Lovense Dolce Review vs. Lovense Lush – App-controlled vibrator Power

Smart: Lovense Dolce is like the Lovense Lush, but holds another motor for clitoral stimulation. The Lovense Quake has trembling waves of vibration that (*in theory*) rest against both the clitoris and the G-spot — because so many clit-owners need that external power to orgasm. For dual stimulation, and the potential of blended orgasms: whether on a date night or long-distance, via the Lovense app. The Lovense Dolce (previously called Quake!) is not just the dangling pink tail vibrator you may have seen in amateur porn; but a sturdy, wider vibrator with a ridge to grind your clit on. The Lovense Quake can even be a vibrating dildo, if you straighten out its very flexible body!

This Lovense Dolce / Quake review rates Dolce’s power vs. Lovense Lush 2 (and 3) and dives into which one you should choose, based on your body’s preferences. The Quake Dolce vibrator gives you more motor power and more stimulation options; but may be less convenient to wear around.

Lovense Lush vs. Lovense Dolce

“Quake” was a 100% accurate name before Lovense had to change it due to trademark issues. (It’s “Lovense Dolce” now.) The vibrator formerly known as Quake does tremble more than the Lush, with its vibrations leaping through the flexible mid-section (1.5 inches of length between the G-spot bulb and the clit stimulator). Lush 2’s tail is very flexible, and Lush 3’s tail is fairly flexible — even more than Dolce’s.

But neither Lush feels quite so… groovy as the Quake. You have to hold its rolling vibes to understand. A fuller comparison of Lovense Lush vs. Lovense Dolce:

Lovense Quake review vs. Lovense Lush 3
Quake, left; Lush 3, right.

Motor Power. It’s my opinion that the Lovense Dolce’s G-spot bulb contains the same internal structure and motor as the Lovense Lush 2, rather than the newer Lovense Lush 3. I was disappointed by the vibration quality change in the Lush 3, so I think Dolce has the better equipment inside. Then, the Dolce has the same power in the clit stimulation end as it does in the G-spot bulb — a big change from Lush 2 & 3, where the tail has diffuse (weaker) vibration traveling out from the main head motor. Which means…

Dual Stimulation. Dolce is intensely dual-stimulating, whereas Lovense Lush 2 and 3 are more indirect. The Lush’s pink tail definitely vibrates, but it’s a “twig” thickness and doesn’t apply pressure. If you sit on the Lovense Dolce especially, you can really get strong clitoral vibes.

Charging. All Lovense toys are USB rechargeable and waterproof. The Dolce and the Lush 3 are magnetic rechargeable, meaning you clip the charger on rather than sticking a charger prong into the vibrator’s body (like you do for Lush 2). This is a general upgrade that we’re seeing in vibrator tech, as plug-in “self-healing” chargers are being phased out. Either way, your toy will recharge and have approximately the same battery life, the only real difference is that you need to run your nail over the “dimple” of Lush 2’s charger-hole to remove fluids while washing this vibrator.

What Does the Lovense Dolce Do? Functions

The Lovense Dolce has 7 built-in functions, just like the Lovense Lush. Three are steady speeds, and 4 are patterned modes. Interestingly, on the “steady” speeds, the vibration isn’t patterned or escalating, but the center of the Lovense Dolce experiences fluctations, like rolling waves of vibration. It’s pretty cool, I like the feel.

You turn on the Dolce by pressing down the control button closest to the magnetic charging prongs for 3 seconds. Doing that will put the Lovense Dolce into pairing / standby mode. If you want to cycle through the 7 vibration functions, tap that same button; or hit the other button if you’ve passed the vibration mode you like, to go down a level. Holding down the top arrow button for 3 seconds also turns off the vibrator. This is all if you’re not using the app; there, you slide your finger up and down to increase or decrease intensity and customize your vibration strength.

Lovense Quake review - how to use Lovense Quake
From left to right: “Go back a function” button; On/off + “Go forward a function” button; magnetic recharging nodes.

Dolce possesses two motors (one in the G-spot bulb and one in the clit stimulator), and you can control them separately via the app.

The middle “neck” section can be bent a lot, for an ≈ 180-degree range of motion. That’s so that Dolce-Quake’s clit and G-spot stimulators can be adjusted to wrap around different pelvic floor structures; a recurring problem with many “rabbit” dual stimulators is that not everyone is spaced the same down there, just like how people can be taller or shorter!

Lovense Quake review flexible clitoral and G-spot stimulators
See it flex!

Lovense App Control

Lovense is known for its Bluetooth vibrator capacity: Long-distance control for all Lovense toys, very custom pattern creation, and partner control for public play too. The Bluetooth connection with Lovense is more stable with We-Vibe’s We-Connect app, particularly for users with larger bodies, I’ve frequently heard (and had long-distance problems myself with We-Connect).

The Lovense app’s home screen has changed several times over the years, but all previous app features remain intact. How-to pair any Lovense toy long-distance, here.

Lovense remote control vibrator app August 2021 home screen, how to connect Lovense
Lovense app, late 2021. From left to right: 1. Home screen; 2. Upper-right dropdown menu for pairing & adding friends, etc; 3. How to connect your Lovense toy in “Add Toy.”

You begin to sync your Lovense toy via the link iconeither button in the upper righthand corner of the screen. (Or hit the + button next door and select the link icon “Add Toy” there if you wanna add an extra step to your life.) You can add a long-distance partner either through that dropdown menu, with “Add People”; or by clicking Long Distance at the bottom of the screen, throughout the Lovense app.

The Lovense app has significant privacy safeguards. Randos on the Internet will NOT find your toy after you pair it. Someone has to know your username to find you, and you can choose whatever you want as your username (and give no personal info). Plus, no other user — even if you chat and play with them — will know the email address linked to your account. (But if you’re concerned still, of course you can create a new “throwaway” email address easily.) You can also hide your online status under the “Settings” menu, so people who do already know your username can’t see you.

Once you’re in the app, you can go into “My Patterns” and drag your finger up and down to increase/decrease intensity; or create an account to have access to the Patterns library with thousands and thousands and thousands of modes that other Lovense users have made.

And with all Lovense vibrators, of course the Dolce’s got Remote / Long Distance control with text, picture-sending, voice message, and video chat functions. From left to right, in the image below: 1. Patterns library, with rhythms created by other users; 2. the Sound section that syncs the vibrator to ambient noise around you; 3. What long-distance chat and pattern-sending looks like, plus other connection options menu at bottom; 4. Chat pt. 2 with control link and photo. (My lover’s username blocked out.)

Lovense remote control vibrator app August 2021 long-distance remote control + patterns
Lovense Connect app screenshots, ca. August 2021.

My Lovense Dolce (Previously Quake) Experience

So I’ll start by saying that I think the Lovense Dolce will be the more orgasmic choice for most people with clits, over the Lovense Lush; since just-vaginal orgasms are a rare ability.

But, the Dolce is not a comfortable wearable toy. It’s harder to walk around in, bigger and bulky; and so much more likely to slip out, vs. Lush.

So, I’m more comfortable wearing the Lush around, vs. Dolce. (Still, there are several other wearable egg vibes I like better than Lush, since its pink point is too focused for me.) In contrast, for at-home play, I prefer the Lovense Dolce. Here’s why.

Is Dolce Easy to Wear ?!

The Dolce’s external stimulator is large! Look at how huge Dolce seems compared to the We-Vibe Chorus, which sits great on my clit (although the G-spot stimulation from Chorus is minimal):


The Dolce is designed to press against most people’s clits, but apparently my clit is abnormally close to my vagina (which makes finding a good rabbit vibrator really tough).

So, Dolce’s clit-stimulator sticks way out for me. The clit-rubbing ridge is against my mons pubis rather than my clit. I told a previous boyfriend, while I was getting ready to take a walk with the Dolce in, that it made me look like I had a tiny dick inside my tight shorts. I wore two pairs of shorts, overlapping, to hold it in, and it was still wiggling out whenever I picked up my pace.

After about 15 minutes, I got annoyed, so I removed it and shot a pic of the Lovense Dolce’s size draped over my knee:

LOvense dolce vibrator falls out

My pelvic floor spacing may be tight, but no matter who you are, the Dolce is bulkier to wear than the Lovense Lush. I can manage Lush 2 or 3 comfortably (though it sometimes tries to wiggle out, because my vagina tends to eject things that aren’t thick).

A female friend I recently gave the Lush 3 to — to be controlled by her partner one night when we went out — was at first confused over trying to line the Lush 3’s “tail” up with her clit; she called me into the bathroom to inspect the positioning, and was also concerned by how the tail was sticking out in front of her mons.

My friend changed her mind about Lush’s wearability as soon as the vibrator was actually on and running, saying it didn’t matter where the tail was because the vibrations were traveling. Her boyfriend had fun telling everyone he was controlling her from across the room that night, while she wore the Lush 3 for several hours at the club and they mingled with friends.

Wearable Bluetooth vibrators on bed featuring Lovense Lush 2, Lovense Lush 3, Lovense Quake, Lovense Ferri, Satisfyer Sexy Secret, and Satisfyer Little Secret public play sex toys
We had a lot of options that night!!! The Lovense vibes are stronger than the Satisfyer wearables: read about my experience with the latter here.

How Dolce Becomes My Favorite Lovense Vibrator

Lovense Dolce is bangin’ as a vibrating dildo (rather than a wear-around vibe). These are pretty strong vibrations, and I can straighten out the clit stimulator to use it as a handle!

Then I jerk the Dolce’s large bulb in and out. That way, the Dolce’s G-spot bulb makes so much sense and feels better than the Lush. I love thrusting sex toys, but the Lush is tough to move ⬅️in-and-out➡️ for G-spot massage because of how slender Lush’s tail is. I can’t get a good grip! Instead, with the Lovense Dolce I have so much control. It’s simple to rub against my G-spot. Strong.

So, it’s awesome if you do like higher-pitched vibration. Dolce isn’t mega-buzzy, but it can never match my vibrator BFF, Pillow Talk Sassy.

Swan Wand by BMS Factory, top; Lovense Quake’s more manageable size, below.

The Lovense Dolce is essentially a smaller Swan Wand (see above!) that’s easier to hold and control. The Swan Wand has been beloved by power-vibe fans for the last 5 years+, and as an external vibrator is wand-level strong. But the Swan Wand’s 2-inch wide G-spot bulb feels overwhelming even for me, a fan of thick g-spot massage, because it’s very hard. The Dolce’s 1.5 inch (average) diameter is more manageable: to hold against my clit, to thrust and pull into my G-spot, and more. Dolce is enough of a power tool, without being a bludgeon.

The Dolce’s thrumming, aggressive vibes are noteworthy, and have been interesting to video-call along with. Its firm G-spotting head is really impressive when it’s thrust, pulled down to stimulate the G-spot. I would definitely continue using this toy with my new very-good friend, and then probably switch to the Pillow Talk Sassy to end my playtime because I like how Sassy’s head is more flexible, gentler; ideal for my sensitive G-spot.

Lovense Quake – Dolce Recap & Ranking

The Lovense Dolce’s two-sided purpose — stimulate the wearer’s clit AND G-spot — is an admirable one, and it’s been fun to sit on and experiment with. Lovense’s vibrator motors universally are strong in comparison to similar toys, and the app control is the best. We-Vibe motors have a little more rumble, but if you want a vibe for partner play in public or from even thousands of miles away, go Lovense first. The vibrator’s just gonna stay connected better and be easier to use.

If you need to choose just one, here are my thoughts on what each Lovense vibrator is best for:

  • Dolce (previously Quake): ROCKIN’ with power, stronger than any Lovense except the Domi wand (last in list, below). Dolce is more multi-purpose, dual-stimulating; strongest wearable power. I like it as a vibrating G-spot dildo to jerk off with, in my bed, since it’s a lot to keep situated inside underwear. Top power: 8.25 out of 10.
  • Lovense Lush 3: For pretty strong in-public stimulation; teasing and sexy / scandalous play. May be orgasmic if you can come from steady vaginal vibration. Quieter than Ferri or Quake (or Domi), when worn vaginally. Top power: 7.5 out of 10.
  • Lovense Ferri: Clit stimulation that stays in place best, due to the magnetic clip. Pronounced ridge in the center for clitoral focus when you sit on it. Top power: 7.3 out of 10 (yet strong compared to other panty vibrators, which are small and have less space for the motor).
  • Lovense Domi 2: The strongest = the fastest orgasms (for me, at least). Power for inside your bedroom. Top power: 9.25 out of 10, only beat by plug-in Magic Wands and Doxy.

I didn’t find the Quake super-easy to wear, but its larger size allows for slightly more strength and fuller stimulation than the Lovense Lush. Vs. the We-Vibe Chorus ($199), the Lovense Quake is definitely stronger. I don’t think it’s impossible that other people may be able to wear it around as a public stimulation toy, and plan to see if I can find another vulva-owning taker in the near future to update this review with her experience too… Because the strong G-spot stimulation from Quake’s quivering power is unmatched among wearable vibrators.

Find the Dolce product page here.

Shop all Lovense toys (& check discounts!) here.

Lovense Dolce

Lovense Dolce isn't the pink tail vibrator Lovense is known for— it's even more *trembling* w/ vibration. Our Lovense Dolce review rates it vs. Lovense Lush & dives into which toy you should choose, based on your body's preferences.

Product Brand: Lovense

Editor's Rating:


  • Extremely strong wearable.
  • Dual power (G-spot + clit).
  • Body-safe silicone.
  • Flexible for better fit.
  • Waterproof & rechargeable.
  • The best app control.


  • Not light-weight.
  • May slip out while walking.


2 thoughts on “Lovense Dolce Review vs. Lovense Lush – App-controlled vibrator Power”

  1. Thank you for your review.

    I should’ve listened to you when you stated that the Quake’s external arm protruded too far to be of much use. Definitely not very “wearable” for me either. It’s about an inch (almost 2 inches) too long for me and rests above the part it’s supposed to be.

    It causes sharp pain internally when I bent the external arm to make it fit, prior to insertion. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work with my anatomy.

    I purchased it in hopes that it would solve the issue I have with the Lush’s twisting up while in use.

    The Lush 2 & 3 have been collecting dust in my drawer due to that issue.

    Regarding the Quake, I spent $124 on a beefed up Lush that doesn’t twist (as much), but the Quake overall doesn’t preform as advertised due to the extra length of the tail / external arm.

    The best way I personally found to use it is by completely bending it straight and using the WeVibe Melt.

    Overall in my opinion the Quake and Lovense needs to either make the external arm shorter or accordion style adjustable to actually accommodate all body types.

    I should have waited for the 2.0 version of this product.

    You’re absolutely right about Lovense’s app being vastly superior though, however their customer service isn’t… not in my experience.

    I highly doubt that I will be purchasing another product from them.

    I’ve also got the Chorus from WeVibe and I will be grabbing for it before the Quake for a wearable. It doesn’t give me the full feeling I want, but it does hit the right places externally.

    I wish I’d saved the $200 on these two toys this year and bought myself a Womanizer Duo or something else.

    • Ooh, I’m sorry to hear that the Quake isn’t your cup of tea either. I know some people will need that extra length outside, but then there are others of us who don’t — it’s too much!

      The Quake’s G-spot spot bulb is quite firm and focused too, and I wouldn’t recommend it to people with sensitive G-spots; that’s why I use the Quake for a little while and then switch to the more-flexible Pillow Talk Sassy myself. I have heard from some people who think the Sassy is TOO flexible to be the best G-spotter, so there’s the other side of the coin there. (Similarly, the Njoy Pure Wand overwhelms me easily, and it is so loved by most people — who are going for that mega G-spot pressure / squirting orgasms, etc.)

      Your statement about the app is true; it would be really beautiful if someone could combine Lovense’s awesome app control with We-Vibe’s rumblier motors. *dreams* Amen about your Chorus thoughts!


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