Best Thrusting Butt Plugs – We Tested 28 Anal Toys

Automated anal motion! The best thrusting butt plugs propel themselves up-and-down, inside your butt. Driven by either magnetic propulsion or a thrusting rod, all anal plugs we’ve tested are body-safe silicone that doesn’t retain germs.

Plugs that thrust themselves wiggle-jiggle and pulse: Speedy strokes, not long thrust distance. Self-thrusting plugs deliver between 108 up to 468❗ bursts of movement per minute: We’ve got each thruster plug’s stats tallied below.

Our three testers (including me!) have thoughts on which is best for guys & prostate play, vs. vag-having butt plug fans. Our top picks, out of the 28 moving plugs we’ve tried out over the past 5 years:

Thrusting Butt Plugs Top 5

Every plug here includes a remote control for easier speed changes:

Thrusting Plug Sensation & Efficacy

Our experiences, recapped for each plug that thrusts! My boyfriend(s) tested all, while I (F) tested the non-prostate options. Body-safe plugs are great cuz their silicone can be fully sanitized for moving between vaginal & anal sex use:

Lux Active Throb, from 288 to 420 pulses/minute, 1.35″ width: His perspective: “The ‘Throb’ expands gradually, so with the lube and a minute of patience, it was in! I started with the low speed out of the three, and it was MMMM at first, then I was so ready to move all the way to top speed! It’s not exactly a P-Spot toy, but if I lean forward just the right way, I can make it angle in and hit the spot. Before that, I walked around for a few minutes with it bumping, bumping. I sat down and let it stroke right past my P-spot again, at which point I was hard and began to stroke myself. But I wanted the feeling to last, so I edged and got up and walked around more, using the remote to flip through the 10 thumping functions. After almost an hour, I was so worked up — I sat down and finally stroked myself off with the Throb still…well, throbbing, inside me. It was incredible.” My (her) perspective: “I like that it’s so smooth to get in, not too wide. The jigglyness makes my nipples hard. Use it with my We-Vibe Melt for A+ dual-stim orgasms. *My top pick*.”

Lux Active Throb thrusting butt plug with remote - held in hand
Throb pulsing-plug.

Anos RC Thrusting plug, 210 to 300 pulses/minute, 1.6″ width: His perspective: “It’s the pulsing tip that’s most important, since it really turns me on. Insert it slowly, it feels wide. I must take about 5 minutes to use all the length, and then it’s very deep, hitting a wall. Almost trying to go into my colon. It makes me sooo turned on and just on the edge of orgasm by itself. I need to jerk off, dripping, then will cum really hard. Or, the best is using it before we have strap-on sex… Really a perfect teasing warmup. Just can’t help thinking how every guy should try anal, at least once.” This *his top pick*. Her perspective: “6 inches is too long for me anally, so I tested it as a vaginal thrusting plug. Solid; I can feel that it thrusts longer vs. all the others. The “head” (thrusting top-section) is pummeling my deep spot, but comfortably; it doesn’t hurt. I thought I was going to come for 5 minutes straight (but didn’t). Pretty good. Not a sex machine.”

RC Remote Control Thrusting Vibrating Butt Plug with hand
Anos RC Thrusting tip in motion.

Velvet Hammer, 390 to 468 pulses/minute, 1.28″ width: His perspective: “Right away I was turned on, and I liked it so much I moved to the second intensity level with the remote control. It does not bend like a dildo, so I moved my body by positioning pillows behind my back to get it to the right way so the “pulsating” end was going past my p-spot, and the vibrator bump was comfortable. The vibrations are strong, so that was nice too. It took ten minutes, and then I felt myself leaking precum. This is at the third function which is as strong as the pulsating goes. I held on, and it must’ve been another 10 minutes when the orgasm came on as I “cheated” and was stroking. Really, good good. Because this thing keeps going!”…”I liked it best until we got the RC pyramid thruster, which moves more and gives more fullness.”

Velvet Hammer thrusting prostate anal plug
Velvet Hammer shaking.

The General, 108 to 132 pulses/minute, 1″ tip width & 1.25″ body width: His perspective: “Now this is a legit prostate massager. The automated stroking bulb focuses on the spot, “wagging” with its bulb. Insanely teasing. The full length really bends so it’s not continuing to apply pressure, rather it’s flexing with my canal, so I wouldn’t call it the strongest stimulator. [We’ve learned that lately, the most powerful P-spot tool is the Pure Wand.] I can imagine it’d be a good tool for edging and orgasm denial. The vibration isn’t super strong but it’s what you call rumbly, that’s not high-frequency.”

The General plug’s tip is a waving massager.

Backdoor Banger plug, 300 to 410 pulses/minute, 1.6″ width: His perspective: “It took me about three tries before I worked my way up to the third bead, where this is widest. After my butt closed around it, then I understood the “Backdoor Banger.” Bam! I questioned the remote control at first because I’ve never owned a remote control vibrator, but I praise it now I’ve used it while sitting down on the plug… I look forward to using it again. I have not achieved an anal orgasm with it, but it makes me very excited and throbbing, so rubbing one out manually afterward feels amazing.” Her perspective: “Bangin’ beaded bumps! For me this one was less ergonomic to continue wearing vs. the Lux Active Throb, but the beads have this nice *pop* as you put them in, all wiggly-jiggly. Butthole-shaking. Makes me long for something soft & fleshy vaginally.”

Backdoor Banger thrusting beaded butt plug
Backdoor beaded plug’s remote control.

Thruster Plugs Stats Comparison Chart

Best thrusting butt plug speed & range of motion compared:

per minute
of motion
Lux Active Throb,
288 – 4200.125″No. 7 pulse functions.Streamlined & smooth, easy to insert, wearable around the house but best impact when u sit. Wide-flared base to rock on.
Anos RC Thrusting,
210 – 3000.5″Yes. 10 vibrating + thrust functions.Best plowing feel from the 2″ moving tip. Good for full anal stimulation & pegging warmup.
Velvet Hammer,
390 – 4680.2″Yes. Base vibrates. 10 vibrating thump functions.Fast P-spot pulses, angling inward. Vibration in the base for sitting-on perineum stim. Firm pressure.
The General,
108 – 1320.4″Yes. 10 functions of “wagging” + vibes.Stroking tip fingers the spot; exciting, teasing, with rumbly vibration. Flexible pressure.
Backdoor Banger,
300 – 4100.2″Yes. 7 pulsing + vibration functions.3 beads expand in size; jiggly like the Velvet Hammer, except not P-spot angled.

How to Use a Thrusting Butt Plug

You’ll want anal lubricant, because the rectum doesn’t self-lubricate well. A good lube makes anal insertion comfortable and avoids micro-tears (fissures).

When inserting any anal plug, key tips are: Go Slow and Don’t Push Past Your Limits. If It Hurts, Stop and warm up with a smaller toy or your fingers first.

Thrusting anal plugs can be worn around, and the strokes are gentle. Here are ideas for how to enhance anal plugs’ speedy thrusts:

  1. Sit down first, to feel the throbbing-thrusts…
  2. Build arousal by getting up and walking around: It’ll make you feel more as soon as you relax.
  3. Take a stroll around the neighborhood? Ambient noise will hide the sound of the moving plug. (The Lux Active Throb is the quietest thruster plug.)
  4. Or: Hand your partner the remote control, if they’re into your play.
  5. For more P-spotting: Lean your torso forward as you sit on the plug. Rock on its base by moving your hips slowly, and clench your asshole intermittently.
  6. Add external stimulation! That means jerking masturbation, using a vibrator up front, and/or nipple play too. Most people with prostates do require some penis stimulation to finish.

To clean a thrusting butt plug after you’re done: Body-safe silicone + nonporous ABS plastic can be washed down with soap and water in the sink. Liquid soap is cleanest to apply, via dispenser. Just scrub well for a minute, shake off the water, and let the plug air-dry.

How to clean butt plug step 1 - wash with soap and water for 30 seconds

Most Powerful Thrusting Anal Toys

Wearable butt plugs have a limited thrust length, up to a half inch, because they’re compact (made for sitting on).

Thrusting dildos do have a longer stroke length than thrusting plugs, but are susceptible to stalling out under pressure. They’re more likely to become defective when used anally (vs. vaginally).

A fucking machine is 10/10 the most stall-resistant option for anal play, where stroke length can be over 5 inches.

  • Hismith Premium machines (use code PR10 for 10% discount): Fast, with adjustable stroke length, and fantastic unless you’re into huge anal toys. Drives up to 350 strokes per minute, with a much longer thrust length vs. any plug: adjustable between 1.75 to 5.25 inches distance per stroke. Get the Hismith suction cup attachment to stick your own silicone suction cup dildos on the machine.
  • Orgasm Alley Kong: Longest stroke length around, up to 12″ thrust; and suitable for monster dildos.

What to Avoid in a Thrusting Plug

Too many mass-produced sex toys aren’t designed with user comfort or safety in mind. My top to-avoid features for anal thrusters:

  1. Pinchy bellows. The worst feature I’ve ever found in a thrusting butt plug is pinchy bellows. The Thunder Plugs have accordion-like folds in the neck of the plug, right inside my anal canal (where the sphincter muscles are tight) as I tested one. And that made it pinch me as the plug moved. NOPE.
  2. Unsafe materials. You definitely want to avoid any PVC thrusting plugs, or any product that doesn’t specifically say “silicone.” PVC is the cheapest sex toy material and leaches chlorine.
  3. Plug with cock ring attached. No. Get a separate cock ring, like a silicone one by Oxballs, for a better experience. Attached C-rings can strangle your penis or testicles if you’re spaced too far apart, since these will all be firmer silicone that doesn’t stretch easily.
  4. No remote control. Here’s looking at you, b-Vibe, for $95–$125 MSRP vibrating plugs that omit a remote. Who wants to reach down to their butt crack to change speeds while trying to wear a plug?


8 thoughts on “Best Thrusting Butt Plugs – We Tested 28 Anal Toys”

  1. Do you think that Ken’s F Machines are worth the extra cost vs the Hismith Premium? Certainly American made and a lifetime warranty are a plus for KFM.

    • Yes, lifetime warranty alone is a huge plus if someone expects to use the machine truly long-term. My Hismith is going strong after 3.5 years, but that may not be the case a dozen years down the road — I just don’t know. I would expect the gears or build to wear down at some point.

  2. The Anos RC looks great! How would your tester compare it to the Edge 2? I’ve got a couple normal plugs and a dildo that’s a lot of fun but a lot of work. Hoping for something that can let me zone out and enjoy the experience.

    • My impression about his feels is that the RC plug is fun, it’s a great warmup, but it’s not a full-on in and out thrusting experience. If you’re looking for less work, then the most effective route is to invest in a good fuck machine. Hismith Premium is just awesome, and get a stainless steel sution cup attachment to stick suction cup dildos onto it.

      The Edge 2 is difficult to compare, since it’s all about the vibration and pressure, rather than the motion. It’s strong vibration for sure, the motor power is really good, but doesn’t move itself.

  3. Thanks! I am more interested in the thrusting functionality than the vibration. The Hismith does look awesome, but it has a few more space constraints. Thanks for all your advice and reviews!

    • Right, right, the machine is bulkier and heavier for sure. That keeps it in place when you’re pushing some of your weight against it, but takes up more space to store is correct. I’m not going to the trouble to dismantle the Hismith every time I use it, NOPE, so it occupies a good swathe of my walk-in closet floor, lol.

  4. I’m wondering if you’ve testing anything really thin? I’m looking for a thrusting and vibrating anal toy that starts at .5″ and goes up to 1″. Everything I’m seeing starts at 1″ or more. Thanks!

    • Hey! That’s such a slim size, that it’ll be hard to fit a decent motor inside. It’s much better to progress through a silicone 3-plug training kit, taking your time—up to 2 weeks per plug, and inserting slowly, use plenty of good lube like liquid, virgin coconut oil—with each plug before progressing to the next size up. The trick is to finesse insertion: you want to keep pushing gradually, lightly, under the base until your rectum actively pulls the plug inside. this may take up to 10 minutes of light pressure.


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