Limited Addiction Power Vibe Review

Usually, I’m all about sex toy functionality: how easy it is to use, how good the orgasms are. While the toy’s look is just a sidenote.

But then, a rainbow-explosion vibrator arrived on my doorstep, and my focus shifted. Dramatically. Because I love looking at the Limited Addiction Power Vibe. And hey, appearance still isn’t everything: This bullet vibrator packs real strength into 3 inches length + a slanted tip: Orgasms in 2 minutes flat.

Limited Addiction Power Vibe review - vs Wellness Power Vibe

For under $35, it’s got more power than the luxury We-Vibe Tango X (two times the Power Vibe’s price). So, how good was the Limited Addiction Power Vibe’s vibration quality for me, and would I recommend it? How does this bullet vibrator operate? This Blush Limited Addiction Vibe review includes a 10% discount code & recap, skip to the end for those.

My Experience with Limited Addiction

I opened the box and was like, “Whoa! That is bright!” Because the “Psyche” color is even more alive in person than in the maker (Blush’s) product photos. The Limited Addiction bullet vibes come in 6 color schemes, all like wild paintings; I got the super-rainbow Psyche and the practically galactic “Mesmerize.”

Limited Addiction Power Vibe review - rainbow vibrator

Now, the rainbow one is my favorite since I’ve always been drawn to “psychedelic” tie-dye patterns 🤗, for the sheer color. (I have some words about all-white vibrators, blah!) The other Power Vibe I picked, Mesmerize, is more sedate; I think of deep space, with its dark blue and white swirls and dots (and there are light-blue areas too!).

Limited Addiction Power Vibe - Mesmerize and Psyche

So the power. It’s… A LOT. I tend to enjoy wand vibrators, big potent toys; so I’m no stranger to strong vibration. But the Limited Addiction is already bam for me on level #2. That’s out of 5 total steady vibration functions! I’m not even using 60% of its power.

And that’s fine, because I can come on the Limited Addiction Power Vibe’s lower intensities very successfully. Two or three minutes of rubbing it gently over my clitoral hood will get me there. I also like to use the Limited Addiction through underwear, as an extra barrier to try speed #3. There are two more intensities after that, rattling my fingers like a strong wand! (And then 5 patterned functions too.)

The lipstick tip slants so the Limited Addiction rests well against my clit and more, when I hold this small vibe at a 45-degree angle. The tip does come to a point, too; so if you like more targeted, nail-like firmness, you can use the edge instead of the flat part. As for me: as a broad-stimulation fan, I rock the flattest part side-to-side. So that the Limited Addiction is tugging lightly on my sensitive clitoral hood, and stimulating my inner labia.

Limited Addiction Psyche power vibe by Blush

The Limited Addiction is not a beginner vibrator, even though it’s low-priced like a quality starter toy! It’s a vibe for folks who really love strength, and who like some clitoral focus. (Getting stimulated right on the clit, not over a wider area of the vulva.) I’ve enjoyed that it is small enough to wedge between my cell phone and my palm, so it was discreet that time I was walking across a 4-lane road while still holding onto it, after taking some shots by a flowerbed! Because this vibe deserves a pretty background…

It’s not as wide an area as my favorite small wand, the PalmPower Recharge; but this Blush bullet vibrator has some serious kick. (So it does enough to compensate for my big&broad preference.)

Limited Addiciton Bullet Vibrators by Blush - 6 colors
Ltd. Addiction color schemes. The Alexandrite and “Peach” (upper right) ones look super-cute too.

“Power Vibe” is truth. But this “RumbleTech” designation that Blush Novelties now gives its vibrators? Well, nah, that’s a more specious claim. How “rumbly” are the Blush Power Vibes?

Limited Addiction Power vs. Exposed Nocturnal Bullet

Both the Wellness Power Vibe and the Limited Addiction Power Vibe share the same vibrating motor. It has a first speed (function #1) that’s a little rumblier (≈10 Hertz lower-frequency) than the original strong Blush bullet, the Exposed Nocturnal Bullet, now discontinued. The Nocturnal vs. the Power Vibes have a slight difference in power too; I feel both newer Blush bullets (Wellness & Limited Addiction) are a teeny notch stronger on high (function #5).

Wellness Power Vibe vs. Limited Addiction Power Vibe by Blush - strength

The vibration is reverberating; it really bounces around. It’s like a dance party, where the speakers are blaring. So the vibes do travel well! They run through my fingertips like crazy! (If you want a less-finger-buzzing small vibe, check out the Pillow Talk Racy instead: It’s my favorite bullet to use with a dildo, whereas the Power Vibe is such an all-encompassing experience, it distracts me from penetration.)

Limited Addiction Power Vibe review, with Pillow Talk Sassy
LOVE the colors. This is Racy’s big sister, the Pillow Talk Sassy, in lilac & gold.

Overall, I would not classify any Power Vibe by Blush as “rumbly,” since none of the intensity levels have a main spectral band at under 100 Hz. If that doesn’t mean much to you, just know that they will make your fingertips tingle when you use the Limited Addiction vibe or Wellness Power.

Just “strong” (but not rumbly) will be satisfying to a fair amount of clits. So, if you are a power fan ⚡💖, you might try sitting directly on top of these bullets during a longer session, or lying back and closing them between your thighs. It’ll eliminate some of the “itchy finger syndrome” from the high vibes that flow right through this clitoral toy’s body.

How to Operate the Limited Addiction Power Vibe

How do you use the Limited Addiction Power Vibe? Of course, first pull it out of its box. Then wash it off. Normal hand soap and running water will do ya.

Next, find the buttons on the bottom of the Limited Addiction Power Vibe. And:

Limited Addiction Power Vibe - how to use
Two-button controls. Press hard.
  1. Find the + button.
  2. Hold it down for 5 full seconds. (It will not turn on with a short press.)
  3. Press + again to move through the 5 steady speeds + 5 patterns.
  4. Or, press – to decrease intensity.
  5. Hitting either + or – will let you flip thru the 10 vibe functions, in different directions (low to high vs. high to low).
  6. Hold down the – button (5 seconds) when you’re ready to turn off the Limited Addiction.

The buttons are hard to press. You have to really push in. This, along with the higher-pitched vibration and lack of a good handle, are qualities that make the Limited Addiction vibe not ideal for anyone with hand & grip issues.

Other Features

The packaging is cute, too, matching the color theme for each Limited Addiction Power Vibe.

These bullet vibrators are waterproof submersible (I’ve used mine in the shower!).

Limited Addiction Power Vibe review - packaging, charging cable

They have magnetic charging prongs. The magnetic charging cable is of course included with purchase. Just clip the circular end onto the bottom of the Limited Addiction vibe, and insert the other end into a USB adapter or USB computer port, to charge it up. Two hours is enough charging time for almost any vibrator.

The warranty is short, is the biggest downside for everyone. 3 months, vs. 5 years for the Wellness Power Vibe. Blush’s warranty inconsistency is goofy here. Vibrators do sometimes fail early, that’s just a fact because they’re electronics that you’re pressing your weight and your wetness against. So it’s a slight risk. I feel pretty confident about the motor lasting, though, because I got my Exposed Nocturnal Bullet (which the Limited Addiction is drawn from) back in 2018, and it’s still up and running. Is the short-warranty risk worth it for me versus how much I enjoy the Limited Addiction’s color? Hell yes. YMMV.

The colorful coating is embedded into the ABS plastic of this vibrator. It’s very smooth except for a tiny seam at the back, where the two ends of the printed image meet. Choose the Wellness Power Vibe as well if you want no seam. It’s not been something I noticed in use; it feels smooth enough under my fingers (and is on the side of the bullet that’s less likely to touch your skin).

Recap & Rating

The Psyche 🌈 version of the Limited Addiction Power Vibe has grabbed my attention, with those bright colors practically begging me to both (1) display it and (2) place it on my clit.

This is the strongest vibrator in my Affordable Bullet ⚡s Guide. It’s got wand vibrator aspirations: I imagine the Blush Power Vibes falling asleep at night, dreaming they might become Magic Wands, one day. So I recommend these Power Vibes to people who do enjoy strong vibration, without needing for it to be really rumbly. I call the Limited Addiction “reverberating,” because those vibes kick. Roll it around my clit, feel the pressure build; all Power Vibes’ strong start leads to a fast orgasm for me.

Find the Limited Addiction & Wellness Power Vibes here.

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