigued me. I powered the Bond up from steady speed #1 to speed #2 pretty quickly; via the remote on the woven placemat in front of us. R. maneuvered into pulling down my stretchy running shorts and moved me butt up and down โ€” against his dick, until his head was easing in.

I think the conversation had turned at this point to C. claiming that he could make a woman come for minutes straight, and even faint, from the right kind of edging and denial training. I was intermittently bouncing up and down on R., half-interested. I wanted more power!

The Bond was turned up to full speed now. And the vibration is definitely more potent and noticeable for the ring wearer than the partner he’s penetrating, with the vibe motor being underneath the testicles. I’ve given the We-Vibe Bond a 6 out of 10 for overall power if you are directly touching the perineum tab; but I’d rate it a 3 out of 10 if you’re riding someone who’s wearing Bond the way it’s designed to be worn. It’s not meant for clitoral or vaginal stimulation, and that’s OK.

We adjourned to the bedroom in quick succession, and I rode him and felt the same way about the vibration being OK but not wowing me the receiver. We switched to the BMS Bolo Bullet slide-to-adjust C-ring for a little more power and a more traditional placement: the bullet on top of his balls, so I did feel it more.

R. wore the We-Vibe Bond for 30 minutes that time; it really think it would be too constrictive for him to wear that way, around cock and balls, for 45 minutes plus.4 I wasn’t convinced about the placement. I thought we should try it later with the ring just around his penis, while hard. I’d agreed to stay over, so we did after dinner. With the tab on top of the balls, rather than underneath. There, downward-curving tab does put a little extra pressure on the testicles; and with the extender removed, it was just the right amount of tightness for his shaft only. I mean, it’s pretty solid this way.

R. wasn’t particularly expressive. He said he enjoyed it, basically. (I’m not sure if he would’ve enjoyed it as much if he’d paid $129 for the product. Perhaps.) He agreed the cock-only way was a good fit for him. But he volunteered to wear the We-Vibe Bond to work, under his sack to disguise the vibration noise, so I could control the Bond โ€” just like how, he thought, he had tested some Lovense on me recently.

We only used the We-Vibe app locally, once, because the separate remote control was super-easy. My friend had suggested wearing the ring to work and having me control it, but I was not cool with that. It’s honestly a huge turn-off for me โ€” as I feel it is for many people โ€” to think about a dude walking around having his dick (and balls) played with in public setting where other humans haven’t consented to that use.5 So I haven’t gotten to seeing whether the We-Vibe app experience has improved any โ€” since my frustrating We-Connect trials in 2019 through early 2020. Perhaps this Bond writeup isn’t a full test run, in that sense; but each of us should only do sexually what we are 100% comfortable with โ€” or at least comfortable exploring. The Bond would work for me (with me operating the app) in an adult nightclub-type environment, if the fit had been optimal for long-term wear under the ballsack, the way Bond is designed to sit.

We-Vibe Bond Recap & Ranking

The We-Vibe Bond is a minimally adjustable ring that’s designed to be worn under the testicles โ€” it’s got deep vibes that stimulate the ballsack and perineum (taint). In that case, Bond’s soft silicone is suited for penis-havers who are not packing above-average girth or a large or extended ballsack. If you are approximately 7 inches or less measured in a ring around the lower shaft (on top) to underneath the balls, you will be OK with this product.

The Bond is really only adjustable less than half an inch circumference via the (quote unquote) “Custom Fit link,” so if you’re someone who gets immediately aroused by snapping it on under your balls, you may find it constrictive if you’re not average Joe. The Bond does, however, work as a cock ring only, however โ€” and can fit girths up to 6.5 inches circumference / 2 inches diameter comfortably. In that position, the Bond’s perineum tab is best situated between the nuts, adding pressure there if a partner is riding on top.

My friend who I tested the Bond with basically thought it was an interesting sideline, but wasn’t raving over the product. I didn’t come any harder with him wearing it than I would’ve normally. And I wasn’t interested in using him to do public penis vibrator testing, which feels wrong to me in a work setting; though I get it being a good possible adventure for adult club outings. In those cases, however, given my friend’s pretty-thick but not LARGE girth, we would need to have him remove the We-Vibe Bond after a not-lengthy period of time, because restrictive cock rings really shouldn’t be worn long-term. If you’re someone who doesn’t immediately get hard upon snapping on Bond, or who is on the lower-middle side of the cock-and-balls size range, you may have a different wear experience.

This is a very mixed review, and I feel that We-Vibe does really excel at clit / clit & vag toys still at this point: with the We-Vibe Nova 2 “rabbit” and the Melt “clit suction” stimulator being ๐Ÿ’ฏ products โ€” exceptional, stellar, and fabulous. Adjectives that I would not use to describe our experience with the Bond.

Find the We-Vibe Bond here.

Shop Oxballs very-wearable & less-restrictive cock rings here.


  1. Actually, the Rave is still just plug-in rechargeable, which is fine, it works; but I am wondering when We-Vibe will re-release Rave / create a powerful G-spotter that is not angled awkwardly to one side. ๐Ÿค”
  2. Penis size is really best measured around (in circumference, not diameter), so 4.58 inches circ.
  3. Oxballs rings are too soft to be measured on the A scale that the Bond lands on; instead, they’re measured in the 00 “SuperSoft” range, and are likely at 00-40 Shore.
  4. I’d like to add that I’ve had sex with seven men thicker than R. this year, and another one with very substantial testicles, so Bond being too tight is NOT statistically improbable.
  5. I am also not a fan of “do it at the mall” wear for vaginal or clitoral vibrators either, personally, as it’s a massive turn-off for me to try to cover up sexual activity in front of nonconsenting parties or, potentially, minors.

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I bought this product, and was eagerly anticipating its arrival, because my partner and I had a ball playing with a WEVIBE gspot vibrator. When the thing came in the mail it became apparent that it wasnโ€™t even going to be able to stretch around my shaft..forget about the balls. It was very uncomfortable and basically not even usable. I wish this article would have been written 2 months ago..and I would have saved $60

    • Ooh, sorry to hear that the We-Vibe Bond didn’t fit you AT ALL! That’s frustrating. (The Pivot is even worse, believe me!)

      We-Vibe just launched the Bond in the United States the day before I published my review, too bad. Hopefully people who are looking to buy in the future will happen across the size issue I’ve written about here, instead of believing We-Vibe’s claim that the toy will fit (almost) everyone.


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