Rock Candy Sugarotic Review

An air-pulse “rabbit” vibrator that’s intense as Womanizer Duo, while costing $129 less?!.

I’ll detail the Sugarotic vibrator’s pros & cons and my experience, describe the slurping suction-pulsation and the shaft vibration, plus compare it to the aforementioned Duo! “Dual stimulation” vibrators for blended (clit + vaginal) stimulation together are sometimes tricky, and I’m impressed with how cool the real suction here feels!

What’s “Sugarotic” Do? Functions

The Sugarotic’s clitoral stimulator offers a blend of suction, air pulsation, and vibration. For blended clitoral & G-spot orgasms: It’s a lot of feeling.

Rock Candy Sugarotic review

Sugarotic does suck inward more than a Womanizer, a Satisfyer, or a Melt—all of which1 are pure air pulsation toys, neither suction nor vibrators. With Sugarotic, a couple off-and-on patterns feel practically slurpy as they suction, in on-off-on bursts. And the shaft vibration: it’s vigorous.

Sugarotic Clitoral Suction Stimulator by Rock Candy

The Sugarotic by Rock Candy has 2 motors, for 10 vibration functions and 10 air pulsation functions. You can control the two separately: have one intensity going in the clit stimulator, and a totally different speed in the vibrating shaft. 👍👍 Each motor’s got 3 steady intensities + 7 rhythmic/patterned ones.

Pros & Cons


  • Actual suction, wild!
  • Strong G-spot vibration.
  • Cute color.
  • Clitoral vibration runs simultaneously with air-pulse suction.
  • Water-resistant and USB rechargeable.
  • Semi-flexible: bottom 2 inches of shaft bend.
  • Firmer connector ensures greater longevity (i.e., it breaks less when you put pressure on it).
  • Much cheaper than Womanizer Duo, but just as powerful.
  • Firm vaginal stimulation adds pressure.


  • Not quiet.
  • Will fit most, but not all users. (Clitoris-to-vagina spacing varies individually).
  • No gentle intensity levels.
  • Firm vaginal stimulation isn’t for fans of softer massage.

My Sugarotic Experience

The clitoral stimulation from the Rocky Candy Sugarotic is sweet! It’s the slurping pulses that really set the Sugarotic apart for me. It feels awesome & vibrant.

Like, I imagine what it’d be like to receive a blowjob after I manage to get the Sugarotic’s clit suction mouth aligned and the vibration turned on. 

Rock Candy Sugarotic review - psychedelic

The three steady suction-pulse-vibe speeds move from “pretty strong” to “more than I need!” on function #3. Since I’m real sensitive to pulsing vibration from a tight clitoral “mouth”—like, I can’t use the strongest Rose vibrator for fun, it’s too high-speed ‘n’ focused—many other Sugarotic users will likely enjoy the TOP SPEED more.

And the insides: the shaft of this rabbit vibrator is consistently strong too. I had to pull out my new Magic Wand Mini to compare that “Hitachi’s” strength against Sugarotic’s shaft—and the Magic Wand Mini barely wins, mostly because the wand touches more surface area. The only rabbit I own whose shaft I believe is stronger than Sugarotic’s is the Empress Swan by BMS—due to the Empress’s lower, rumblier vibration frequencies. The Sugarotic’s first 2 speeds fall in a “neither rumbly nor really buzzy” range, while its strongest function (#3) is higher-pitched.

I’ve sat back and just enjoyed the suction, on clit-arm function #1, for half an hour at a time, while the shaft vibes rolling along inside my vagina. (It is definitely not difficult to orgasm faster, if I want to jump into the high intensities right away.) But eventually I’ll ramp up the suction, or move to the patterned functions: The next-to-last one is this escalating sequence where the air-sucking-vibes rise and fall in waves. Eventually I’ll move to suction function #2, “middle strength” for both Sugarotic’s motors, while thrusting a little.

Rock Candy Sugarotic review - sucking pulsation

How to Control

  1. Press the bottom power button for about 3 seconds to turn on/off.
  2. Use the middle wavy-line button to cycle through 10 shaft vibration functions.
  3. Use the C (is for clitoris!) button to cycle through 10 suction-pulsation-vibe functions.
  4. I suggest a good lube especially inside the clitoral mouth!
Rock Candy Sugarotic review - how to operate

Due to the upward angle of the clit stimulator, I do need to push the Sugarotic’s flexible shaft farther inward than I need for G-spot stimulation. My clitoris-to-vagina distance is short compared to most people with clits, so this is likely my issue. Sugarotic, then, becomes more of an A-spot vibrator for me! It’s a viable fit, but not a perfect one for me personally. Still, I think going deeper than I really need is worth feeling the suction air pulses that the Sugarotic blows out at me.

Vs. Womanizer Duo

The Womanizer Duo is elegant and premium, and I’m certainly glad that I own one. But… the Sugarotic has a certain kick that the Womanizer Duo lacks.

Rock Candy Sugarotic vs Womanizer Duo suction vibrators compared

The Duo contains Womanizer’s original air pulse (“Pleasure Air”) technology clitorally; whereas the Sugarotic has a sucking effect and vibration, which no Womanizer toys possess. The Womanizer air pulses are faster on high speed than Sugarotic’s, but it’s a close race for which type of clit stimulation feels stronger.

The Duo’s shaft is flexible to the point of not providing firm G-spot pressure—which is fine with me, because I like gentler G-spot massage, but which may not be ideal for all users. In contrast, the RC Sugarotic has a very firm upper shaft— the last 3 inches do not bend at all. (It’s the 2 inches of the lower shaft that do bend.) Anyone with an atypical clitoris-to-vagina distance will find Sugarotic tougher to position, like how I’m trying to push Sugarotic’s shaft farther forward to suit my short spacing.

Finally, the Sugarotic has stronger vibration than the Duo (but less intensity levels). It almost… bites, on high. I’d rate the Sugarotic’s shaft power at 7.75 out of 10, which is rare for a rabbit dual stimulator. With Duo, the shaft is like 6.5 out 10. 

In short, the Sugarotic is more bang for your buck, and I’d also recommend it first to anyone who likes (1) a little more grrrr in their internal motor + (2) firmer vaginal pressure. Still, luxury sex toy enthusiasts will be well-served by the Duo: which has more intensity levels, and rumblier vibration.

Flexibility & Fit

Sugarotic’s “shaft” is pretty darn flexible—the lower 2 inches will yield, the upper 3 are firm. It bends enough so I can get the air pulsing clit section situated over my clitoris. The clit stimulator is very solid (good for stability reasons: a flexible one is more likely to break) and angled at ≈ 60° from the shaft.

Rock Candy Sugarotic review - shaft flex

If it’s flexible enough for me to orgasm on (I’m not normally spaced2), then I’m comfortable recommending the Sugarotic to most users.3 I do wish the shaft was a lil more flexible, for maximum comfort. I would, however, tell you it definitely won’t fit you if your clitoris is large in a noticeable way (more than 0.33 inch across or sticks out 0.5 inch or more from your labia).

Recap / Overall Sugarotic Vibe Ranking

It’s the strongest suction rabbit I know: The Sugarotic by Rock Candy has lively sucking action, backed by no-joke shaft vibration.

It’s a powerful combo, best for you if you want firm, strong G-spot vibration and clit suction that rocks. Remember to lube the suction mouth up, and the suck-pulsing-vibration is excellent to lie back and enjoy.

It’s a big step into the luxe vibrator game by a company I previously only knew for their “not bad” cockicorn dildos. The Sugarotic’s sucking sensation is much more unique and praise-worthy.

Find the Rock Candy Sugarotic here.

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(out of 10)
per dollar value:

Very strong combo;
clit pulses
+ strong vibration;
Not as overpriced
as Womanizer.
User experience/
Ease of use:

Dual motors
r easy to
Firmness =
increased durability
but less comfy
r awesome;
No gentle warmup
levels, though.
Luxury feel
smooth silicone,
clean packaging,
USB rechargeable,
Run time (1.5hrs.)
& easy charging
[vs. all other
Both motors:
7.0 to 8.5
/out of 10
Shaft motor

6.5 to 7.75
Vibration depth
9.0 to 7.5/
out of 10
42 to 55


  1. Besides some Satisfyers with an optional vibration function, via a different motor.
  2. Things are close together on my pelvic floor.
  3. I would not guarantee its fit for: Anyone whose clitoris-to-vagina distance is quite long, as in more than 2.5 inches from the belly-button side of the vaginal opening to the bottom of the clitoris.

3 thoughts on “Rock Candy Sugarotic Review”

  1. Hi!
    I always love checking your blog to see that you’ve reviewed a toy I was considering! About how many hertz or a general noise estimate would you say the Sugarotic is?

    Also- have you tried the “Empress Swan Dual Massing Vibrator” by BMS? It looks good but I’m hesitant to trust rabbit vibes 😂

    Amazing post, as always!

    • Hi, thanks so much for appreciating my reviews!!!

      I’m writing a review of the Empress Swan now, and I’m being waylaid by testing it more than I need to 😀! Will have that published, with a video of the flicking stimulator, by 3-4 days from now. I really enjoy the toy because I like direct contact clit-rubbing, so the fluttery-flickering (but not pointy) stimulator is really good for me — and just in general, it’s the best motor I’ve felt in the shaft of a rabbit vibrator. Super-deep vibrations there.

      I get the sense (from reading a lot of opinions) that most people with clits will come harder from air-pulse type toys — like Sugarotic — than from rubbing. I can see why, it’s a different kind of intense.

      For measurements: I personally consider vibes over 50 decibels as “getting loud” for me, while over 80 Hertz is feeling “not so rumbly” and over 100-110 Hertz (darkest frequency band) is “buzzier for sure.”

      Sugarotic is louder, with the clit stimulator being the noisy section after it’s inserted. 50 to 52 decibels for the clit stimulator only; vs. 45 to 52 decibels for the shaft only not covered, but it drops 15 decibels when I have the shaft inside. With both motors running, it’s 50 to 54 decibels (and inserting it doesn’t drop the noise much).

      Swan Empress is super-quiet for only the internal motor. Again, the clit motor is the louder one; when inserted, both motors running, it ranges from 38 to 44 decibels.

      Sugarotic is higher-pitched overall (only the vibration shaft is what I measured, I’m not sure that frequency of air pulsation/suction would tell me anything). The first speed is just rumbly enough, 72 Hz, and then speeds #2 and #3 show strong frequency bands over 150 Hz as well as lower resonances. The highest speed has its strongest frequency band around 305 Hertz, and a lower lighter one at 80 Hertz. So it’s strong but definitely buzzier inside.

      The Empress Swan is about 55 to 83 Hertz with both motors running, no really prominent higher-pitched bands of frequency. The shaft motor by itself starts at 35 Hertz, super low, and maxes out right under 80 — which is what I think gives it that extra “deep” feeling. The clit stimulator runs higher, 78-108, which is why I usually avoid the top… third or so of its speed range, personally. The only thing I really don’t like about this vibrator is that the silicone finish is a tad grittier than, like, the Pillow Talk line also by BMS, so it requires more lube.

      I know flexibility can make a big difference in terms of dual-stim toys fitting an individual, so I’m also putting together an Ultra Flexible Rabbit Vibrators piece in which I’m trying to give estimates of how flexible each toy is. The Sugarotic’s shaft is more flexible than the Empress’s, but then Sugarotic’s clit arm is 100% fixed in place. The Empress has a much more flexible clit stimulator, and the shaft is kinda flexible (like, 4 out of 10, with 10 being most flexible), so overall I’ll rate it higher for flexibility.

      I hope you’re doing well, and lemme know if you have more specific questions right now!

      • Thank you so much for the quick and detailed reply! This definitely helps a ton, and I can’t wait to see the whole review along with the piece about rabbit vibes.

        Completely unrelated, but another sex-toy query- have you had the chance to try the Strap On Me Ejaculating dildo? I’ve been considering it vs. the Big Shot by Evolved (loved your review on that!!) and I haven’t been able to decide. The only concern I’d have would be about the noise level and the amount of liquid/storage capacity. Unfortunately, there seem to be very few silicone ejaculating dildos on the market, and even a lack of fantasy stores selling ejaculating dildos. Do you have any suggestions or insight? BD is out of stock at the moment and I’ve heard some less-than-ideal things about them as a company so I’m trying to weigh my options!

        Sorry about the semi-rambling reply, I adore your blog and the work you do is so important! Hope you’re well.


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