First Butt Plug Review: Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Anal Plug Kit

Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Plug Kit featured image

The First Butt Plug I Wish I’d Had: Mood Naughty Trainer Kit

For a first butt plug, I *cannot* recommend Doc Johnson’s Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Kit enough. It’s body-safe silicone in perfect tapered shapes—so easy to insert. And, the size increments between the 3 plugs are actually sane: no huge leaps up (*cough* Perfect Plug Kit *cough*). Also, Mood Naughty Plugs’ T-bar bases fits between your butt cheeks well; they don’t rub like a “jewel” plug can. So many people do wind up with round jewel bases in their first butt plug—and those are cute, but they’re really not great to wear around. Sure, they’ll turn you on, make you wet and aroused, but chafing is a common complaint.

Holy hell, I wish I’d had the Mood Naughty set when I was first exploring anal sex! (Lots of missteps there.) Even today, when I’m looking to work up to an above-average-size plug like the excellently squishy Oxballs Ergo or SquarePeg Egg Plugs, I’ll pull out the biggest Mood Naughty silicone butt plug.

This beginner’s butt plug review will go through the *hows* and *whys* of the Mood Naughty 1 Kit, with 3 plugs. How is its tapered shape ideal, and why choose this kit over other options?

Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Plugs Overview

So why do I rate Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Kit so highly for new plugging adventures? Because their design is classic—and excellent for that reason. All the Mood Naughty plug features I’ll discuss add up to one thing: Comfort. (Not to mention ease of use, and SAFETY.)

The Tapered Shape

All the best beginners butt plugs share one trait: a taper. A gradual slope. Their shape starts small, then widens progressively. This tapers allows your sphincters to be stretched gently. So you don’t hurt yourself by starting big.

The Mood Naughty plugs are cookie-cutter-classic in terms of how gradual their taper is. It doesn’t get any easier, if you’re a new butt plug wearer trying to insert an anal toy for the first time. Still, as noted in the tips in the next section, you might want to go slow to take the full length.

And Mood Naughty Plugs do start small but they’re not pointy at the top—they’re just rounded enough. My first butt plug was a Tantus Perfect Plug, and it was poky. 😝 Not so with Mood Naughty 1, size small.

Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Plug Kit featured crop 1
Pictured alongside pointy spikes—but these plug tips are not poky at all. From left to right: sizes large, medium, and small. 

The Thin Neck

After the whole “bulb”—the body—of any Mood Naughty plug is in, the narrow neck will allow your sphincters to close up some. I love this for comfort reasons. When I’m wearing a plug around, my anal canal prefers to not be stretched continually. My sphincters want to close up again, and the narrowness of Mood Naughty necks lets that anal muscle relax.

I can wear Mood Naughty plugs for hours with no discomfort—like my other favorite (firm) silicone plugs for long-term wear, the b-Vibe Snug Plugs. Those b-Vibe plugs are harder to get in because they’re not very tapered at the top, so I recommend the size #2 to anyone who has a little plugging/fingering experience and who wants to feel some wiggling in their booty as they move around (weighted balls inside!).

The Base

So-called “T-bar” bases are far superior to round bases for longer plug wear, because the former follow the curve of the wearer’s butt crack. They also are much less likely to slip inside the rectum—ER disaster waiting to happen—than jeweled “princess” plugs. Jewel plugs might look cute, but I recommend an Njoy Pure Plug if you want the *heft* and hardness of a metal plug. (Pure Plugs feature a larger loop base, not a round one.)

Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Plug Kit pink
The Mood Naughty Trainer kit is also available in pink.

Mood Naughty plugs have a loooong T-bar base, that fits into my crack perfectly. It’s flat, and it just sits right. It keeps the plug outside my ass securely, and I barely notice it at all.

The only possible negative of a T-bar base is that Mood Naughty plugs are not good to wear during vaginal sex. The front of the base actually ends smack-dab in the middle of my vaginal opening; there’s no way I could wear it while having sex with a penis or a dildo.1 But I can play clitorally—like with the bad-ass We-Vibe Melt clit “suction” pulsator—while I have my large Mood Naughty in, no problem.

The Sizing

I’m reviewing Mood Naughty 1 plugs, but these toys also come in 2 other shapes: Mood Naughty 2 is curved for a bit of prostate pressure, while Mood Naughty 3 has a swirly texture that you might enjoy spinning around, or pulling in and out like anal-beads-lite.

The Silicone

Silicone is the superior material for first butt plugs because it’s

  1. functionally nonporous (body-safe), so it won’t allow bacteria to breed on its surface; and
  2. at least somewhat flexible, so it can bend with the wearer’s rectum.

Mood Naughty Plugs are a firmer silicone density (35A to 40A shore durometer), so they are still hard enough to insert easily. They don’t fold over if your sphincters aren’t open yet. But the thinner silicone of Mood Naughty necks and bases is slightly flexible. (If it’s thin enough, even firm silicone will bend.)

Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Plug Kit packaging
Mood Naughty 1 in package: a lil linty outside, but safe silicone inside.

I loooooove soft silicone toys, vaginally especially and anally when it comes to riding. But for a first butt plug, you do want a toy that won’t bend TOO much, as it’s hella difficult to insert something jelly-soft when your ass has never gotten it in before. My only beef with the gorgeous SquarePegToys Egg Plugs, for example, is that their super-soft silicone is difficult to get past my sphincters when I’m not fully warmed up. I gotta be open already, ready to go, before insertion.

But for truly long-term wear, and definitely for the feeling of having your ass stretched & held open, Egg Plugs are far superior to Mood Naughty plugs. I’ve worn my Mood Naughty 1 plug, large, for 3 hours at a time (and could’ve gone another hour beyond that). If you want all-day, or all-night, wear, then the squishiness of SuperSoft silicone plugs does win out for comfort.2

First Butt Plug Insertion & Wear Tips

So how do you insert a butt plug? Quick tips:

  1. *USE LUBE.* The anus doesn’t get naturally wet (though some mucous may be produced once you’re in.) You need a good lubricant for comfort. Consider a lube shooter to make sure you’re lubed up before insertion.
  2. Insert slowly. Just the tip, first; see how much you’re comfortable with. Go as slow as you need. You may want to insert a little, stop, pull back some, then go deeper.
  3. Stop if you feel pain. Trust your sensations! Your body will tell you if it hurts, that’s a sign you may be doing damage.
  4. Remove and/or relube if it feels dry. Remove if you feel the need to push / suddenly need to go poop!

Last, an inevitable fact about butt plugging is that shit happens. I’ve seen it claimed that if you’ve had a recent bowel movement, then wait two or three hours, and your rectum should be clean. **NOT SO** for me. My plugs always end up with shit on them if I go more than 3 inches in without prior cleaning—it doesn’t matter how long ago I’ve pooped or haven’t pooped. (And I’m telling y’all, I eat a goddamn lot of salad and vegetables, so it’s not like my diet is lacking fiber. I’m actually craving broccoli right now. 🥦)

If this is you too, you might consider an enema bulb kit if you want to avoid extra cleaning. Getting an enema bulb can make a world of difference when it comes to anal confidence and, especially, working your way up to bigger toys. To clean dirty plugs, though, wash with soap and water after removal. Then sanitize with either rubbing alcohol (70%), 10% bleach solution, or by boiling (nonvibrating toys only).

Vs. CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit

Another pretty-good (but not *as* good, IMO) beginner’s butt plug option is the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit. Like the Mood Naughty Kit, this is a set of 3 plugs that are spaced in reasonable increments. A quarter inch (0.25″), maybe 0.3″, diameter is the most comfortable amount to increase between toys when you wanna size up safely.

Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Plug Kit, CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit, SquarePegToys Egg Plug firmer black small
CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit plugs, top; and Mood Naughty 1 Plugs, bottom—with SquarePegToys Egg Plug, size small, firmer black, to the far right.

The biggest advantage of the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit over Mood Naughty is that the largest CalEx anal plug is bigger. It’s more “average” girth, 1.5 inches at widest, vs. the slightly slim 1.25-inch diameter of the large Mood Naughty plug.

But I have a strong preference for Mood Naughty, myself, because:

  1. The silicone doesn’t smell plasticky out-of-box like the CalEx kit does.
  2. The bottom of the Mood Naughty bulbs drop off into the neck more, so the shape locks into place best. My anal canal likes.
  3. I don’t dislike the Anal Exerciser Kit’s bases, they’re comfortable enough; but the Mood Naughty shape fits into my crack best. The curve!
  4. My large Anal Exerciser plug has one helluva raised seam in its neck. In general, the seams are much more pronounced on this set than in the Mood Naughty Kit.

If I was buying my first anal toys right now, I would skip over the CalEx kit completely—it feels cheap. Here’s what I would do instead:

Final Thoughts / Mood Naughty Ranking

I think I’ve given away my thoughts on the Mood Naughty 1 Plugs already: they’re simple, they’ve got a tried-and-true shape, they’re the EASY way to wear an anal plug for the first time. It’s best beginner butt plug set I have to recommend.

Listen, I could barely fit the teeeeeeniest anal toy in when I first wore a butt plug—a mere 0.8 inches diameter was an intense experience. So the smallest Mood Naughty plug, at 0.75 inches wide and shorter than a finger, makes sense to me. Once your butt gets used having anything inside,3 the 1-inch-wide medium size is very doable—if your anal canal is lubed up. (Lube, always!!!) And then we’re to the large Mood Naughty size—still slim, but an excellent warmup to the Blush Neo Elite 7.5″, my favorite anal suction cup dildo.

It may be firm, but the large Mood Naughty Plug is A-OK for me to wear around for hours. That classic shape is A+.

Find the Mood Naughty 1 Plug 3-Pack here.

Or, see all Mood Naughty silicone plugs here.


5/5 (1 Review)
  1. You do want a round base for anal wear during PIV sex: the Blush Luxe Beginner Kit includes 3 plugs with similar widths to the Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Kit, but circular bases.
  2. Consider relubing partway through: The Butters is the most long-lasting anal lube too, and I prefer it with these really soft wearable toys.
  3. Give it a couple weeks, you’ll need at least a few trial runs.

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