Powerhouse Vibe Review, by Gender X

Looks bland, feels super: The Powerhouse Vibe by Gender X/Evolved is absolutely a toy that I didn’t expect to love. But I’ve been powering up the Powerhouse, every day, because its name is not nonsense marketing: It’s got good power! I enjoy holding this vibrating dildo stick against my clit, thrusting it vaginally, and it can be an anal toy too.

The Powerhouse Vibe is a toy that grrrrs. A robust, thumping kind of vibration that immediately won my clit over. I turned this sucker on and was impressed; I shifted it to vibrate my clit through the jeans I was wearing at the time. Speeeed, I say; the Powerhouse Vibe’s flexible black body pressing into my underwear, and on vibration intensity level #2, I was able to orgasm—even through a fabric barrier!—in a minute.

But this “Powerhouse” is assuredly better when: (1) actually touching your skin or (2) inside your body (anal or vaginal use). This Gender X Powerhouse review will compare the Powerhouse’s power to a few of my vibrating favorites, plus describe my experience with this flexible silicone vibrator.

Gender X Powerhouse Vibration Strength & Features

I’d give this Powerhouse Vibrator an 8.5/10 for its top vibration intensity. That means it’s edging past the top speed of high-quality G-spot vibrators, and moving into the range of the best wand massagers for sheer strength.

Reverberating is a good word for the Powerhouse’s vibration. It’s like all the little ripples down the Powerhouse Vibe’s shaft symbolize waves of vibration, echoing round. In a way that’s forceful, stronger than almost any bullet vibrator — but not quite the BAM of the strongest wand vibes.

Gender X Powerhouse Vibe review - for featured

The Powerhouse’s vibration isn’t the rumbliest: it reminds me more of a wand vibrator’s feel. With bands of vibration all over the Hertz range, so, for example, vibrator-users are divided on whether to call Magic Wands and Doxy wands “rumbly” vs. “buzzy.” The Powerhouse’s vibe quality most reminds me of the PalmPower Recharge, a potent smaller wand. (Except the PalmPower’s harder to keep a hold on, whereas the Powerhouse is always secure in my hand, as I’ll tell you in the next section: Powerhouse goes well with larger dildo use).

Gender X Powerhouse Vibe review - how to operate vibration functions

How to Control Gender X Powerhouse. This vibrating dildo’s got 12 functions total; 3 of them are steady speeds, and 9 are pulsing patterns. They’re controlled by one button, inside the loop-ring that serves as a grip for the Powerhouse Vibe. Hold down the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on. Then press lightly to cycle through the 12 speeds & vibration patterns one after the other.

How to Charge Gender X Powerhouse: Nearby—on the left side of the shaft when you’re looking at the brand name—is the dot (above the letters DC) into which you insert the charging prong for the Gender X Powerhouse’s USB recharging cable. Just poke it through the silicone; it’s “self-healing.” The Powerhouse is still water-resistant enough to take in the shower or to wash off in the sink, no worries about water splashes.

My Powerhouse Vibe Experiences

I’ve really appreciated this GenderX vibrator for 3 reasons:

  • It’s strong, in a robust way.
  • It’s semi-flexible. I love that for comfort reasons: the vibrator’s shaft yields if it’s banging into my pubic bone internally (when I’m going for G-spot stimulation). It’s still got a firm motor core in the top, but then there’s this section of the lower shaft that’s not so cored, allowing more bendy-ness.
  • The loop grip is handy! A pun, because my hand has taken to it. The loop ring that makes up the Powerhouse Vibe’s “base” is very useful in controlling the angle of the vibrator, especially when I’m pressing the Powerhouse’s head harder into my pelvic floor or thrusting it and going for G-spot stim.

Speaking of which, I was thrusting the Powerhouse one night—while waiting for a partner to come back from washing his hands, as directed. Then, his task was to thrust it for me. At first, this man was just pushing it in and out, in and out, parallel with the bed. That wasn’t working for me, because my vagina is all about the forward pressure. The front-wall massage, the G-spot rubbing. He had to be instructed to angle the Powerhouse upward a good 30 degrees. Then it got good.

Gender X Powerhouse Vibe review - flexible shaft
Flexible part of the shaft bent, under my first 3 fingers.

And that’s where I truly enjoy this toy. I’m a fan of flexible vibrators because they have a more forgiving feel during thrusting. If you’re more sensitive to pressure as well, or like realistic gentleness, then you’ll understand why a rock-hard toy can be “Meh.” The Powerhouse, then, is a far cry from glass dildos or a Pure Wand—which I’ve devoured on occasion, but don’t pull out for regular daily use.

Flexibility (or super-softness) is my style, so the Powerhouse by Gender X offers that flex well: with 2 inches of “shaft” bending under pressure.

I’m also struck by how much I like the ergonomics of the loop base. That plastic ring (which meets the Powerhouse Vibe’s silicone shaft) makes the vibration feel more integrated with my hand. Like its waves are flowing right from my fingers. I don’t have to be as precise with my grip.

Gender X Powerhouse Vibe review - in hand, loop grip

Useful when I’ve been using the Powerhouse Vibe clitorally of late, paired with the SquarePegToys Leo’s long thickness. That beautiful super-soft silicone dildo is all the way in me, its wavy head nestling into the deepest spot in my vagina; while I’ve got my finger looped through the Powerhouse and am working up from speed #1 to sometimes speed #3 at orgasm. (I often stay on speed #2: that’s the one that’s strong enough to make me orgasm through pants.) I really prefer the Powerhouse to holding a small bullet vibrator on my clit, because the former is like having control over two dildos at once; both of them easily stimulating me.

When playing with the Powerhouse’s intensity, I remember that Evolved (the co-company of Gender X) also makes the DAMN IT’S STRONG Ballistic dildo. I’ve rated that toy a 10/10 for top power, which is remarkable in a smaller toy. That dildo’s shaft is not joking when you turn it on. It’s a dominatrix-kinda dildo, it wants to own you.

The Powerhouse isn’t quite as strong; remember, I gave it an 8.5 out of 10 for max power. That means I can actually use the Powerhouse for more than 5–10 minutes straight, vs. the eee-aaah! jolting nature of the Ballistic’s lowest speed, which numbs me out before long. Die-hard power fans will feel differently; I gravitate toward solid “moderately strong” vibration.

Overall, I’ve found the Powerhouse most satisfying when I want assertive vibrations, held clitorally. It’s designed to be anal-friendly too (with its black color & flared base), but my butt attention’s been controlled by the Gold Digger metal bead plugs from the same product line. And vaginally, thrusting the Powerhouse Vibe at a slight upward angle has pleased me. But ultimately, for G-spot thrusting the Gender X Powerhouse can never replace the Pillow Talk Sassy. That vibrator by BMS Factory has rumblier vibration, more speed range (fully adjustable intensity that starts gentler than Powerhouse), and of course a bulbous “Come hither” curve.

Gender X Powerhouse Vibe review - vs. Pillow Talk Sassy
Powerhouse, top; PT Sassy, bottom.

The Powerhouse, though, wasn’t meant to be a pure “spot” (G-spot or prostate) vibrator; it was meant to be a multipurpose one. It’s like a slimline vibrator gone wild 👙⚡🌴💦, with its bigger body and more intense vibes.

The silicone has a matte finish with a light ripple texture. I can’t feel those waves except to tell that the Gender X Powerhouse is not totally smooth. (Yay, because I don’t much like smooth toys vaginally!) The silicone does develop water spots if you don’t wipe it down well after washing & drying (a lint-free cloth is preferred).1 Finally, the battery life is OK, maybe 50 minutes max. (with my use concentrated on speed #2, the middle steady speed). This battery life reminds me of Blush Novelties’ Impressions strong vibrating suction cup dildos—all these toys are potent, so their battery life is less than an hour. Happily, unlike Impressions toys, the Powerhouse’s on/off button isn’t difficult to operate.

Powerhouse by GenderX Recap & Rating

A lot of power in a small dildo-stick. The Powerhouse waterproof vibrator is a long massager that you can choose to use for anal play, for vaginal penetration, or for clitoral stimulation. The latter happens to be my favorite, because the Powerhouse’s loop grip and flexibility make it a lovely addition when I’m using a different vaginal toy.

All in all, the Powerhouse Vibe is most recommendable for a person or couple who want:

  • wand-feels power,
  • but in a dildo-like insertable toy.

Find the Powerhouse Vibe here.

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  1. They’re not harmful, but they’re noticeable because of the black silicone.

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