Best Thrusting Butt Plug: Moving Anal Plugs, Rated

Welcome to my best thrusting butt plug list: all body-safe anal plugs that move up and down, inside your ass! The top thrusting-anal-plug picks are more comfortable because they’re powered by a magnetic propulsion system. They wiggle-jiggle, bumping inside the butt, with speedy strokes, not long ones. That way, they avoid “bellows” folds that may pinch the anus, if you’re sitting on the plug’s full length. All thrusting plugs listed here are great for teasing, and for warmup, and for masturbating your penis or clit while you’re wearing them. They may deliver anal orgasms by themselves, though you’ll likely need to be a sensitive user (who orgasms easily from anal play). Hard-core thrust fans should check out a sex machine, found later in this guide — which you cannot sit on or wear around, but which will pummel your butt.

I’ll rate each thrusting butt plug for (1) the weight of its magnetic propulsion: How hard does it pulsate your butt? And also for (2) its design: How easy it is to wear around and control. And finally, for (3) What exactly it stimulates: Does it have a prostate focus, or is it more about A-hole and sphincter massage? Keep reading for the best-of ranking and how to use a thrusting butt plug…

Thrusting Butt Plug Ranking

Among anal sex toys, the thrusting anal category is progressing in the right direction,1 with more thumping, pulsing, and vibrating butt plug choices than ever! But, I’m saving 10/10 “moving power” rating for a future WHAM-BAM super-thump plug (ideally, with more functions, a prostate focus, & a smart neck design!).

Lux Active Throb: Weighty Pulsation

Tied for Strongest Pulsing Power; Slim Neck for Comfort
Moving Power: 8.75 out of 10
Ease of Wear: 8.5 out of 10
Shop: $71.10 Here with discount code FELICITY

OMG, this thing is thumpy. The Lux Active Throb is the new best butt plug with magnetic-propelled pulsation technology: first found in sex toys with the Fun Factory Stronic pulsating dildo series (starting in 2012). The Lux Active’s speedy pulses wiggle and jiggle and make my butt tingle. It’s very arousing, and the Lux Active Throb includes a remote control so no reaching down (and fumbling around) is needed to change speeds.

BMS Lux Active Throb thrusting butt plug review

I had two friends with prostates try (different) toys for this guide, to hear their thoughts too. D. said:

I got the Lux Active Throb package and opened it up, then felt it in my hand… It didn’t seem like much, but then I inserted it and turned it on. WOW, it felt great. I had warmed up first with a slimmer anal plug, because this is not small (but not big either). I put some slick lube on and slowly worked it in. The “Throb” expands gradually, so with the lube and a minute of patience, it was in! I started with the low speed out of the three, and it was MMMM at first, then I was so ready to move all the way to top speed!

It’s not exactly a P-Spot toy, but if I lean forward just the right way, I can make it angle in and hit the spot. Before that, I walked around for a few minutes with it bumping, bumping. I sat down and let it stroke right past my P-spot again, at which point I was hard and began to stroke myself. But I wanted the feeling to last, so I edged and got up and walked around more, using the remote to flip through the 10 thumping functions.

After almost an hour, I was so worked up — I sat down and finally stroked myself off with the Throb still…well, throbbing, inside me. It was incredible. Writing this makes me want to go charge it up and try again!

The Lux Active’s tapered “egg” shape is classic for easy butt plug wear (seriously, check out a SquarePegToys Egg Plug if you like really long-term anal plugging & fullness), and it’s simpler to get in because it is a firm toy. The canoe base more comfortable than a round one for wearing around; the only other reason I haven’t given it the highest rating for comfort is because it’s a tad wide after you wear it for, say, an hour. But the way the Luv Active’s neck thins down allows your sphincter muscles to close up some, and means you’re less likely to eject it from your ass if you orgasm while it’s inside.

Other Stats (Lux Active Throb): Waterproof submersible; USB rechargeable toy; remote takes a CR2032 battery (included); 3-month warranty through BMS Factory.

True Blue: Stroking Prostate Plug

Strokes 0.25″ via P-spot tip; Vibrating base
Moving Power: From 114 to 152 thrusts/minute (3 total speeds)
Ease of Wear: 7.0 out of 10 (but loud)
Shop: $81.00 Here with discount code FELICITY

Best prostate targeting. Most plugs here are magnet-propelled pulsation. The “True Blue” by Evolved is an exception: it thrusts due to streamlined bellows folds in the silicone, right under the P-spot tip. When my boyfriend sits on the True Blue (in a comfy chair, on top of a towel), he finds that it does curve inward and really provides more direct prostate stimulation than the pulsing plugs reviewed elsewhere in this guide. So, this plug is the hugest turn-on during masturbation: It “hooks right in and hits it and makes me aroused immediately,” he says.

True Blue Thrusting Prostate Vibrator size in hand

The thrusting is a quarter-inch length, a stroking massage. The secondary contact point is a vibrating perineum stimulator, medium-high power, so the vibes are strongest outside, but travel up into the “neck” of the insertable plug.

Ranging from 114 to 152 P-spot-stroking thrusts per minute, the True Blue is moving. The first function does slow down when inserted, but functions #2 and #3 (the highest steady speed) go strong, not deterred by even a tighter anal canal. The experience isn’t as intense as being pegged / longer thrusting strokes with a good dildo, but it’s super-convenient and easy if you don’t have a partner at hand. Biggest downside we found while watching him play with the True Blue: No remote control. This is definitely a “masturbate at home” product, since the thrusting mechanism means True Blue is a lil louder than a magnetic pulsating plug. Like our next candidate, the Velvet Hammer:

Other Stats (True Blue): Waterproof submersible; USB rechargeable; 10 steady thrusting-vibration functions (3 steady, 7 patterns); 5-year warranty through Evolved Novelties.

The General Wagging P-Spot Massager

Moves like it’s fingering you; Rumbly vibration
Moving Power: 8.75. From ≈96 to 120 strokes per minute; 0.45-inch back-and-forth range of motion.
Ease of Wear: 7.5 out of 10: comfortable, but circular base isn’t ideal for walking around wearing.
Shop: $81.00 Here with discount code FELICITY

OK, now this is a legit prostate massager. The automated stroking bulb focuses on the spot, moving back-and-forth almost half an inch. “The General”‘s wagging movement means only its tip moves, while the plug’s wider bulb and neck stay stationary. Stroke it!!! This is our new fave warmup to pegging, as the moving head gets him really turned on, how it moves a longer distance over the prostate, consistently.

Evolved General self-propelled massager & vibrator

It has rumbly vibration flowing through too, which is great as the plug’s neck vibrates the anal canal. (Big turn-on.) It has a remote control as well (not pictured), and is waterproof submersible.

The General’s large, rounded base definitely means it won’t get accidentally sucked in; but also means it’s not the best for extended wear (it can chafe the butt cheeks while walking). This vibrating massager’s neck is also very flexible, which diminishes the pressure a tad if you start thrusting it as a prostate dildo. Still, thumbs-up for the stroking tip + wider bulb below. I love the tech here! I used it as a clitoral stroker first, would recommend that too!

Velvet Hammer: Prostate Thrusting + Vibration

Thumps hard + angles to hit prostate; Vibrates outside
Moving Power: 8.75 out of 10
Ease of Wear: 5.0 out of 10
Shop: $67.50 Here with discount code FELICITY

Its thumping power equals the Lux Active Throb’s, but the Velvet Hammer may be more appealing depending on your wants. It:

  • Angles forward firmly, for prostate focus
  • Vibrates too (in the base section), stimulating the perineum (taint)

This toy is designed to be unisex, so it works as a G-spot + clit toy as well. I’ve certainly tested it that way myself: And the Velvet Hammer reminded of my exhilarating first test sessions with the ($169) Stronic G pulsator years ago—except I had to do less work to orgasm on the Velvet Hammer, due to its high-speed vibration too (not just jiggly pulsing). The Velvet Hammer’s two motors do work in sync, joined together; and you can cycle through the speeds using the remote.

Velvet Hammer thrusting butt plug - jiggling in hand
From my first attempt to get the thrusting on video: It kept wanting to jump outta my hand! Click above for YouTube demo.

My prostate tester said about this natural-eggplant-colored, thrusting vibrating plug:

100% the best thing if you like hands-free dildos but want to keep going after you orgasm. I haven’t tried a fucking machine yet, but this Velvet Hammer plug is closer to receiving anal sex than other sex toys I’ve had.

I warmed up with a smaller anal plug first, then was open to receive the Velvet plug. Right away I was turned on, and I liked it so much I moved to the second intensity level with the remote control. It does not bend like a dildo, so I moved my body by positioning pillows behind my back to get it to the right way so the “pulsating” end was going past my p-spot, and the vibrator bump was comfortable. The vibrations are strong, so that was nice too. It took ten minutes, and then I felt myself leaking precum. This is at the third function which is as strong as the pulsating goes. I held on, and it must’ve been another 10 minutes when the orgasm came on as I “cheated” and was stroking. Really, good good. Because this thing keeps going!

I haven’t tried wearing it around, the angle is a lot for that. At least, I would not wear it while active like I have other butt plugs to the grocery store or even while lifting. I will continue to use it relaxed in my bed instead. I probably would’ve wanted it in black but, having used the dark purple plug, I approve of this “Hammer”! Do make sure to wash well after with soap, since the lines take several minutes to clean up.
Velvet Hammer thrusting vibrator by Gender X with remote

So, really, the Velvet Hammer is more a toy for masturbation rather than a butt plug you’d wanna walk around wearing. It knows where it’s hitting: no way to miss P-/G-spot with its firm, forward body. The Lux Active Throb is more easily wearable; however, the Velvet Hammer’s warranty is 20 times as long: 5 years, vs. 3 months for BMS products. (You could get hammered again, and again, and again, and again…!)

Other Stats (Velvet Hammer): Waterproof submersible; USB rechargeable toy; remote takes a CR2032 battery (included); 5-year warranty through Gender X (Evolved Novelties).

Backdoor Banger: Beaded Sensation

Good Thumping; OOOH, the Beads Add Pressure
Moving Power: 8.5 out of 10
Ease of Wear: 8.25 out of 10
Shop: $78.30 Here with discount code FELICITY

Indeed, the Backdoor Banger bumpy “anal beads” is really nice jiggling, giving more feeling at the bottom bump, massaging the anal canal. It’s got bumping energy. I might linger on speed #2 (out of 3 steady levels) for a couple minutes, but full power draws me in quickly. You have to feel the bumping rhythmic thrusting!I love the graduated design for anal, it’s simpler to work the Backdoor Banger in… gradually… If you’re really tight, you might consider my top choice among glass plugs first (but do go slow to avoid overstressing your sphincter muscles!). The top bead being smaller, it’s easier for me to tease my hole and sphincters with Backdoor Banger first, instead of trying to progress to the full 1.6 inch diameter right away. One bump, two bumps … and three bumps, it’s in. The bottom bead is definitely what you’ll feel most, its width and firmness as Backdoor Banger bumps around inside. That, and the top of the round base pulse-pulse-pulsing against your butthole.

Backdoor Banger thrusting anal bead plug just out of package, with remote control and USB recharging cable visible. See how it gets bigger as you move toward the 3rd bump!

I handed the Backdoor Banger to a new friend for two months, to hear his take on this vibrating anal plug from a prostate perspective too. He was pretty new to anal play, so I gave him the medium & large size plug from my favorite training kit for anal too. And he worked his way up. Because Backdoor Banger’s remote control vibrating anal beads bump, bump, bump, at your anal opening, and the tip will hit the prostate if you lean the base forward about 45 degrees. C. concluded:

The action of the toy was nice. It’s more of a thumping than it is a thrusting, and the vibration gets pretty powerful. I’ve enjoyed playing with this as a vibrating prostate toy, so I will hold the base and lean it forward to thump against my P-spot. It took me about three tries before I worked my way up to the third bead, where this is widest. After my butt closed around it, then I understood the “Backdoor Banger.” Bam! I questioned the remote control at first because I’ve never owned a remote control vibrator, but I praise it now I’ve used it while sitting down on the plug… I look forward to using it again. I have not achieved an anal orgasm with it, but it makes me very excited and throbbing, so rubbing one out manually afterward feels amazing.

Similar to Lux Active (above), I recommend Backdoor Banger’s longer neck more highly than the A-Play Plugs by Doc Johnson from a design perspective. Backdoor Banger (by Evolved Novelties) has more “dropoff” from the widest plug section, so it locks in anally better. It lets your sphincter muscles close a little around the neck so you’re not so likely to shoot it out. Did you know that the asshole expands and contracts during any kind of orgasm, including penis orgasms, and clit and/or vaginal ones? The reason Backdoor Banger doesn’t get top marks for design is that the round base is a tad large, so it may chafe your crack if you walk around with it in for an hour or more.

Backdoor Banger between two “Experienced” sized A-Play Thrust plugs by Doc Johnson, which tend to pop out o’ my ass easier because their necks don’t narrow enough.

Other Stats (Backdoor Banger): Waterproof submersible; USB rechargeable toy; remote takes a CR2032 battery (included); 5-year warranty through Evolved Novelties.

Zero Tolerance *Tap It*: Prostate Focus & Vibration Too!

Designed for Prostate; + Good Vibrations
Moving Power: 8.0 out of 10 (but more focused more than other thrusting plugs)
Ease of Use: 8.5 out of 10
Shop: $76.50 Here with discount code FELICITY

Since every time I give a person with a prostate a thump- thrusting butt plug, they try angling it forward to use as a prostate massager: I figured we needed a really PROSTATE SPECIFIC option too. The Tap It by Zero Tolerance doesn’t wiggle-jiggle up and down like other “thrusting anal plugs” here: instead, it has a flapping, stroking bead that homes right in. See a demo of the motion here. Let me tell you, I’ve used this on my clitoris too, and the stroking is much more impactful than I expected. Like, I was trying to respond to a text from my new favorite lover, and I had to turn the Tap-It off so I could evaluate anything clearly (including places to have sex).

Zero Tolerance Tap It stroking prostate massager & vibrator review

AND it’s a vibrating anal plug too! The vibration power is solid mid-range good: strong enough, and not too high-pitched / buzzy. I’d say that the Zero Tolerance Tap-It is the strongest anal vibrator that also includes self-propelled motion. My vibe rankings reserve high numbers for very powerful vibrators, so I’d give Tap It a 6.5/10 for vibration power, which is more than enough when you pair the stroking motion.2 The vibrating motor is located in the perineum stimulator (the toy’s base), but travel up into the insertable portion too.

It is, of course, a prostate massager, so let’s dive in: D. recalls:

I was told this was a prostate “tapper” that massages, so I was very interested to open the box — because I’d love a machine that massaged the spot for me whenever I want! I would see… The remote control immediately fell out when I opened the package, so I picked it up to inspect a rocket-ship outline with two control buttons. I powered the toy on via the button on the base, then got the remote going too. Hmm! It does squeak as the bead moves, but the noise gets drowned out when you insert the plug. I lubed it up and teased it in… then sat on the Tap It for a minute. I felt myself getting hard as I turned up the tapping, not to mention the vibrations on my taint. So good, it is strong. I quickly went to the bed to lie down with it in. This is really a stroking like a finger tip. And it is fast. I feel I’m really close to achieving a prostate orgasm with it inside, I start leaking precum with the massage and the vibration. I didn’t know they made toys like this, super fun! The remote is good for changing up the pace too, I’m on the edge a LOT with this and the pulsing patterns are like a partner changing pace while working on me. So close… after half an hour I usually can’t stand it anymore and stroke to take the edge off!! Phew!

Aha! Do note that this Tap It vibrator – prostate massager is less wearable than the other plugs rated here — and I don’t necessarily think that’s a weakness, as your Tap It sessions will be best when you have all your attention focused on its thumping focus. (It’s for masturbation, not for walking around with!) The remote control makes it easy to change either (1) tapping function or (2) vibration function (Tap It has 10 of each, independently controllable). The only possible difficulty is if the Tap-It’s arched base doesn’t sit on your pelvic floor just right, as the front of the base should rest slightly behind your ballsack (and different people have different distances). In those cases, you’d want to lie down or lie on your side while using Tap It, instead of sitting on it — more comfortable. You also need to do a little extra work maneuvering Tap It’s tapping bead while you’re cleaning it, because there’s a recess there. Tip: Use a Q-Tip!

Other Stats (Tap It): Waterproof submersible; USB rechargeable toy; remote takes a CR2032 battery (included); 5-year warranty through Evolved Novelties.

A-Play Thrust by Doc Johnson: Yeah, It’s OK

Jiggly Enough; Comes in 2 Sizes
Moving Power: 7 out of 10
Ease of Wear: 6.5 out of 10
Shop: $72.00 – $81.00 Here with discount code FELICITY

The A-Play Thrust seemed like a hot new find in 2019 when first released! I’d just been testing out my first anal thrusting toys — Velvet Thruster Walter and then the Maia Max — and I knew a thrusting butt plug would be fun too, and easier to hang onto than a long, extended dildo! But when I actually tested the A-Play Thrust, I was underwhelmed by its pulsing movement.

It’s fun! It’s an addition to my sex play! It’s just… not anywhere near actually getting me to orgasm. (I was more impressed by the A-Play Rimmer rotating plug, really.) I think one unfortunate part about this pulsing butt-torpedo, noted several times already, is how it’s almost straight up and down. The neck is proportionally thick, with frankly not-enough dropoff from the plug’s thickest body point! So when I was testing it (because I don’t use the A-Play Thrust anymore), it kept trying to pop out as I was starting to contract from playing with my clitoris. Oh well. It was a good first try by Doc Johnson, I just think it’s been replaced by more remarkable thrusting anal plug choices over the last couple years. It includes a remote too, now a standard feature of thrusting butt plugs.

Doc-Johnson-A-Play-Vibe-A-Play-Thrust-A-Play-Rimmer plug display ANME July 2019

The one big plus of the A-Play plug is that the Adventurous size is a tad thinner than other thrusting plugs: 1.3 inches diameter vs. the 1.5 inches of the Lux Active and 1.6 inches of the Backdoor Banger.

Other Stats (A-Play Thrust): Waterproof-resistant (don’t submerge); USB rechargeable toy; remote takes a AAA battery (included); 1-year warranty through Doc Johnson.

Thunderplug by XR Brands: ARG the Pinchy Bellows

Longer Thrust; But Could Be Pinchy; Inflates
Moving Power: 6.5 out of 10
Ease of Wear: 2 out of 10
Shop: $119.99 Here

The Thunderplug line by XR Brands is like the person whose dating app profile seems great, but then you actually meet them and they have this FLAW. This one, big, glaring issue. Also several smaller…things that you probably could live with in a partner, if it weren’t for the “OMG I can’t take it” feature.

With the Thunderplugs, the issue is the “bellows” folds. The folded silicone allows the plug body to move up and down / in and out, a little more: so it’s thrusting half an inch. BUT. Then you try sitting on this plug, or you insert it too deep, and OUCH. Pinchy anal play. I tried lube, and I tried more lube. I even tried silicone lube! (Would not recommend!) In the end, I had to conclude: “I just couldn’t get greased up well enough to love the accordion-like part rubbing my sphincters.”

XR Thunderplug thrusting butt plug with remote control, upright

When I’m not being pinched, the stroke-thrusting is like a gentle fingering, and the plug does vibrate OK. Nothing really to write home about. The swelling function, honestly, to me seems like: “Let’s see how many other ways this could go wrong.”

Other Stats (Thunderplug): Water-resistant (do not submerge, really); USB rechargeable toy; remote takes a CR2032 battery (included); 30-day warranty through XR Brands.

Other Thrusting Anal Toys: Thrusters and Machines

Wearable butt plugs allow for a limited thrust length, up to a quarter inch, because they’re made to be small and convenient to sit on. If you want harder strokes, a thrusting dildo is a first choice for moderately intense stimulation. Or go for a full-on sex machine if you want the most thrusting power, because those toys’ larger motor bodies pack more oomph in! A fuck machine is definitely the most stall-resistant option, the most BAM you’ll find among anal sex toys. Quick recap:

  • Hismith Premium machine (use code PR10 for 10% discount): LOTS of thrust power, for more than all the above toys because this is a weighty monster. You take this thing up to high speed… and it is fast and hard. Very quiet for a fucking machine, too! It’s actually like a low-volume vibrator through 70% of the way up the Hismith Premium’s thrusting potential. Hismith’s KlicLok system is very secure, too; and the silicone attachments are getting tons better, including dual-density silicone!, or just get the Hismith suction cup attachment and stick your own silicone suction cup dildos on the machine.
  • Velvet Thruster XL; or Velvet Thruster Prime for more attachment options: The most realistic thrust length among thrusting dildos. The Prime’s suction cup can be helpful too! These are longer toys, so require some maneuvering to position comfortably. The silicone is semi-firm, so the shafts thrust realistically but are not realistically soft — you may or may not enjoy that.
  • BMS Naked Addiction Freak twirl-thrusting dildo: This one’s great because of the softer silicone! It’s quite fleshy. I love the screw-thrusting here, quite stimulating (but it’s a shorter thrust length than the Velvet toys, above: 1.5 inches max. or 1 inch typical use, vs. about 2.25 inches for Velvet Thruster). One real downside to Freak: its slightly over 30 minute battery life per charge. Feels so cool while it’s going, though!

How to Use a Thrusting Butt Plug

Remember that anal sex toys always require lubricant (anal lube safety info here), for comfort and to avoid tearing! Like any other butt plug, you want to make sure you’re well-lubed and ready to go when inserting an anal thrusting plug. Your sphincter muscles should be receptive, not forced to take more than they’re used to.

Because jiggle-thrusting plugs are so teasing, you may want to explore other ways besides simply lying back in bed with them. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Sit down and feel the thrust-throbbing… Then get up and walk around.
  2. Perhaps talk a walk outside? Ambient noise is a great way to hide the volume of the pulsation. (The Lux Active is the quietest of these plugs.)
  3. Hand a partner the remote.
  4. Move the plug more: Angle it by hand, or rock on its base.
  5. Added external stimulation is always good! That means stroking yourself, or using a vibrator up front… Or nipple play too.

And afterward? Like all the best adult toys, these thrusting plugs are made of body-safe materials: silicone, specifically. You can wash with soap and water in the sink. See fuller tips on how to sanitize body-safe sex toys here!


  1. It’s on a roll, just like inflatable anal toys: I like the Inflatable G best among inflatable anal plugs so far!
  2. 10/10 strength is reserved for vibes that make me want to climb the walls like the Viben Obsession, or Lovense Domi, on high.

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