Inya Grinder Pad Review – Transform a Dildo into Grinding Vibrator

Oooh, that’s a neat idea! The Inya Grinder lets you get penetrated while enjoying a vibrating grinder pad too. And, its silicone is softer vs. any other humpable ride-on vibrator I’ve tested, a huge plus for me.

The Run-Down:

Unique grind-pad vibrator fits over a dildo or penis. Humpable = more clit stimulation while riding. Softer silicone. Medium-strong vibration.

$76.00 USD MSRP

$54.99 at Peepshow Toys

Inya Grinder Extension for clitoral grinding during sex

Pros & Cons


  • Softer silicone, humpable vibrator.
  • Novel design fits a real penis or a dildo through.
  • Waterproof submersible.
  • Body-safe silicone.
  • Good price vs. other grinding vibes.
  • Medium-strong vibration.
  • App-controlled; can be long-distance too.


  • Not for fans of rumbly vibration.
  • While riding, you must use the app to change functions.

The Inya Grinder is made of nonporous silicone, ≈ 10A Shore durometer (gentler vs. harder 20A to 30A Shores in typical vibrators). It’s 5.9″ total length, 3.7″ clitorally humpable length × 4.1″ humpable width, × 0.95″ height. It’s IPX7 waterproof, and is plug-in USB-A rechargeable. The dildo/penis hole is 1.33″ diameter, but easily stretches to fit shafts up to 1.75″ diameter / 5.5″ circumference.

Inya Grinder vibrator how to use

Dildo not included means you get to choose whatever penetrating toy you like (that isn’t extra-large). The Inya Grinder can be worn over a penis during sex, like an extra-large cock ring that gives you more to rub your clit on.

My Review Criteria

All body-safe, zero BS. I only recommend body-safe toys, no bullshit and no paid promos. If I wouldn’t give a toy to a close friend, then I won’t recommend it to you, either. I’ve tested over 1,050 vibrators, 515 dildos, and 150 butt plugs (and a plethora of cock rings,, kink gear, and lubes!). Everyone’s preferences vary, so I rate vibrating toys by 1. power level and 2. rumbliness; and always describe how my personal tastes color my experience.

My Experience with the Inya Grinder

The Inya Grinder vibrator is a level up for anyone who’s ever sought a vibrating cock ring so they could enjoy hands-free clit stimulation during sex—but then found that rings don’t stretch far enough.

Clit-to-vagina distance varies a lot individually, so some clits are located farther forward. Traditional vibrating C-rings won’t give them the necessary length.

In contrast, the Inya grinder-ring has 3.7 inches of humping-friendly length in front of the open ring. That’s a lot more to work with.

Inya grinder size vs. hand
Put ur favorite penis or not-huge dildo thru this hole!

I’ve found it fits my (not as long) C-to-V distance best when I have a dildo attached to my bathtub corner, and I’m leaning forward to hump on the bump just right. There’s like 2 inches extra silicone extending in front of my clit, a lotta space to rock back and forth on. All that extension means that you also keep better clit contact when riding / rocking forward on top, cowgirl-style.

Inya Grinder over suction cup dildo

I was super turned-on when I first sat on top of the Inya Grinder, with one of my favorite-ever lifelike dildos slotted through, the Naked Addiction Dual-Density. That dildo has a fantastic realistic skin-feel, but it’s missing the curved G-spot seeking head I need for maximum orgasms (so I usually use it with a favorite clit vibrator).

Here, the Inya Grinder’s grrring vibration outside 10/10 gave me more so I was ready to cum faster.

The vibration isn’t rumbly, however; it tends from “medium frequency” to “fairly buzzy” as you increase from the low steady vibration speed, to the highest speed. The Inya Grinder is about 30 Hertz above the range where I really enjoy my vibrators (it’s buzzier). It got a little annoying for my picky & particular clit on high, so I turned it back down to function #2.

The softness of the silicone really wins out here, though, since I like this so much more vs. the comparably ripply CalExotics Lust Rider. It’s that forgiving feel of the Inya Grinder that I’m all about. It may not be a squishy-squishy tentacle grinder toy, but with the moderately strong vibes coming through, it’s a fun and easy ride.

The control button is on the bottom of the Inya Grinder, so you must turn it on before sitting on top to ride. Then, you can’t change speeds unless you either: 1.) Lift up the grind-pad to reach the button again or 2.) Sync the grinder to the app.

The front of the Inya Grinder box includes a QR code you can use to get to the “LoveSpouse” app in either Google Play or the App Store. It’s an OK app whose English needs some tweaking. It’s functional. Inside the app, go to “Classic Mode” to switch between the Inya Grinder’s 9 different vibration functions. Or, go to Interactive Mode to connect to a partner who’s also downloaded the app.

The app is usable for long-distance control, but you can’t create custom patterns or slide vibration intensity up and down: your partner can only switch between the 9 vibration functions. So, because I’m so picky about liking only a couple functions here, I’m more content to use the Inya grinding vibrator solo.

Vibration Functions and Strength

Inya Grinder by NS Novelties has 9 vibration functions. That’s 3 steady vibration speeds, plus 6 off-and-on rhythms. I like functions #1 and #2 most; then I’ll use the escalating function #9 sometimes as I ride, for a change of pace.

Reaching 7 out of 10 maximum power, Inya Grinder’s not the strongest grinding vibrator (that would be a bumpy one by CalExotics, Bump & Grind), but I personally would choose this Inya grindpad first for comfort — speaking as someone who hates 😡 pointy, sharp clitoral stimulation.

vibrating grinder tested comparison - prices
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1st App-Controlled Grind Pad!

The Inya Grinder connects to the LoveSpouse app, which multiple vibe manufacturers now employ.

The app is functional, it works, but it’s not exceptional. (The better Lovense app doesn’t have a grindpad vibrator option.) This LoveSpouse app is easier to connect on vs., say, the Svakom app at least. Inside LoveSpouse, you can use any of the following modes:

Lovespouse app 2024
  • Classic Mode. Switch between 9 vibration functions.
  • Game Mode.
  • Video Mode. Plays video from your phone while letting you switch vibe functions.
  • Music Mode. …Only syncs to 5 cheesy tunes within the app?
  • Draw Something. Scroll your finger to increase/decrease vibration strength.
  • Shake. Shake your phone to increase vibe strength.
  • Interactive Mode. How you connect to other humans. You can search your partner once they’re downloaded the app and entered their email address: search by either their email, or the long number found in their LoveSpouse profile.

How to Use

How to Control

To turn on the Inya Grinder, hold down on the power button on the bottom of the grinder for 5 full seconds. It will light up.

Then, press the button again to start the vibration, and keep pressing to cycle through the 9 vibration functions.

Or sync to the app to change it up: much easier while you’re on top of the Inya Grinder vibrator.

How to Position

To position the Inya Grinder, my best way is putting a suction cup dildo through, then sticking the suction cup on the corner of my bathtub. You can also do this on a smooth-topped chair.

Or, put it over a partner’s penis, so the grinder’s bump is on top of their pubic mound. Then, ride in a slow-grinding, humping, rocking way on top (cowgirl / cowpoke style). Slower riding helps you keep the best clitoral contact with the grinder’s soft silicone.

Care & Cleaning

IPX7 Waterproof! The Inya Grinder’s silicone + body can be submerged in the bath.

To clean, just use your normal handsoap and rub it over the Inya Grinder’s ripples, scrubbing under running water.

It’s USB rechargeable. The charging prong inserts into a hole on the underside of the grinding vibrator.

Inya Grinder - how to turn on, how to recharge

Recap & Rating

The Inya Grinder vibrator is an addition to grinder sex toy I’m excited about: I love the concept. Dual stimulation from getting f*cked vaginally while I get to grind off on top? Awesome.

This should work well for anyone who likes to grind on their partner’s ballsack during sex. The Inya Grindpad is a long extension, almost 4 inches, that gives you a lotta space to rub against.

And it’s half the price of other grind-pad vibrators, awesome. Worth it, unless you’re a fanatic for the rumbliest vibration.

Find this softer Grind pad vibrator here!

(out of 5)
Orgasms per dollar value:
Love the feel of the silicone, really like riding on it. My personal taste is for rumbly vibrators (lower-frequency), so this runs a bit high-pitched for me. Still very fun to hump on; adds more to a small-headed realistic dildo. Great concept.
User experience/ Ease of use:
Easy to use, except that I’d prefer the power button on top. The app is passable. Softer silicone means so much more comfort for my sensitive bits.
Luxury feel:
Body-safe, smooth silicone; Clean packaging; USB rechargeable; waterproof; mid-range vibe power.
Run time (60mins.) & easy charging3.4
Total3.98 of 5⭐s
Vibration power,
low-to-high intensity
[vs. all vibrators]
From 5.0 to 7.0
/out of 10
Vibration depth (“rumble”),
From 5.0 to 3.5
/out of 10
Volume (decibels)33 to 43

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