FemmeFunn Versa S Review

FemmeFunn’s best-known for its popular Ultra Bullet vibrator, but revamps like the even-stronger Booster Bullet haven’t captured the original magic for me. Could a thicker little vibe outdo the Ultra Bullet? Perhaps… The FemmeFunn Versa Bullet with Remote Control follows the maker’s typical pattern: 3 steady speeds, all strong. Versa is compact, rounded, and quite powerful!

I’ll review the FemmeFunn Versa “S” Bullet kit here, complete with (1) the vibrator itself, (2) its remote control, and (3) a G-spot or prostate dildo that holds the bullet vibrator. What individual tastes is this small vibrator (plus silicone dildo!) kit suitable for? Skip to the end for a FemmeFunn Versa recap!

FemmeFunn Versa Bullet Strength & Functions

I’d rate the Versa Bullet an 8.5 / 10 on my bullet vibrator power scale: strong for a small vibrator (the FemmeFunn Versa is just over 3 inches length).1 The only other time in 2021 I was impressed by a bullet vibrator like this was when I got an Intense Travel Vibe Mini โ€” and its name is no lie: very strong for its size (and for its $28.99 price!). Amidst my 2021 sex adventures, I had a girlfriend want to permanently borrow my Intense Mini Vibe after trying it out during sex with a fuck-buddy of hers. Anyway, I digress.

What’s even better about the Versa Bullet ($54.99) is, it’s strong without being super-buzzy on high speed, function #3. The middle speed, function #2, is a happy middle ground between “power” and “deep vibration.” It’s got character, and I like it. Robust.

FemmeFunn Versa vibrator demo
See Versa *spin* in circles: click on the photo above to open in YouTube.

The Versa bullet vibrator by FemmeFunn also has 4 patterns, a reasonable amount to flip through. Unlike the Ultra Bullet’s killer 17 PATTERNS that every sex blogger under the sun found angry words about. Three of Versa’s patterns are ON-off-ON-off-ON-off variants that I wouldn’t impose on anyone’s clit, but function #6 is an escalating rolling pattern that agrees with me well enough.

This vibrator is sold with a matching remote control, in either a pretty purple or a powder blue; OR you can pick it up inside the Versa S Kit, including a silicone dildo that’ll vibrate with the Versa bullet inside.

Versa’s S Sleeve

The kit’s nonphallic (not dick-like) dildo hooks forward: like the top curve of an “S,” kind of? That’s for G-spot or prostate stimulation, since both erogenous zones like inward pressure.

The Versa S Sleeve dildo’s firm silicone makes sense for that purpose too (though some of us enjoy softer G-spot stimulation, ultra-firm toys like Njoy Pure Wand get the most rave reviews along the lines of “OMG wow I discovered my G-spot & squirted for the first time!!!”).

Versa S silicone dildo by FemmeFunn

The silicone is smooth, with a matte finish (not glossy / slick).2 It stays lubricated well compared to super-soft silicone, which tends to “eat” water-based lube more readily. And you will want lube when inserting the bullet vibrator inside…

Vibrating with the Versa Bullet Inside

The Versa dildo has a large “bullet hole” in its lower shaft, sized to fit the Versa bullet vibe exactly. The hole does need to be wet if you want to get it in. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lubricant will also make it easier to remove the vibrator after you’re done.

FemmeFunn Versa S kit vibrator inside silicone dildo (2)
See the lube oozing out the bottom of the hole.

The thick bullet ends right before the hole, so the power button isn’t accidentally pressed when you press the S sleeve dildo down for suction cup play, next…

OOPS: Using Versa’s “S Sleeve” Suction-Cupped

…BUT, even though the bullet is the right length, I would really recommend NOT pressing the Versa-equipped S Sleeve onto a smooth, flat surface. The suction cup does stick pretty well when you do that. The vibrator makes a racket, however. That’s a lot of clanky, buzzy noise as the plastic vibe moves powerfully against the hard surface below. Hear it stuck onto my bath/shower’s linoleum here (YouTube demo). It’s louder in person.

So yeah, this is a strong vibrating dildo that you’d probably want to just thrust by hand, not ride, so avoid the loud noise! When you don’t have the Versa vibrating dildo suction-cupped down, it’s so much more discreet.

My Versa Experience vs. Your Preferences

I like this bullet vibrator because it is wide (for a small vibe) AND, most importantly, the tip is super-rounded. It’s a flatter surface, not a sharp pinpoint โ€” nor the slanted “lipstick tip” popular on clitoral vibrators.

FemmeFunn Versa bullet vibrator review - size in hand

The Versa Bullet’s big rounded tip makes sense for me, it fits my preferences well! I don’t like slanted tips because I don’t enjoy focused steady clitoral vibrations. I like being rubbed down, I like being massaged clitorally. So if I’m moving a lipstick-style bullet, the bottom edge is going to be dragging into my vulva. That’s not awful, but it’s a half-second blip of ๐Ÿค” that throws me off with every downstroke. I’d compare it to a steady vibration intensity that โ€” once every 5 seconds โ€” has this tiny pause. WHY. Why would I want that interruption in my clitoral enjoyment. I wouldn’t, so I don’t use the We-Vibe Tango for fun.

Instead, the Versa bullet is suited for those of us who like their clit stimulation a tad wider, without sharp edges. Of course it’s not a big wand by any means: so if you want really all-over clit vibrations, a wand massager is the obvious choice. But the Versa is a small vibrator, only 3 inches long, that still is achieving the power of some mid-sized wand massagers & many G-spot vibes too.

The Versa bullet shakes, absolutely jarring against skin with the vibe intensity. That’s not a bad thing, if you’re looking for power. I didn’t even realize how “shaky” it is until I popped the Versa bullet inside my vagina, to test out the remote control. Whoa! My unwarmed-up vag walls feel assaulted for a second (my fault, no lube either) and then it got really good when I started changing speeds through the remote, omg. Magically, the rhythms that annoyed my clitoris pulse-pulse-pulsed me away to orgasm within the first minute.

And the Versa bullet isn’t exactly a G-spot vibrator when it’s inserted; it’s shaking the vaginal opening / introitus, the first couple inches. (Lots of nerve endings there.)

The FemmeFunn Versa’s shorter size makes it easier to fit in for clit stimulation. When I’m lying back and wiggling my extra-long SquarePegToys Leo dildo, for example, the Versa bullet’s petite size doesn’t interfere. Being thicker, though, it’s not going to be as simple to hang onto: the Versa Bullet’s missing the easy-bulb grip of the Ultra Bullet. The Ultra Bullet is meant for hanging onto during penis-in-vagina sex, when more movement is involved. In contrast, you’ll be a lot more likely to drop the Versa Bullet if you’re not in total control (if you’re not just masturbating).

The Versa bullet is also ABS plastic; it’s not silicone like the Ultra Bullet. So it’s slicker, slipperier.

But you will NOT be dropping this vibrator if you’ve got it inserted inside the “S Sleeve” silicone dildo that forms a kit with the Versa bullet. The S Dildo’s curve feels more dramatic due to its firm silicone. It seems bigger than its 1.5-inch diameter would suggest, like about 1.75 inches at the G-/P-spot curve.

The “head” is sleek, with no textures at all. It glides back and forth past my G-spot when I do thrust; pushes in, but doesn’t catch on my pelvic bone on the pull-out, like a dildo with a real bulb or a phallic ridge would. In that way, it’s a bit frustrating for me. I need a ridge! And forgiving silicone, that feels fleshier as I stroke it! Anyone who’s a fan of smoother stimulation may find the Versa dildo more to their taste.

Either way, the Versa’s S dildo vibrates well with the thick & potent bullet inside. The silicone mutes the power slightly. But because firm silicone does channel vibration better, I still sense maybe 80% of the Versa’s vibration intensity coming through the S dildo’s head.

Plum and maroon sex toys - Satisfyer Curvy 1, FemmeFunn Versa bullet n S Sleeve, Oxballs Bubbles Max, Lustful Intimate Massager
Burgundy & plum sex toys. In my hand is a Bubbles Max sucker.

Finally, I have to confess that the FemmeFunn Versa Kit’s single color choice instinctively annoyed me, as someone who’s prejudiced against Aggies.3 I railed against what appeared to be maroon. Happily, in person I’m seeing less maroon, and more “plum” notes to this sex toy’s color โ€” especially as it grows more fuchsia in bright light. It’s actually really close to Oxballs’s Bubbles Max strong nipple suckers in glitter Plum, which I heartily approve of!

How to Operate the Versa Bullet with Remote Control

OK, so the biggest “how to” you need to know about the Versa S Kit is that you need to hold the power button down for a good little while, to get it to turn on.

Press down on the single control button for 5 seconds. Not a quick tap. Then, you push again for quicker function changes. The button cycles through all 7 vibration functions.

FemmeFunn Versa vibrator how to use
See the Versa bullet’s FF control button in center; magnetic recharging nodes below.

Or, find the remote control’s CR2032 battery, neatly included in a separate baggie inside the packaging. Put the battery inside the remote, then hold the bullet’s power button down for 5 seconds, and press the button on the remote control too. Then flip, flip, flip to find the intensity you want.

The Versa bullet is USB magnetic rechargeable (by far the best vibrator recharging choice: just clip those magnetic nodes in place, snap) and it’s waterproof submersible.

FemmeFunn Versa S Kit Recap & Ranking

I think FemmeFunn has outdone the Ultra Bullet’s power in the Versa Bullet with Remote. It’s stronger, and I enjoy the wider tip, personally. The Versa bullet is shorter and fatter (which is pretty much my style for dildos as well!). This vibrator fits beautifully in for clit stimulation if I’m jerking a long silicone dildo vaginally, too. ๐Ÿ’ฆ

The Versa bullet’s remote will be more helpful if you’ve got a partner who wants to use it while you’re holding the vibrator in place. The remote’s not an essential for me clitorally, as this vibe has a nice small number of functions: only 7 to flip through. But the remote became an extra bonus when I decided to use the Versa bullet vaginally, like a love egg.

As for the Versa S Kit (with dildo), I see it as a good option if you:

  • Like abstract toys.
  • Want firm-pressure G-spot or prostate stim.
  • Probably don’t really NEED a suction cup dildo.

I would go for the bullet alone over the full kit myself, because I like softer G-spot toys (and ones with ridges to rub, not just a hook that pushes forward). I’ve found the Versa dildo with the vibe inserted to be obnoxiously loud *if* you do suction-cup it to a shower or bathtub. Do be ready to move this vibrating dildo by hand, or wear it in a harness, if you’re going for the Versa 3-piece set.

Find the Versa bullet & remote here.

Find the Versa S Kit with dildo, vibrator, & remote here.

Save 10% โฌ†๏ธ by typing code FELICITY in the discount/gift card box at checkout.

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  1. The bullet scale gives more credit to these small vibrators, rating them about 25% higher (on a 10-point scale) than I rank G-spot vibes or wand massagers. Those have room for more power inside their bigger bodies!
  2. This silicone does tend to collect “water spots” on its surface after it’s lubricated & washed. Wash well and wipe with a towel (a lint-free microfiber cloth if you’re fancy) to avoid spots. To remove already-dried spots on the Versa S dildo, wipe them down with 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes, and then wash with soap and water and blot with a cloth.
  3. I would point to the burnt-orange tones of SquarePegToys’s fantastic (& first-of-its-kind) SuperSoft Bronze silicone, obviously the superior product compared to the FemmeFunn S Sleeve dildo. But I digress, again. (If you don’t understand this joke, move on, it’s OK you’re not from Texas. As long as you’re not still somehow an A&M fan ๐Ÿ˜„)

2 thoughts on “FemmeFunn Versa S Review”

  1. Hi Felicity!
    The FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet was my very first (good) vibrator (purchased in 2016) and has remained one of my go-to toys, especially for partnered sex. I even had one die in 2017 or 2018 and used the warranty to get a replacement AND got my friend one for Christmas in 2020. Unfortunately both of ours are dead (won’t charge) and are out of warranty (my friend already had to replace hers under the warranty within the first 6 months of using it). I’ve noticed that the current ultra bullet uses magnetic charging (we had the ones with the port charging hole) and been investigating/researching – mostly using your website and youtube channel – to decided what to buy for myself to replace my old ultra bullet and what to recommend to my friend. I don’t think either of us hate all of the patterns of the ultra bullet and like that it’s flexible, silicone and easy to hold onto during partnered sex. Would you recommend we stick with that? And hopefully the newer version will last us longer? Also, because I’m me, I would consider buying both a new ultra bullet and the versa if the latter can be used in dildos other than the one that comes in the S kit. Have you tested that out? What would you recommend?
    P.S. Love that you’re from Texas – hook ’em and ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป

    • Hi hi! Thanks for reading!

      I believe the issue with Ultra Bullet not lasting over a year is down to its flexibility, rather than its charging system. Being able to bend it so much means it’s structurally weaker โ€” so if lots of force is regularly put against the body, the motor core will be affected at some point.

      A year’s worth of use for $49.99 (that’s less than a buck is a week!) seems like it’s worth getting another Ultra Bullet, if you value its flexibility and you enjoy the vibe quality.

      Because the Versa Bullet is wider, and it doesn’t have that bulb like the Ultra Bullet, I’d say it harder to hold onto during sex (with another person, where you’re probably moving/balancing more).

      Being wide, the Versa bullet really won’t fit into dildos with holes in the base. (Or if you do fit it, the hole will tear more if the dildo’s soft silicone.)

      So yeah, the Versa bullet is really best, IMO, for holding against the clit while you’re lying back in bed masturbatingโ€”or having a partner who isn’t actively penetrating you hold it!


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