New York Toy Collective Double-Sided Suction Cup Review

I’m so excited, y’all. The dildo gods have heard my earnest prayers for a better hands-free way to use my favorite suction-cup-less toys. They’ve sent their answer in the form of New York Toy Collective’s new silicone silicone Double Sided Suction Cup.

New York Toy Collective Double-Sided Suction Cup featured 2 1100px
So many flat-based opportunities.

It’s a simple idea: two suction cups joined together, so you can stick one suction cup onto your favorite flat-based dildo, and the other to any flat surface (or another dildo).

To be fair, it’s not a new idea. I’ve written about using PVC double-sided suction cups for hands-free penetration. The revelation here is that New York Toy Collective’s product is body-safe silicone. When I was using PVC suction cups, I always wondered about what kind of chemicals (hint: chlorine’s a pretty safe bet) might be leaching from the suction cup onto the bases of my quality toys. Since my genitals/butt never actually touched the PVC, I wasn’t losing sleep over this setup, but still…I had to wonder about lube drippage and bacteria potentially growing on the PVC. Plus PVC smells. So, after a couple months, I tossed the PVC suction cups out. (Eventually I invested in a Liberator Wing instead.)

I’d given up on the idea of ever finding a double-sided suction cup that I was sure was silicone, and that I could feel totally safe using. But then, one fine day, I heard that New York Toy Collective (NYTC) had just released this Double Sided Suction Cup. I knew that I had to add it to my Suction Cup Guide right away—and of course test it for myself.

Would this silicone Double Sided Suction Cup live up to my high hopes?

First Impressions

When I pulled it out of the box, I saw that the Double Sided Suction Cup was thinner than I’d expected. Usually, suction cups need to be a certain thickness (or concave) to ensure a strong seal. I also had my doubts about how well it would stick to very large-based dildos with balls, like my VixSkin Johnny. (More on that later.) I also noticed the little tabs that stick out to the side of both suction cups, for easier removal.

After I inspected the suction cup itself, I checked out the attractive box. Now, I’m pretty creative with sticking places, but I figured I’d read NYTC’s directions anyway. Here they are (click to enlarge):

New York Toy Collective Double-Sided Suction Cup package instructions

Once I read these instructions, I immediately knew I had to make a graphic so my readers could visualize what exactly the Double-Sided Suction Cup is “compatiable” with:

New York Toy Collective Double-Sided Suction Cup joke

So obviously I’m kidding here: the box should read “tiles.” (My apologies to NYTC for being a smart-ass.1) Anyway, as you’ll see, most of NYTC’s suggestions work very well, with one glaring exception.

Surfaces That Work

The DSSC does work great on flat horizontal surfaces: highly polished wood and tiles2 especially.

Though I’m not a big fan of dildos suction-cupped to chairs or to floors, using the DSSC on your favorite dining room chair (or even toilet seat?) might work for you.

Really not the best dildo to sit on because of its “air tank” balls, but…the the DSSC does support the Tantus Steam Hunk (review here)’s massive base.

I was most excited to find that the DSSC is an amazing tool to anchor my Uncut #1 (review here) to my wood nightstand. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get this toy and this sticking place to unite effectively for a year and a half. And now the DSSC makes it possible. (As a side note, the Uncut #1’s extra length is great for suction cup use: more room to maneuver.)

Bathtub ledges are also a go, if you can make that work for you.

And walls…you may have noticed my graphic gave that both a thumbs up and a thumbs down. Why? Because it all depends on the wall. The DSSC has great staying power on smooth shower walls.3 But the walls I’m disappointed about are most walls on many living quarters: the slightly textured, painted kind.

Surfaces That Don’t Work

I have a favorite place to stick my suction cup dildos: this thin strip of painted wall. The walls in my house aren’t heavily textured, but the paint also isn’t glossy. When I was trying to take “wall” photos for this review, the DSSC and attached dildo would fall off consistently, less than ten seconds after they were stuck on the wall. Even when there’s no dildo attached, plop! On the floor.

But when I’m actually screwing a dildo that’s stuck to the wall with the DSSC, the suction cup slides around rather than falls off. It moves a bit to the left, a bit to the right, and up, and down, as I thrust. As you can imagine, this is distracting, so I didn’t keep at it for long. In this way, it’s very similar to Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Lock suction cup attachment.

That said, the DSSC performs better on smoother vertical surfaces. For example, the DSSC does work on my painted doors and on my bathroom cabinet doors—just not on those textured, painted walls. (If your walls have a paint with a smoother finish, you’ll probably have a lot better luck than I did.) I still don’t think the DSSC is the strongest option for vertical penetration (I’d say that my Avant D3 is), but it’s not too shabby either.

For Double-Ended Dildos

The DSSC can work to create a double-ended dildo: it just depends on the toys you’re using, and what you’re using the double-ended dildo for. The issue is that the DSSC holds two flat bases best when the toys are in a straight line (or slightly curved).New York Toy Collective Double-Sided Suction Cup 4 double dildo

I gave vaginal+anal double penetration (DP) a try with the DSSC uniting this soft firmness4 Damn Average toy and the slightly firmer (but curved) BS Is Nice Alex. It didn’t work at all: Alex (the anal side) kept popping off. The silicone just isn’t flexible enough, or the DSSC strong enough, for one person to use in two holes.

BUT I think this setup would work much better when one of the dildos is very bendable—like the packing dildos that New York Toy Collective5 is best known for creating. Like SheVibe showed with NYTC’s Shilo and the VixSkin Mustang here, sticking your dildos together is easy:

And for use between two people, I can’t give any definite thoughts, since I haven’t tested the DSSC this way. Based on my experience with solo DP, though, I know there’s a limit to how much your dildos will bend before they unstick themselves. For best results, either use more softer/more flexible dildos or position the toys in a straight-ish line (like flat on your backs, ass-to-ass or ass-to vag).

What Kind of Dildos Can I Stick It On?

So how large/small a base can the DSSC hold? The package says, “Any flat based toy with a min diameter of 2.5″.” I can see where NYTC got this measurement: the DSSC’s diameter is 2.5″. But I’ve found that it will even work with smaller (and not totally flat!) bases.

And as for larger bases, the DSSC proved to be so much sturdier than I expected. I’d doubted whether the DSSC would hang on to Johnny’s (review here) big balls. But on flat surfaces—both horizontal and vertical—it stays put well.New York Toy Collective Double-Sided Suction Cup VixSkin Johnny

This large-base setup is wobbly: the top suction cup tilts and leans back and forth with my movements. I can’t always get the angle I’m looking for because of this. Still, the DSSC never comes detached. The DSSC also works with the big-based the Doc Johnson Tru Super, and even on my Pleasure Forge Illithid’s truly massive balls. (Again, assuming the surface it’s stuck to is flat enough: polished wood, polished tiles, and smooth plastic.)

Final Words: A Cheap, Safe Solution

I’m happy to now recommend the New York Toy Collective Double Sided Suction Cup. With any of the flat-based dildos in my collection, it stays stuck to flat, horizontal surfaces like polished wood, tile, and bathtub sides. And it can create a U-shaped, double-ended dildo if one toy is made of very soft silicone (or has NYTC’s signature metal core).

My one big disappointment with the Double Sided Suction Cup was that it wouldn’t stay put on my house’s painted, matte-finish walls. For vertical use especially, you do need a very flat surface.

Overall, I think this suction cup is a nice tool that opens up lots of possibilities for hands-free exploration. Best of all, it’s not a big investment, at only $12. It costs just a few bucks more than the PVC double-sided suction cups I’d previously purchased off Amazon, and it can be sterilized—so you can use it over and over and over again, and never worry about what bacteria might be growing on it/what chemicals might be touching your body-safe toys. Really, if you like hands-free dildoing, getting one of these is a no-brainer.

You can pick one up at SheVibe here.

My thanks to SheVibe for sending me this exciting new tool in exchange for my honest review!I  always tell my readers when something does not work for me or when I think it’s badly designed. If you want to support my writing, you can make your next sex toy purchase—whatever it is—by clicking through my affiliate links and then buying. (Doing so costs you absolutely nothing.) 

  1. I’ve been editing books for too long and couldn’t help myself. Just in case anyone cares, I would also suggest fixing that typo in “compatible” and spelling out “minimum.” ????
  2. And hey, if you do want to stick if to your favorite book dust jacket, I guess no one is stopping you! I expect the dust jacket would flap around a bit.
  3. Fake laminate tiles like these in one of my showers are problematic, though: not quite smooth enough.
  4. “Medium” by DA’s standards, approximately 8A silicone.
  5. All the dildos in the link here except Ellis, a normal dual-density dildo I reviewed here.

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  1. Nice! I bought one of these and it’s still in transit- I didn’t read any reviews, so this is kind of relieving. If a bit sad about the walls.


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