OhMiBod Esca 2 Review: App-Controlled Vaginal Vibe for Long-Distance or Public Play

Together we looked at the OhMiBod Esca 2 app-controlled vibrator, fresh from its satin storage pouch and now on the bed in front of us. I could almost feel the possibilities dancing through his mind.

A few seconds later, he spoke. “I could go down to the bar and control it.”

His suggestion unleashed a scenario in my mind: Me in the hotel room, alone, as my friend with benefits controlled what was going on in my vagina. He’d be just a few floors below me, and then we could rendezvous back in the bed…

This wearable vaginal vibe, the OhMiBod Esca 2, was a new experience for us. We’d tried an app-controlled, long-distance vibrator before: the We-Vibe Sync. But getting him connected to Sync via my request was a struggle; he controlled the vibe for a full minute before he tried to initiate a video call—and everything froze. We gave up, frustrated.

Now we were spending a long weekend together, and I was hoping the OhMiBod Esca would work better. I’d spent the previous week playing with it by myself.

The OhMiBod Esca 2 has better vibration quality than I’d hoped for: it’s rumblier than the Lovense Lush 2 and slightly more powerful than the We-Vibe Sync (full comparison of the three vibes here). Plus, Esca’s bulb stays put inside my vagina better than Lush, while providing more G-spot stimulation than Sync’s insertable section. Overall I gave it a 7.6 out of 10, edging out Lush.

During my solo tests, I’d also discovered that Esca’s tail is very flexible and vibrates too—so my clit benefits from those lower-level vibes. But I’d had enough of using Esca alone.

I think most of us who get a wearable vaginal vibe are in it for one reason: being controlled by a partner. (Hell, there’s even a flashing LED light in Esca’s tail, so that the vibe-controller can see the vibe intensity changing in real time.) So how does the app control work?

Play Locally

Ohmibod Esca 2 review underwear

Esca’s app, simply called OhMiBod, lets you choose whether to “Play Locally” (short distance) or “Play Remotely” (long-distance). After my friend and I first looked at the vibe, straight from my suitcase, we didn’t actually make it to “Play Remotely.” Before too long we were in bed, with Esca 2 powered up inside my vagina.

He was pressing the hell out of the “Tap” button in the middle. It felt great; I was more aroused than when I’d used the vibe alone. I came as he watched and toyed with me. I kept breathing hard, and he tapped and tapped…and then I was rocking back and forth with the strength of the second orgasm. He folded me against his body as I shook. And then I wanted him inside me instead of Esca.

Play Remotely

Since then, we’ve tried the app long-distance regularly, with much success. My favorite experience was when I was walking around a deserted park late at night. My pulse raced as he experimented with the vibe patterns again, and finally I found an empty bench and got off promptly as I sat down.

To pair Esca 2 to the OhMiBod app, you go through a series of several prompts that instruct you to turn the toy on, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, and turn the phone’s volume level to 75% power1—then you’re connected.

To find your play partner, you create an account and a username, then search for theirs. Once he told me his username, connecting Esca 2 to his phone was simple. The app allows you to message each other during play, and whenever he changed functions, the app let me know. The real-time, back-and-forth exchange made the long-distance play feel more real, more like an in-person encounter.

Best of all, the Bluetooth connectivity remained stable for us every time we used the OhMiBod app—unlike with the We-Vibe app.

More about the Vibe Functions

Esca 2’s pre-programmed settings work perfectly without any app or Wifi connection: 3 (almost2

) steady speeds and 2 patterns of escalation and pulsation. The three steady speeds are the ones I use 90% of the time when I’m alone.

Ohmibod Esca 2 OhMiBod app screenshots

Then, in the app, there are “Rhythm,” “Tap,” “Touch,” and “Club Vibe” modes. The rhythms are patterns that don’t go a whole lot for me; the “Tap” function is the one that my partner can rock the hell out of; and “Touch”…well, it just kind of meanders.

Club Vibe is the one I go into the other 10% of the time when I’m playing solo with Esca 2. That function makes the vibes pulsate in sync with music. It’s especially fun when the song has a driving beat and I’m working away on a project. I use it to liven up my routine, rather than to orgasm.

Ohmibod Esca 2 hand plus legs

My favorite way to use Esca when I’m alone is while I’m sitting at my desk working: it gets me through many a boring task. I linger on the first speed. Then, slightly aroused, I stop and turn it up to the second level…and finally to the third, the most powerful steady speed—and by far the best. (It reminds me of one of my favorite bullet vibes, the NS Luxe Electra.) I get off by stroking Esca’s tail, rubbing it against my clit.

I also enjoy Esca the same way I occasionally enjoy a good weighty butt plug: for adding interest to chores like putting up the laundry.

Noise Level

The OhMiBod Esca 2’s noise level is comparable to a moderately powerful bullet vibe. Flesh and clothing help mute the sound—so it’s largely quiet once it’s inserted.

The first speed, I’m sure no one could hear. The second, the overall ambient noise level would have to be low (no conversations, music, cars passing, etc.) for anyone to hear. And the third…I probably wouldn’t use it in a especially quiet restaurant, but I’d be comfortable with it going in a busy one, or at a club or bar.

The storage pouch is really helpful if you’re planning on wearing Esca out and about.

Overall Thoughts

The OhMiBod Esca 2 is interesting as a solo toy, but it shines as a couple’s toy. It’s best for playful teasing throughout the course of an evening, or for toying before you have sex with a partner. That’s how I like it most of all: as a foreplay tool, so that I was ready to screw the hell out of my FWB after he’d made me orgasm on the vibe.

Out of any app-controlled vag vibe I own, OhMiBod Esca 2 is the most wearable. The bulb stays in place best inside me, and the tail is super-flexible, for comfort and mild clit stimulation. Esca 2 isn’t the most powerful small clit vibe, nor is it my favorite G-spot vibe, but Esca’s app control is everything. I rank Esca a 7.9 out of 10 only because I’m comparing it to the very strongest and the rumbliest vibes around. Adding Esca to a night out makes the experience five times more thrilling, and I find I orgasm more easily when my lover is involved—even from a thousand miles away.

Interested? Pick up an OhMiBod Esca by Kiiroo here. 

Or save $35 when you buy Esca together with Pillow Talk Sassy—IMO the best G-spot vibe in existence.


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  1. This is the only annoying part of the process for me, and the lower volume makes it harder to hear (a) music playing from my phone when I’m using Club Mode, and (b) my FWB’s voice if he’s controlling the toy and I have the phone on speaker. The Lush, though, doesn’t even let you play music off your phone as ambient noise that the vibes can sync to, so what sounds like half volume with Esca is better than nothing.
  2. Technically the second speed has a random pulsation what feels like once a minute, and the third also has very intermittent fluctuations that I barely notice. Effectively, those 2 vibe modes are steady. Which is great, because *yuck* to (nearly) all vibe patterns for me!

15 thoughts on “OhMiBod Esca 2 Review: App-Controlled Vaginal Vibe for Long-Distance or Public Play”

    • No, I wouldn’t be a good source 😛 ! The current FWB relationship was kind of an accident, and the few other casual relationships I’ve attempted in the last year have turned out badly for me. The article was a good idea, though!

  1. I have the Esca 2 and have looked for a review about this toy for a while now. Your review explains how to use the app better than the instructions. I have found success using the manual mode but honestly I was a bit disappointed in the app. How were you able to solely use the OhMiBod app and not the feel connect app as well? I would prefer to just have one app for it to work. Also could you explain how to pair my music with it? I do have Spotify and would love to use a playlist.

    Again thanks for such a detailed and amazing review!

    • You’re welcome, and thanks for reading! So I just downloaded the OhMiBod app; I wasn’t interested in the Kiiroo connectivity myself, though I knew that was an option. The latest version of the OhMiBod app goes through the instructions for pairing, no need for any other app.

      So I’m syncing it to music using the last app function, Club Vibe. It’s possible to sync to music playing off your phone that way, but the volume will be a bit low. It’s best to sync it to music from another source. You could play Spotify off desktop or a tablet, etc. Lovense is the only app that allows you to sync a music library directly through your phone.

      • I’m glad I found your review! I have a question. Do you know if you can control more than 1 at the same time with the app? I read something about the Lush 2 having some sort of function like that but I wasn’t clear. We’re looking for something where 2 toys could be controlled by a 3rd phone. Ideally at the same time, but if not, something where you can switch back and forth easily.

        Thanks for any recommendations!

        • Good question! Both the Kiiroo FeelConnect app and the Lovense app allow for mutual control, i.e., where you have two people with two devices, both controlling the other person’s device. But as for controlling two at once…I believe it’s not possible, but you’d have to ask Kiiroo/Lovense to be sure.

  2. Sorry if this is a little off topic but for how long are you able to use it until the battery runs out? I got an Esca 2 and it turns itself off after not even 6 minutes of use. Was wondering if that was the normal runtime or if my battery just has a defect.

    • Not off topic at all! I’m sorry to hear that: that short battery life is absolutely not normal AT ALL and you should contact the manufacturer to get a replacement Esca! Mine runs definitely over an hour, probably about 90 minutes per charge.

  3. Thank you for your thorough review. It is helpful. I have a concern that the tail would be uncomfortable while in a public setting, being bulky in my clothes and visible. How is this in your experience?

    • Thanks for reading the review!

      The LED light can be turned off through the app, by clicking a bubble in settings.

      The tail is compact, not bulky; it feels slimmer in underwear than any panty vibe, for example. You would have to be wearing spandex and someone would have to be inspecting your crotch from a close distance in order for it to be visible!

      I hope this answers your questions, and let me know if you have others.

  4. I might be super dumb but I can’t find this information anywhere. What’s the largest amount of distance between you and a partner where this still stays connected and works well? Is there a limit? I’m just anxious to buy without that info. Thanks for your lovely review!

    • Hi, thanks for reading and for the compliment!

      It’s not a dumb question at all. The answer is: Esca 2 should work anywhere that both the controller and the controllee have stable cellular service (and working SIM cards). So you could be 12 miles away or 12 thousand miles away, as long as you both are able to use your cell phones to make calls, access the internet, etc.

  5. How is the Bluetooth connectivity? We have a lush and it drops connection unless the phone is within 6 inches of the device

    • Bluetooth is always a little bit of an unpredictable creature: there’s never 100% certainty that it’ll work with specific devices and bodies. Also, it works less well with larger bodies.

      I didn’t have an original Lush, but the Bluetooth is supposedly more stable for the new version 2 and I’ve had awesome luck staying connected with it and with both versions of Domi wand.

      With Esca 2, connecting to the app is another step longer because of the odd requirement to turn down the phone’s volume to 75%. After that, it’s stayed very stable for me. Never cuts out like that.

      We-Vibe products are the only devices I’ve had issues with, always and forever when I’m trying to get the long-distance function to work with my partner.

      • Thank you for your response. I have been in contact with the supplier of the Lush products and they have informed me that I may have a defective one. I am looking into different options though


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