Lovense Flexer Review – Does This Fingering Vibrator Work?!

The Lovense Flexer curls its tip, as its vibrating motor schreeches. It’s like a swarm of bees that have magically gained the ability to stroke my G-spot.

What is this?! The Flexer is Lovense’s attempt at a “fingering vibrator.” It curves back and forth, back and forth, to massage the G-spot automatically. Sounds great, right?…

But, it’s no Lovense Lush: this is a NOT a wearable sex toy. Lovense calls the Flexer a “panty vibrator,” but it will fall out if I’m not sitting right on top of it. So, how do you use the Lovense Flexer, how does the long-distance Lovense app work, and should you consider buying it vs. other wearable vagina plugs?

Lovense Flexer vibrator- fingering motion
Flexer functions #2 & #3, high speed: Not much difference!

Lovense Flexer Pros & Cons


  • Automatic motion.
  • Bulbous head for G-spot focus.
  • The vibration’s not weak.
  • Tons of fun vibe rhythms in the app.
  • Long-distance play capable.
  • Waterproof & USB magnetic rechargeable.


  • OMG, the vibration’s buzzy.
  • Loud.
  • Impractical outside the bedroom:
  • Unlikely to stay in place unless you’re sitting on it (or lying down).
  • Not a beginner-friendly vibrator.

In short, the Flexer is not ideal as a public vibrator.

Choose the Ferri (clit stimulation) or the Lush (vaginal wear) instead, if you’re looking for a toy to wear as foreplay / on date night. But if you want fingering motion in your bedroom, keep reading:

Flexer vs. Lovense Lush – Comparison Chart

This table compares Lovense Flexer’s vibration intensity, rumbly vibration (rumbly = deep & low-pitched; vs. buzzy = high-pitched), and volume vs. other Lovense vibrators. Each vibrator is measured in a range from its lowest intensity to its strongest intensity.1

(10 = max.)
Lovense Flexer:
$99 Best Price
From 5.75
to 7.0
0 rumble rating.
(235-255 Hz)
Up to 48 dB
if inserted
(63 dB if not)
Lovense Lush 3:
$119 Best Price
Vaginal wear
From 5.5
to 7.5
8 to 5 rating.
(88-122 Hz)
Starts rumblier
Under 40
if inserted
Lovense Ferri:
$99 Best Price
Clit stim.
From 5.5
to 7.25
6 to 3 rating.
(105-143 Hz)
Kinda high-pitch
48 to 54
Lovense Dolce:
$119 Best Price
Clit+vag (dual)
From 6.5
to 8.0
9 to 5 rating.
(73-118 Hz)
Vibes resonate.
37 to 43 db,
if inserted
Lovense Flexer vs. Lovense Dolce vs. Lovense Quake vibration functions compared
A mess of Lovense vibes!!! Lush 3, top center; Flexer, right; Dolce, left-bottom.

If you are looking for a leave-in wearable toy, see my full pussy plug guide here, including leave-in dildos & vibrators!

On Flexer’s Vibration Functions & Quality

The Lovense Flexer has 7 preset massaging vibration functions. Flexer dimensions are:

  • 3.5 inches insertable length. That’s good, because most G-spot areas are 2 to 3 inches inside the vagina, on the front wall (belly button side).
  • 1.2 inches diameter (width) measured across the front of the vaginal bulb, but 1.5 inches width measured left-to-right across the side. That’s an “average” girth that will work for most people, but folks with tighter vaginas (or anyone new to penetration) may need slimmer sizing.
Lovense Flexer dimensions width length - size in hand

You can ease through the full speed range for both (1) the stroking movement and (2) the vibration intensity through the Lovense app. It doesn’t give you rumbly vibration, or weaker or stronger vibes than the 1st and 3rd functions respectively. But the app control does let you play in the middle of the intensity range, more leisurely; or lets you zooooom quickly between high and low speeds, over and over. It’s like a vibrator rollercoaster, if you want it to be.

Lovense vibrators are strong as a rule, not rumbly. But this… The Flexer is buzz city, a new level of high-pitched vibration. See & hear Flexer’s functions demoed here. Let’s see how my G-spot has managed:

My Experience Sitting on Flexer

I’m a huge fan of G-spot stimulation, so Flexer is geared to folks like me.

This fingering vibrator’s motion is… neat, but it’s not a satisfying orgasm for me. First, the vibration does basically nothing for my clit and vagina, since the high-pitched buzz doesn’t travel well through my sensitive tissues. I ignore it.

Lovense Lush 3 vs. Lovense Flexer - rumbly vs. buzzy vibration frequency
Lush 3 vs. Flexer’s vibration frequencies, showing how incredibly buzzy Flexer is on every speed. The red-orange-yellow bands are vibration; the screen is blue by default.

The Flexer does wave back and forth half an inch at its bulb. That’s the Flexer’s full range of motion. It’s obviously not as flexible as human fingers. If I’m sitting on it and pressing into it (leaning forward), then I can also limit that range of motion to approximately one-quarter of an inch.

Lovense Flexer Fingering Vibrator

But, the Flexer has never stalled out on me like thrusting dildos may.

I like G-spot toys with wide bulbed heads. I like thrusting them fast as I approach orgasm. The Lovense Flexer doesn’t meet my needs because its head has a central line that focuses sensation in a small space, the width of my pinky finger. I like 2-finger G-spot stroking… so it falls flat there.

Lovense Flexer - G-spot curve plug

The Flexer is also not a hardcore thrusting sex toy. Its motion is not realistically human. If you are looking for serious G-spot massage, and are able to make an investment in it, then a sturdy adjustable sex machine and a SuperSoft, life-cast, G-spot dildo are the best way I’ve found.

So, I’m not a fan of the Flexer. I’ve been orgasm on it only when I do add more sensation by (1) gripping Flexer’s base and (2) thrusting it myself. That extra G-spot stimulation made me cum nice and hard. Still, I wanted more.

My favorite Lovense toy is now the Dolce, because it’s the strongest Lovense vibe that I can insert for G-spot stimulation. I like to straighten it out, and thrust it like a vibrating dildo. Or, sometimes, I’ll rub it off against my clit. Dolce delivers strong (but not overwhelmingly strong) vibration power that’s not grating like the Flexer’s electric-toothbrush-buzz.

How to Use Flexer

To use the Lovense Flexer:

  • Lubricate the tip with a good body-safe lubricant. (Avoid Lovense’s water-based lubricant, as its 6.5 pH is too high for safe vaginal use. Water-based lubes should be in the 3.8 to 4.5 pH range, to match the vagina’s healthy natural pH.)
  • Press down Flexer’s power button for 3 seconds.
  • It’s now in standby mode, and can be linked to the Lovense app.
  • Make sure you’ve updated to the latest Lovense app firmware, by downloading the app again from the App Store or Google Play. (You can’t control the Flexer’s fingering motion unless you do this.)
  • Open the app and tap the link ๐Ÿ”— icon in the upper-right corner.
  • The Lovense app will detect Flexer. Once its name and icon appear,
  • Tap Done in the upper right corner.
  • You’re now free to create patterns through “My Patterns” on the home screen,
  • Or click the Discover icon, 3rd from the left on the bottom bar; then “Patterns” to explore the huge Lovense vibration pattern library.
  • Insert the Flexer plug into your vagina, as slowly as feels comfortable.
  • Start up the vibration and motion via the app,
  • Or you can choose to cycle through Flexer’s 3 steady functions + 4 patterned functions via the power button.
Lovense app - Flexer how-to long-distance vibrator
3 screen-shots from the Lovense app.
Lovense Flexer - how to use
Flexer’s power button, lit up, in standby mode.

The Lovense Flexer feels like a prostate-massage butt plug that Lovense colored pink, and decided they could sell as a panty vibrator.

“Magic fingers you can have anywhere, anytime,” Lovense sells Flexer as.

I would translate this “Marketing Speak” into Real Life as:

“Buzzy stroking that will push itself out of your vagina unless your weight is on top of it.”

So, to use the Lovense Flexer, you should be sitting on top of it. Or you can hold it in place with your hand as it strokes, if you’re lying back comfortably in your bed. A final option for actual public wear would be to use very tight-fitting clothes, almost as a harness to support the Lovense Flexer. Still, that leaves the noise problem… My decibel meter claims the Flexer, when it’s inserted in my vagina, is in the “Quiet Conversation” range, but I can’t help hearing the creak.

Lovense toys are of course known for their long-distance sex capability (here’s how to connect on the Lovense app). I’ve written about using the Lovense app’s long-distance use in my Lush review, my Dolce review, my Domi 2 review, etc. I know the Lovense app can be a fantastic time with a partner either across town, or across the country. (Across the world, truly long-distance sex is possible too!) However, I am not covering long-distance vibrations with the Flexer in this review: I find the Dolce much more fun for G-spot play, and don’t want to waste a single opportunity for hot times with my boyfriend!

How to Clean & Care for

The Lovense Flexer is made of body-safe silicone outside. This safe, sanitizable sex toy material repels bacteria and yeast, not allowing them to grow.

To clean the Flexer, really all you need to do is wash it with soap and water in the sink. Wash well before first use, scrubbing Flexer’s silicone down and washing off well afterward. Shake water off, then let dry. Repeat after each use.

Lovense Flexer packaging

It’s USB magnetic rechargeble. Like with any rechargeble vibrator, the proprietary charging cable is included with your Flexer purchase. You also get a little black, drawstring storage pouch.

The Flexer can remain in standby mode for many hours without the battery fully draining. However, that’s not as important as with the Lovense Lush, where you could feasibly wear the vibrator around, just waiting for your partner to start it up.

Recap & Ranking

The Lovense Flexer’s got a fun motion going on, with the G-spot stroking tip. The “fingering” movement is weighty, and I can feel it stimulating my spot consistently. It’s a firm pressure, but doesn’t deliver anything like the force that actual human fingers can.

I wish the Flexer’s vibration was lower-key, mainly. It sets me on edge immediately, since it’s so very buzzy. I’ve managed to ignore the buzzzzz as the G-spot massage proceeds, but… The Flexer makes the Lovense Lush’s vibration quality feel rumbly.

I’m not sold: I would recommend the Flexer only to friends who really like vroooom-eeee-aaaaaah!!! type vibrations, who don’t need subtle or deep speeds. (And who can ignore creaky noises.)


  1. Most vibrators get stronger, buzzier, and louder as you travel through the vibration functions.

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