Hot Octopuss Plex with Flex Review – Best Vibrating Butt Plug!

Oh wow, this is the best vibrating butt plug I’ve felt. The “PleX with FleX” by Hot Octopuss is a prostate plug I handed my partner for full testing—and he is loving it as an anal vibrator to wear during sex.

We were impressed as soon as we got this Hot Octopuss plug powered up. In anal sex toys in general, the vibrations are often just “meh,” lackluster. But this… the Plex with Flex “Treble & Bass” vibration kicks some butt. The Bass motor is excellently deep, and the Treble one adds higher-frequency speeds. (They’re best combined.) This Plex with Flex vibrating review will describe how he likes to use this butt plug, more on the vibration quality, its remote control, and more. Skip to the end for a recap and 10% discount code!

His Plex w/ Flex Experience

“I never would’ve thought this could be so good. My first anal toy was a vibrating dildo, so I know I like vibration. This thing, [Plex with Flex] it’s so much better. I wish I had one of these 15 years ago, it’s made sex literally more fun than ever.

“It’s no trouble to insert. I’m still using a small butt plug as a warmup [≈1 inch diameter, vs. Plex with Flex’s 1.3 inches diameter]. After removing [the small plug], the end of the Plex vibrator can be inserted, and I spend only 1 minute working it in as I take the wider part. Then 1 more minute to get the plug length inside. And I’ve got the vibration running during this interval.

Plex with Flex by Hot Octopuss review

“Hell yeah, I like the 2 motors in sync: Turn on via the [power symbol] Treble and [power symbol] Bass button on the base’s edges. The + button cranks it up from low, to the 5th & high power intensity. My tip is, spend time on the middle settings before you crank it up to high. It’s fun to just sit there and enjoy. It’s even better when playing with her.

“The best part is when we’re having [penis-in-vagina] sex and the Treble and Bass going in my butt too. More people need to try this, it’s so good. I drip more and I come so hard at the end, it’s like an explosion. I can’t remember having better sex.

“Only thing: The little remote is, well, small. We lost it in bed twice [so far]. So you have really remember where you put it. I like everything else about this plug. The vibration more than anything.”

[How do you like the Plex’s flexibility, is it good for prostate? I asked.]

“It’s hard, so when I lean forward, sitting down, there is prostate stimulation.1 It’s not really flexible, it’s not the same manner of massage, consistent, as from pegging. That’s different, another league; I can’t say what is better. So, I’d say this Plex with Flex is OK for prostate, but really it’s a toy that works to vibrate the lower part of my butt too. That’s what I’m loving with this toy, the vibes are so worth it.”

How to Use Plex w/ Flex

He likes to use this vibrating plug either: (1) during vaginal sex with me (or other partner play), (2) while lying in bed & jerking off. The base is large enough that it’s not ideal for walking around while wearing the Plex with Flex. Personally, I’m very happy the plug works so well for him anally, because prostate massage is difficult for me to do well: I got short fingers. See how the Plex with Flex (while not really long!) matches up to my hand:

Plex with Flex vibrator for prostate stimulation

How to turn on the Plex with Flex is slightly tricky: It’s not just pushing the power button on the bottom of the toy.

First, you gotta find this dot on the side and press that, for 3 seconds.

Then the green button on the base will activitate (for “standby mode”). Afterward, you can press the power button for either/both the Bass and the Treble motors.

Plex with Flex Hot Octopuss power button vibration functions
The side button allows you to turn on the toy; and also to cycle through the 5 functions.

Next, hitting the + button on the plug’s base, obviously, increases the speed; whereas the – button does the opposite. To access any of the 4 patterned functions: Press the side button again to cycle through. Or, hold it down for 3 seconds to turn off this Hot Octopuss butt plug.

Hot Octopuss Plex with Flex buttons how to turn on

You will need to remove the plastic cover over the remote’s CR2032 battery to use the remote control: Have a small Phillips head handy for that!

Hot Octopuss Plex with Flex remote control butt plug
Dolla bill pictured for size. See the removable plastic battery cover under the small screw, between remote & bill.

Plex with Flex Vibration Quality

The Plex with Flex has two vibrating motors: that’s what makes it feel so cool, for us. The Bass motor has really low-pitched vibration to start out; a low rumble. It remains rumbly through intensity levels #1 through #3, then begins to growl more with speed #4.

The Treble motor starts out…flatter. It’s got a thumping, almost, on the low speed, as the vibration waves travel through the Plex with Flex’s body, to its tip. Then speed #2 already kicks it up to a higher, stronger mode.

The way the vibes carry, it’s like they have a life of their own. I get the Treble and Bass analogy: together, the two motors are rocking and rolling. Press it against my jawbone, and the vibration is bone-rattling.

Plex with Flex is not the strongest vibrating butt plug I own (the Vedo Bump Plus is), but the Plex with Flex has the best vibration range—and just feels the coolest. These are sophisticated vibes. It has 5 vibration intensities for all 5 functions, 25 total vibration options. So, you can turn the power higher or lower for both the steady function (the first) or for the 4 patterned functions.

Hot Octopuss Plex with Flex how-to instructions

What’s Included: Remote & More

Hot Octopuss’ Plex with Flex plug includes a remote control, a charging cable, and a drawstring storage bag with the Hot Octopuss logo on it.

The bag is great because I’m prone to losing small remote controls. It’s also good for identifying the Plex’s charging cable. (Seriously, when you get more than a couple vibrators and they all require a different damn cord, that can be trouble.)

Operating Plex with Flex via remote is definitely easier than controlling the buttons manually—either for solo play, reaching down toward one’s butt crack; or if I wanna rev up the motor when we’re together).

The plug’s “waterproof,” which may mean IPX5-6 water-resistant: He’s washed it plenty under running water in the sink. I’d say to avoid wearing it underwater in the bathtub/hot-tub. It’s USB rechargeable (plug), and CR2032 batteries last a long time (for the remote).

Plex with Flex Vibrating Plug Recap & Ranking

The Plex w/ Flex is totally rocking his world. I asked him for a quick recap and he replied, “It’s like sex just got 3 times better, I didn’t know that was possible. Amazing.” So, 5/5 ⭐!

He most enjoys this plug during other sex acts: playing with me, or stroking off solo. The Plex with Flex’s vibrations rev up nicely. But keep in mind it’s not a hard-pressure prostate plug (it’s not like a Pure Wand pressing into the P-spot hard and kneading it. It’s an overall good-anal-vibes toy, with mild P-spot intensity.

The one improvement we’d like is a larger remote control: You gotta keep track of that thing, it’s tiny! But hey, at least it has a remote, unlike a certain $99 butt plug 😉.

Save an extra 10% (off the Plex’s 20%-discounted price) with gift-code FELICITY during checkout.


5/5 (1 Review)
  1. He later remembered that sitting on the base on a hard surface (bathtub edge) can hit the + button and increase the power; which is an interesting twist, but also probably not optimal button positioning in most cases.

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