We-Vibe Chorus Review: Vs. We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe Chorus review

We-Vibe’s trademark is wear-during-sex couples vibrators, & this We-Vibe Chorus review dives into how Chorus blows We-Vibe Sync away for me. Why? Even rumblier vibes—plus squeeze remote! 

Phallophile Reviews exists because I like squishy things, and the ability to PRESS on the We-Vibe Chorus’ soft silicone remote1 is like having an orgasm-producing stress ball in my hand. That’s shooting its deep vibes all the way from G-spot to clit. The tighter you squeeze, the stronger the vibration gets.

I’ll start with my favorite way to enjoy Chorus: spandex is the secret. Then we’ll move on to the vibe strength and functions of this sparkly pink 🌸 wrap-around vibe, and to the app control…

We-Vibe Chorus’ Wearability

You’ve got lots of possibilities with Chorus. Find your favorite, or mix and match!:

  1. Wear it around inside clothing—around your home, or even in public—for teasing, foreplay, and orgasmic purposes.
  2. Wear it during penis (or dildo)-in-vagina sex, for hands-free clit stimulation + G-spot rumbles.
  3. Add clit-n-vag stimulation during blowjobs (more on this next!) or anal sex.

When I first put Chorus on, I was so pleased to discover I like its feel better than the We-Vibe Sync’s. At first I assumed my enjoyment was down to the vibe intensity (Chorus is better there; see the next section of this review for details). But Chorus’ internal/G-spot arm is also slightly larger, and that sure as hell works for me:

We-Vibe Chorus review
The top half, pictured, is the vaginal arm, with larger BUMP! for G-spot.

Chorus is slim to still allow room for a penis (or a dildo) without discomfort. But its Gspot arm has a slightly larger bump. It anchors better for me, catches on my pubic bone better. My vag likes a little more, so Chorus’ G-spot bump is a welcome improvement. In comparing Sync vs Chorus, that’s been a huge reason I prefer the Chorus over the Sync.

I’ve one essential ingredient for LOVING the We-Vibe Chorus as a wear-around vibe: spandex. To keep this rumbly vibe 100% stable while I’m walking around the house, I gotta have tight pants on. Saggy underwear = less pressure, and less good feels. So I lock Chorus in place tight with non-sagging nylon/spandex mini-shorts, and I’m walking around with my squeeze remote, powering up the vibes at will.

Also, LET’S TALK ABOUT blowjobs with added vibration. Everywhere vibration. Usually, BJs are a vicarious pleasure for me: secondhand. I like giving my partner what he wants but I’m not getting much sensation myself, besides general arousal. But blowing him becomes 50% more intriguing with Chorus’ rumbly vibrations coursing through my clit and lower vagina. Hand him the squeeze remote…I’m so turned on. We didn’t try this for a while after I got the Chorus, but it’s one of my best experiences with WeVibe Chorus overall.

And of course We-Vibe couples vibes—all 4 of them—were designed for wear during penis-in-vagina sex. They add clitoral stimulation, for everyone who doesn’t come easily from vaginal penetration alone or who wants a great blended orgasm; and stimulate the other partners penis. This clever design dominates the couples sex toy section of every retailer.

Basically, the We-Vibe Chorus is the We-Vibe Tangothe rumbliest bullet aroundexcept hands-free. And for clit AND vag.2

The fact that both Chorus and Sync have highly adjustable joints is very important. Especially since my clit-to-vag distance isn’t “typical.” I rarely am able to use rabbit vibes, because the clit section is way too far forward. The cheaper We-Vibe couples toys, Unite and Match; and Satisfyer partner toys don’t have easily adjustable joints, so there’s just no way for me.

We-Vibe Chorus adjustable joints
This is how open Chorus needs to be to look into place for me.

And happily, because Chorus’ vibes are so deep (see the next section), they do carry. Everywhere from the front of my mons to my G-spot. My trials have most often involved screwing myself with the BMS Naked Addiction Dual Density Dildo (the best non-luxury realistic dildo, IMO). Chorus’ external section stays very stable on my mons when I’m flat on my back, even with faster thrusting. Again, that extra bump for G-spot—the one that Sync doesn’t have—makes it hang in place securely.

Vibe Intensity vs. We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe Sync vs. We-Vibe Chorus

As a “couples” vibe, Chorus’ closest match is the We-Vibe Sync. If you use the remote,3 IMO Chorus has a better speed range than Sync: Chorus starts lower and deeper, and ends stronger and less buzzy. It’s simply better. Sync isn’t a bad vibe, but it was a forgettable one for me. I used it a few times to get the feel, then tested it again for my app-controlled vibrator guide. It was nice, but it didn’t scream FUN.

With a motor that feels 10% stronger, plus deeper, Chorus is indeed a toy I want to play with. To wear around the house during the day, much like the (vag-only) OhMiBod Esca 2.

Speaking of wearing around, let’s talk decibels! How loud is Chorus? Blissfully quiet for its power level. Chorus on high power, measured right next to the vibe, is about 45 decibels: the cut-off for “quiet conversation.” Measure Chorus from a foot away, and you’re down to 35 decibels. Insert Chorus, and from a foot away, it’s down to 30 decibels—the same as my quiet PC tower here. The faintest hum.

The We-Vibe Chorus is the one toy that I feel 100% comfortable manipulating while I’m walking around my parents’ house (in a bathrobe, with Chorus’ squeeze remote in my pocket)—my standard for “truly discreet.” This is a public play toy that I don’t feel the need to caution people: “Be aware of noise level” (i.e., Don’t use this in a restaurant where no one else is dining, if you don’t want others to possibly hear.) Chorus is so low-key, I believe it would only be noticeable by someone with extra-sensitive hearing.

Squeeze Remote

I’ve mentioned the squeeze remote a couple times, but I’m circling back around because this is such a huge highlight for me! It makes the We-Vibe Chorus super fun. Chorus’ squeeze remote is a novelty that’s actually that: new and exciting. I’m rarely amused by “innovative” toy features these days, so I’m surprising myself here by saying this!

When I’m screwing myself with a dildo with Chorus inserted, mashing that squishable remote is 💯. So gratifying as I get close to coming. It’s something like grabbing on to a partner’s hand as I orgasm. I got alotta pressure to release, and Chorus’ remote can take it.

The only remote downside? If you are wanting to use Chorus in public with the remote (not the app), it’s less discreet. What with mine being sparkly pink especially, though Chorus comes in purple and light blue too. Learn where the buttons are beforehand, and stick it in your pocket, if you’re wanting to go for discreet toying outside the house.

We-Vibe Chorus squeeze remote button diagram

Also, the squeeze remote is an “Ankorlink,” as We-Vibe will call it, between Chorus and the primary linked cell phone. It’s meant to stabilize the Bluetooth connection, because Bluetooth can be tricky. The new top button in the squeeze remote (see pic below!) serves to link the remote to the toy, because the remote will sometimes disconnect if you haven’t used it in a few minutes.

App Control

Speaking of connection, let’s talk about connectivity: both local (within 30 feet) and long-distance linkage between the remote, app, and the We-Vibe Chorus.

As Remote Control (Locally)

As mentioned, you do absolutely need the remote near your phone to control Chorus via the We-Connect app.

I’ve always had very stable connection between my own phone and my We-Vibe devices through the We-Connect app.4 So the squeeze remote doesn’t change that for me.

The We-Connect app looks different (has a more attractive interface) as of late 2019. It also has new functions that I, and then my partner short-range, explored:

  • A Touch functionality that at first I thought would be similar to the Tap function I liked so much in the OhMiBod app. But instead of “pecking” at the screen to create quick bursts of vibration, you pull/push your finger. Moving your finger fast makes the vibes strong, and the inverse is true too. You gotta work to keep the vibes going strong!
  • Plus the Sync-to-Music function, shared by OhMiBod and Lovense.
  • Finally, it’s no longer “Connect to Lover.” The vibe controller is called “Partner” now. I like the equality that implies, plus they tell me “partner” is a less-loaded word.
We-Connect app new features January 2020
Click to enlarge: Screen 1: Up-and-down control swiping in any function; screen 2. Function options; screen 3. How the Touch function works; screen 4. Waves showing ambient noise (me whistling!) in the Sync to Music function.

As with previous versions of We-Connect, in the 10 preset modes, you drag your finger up or down the screen to increase/decrease intensity. Or try making your own pattern.5

Syncing Issues

So the new version of the We-Connect app pairs well with older We-Vibe products. Ironically, try to pair the newest We-Vibe (Chorus and Wand), and holy hell it gets complicated.

We-Connect, iOS version6 will not recognize Chorus unless I hold down the power button for 5 to 10 seconds prior to trying to pair. This step is not included in the list of 4 potential fixes, which is silly because We-Vibe knows this is a fix.

And then, oh god, make sure you don’t have older We-Vibe devices within close distance when trying to pair Chorus. I was intensity-testing Chorus and Sync, had both on my desk. When I tried to hook Chorus up to the app again, Sync kept pairing instead.7 So I had to move Sync to the other room, hold down Chorus’ power button for about 8 seconds to reset, and then the app finally asked whether to grant permission to pair the vibe.

We-Connect app sync vibrator
Screenshot 1, what I always see when I don’t factory-reset Chorus by holding down the power button prior to use; screenshot 2, the notice that you have paired the toy correctly (yay!); and screenshot 3, the three Touch Sense modes.

With the squeeze remote, the “squeeze to increase intensity” function will sometimes turn itself off after not being used for a minute, which is frustrating. But hit that top button to link the remote to Chorus again.

Touch Sense Function

One last function that’s totally new to Chorus is “Touch Sense,” which, when enabled through the app,8 lets you press into the sensor inside the clit half of Chorus’ body and change the vibe’s strength. Touch Sense has 3 modes, and I can’t feel much difference with the first two. Mode 3 is most enjoyable, though it tends to turn itself off when I’m sitting on Chorus and rubbing against it. The sensors aren’t bad but could be a little more responsive. More sensitive, requiring less pressure. They function best when I’m manipulating Touch Sense intensity using my fingers, not with the toy inserted.


We-Connect’s long-distance control has always blown for me and my partner, in the unfortunate way.

I get that Bluetooth signals can be wonky sometimes. This is a tech that was meant to travel through air, not through water and really not through flesh.9 That said, some brands are generally more successful with creating vibrators that stay connected to cell phone apps long-distance. We-Vibe is not one of those brands: Lovense and then OhMiBod/Kiiroo are heads above.

As mentioned, We-Vibe/WOW Tech upgraded their We-Connect app in fall 2019. Since then, first I couldn’t even send my partner a pairing request. At all. Hitting the blue Connect a Partner button under the Connect to Partner menu first did absolutely nothing.10 Then, magically, a couple weeks later, it started letting me send my partner a pairing request via text. We could see each other as green dots, both online. Once I even thought I’d managed to give over control of my vibe to him—a pop-up for that appeared, and I agreed. Unfortunately, we’ve never managed to reach the “Your session is active…” stage, despite sending about 10 pairing requests and me agreeing to give him control of the vibe.

Basically, our experience with the We-Connect app has been nothing but frustrating. The We-Connect app will not allow our phones to pair. Before the upgrade, our connectivity was inconsistent, and now it’s simply nonexistent. Clearly, this is not sexy at all.

Final Thoughts / Rating

Overall, using the We-Vibe Chorus has tickled me pink. (Pink n sparkly, that is; someone get me a lipstick in this “Cosmic Pink” Chorus shade.)

Chorus was my favorite dual stimulation vibrator (in early 2020), edging out the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Thrusting and its self-propelled shaft. (That’s big, because I do love the self-propelled toys!) [Update 2021: Though Chorus is still sweet for wearing around, I strongly prefer the We-Vibe Nova 2, which is super-rumbly, powerful, generally kick-ass, and delivers the best blended orgasms.]

Due to the slightly higher power and even a lil more rumbliness, I’d say Chorus is 100% an upgrade to the ($10 cheaper) We-Vibe Sync. The Chorus has more features than the We-Vibe Match and the We-Vibe Unite too: the Chorus’s “adjustable to fit” hinges make fit more secure and comfortable.

And for a touchy-feely person like me, Chorus’ squeeze remote takes the rumbly vibes to the next level. This toy is hot to wear around inside a pair of spandex shorts. And it’s pretty damn quiet!

Like with basically all We-Vibe products, my one complaint is about glitches with the long-distance functionality. Chorus syncs easily enough (once I learned to reset the toy by holding down the power button prior to each use) with my own phone. Controlling it locally is good. I’m going to forget this toy even promises long-distance control, and then it’s a great buy.

Find the We-Vibe Chorus in 3 colors here. 

We-Vibe Chorus













  • Rumbly vibes + stronger than Sync
  • Bigger G-spot bump
  • Squeeze Remote!!!
  • Waterproof + rechargeable
  • More app features


  • Long-distance control, meh
  • Very premium


0/5 (0 Reviews)
  1. A 12A shore durometer in the squeeze section, so not what I would consider truly soft for a dildo—that’s under 10A, in a scale where lower numbers = softer—but it’s definitely very pleasant to squeeze. I’ve never felt a controller like this.
  2. Also silicone-coated, which I love because slick plastic/glass/metal feel unnatural to my genitals. Silicone is the only safe sex toy material that can even attempt to imitate skin.
  3. Not just the 4 preset steady speeds that you turn cycle through via the power button; the two toys feel more similar that way.
  4. Once I got over a whole helluva problem with having to factory-reset the suction-y awesomeness of Melt in order to get it hooked up to my phone. More on that next.
  5. I still haven’t cared enough to figure this one out, as doing the same in the Lovense app is approximately 50 times easier. We-Vibe also has no in-app user database for premade patterns if you’re too busy or lazy to create your own, or you wanna be controlled by someone else’s ideas without having to put effort into finding another human being to do it in real time.
  6. On an iPhone 8.
  7. I first went to my phone’s Settings app, then to Bluetooth, and asked the phone to forget Sync. That didn’t work—Sync still paired immediately when I started the app.
  8. Thank the sex toy gods that they didn’t choose to make the user disable this function through the app every time they turn the toy on, like We-Vibe Wand’s Smart Silence function, which is a major PITA for me.
  9. Which is why people with larger bellies and bodies in general are more likely to experience connectivity problems when wearing any Bluetooth vibrator.
  10. I did install and reinstall the app too. Also removed the devices from Settings, Bluetooth. Tried everything, really.

24 thoughts on “We-Vibe Chorus Review: Vs. We-Vibe Sync”

  1. Currently contemplating a new toy that ideally could be used during PIV sex. I currently own the BMS Pillow Talk Sassy and Essential bullet, and they’re both great for me when I’m alone. I think I’m a bit hard to get off, so even using the bullet with a partner may not always work. I was looking at both the We-Vibe Chorus and the We-Vibe Melt, which likely offer very different sensations so I’m a bit torn on how to decide. I’ve never tried a pulsing toy like the Melt. Perhaps you could offer some insight?

    • Hmm, definitely different! I think Chorus is a lot of fun and it does add to sex, but hands-down I would point you toward Melt first. I think Chorus is about as strong as the Essential Bullet, but Melt is like another level. It was a little bit an adjustment for me to get used to because it is a different sensation than a vibrator. But I just keep coming back to it, either solo or with penetration. The pulsing effect is awesome!

      Of course you need do need to hold Melt during sex—that’s the big advantage of Chorus to weigh.

      • Thanks for the input!! I’m super intrigued by the Melt so I think I’ll go with that once I can get over the price ^^;

  2. Thank you very much for that review!
    I am thinking about getting the WeVibe Chorus, but am uncertain of how strong it is. I’ve been let down before by the WeVibe 4, which isn’t as strong as I hoped for. Is the clitoral arm of the Chorus just as strong as the Tango?

    • You’re welcome! First, I’m sure that Chorus is stronger than We-Vibe 4. That said, Chorus’ top speed is roughly equal to Tango’s third, but with a little less rumble/reverberation due to the dampening effect of the silicone coating.

      • Thank you very much for that insight, it was exactly what I have been trying to find out.
        I think I might get the Chorus.

  3. You’re the absolute best! I spent so much time trying to figure out how to sync my chrous for app play and this was the only one that actually helped. You’re amazing:)

    • Oh yay, glad to hear that! (Appreciate the kind words.) It was holding down the power button for a little while that did it? I really don’t know why that isn’t included in the app instructions!

  4. Where would you place the chorus compared to the OhMiBod Esca 2 in terms of local remote play? We enjoy the sync but chronic Bluetooth connectivity issues make it a poor remote control toy. Could you please share what range you can have from the remote to the chorus before it drops the connection? Once the chorus returns to remote range will it restore its connection gracefully to the remote and app without fumbling through setup and power cycles? Thanks.

    • Hi, thanks for reading!

      One thing that’s different between Chorus and Sync is that you *have* to have the remote in range for the toy to work with the app: it’s not either app or remote like with Sync. The remote is an “Ankorlink” that they *say* makes the connection more stable. When you change functions or intensity via the remote, you can see that echoed in the app too.

      Chorus does work up to right around 30 feet away. I’ve seen it work through walls too. (As does my Sync, which actually has a longer range, like it works a floor down and 50 feet away through 3 walls.) After 30 feet-ish, the Chorus remote drops connection and you’d need to switch to long-distance control with the vibe-haver keeping possession of the remote. That means resetting the connection.

      My personal experience is that the We-Vibe toys have very stable connection short-distance, it’s long-distance that they’re more problematic.

      Bluetooth connectivity can definitely vary by device, and people with larger bodies (thighs, abdomens) tend to have more connectivity issues.

      Since I haven’t had issues with local remote play for We-Vibe, it’s hard for me to compare Esca—which is also stable within close range, for me.

      • The connectivity you describe is so much better I’m wondering if we got a defective sync. We are both reasonably fit and have tried running the app on two devices. Both needed line of sight within 5-10 feet to work just occasionally. We’ll probably give the Chorus a try since we liked the other improvements you covered in your review. Thank you.

    • Good question! Personally I would pick Chorus because I really love vaginal stim! It also feels a bit stronger than Moxie to me.

      But I can see other people preferring We-Vibe Moxie if they only want clit stimulation, and for the easiest fit since I do need to wear close-fitting supportive underwear to keep Chorus situated best.

  5. So my wife has a tough time with the sync adjusting itself wider. Do you feel the Chorus stays put better. With the adjusted shape it seems like it should.

    • I think the slightly wider insertable arm and grooves thereon help with Chorus’ secureness. But it’s not perfect: if you are really moving, then these toys are difficult to keep perfectly situated.

  6. Hi.
    I have one question: is it possible to put two arms in a vagina? I mean the second (larger) one responsible for clitoral stimulation?

    • An interesting question! Yes, definitely possible. The Chorus is waterproof and can just sit in its folded U-shape inside the vagina. You won’t be able to turn the toy on/off or change speeds with the button while it’s inserted, and the Bluetooth antenna is in the clit section, so you may not have as good of connectivity with the app.

  7. So, I have been looking at these for the longest time, just never built the confidence to purchase this kind of device. I’ve decided to continue and purchase one; I’m just not sure which to buy. Right now, the Lovense Lush 2 and We-Vibe Chorus seen like the better choice. I would just like your opinion for me. Should i go with one of those (if so, which one), or is there a better device for me?
    I want one that will make me feel good, but will also work long distance (my hisband is in the military and gets shipped out sometimes). What is the best product you’d recommend? Thank you so much, love your reviews!

    • Lovense toys in general tend to be most reliable in terms of Bluetooth connectivity, and the app has a few more bells & whistles than We-Connect. If you’re specifically looking for a toy to wear around under clothes, then I can understand Lush 2. Otherwise, if you want a rocking clit vibe, then Domi 2 is awesome.

      Thank you for the kind words!!

  8. Hi, thanks for sharing. I’m looking to get either We Vibe Chorus or Lush 3. I’ve read some comments saying the g spot part of Chorus isn’t strong enough to give you g spot orgasm on solo play. Is that true? Any advice? Thanks!

    • Hi, you’re welcome! It’s hard to answer because you wouldn’t naturally separate the Chorus’ G-spot stimulation from the clitoral stim. They’re meant to be used together.

      Many people can’t have G-spot-only orgasms, so I can’t say what’ll work for a particular person without knowing their preferences.

      The Lush 2 is the strongest internal stimulation, IMO: feels a little more potent than Lush 3 to me.

  9. Hey there, we’re a LDR couple and are wondering what the best option would be between Love Lush 3 and We-vibe Chorus. I cannot reach orgasm via G-spot stimulation only, and the idea of being able to use the We-vibe toy when we’re together is very tempting, though am wondering if the chorus toy can actually work long-distance or if it’s always a disappointment. We’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

    • Hi, thank you for reading and I’m sorry for the slow reply! If you’re still wondering: I don’t think We-Vibe’s We-Connect app is always a disappointment, just it’s glitched out on me a lot more than the Lovense app — which isn’t perfect for everyone, but definitely has a better reputation for Bluetooth connectivity.

      I’d say to check out the Lovense Quake, but specifically see it sized up against the We-Vibe Chorus here. Quake is dual-stimulating, but will be tough to wear during PIV intercourse, and is harder for me to walk around with. Feels a lot stronger when I’m lying back in bed, though, which is the most important thing for me during long-distance control!


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