Tantus Perfect Plug Kit Silicone Butt Plugs Review

The Tantus Perfect Plug Kit is billed as a “great way to start your anal exploration.” I agree that it’s a nice beginner’s kit, but…perfect? The product name is just too exaggerated to not get a *ding ding ding* out of my bullshit-o-meter. Nothing works for everyone, after all. And for me, the Perfect Plug Kit had one flaw that could’ve halted my anal progress: the big leap up in size between the smaller and larger plugs.Tantus Perfect Plug Kit purple

Luckily, I’m nothing if not persistent, and I eventually came to enjoy the larger plug’s two bulbs and vibe hole. Here’s everything I discovered along the way.

A Few Specs

As you can see, the Perfect Plug Kit includes two toys:

  1. One really small one, the plain “Perfect Plug,” that’s only .75″ diameter (and 3.5″ insertable length). I’ll call this “Perfect Plug 1” for the rest of this review, for clarity.
  2. One medium-small one, the “Perfect Plug Plus,” that’s 1.2″ max. diameter and 4″ insertable. It’s base includes a hole for a bullet vibe.

The Perfect Plug 1 is a good size for anyone who’s really hesitant about getting into anal play, like I was just a few months ago! The Perfect Plug Plus, in contrast, is a smallish plug that’s good for people who’ve done a little prior experimenting.1

The silicone is firm,2 with a pretty standard matte finish. (It’s not incredibly smooth, but it’s not rough either.) When you run your fingers over the Perfect Plugs, it’s obvious that these are well-made, body-safe toys. So how do they feel once inserted?

Perfect Plug 1

The small, thin Perfect Plug 1 is kinda pointy.3 Spiky, even. Compared to the last plug I reviewed, the b-Vibe Snug Plug 1 (now my favorite anal toy), insertion was less comfortable. I can understand the idea behind the Perfect Plug’s point: the extreme taper should make for easier insertion into the butts of plug newbies (like myself just a few months ago). Overall, though, I can’t help but think that the Tantus Little Flirt is the better choice for a first plug that’s also comfortable to stick in.

BVibe Snug Plug 1 Tantus Perfect Plug
Snug Plug 1, left, and Perfect Plug, right.

Once I wore the Perfect Plug 1, though, I became more comfortable with it. At first the plug’s round texture was intense, but then I started to like the inward curve between the two rounded sections. And I was able to finally sit on the plug without discomfort.

But once I tested Snug Plug, also pretty small, the small Tantus plug began to fall flat. It couldn’t compete with the Snug Plug’s weighted ball. It just didn’t have the same impact! I had to move up in size.

On to the Next Size

But…it’s a big jump from the small, pointy Perfect Plug and the rounded head of the Perfect Plug Plus. If your butt is anything like mine, you’ll have to do some stretching with your fingers or else buy a slightly smaller and/or more tapered plug before you can insert the Plus.4

One day, after slacking on my anal stretching for a week, I decided that I was going to wear a plug again—and it was going to be the Perfect Plug Plus. I felt so successful for finally getting the plug in! Actually, the bullet hole has a secondary benefit (besides letting the plug vibrate): it’s a nice finger hole. With my middle finger in the hole, I was able to angle the Perfect Plug Plus forward a notch and wiggle it around. This made insertion easier than I had imagined it would be.

Once I got the Perfect Plug Plus’ two bulbs in, I was impressed. I like the circular shapes a lot. They’re firm and unyielding, so you will feel some pressure. (Especially if you’re trying to size up like I am.) After a little more wear, I was able to sit and take the full length of the Perfect Plug Plus. The T-bar base is a comfortable fit when I’m sitting.Tantus Perfect Plug Kit bases

But when I wear the plug during PIV sex, I do find that the end of the base (the point facing my vag) is a little pointy—not painful, but enough to slightly distract me. I’d started wearing the plug during sex with my partner because I wanted to change up the routine, experience something totally new: vibrations in my butt.

Perfect Plug Plus with Vibe

I like the rounded bulbs of the Perfect Plug OK by themselves, but the plug’s real selling point for me is its ability to vibrate. The included Tantus bullet is usable, but if you like strong vibrations, then I definitely suggest the rumbly We-Vibe Tango. (Or check out the Charged Vooom for a cheaper but still reasonably powerful vibe.)Tantus Perfect Plug Plus Vibrating

The Tango does stick out some from the Perfect Plug Plus’s bullet hole, so you can’t really sit on it. But this set-up is great if you want to lie back and just absorb the vibrations. If you’re able to orgasm from vibrations in your butt, I would recommend trying the Perfect Plug Plus with the Tango inside. As for me, I like the extra sensation it gives while I’m running another bullet vibe between my clit and the mouth of my vag. The vibrating Perfect Plug Plus isn’t as thrilling for me as the b-Vibe Rimming Plug, but it’s still a good experience (at a much lower price).

Final Thoughts: Overall a Fine Starter Kit (Or Just Buy the Larger One!)

The texture of the smaller Perfect Plug—specifically, the very pointy tip and the bulb shape—took some getting used to as I started my anal explorations. It served its purpose. But in the end, I could take it or leave it. When I was finally ready to size up to the Perfect Plug Plus, I found that I liked the two rounded bulbs at the top of the plug a lot more than I expected. The texture is an interesting change of pace from the typical tapered butt plug. (Though the texture also makes these plugs not the best for really extended wear, in my experience.)

My favorite part of the plug kit is the Perfect Plug Plus‘ vibe hole. A vibrating butt plug is 100% more interesting than a normal silicone one, I’d say. This is why, overall, I’ve ended up liking the Perfect Plug Plus for shorter, more intense sessions. (I still prefer the b-Vibe Snug Plug for longer, around-the-house [or outside?] use).

You can get a full Perfect Plug Kit here. I’d suggest just buying the Perfect Plug Plus separately if you have some previous anal experience and you like the idea of vibrations.

* * *

  1. In general. Maybe there are a few people out there who are fine with starting at 1.2″ diameter? Not me!
  2. I don’t mind the Perfect Plug Kit’s firmer silicone for anal use. (Vaginally, I’m all about Tantus’ Super Soft silicone.)
  3. It might be described as having “Pointy Head Syndrome,” one of an array of maladies that might affect your butt plug.
  4. I fell ass backward (figuratively, ha) into a Fuze Pleasure Plug 2 about this time, and I spent two weeks inserting it only halfway before I finally got the whole thing in, and then I could manage the Perfect Plug Plus.

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