Introducing Pleasure Tailor: 100% Custom Handmade Dildos

Exactly what you want, in silicone dildo form. The Pleasure Tailor’s concept struck me by surprise when I first browsed their site this past summer. No one makes toys that are totally tailored to individual customers; and no one makes triple-density silicone so well, either (as I later learned: my experience here!). I was curious but skeptical: How good could Pleasure Tailor’s triple-density toys be, starting at only $88 — vs. $130 and $275, respectively, for Uberrime’s and VixSkin’s three-layer-silicone offerings? So I went through the “Custom Pleasure Product Design Service,” honing and perfecting a dildo with the help of Pleasure Tailor’s founder, West. As soon as I felt the first version of my new toy, I knew that their triple-density was the best I’d ever felt.

🚩PLEASE NOTE, as of Nov. 2023, that Pleasure Tailor has a long-ass wait time, not shipping orders for 2+ months after they’re placed. Customization is not happening currently. Stick to Vixen Creations or Uberrime for triple-density silicone.

You can read all about what “triple-density” means here (including links to other Triple-D makers), and what the big deal is. Besides being impressed by the product quality, I got to know a little about the Pleasure Tailor’s core values during the couple months we worked together on my Triarx dildo. This is a truly ethical retailer, a new US-based business with all the best goals at heart.

Find more custom dildo options here, and the story of how Pleasure Tailor’s full custom dildo process went for me here!

In this post, I want to let the Pleasure Tailor’s founder, West, speak about how the Pleasure Tailor got started and what the business’s goals are! I’ll highlight phrases that showcase the Pleasure Tailor’s core commitments: to customized personal pleasure, to the best body-safe materials, to eco-friendly packaging, to diversity & inclusivity, and more. The following text (following the attribution to West) is a direct quotation:

West, of the Pleasure Tailor (responding to Phallophile’s final feedback on the Triarx Dildo): Adjustments to shape, size, texture, etc is exactly what we want to enable for the customers! 

I started this company for that exact reason. My partner and I could never find EXACTLY what we were looking for. There are SO MANY models out there, and they are all SO CLOSE, but nothing was ever perfect. It wasn’t until I started designing and crafting my own models that we finally got something “just right”. But not everyone has my background working with silicone, design, fabrication, etc. I don’t think that lack of access to affordable custom work is fair. That’s the primary reason I started the service, so that everyone else would at least have the option to customize their toys if they wanted. Way more than listing great designs, the ability for people to CUSTOMIZE those designs is what I’m really interested in.

I’ve also always been super concerned about the safety of what goes into someone’s body. Most products just list “marketing speak”. I wanted to be 100% sure we were using something safe, so that led to ONLY using 3rd party certified materials.

Also, I came across two craftsman who both separately had the same story. The pandemic had really reduced their work options, and the work they could find was low paying and without benefits. I’m a big believer in equality, dignity, and pride when it comes to work. So I offered them an extremely competitive pay rate to help me with fabrication with an extra payment on top to put towards benefit type expenses: health care, vacation time, retirement savings etc. We’re not large enough that I can employ them full time yet, but the plan is to keep growing and get there soon!

The environmental wording on the website is pretty self explanatory. I’m committed to being as “green” as possible. We recycle all our mold and blank materials. I think plastic shipping material is just wasteful. I’d rather use paper and cloth for shipping. These materials along with metal, glass, silicone, etc. inspire my craftsman side anyway. Lol, so maybe not shipping in plastic is more than just eco-friendly. It just feels mass produced and fake to me.

Amplifying under-represented voices is also super important to us. When we were reaching out to designers, we made a big effort to try and find bloggers and reviewers from all different communities, genders, identities, ethnic backgrounds, etc. We don’t want to be yet another company where men design for women, or where someone straight designs for someone LGBT, or any other combination of one identity designing for another. We really want to ENABLE expert voices from various communities to design toys that best suit THEIR OWN needs, tastes, style, etc. Especially for communities that may not be as well served by the large sex toy manufacturers. Just as one example, take dildos meant for packing. Yes, there are models out there designed for it, but it’s definitely not a large segment of the market, so it’s not going to be well served by the large manufacturers, and there aren’t many choices. But if you think about someone who is packing to support their identity, it is of critical importance, and perhaps they want something unique, something personal, definitely not something mass produced. We can offer that person individuality. I take pride in knowing that we can enable that for someone.

Then to take it one step further, we realize everyone is an individual, and just because someone from a community you identify with designed a toy, that toy might not be perfect for you. So it’s a two step process, offering designs from a wide variety of community experts as better starting points, and then letting individual customers modify and change those designs as needed for their own bodies. We are all individuals, equally deserving of pleasure and designs that uniquely work best for each of us.

The Pleasure Tailor did not pay for or sponsor this post, it was my idea. —Phallophile

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