Gold Digger Set Review: Anal Bead Plugs

100% the most fun beginner anal plug kit I’ve tried🎉: The Gold Digger Set by Gender X/Evolved is made up of 3 metal plugs, each with 3 anal beads. Even if you’re new to anal, the beads POP in this incredible way that’s stimulating but not overwhelming—assuming you lube them up well, and start with the small Gold Digger plug. They’re light and so enjoyable to thrust/wiggle in and out your butt!

If you’re tight anally, then the firm golden metal makes these SO much easier to get past your anus, into your rectum. I’ve neglected anal play for…over a year, so this metal Gold Digger plug kit was absolutely the kick I needed to start enjoying butt stuff again. They just so much more interesting than normal tapered plug kits—which are useful, they’re effective in getting you toward taking standard-size sex toys (or a partner’s penis) anally. But unlike the Gold Diggers’ bead, those sloped/spade-spade sets are not orgasmically sensational, in my experience. I’ll contrast the Gold Diggers’ bump-bump-bumpity bead shape vs. the Mood Naughty 1 popular anal trainer kit below!

This Gold Digger Set review will continue to describe these plugs’ weight and composition; plus how I’ve used the beaded plugs to get my anal groove back on.

Gold Digger Features

Gold Digger plugs are sold in the 3-piece kit seen in this review; or you can buy each plug separately here.

Gold Digger Set review - 3 beaded plugs, small to large comparison
Start from the top! Sizes small, medium, and large Gold Digger by GenderX.

The bead-plugs’ length is an aluminum alloy, which is made to be safely nonporous & sanitizable—like all good (body-safe) sex toys should be. (I know my ass deserves better than PVC sex toys.) Then, each Gold Digger anal plug has a black faux-gem in its base.

Important: These Gold Diggers have a very sufficient flare. The circular base is almost half an inch wider than the biggest bulb, for every size Gold Digger. This contrasts with many jewel butt plugs, where the base and the bulb width have the same max. diameter—so some individuals can find the plug getting sucked up into their rectum & being a scare to remove. Not a problem with these golden anal plugs.

The product name is cheeky, of course. GOLD DIGGERS.

Gold Digger Set review - aluminum plugs vs Benjamins

Happily, these Gold Diggers aren’t out to empty your bank account. They not all about the Benjamins seen above. The most expensive (large size) Gold Digger sells for $29.99, great pricing for a body-safe dildo. Or the full set of 3 Gold Digger plug sizes is $59.99, if you need to work on sizing up (like I did).

Finally, metal is so easy to wipe down and clean, too. It doesn’t retain butt odor the way softer silicone anal plugs tend to do.

My Experience

I love the aluminum in these plugs, how it feels. (The gold color looks sweet too.) It’s hard like stainless steel, yet it weighs less. So every bead is intense, and moving the strand is the best. But I’m not doing a lot of work to hang onto a heavier metal. (Like how the Pure Wand is surprisingly heavy once you start using it.)

So with the Gold Digger Plugs, it’s this great balance between “firm popping textures” and “I can jiggle this in my butt for an hour but my hand isn’t worn out.”

Even better, the small sizing. I was really out of practice. SUPER not doing anal since last spring. So, I was pretty much back to “anal beginner” level—except I know my limits, and how to stretch: #1. Go slow, #2. Be gentle & stop if you feel pain, and #3. LOTS of lube. #4. Rest if your butthole feels overextended.

Gold Digger Set review - 3 anal bead plugs vs. Neo Elite 7.5 Inch silicone dildo
Gold Digger plugs standing up next to a tapered all-in-one stretching toy, Neo Elite 7.5″ dual-density silicone.

The small Gold Digger plug absolutely is small.1 Some people may be able to skip it. I am not one of those people; my rectum is small. So it was perfect for me: The first bead was so easy to insert after I lubed it well; and then my butt took another 2 minutes to get used to the size of beads #2 and #3. Very comfortable.

I’d recommend these tips on getting your first anal plug in:

  • Use a lube applicator (lube “shooter” or “launcher.” 🙌 Hooray, this makes it so much slicker all around your inner sphincter muscles. You don’t have to rely on the toy to push in lubricant: which it won’t do totally evenly.
  • Use thicker lube too. I’m in love with Simply Hybrid Jelle for anal. It’s a thick, glycerin-free gel that stays on toys well, but isn’t greasy or a pain to clean up. Being thicker, it is tougher to squeeze from a lube launcher, so you might launch some Aqua Jelle, and then add Hybrid Jelle to the plug later (after pulling it out of your butt) as needed.

OK, so I love firmer sex toys for anal when I’m not playing regularly. They’re much easier to get inside, since they don’t fold over. This applies to metal and glass butt plugs. In contrast, when I was more regularly stretched a couple years ago, the SquarePegToys Egg Plugs’ silicone was awesome once I got up to that small size — just for wearing around during the day. The SuperSoft silicone is squishy so it’s more comfy for holding in for 2–3 hours and walking around.

In contrast, the Gold Digger Set I think excels for lying back and masturbating. Because of how the firm aluminum POPs. Lightly moving the plug in and out, like a shorter dildo. Eeeeh! 🤩 I wanted to come almost immediately after I got the small Gold Digger’s second bead in… then moved down to the third, the full length. I pulled out my favorite recent vibe for clit play (when I’ve got something in my vag, or now, my butt) and wrapped my finger through its loop, very turned on.

Before I tried the small in the Gold Digger Set, I’d been worried that their beads would be too intense. Would the “dropoff” between each bulb’s width and the thin neck connector underneath be painful to thrust?

Once I was real lubed up—another big drizzle of Hybrid Jelle—then: No, the beads are still great to move. I thrust slowly, sense the second bead massaging and rippling, go all the way for the third bead and have the jewel base touching my anus.

For the MOST dramatic effect with anal beads, this is what you do: Insert the full strand length, then pull all the beads out. But slowly, mind you, slowly. Ripping out a long strand of anal beads, I’ve heard, with too much force can cause accidents. The Gold Digger Large, though, is still a shorter length, so it’s unlikely to provoke colon movement.

As I progressed with my Gold Digger testing, I found myself able to move from size small to large in the same session, one lazy Saturday. The increase in size between these beads is not large, so it’s not going to stress out your sphincter muscles at all. I felt so accomplished when I got the “large” strand in! I wanted to move onto my Chrystalino Planets beaded glass dildo right away, but its second bead was getting to be too much for my anus for one day!

Gold Digger Plug large by Gender X, vs. Chrystalino Planets beaded glass dildo
Don’t use Sharpies as sex toys, kids. Gold Digger large, for scale.

The increasing length is the biggest difference between Gold Digger Set sizes, really. I could easily get the small’s full length in, medium size was fitting fine too, and then large size started hitting deep!

All sizes are short enough to sit on just fine. But, they’re much more fun to wiggle and to move in and out, than to wear around like a softer silicone stretching plug. It was a breeze to wear size medium Gold Digger plug around my apartment for an hour (after I’d played with the small one for 5 minutes). Inserting it really turned me on, again. I got used to the beads soon, though, just holding them in place. I could feel them there, but they weren’t doing as much as when I was moving them by hand. Though I’d recommend being careful about sitting down sharply while leaning forward while wearing a longer metal plug: A twinge of “Oooh, that is hard!” followed for a second. And that’s the only discomfort I’ve experienced with the Gold Digger Set.


I love the golden color. The black gem is OK. Its contrast with the plugs’ gold is sexy. The “gems” are plastic, and there are tiny imperfections where the black meets the gold. But the biggest Gold Digger plug costs 50% to 63% less than jewel plugs with Swarovski crystal bases.

Gold Digger Set vs. Mood Naughty 1 Plugs

See below a photo sizing up the Gold Digger Set vs. the Mood Naughty 1 silicone plug set:

Gold Digger Set vs. Mood Naughty 1 - butt plug size comparison
Mood Naughty pictured in 3 sizes, in a mix of black and Pride-confetti colors (each color sold separately); vs. similar-sized Gold Digger counterparts.

I’ve often recommended Mood Naughty as the best first butt plug kit, and I’ll hold to that: Because that taper (the gently sloped pyramid shape) is gentlest for expanding tight sphincter muscles. If you’ve got no anal experience, a Mood Naughty small or medium size makes sense.

But the Mood Naughty plugs are more functional than fun, IMO; they lack textures. If you’re someone who does end up liking textures in their butt, bulbs and ridges give that extra sensation. (A whole silicone fantasy toy market, full of wild nonhuman dildo shapes, was founded on anal play!) The Gold Digger Set’s greater length also has benefits over Mood Naughty for:

  • Going a little deeper: Closer to the back of the rectum, which some folks really like being stimulated.
  • Angling forward, for prostate play. Mood Naughtys are shorter & have too-flexible necks to accomplish that well. The bulb tips of the Gold Digger Set aren’t the ultimate prostate massagers for sure, but will work to help you find that spot before progressing to (curved) prostate-specific toys.

Gold Digger Set Packaging

OK, so normally I don’t care about sex toy packaging, with safe products. BUT metal’s polished surface is a little fragile: it can get nicks if you drop it, or it collides with other objects. So, immediately when I unboxed this Gender X Gold Digger Set, I was impressed by the care that the manufacturer put into packaging it.

Gold Digger Set review - invidual packaging, 3 storage pouches
Removing the small Gold Digger plug from its 4-layer packaging!

Each Gold Digger plug: (1) was wrapped in paper, (2) which was wrapped in cellophane, (3) which had a rubber band to keep the wrap in place, (4) and all that was put in an individual drawstring storage pouch. Kudos to the maker for safeguarding this product during shipping, where packages get thrown around, literally! Plus, you can then use its individual storage pouch to keep any Gold Digger plug padded, protected against surface abrasion inside your drawer or toybox.

Gold Digger Set Recap

This Gold Digger Set totally sold me on anal play again when I’d been out of the game. They’re good-looking, they’re easy to get inside, they’re well-sized to move from the small to the large plug without hurting your anus.

But best of all: The popping beads are my favorite kind of anal feeling, more fun for me than thrusting a phallic dildo in my butt. I like the pressure, bump-bumping; smoothly rounded so I can thrust them without awkwardness—once I’m lubed up and warmed up. I would totally recommend these to anyone who wants their smaller anal toy to be a fun moving experience, instead of a utilitarian tool.

Find the Gold Digger aluminum bead plugs here.

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  1. As opposed to like, a SquarePegToys Leo or Mel “small” that’s 1.75 to 2 inches diameter; or an Oxballs Ergo “small” that’s this chunky (but short) plug.

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