Aneros Psy vs. Aneros Helix: Testing 2 Hands-Free Prostate Massagers

Aneros with extra focus. The Psy offers hands-free prostate massage, as nodes protrude to press above and below the spot.

So, how does Aneros Psy perform vs. the Aneros Helix, the most popular Aneros massager? My boyfriend tested them on repeat — and one of the 2 Aneros produced crazy, lolling-eyes, loooong Super Orgasms:

The Run-Down:

Hands-free prostate massager with 3 main nubs to rub the spot. More intense focus vs. any Aneros toy. Adjustable tabs so Psy can go deeper/shallower, or hit your perineal pressure point better.

$79.95 Aneros’ set price

Aneros Psy review

Pros & Cons


  • Hands-free prostate stimulator.
  • Flexible tabs for adjusting how deep in.
  • Firm, focused pressure.
  • Body-safe silicone.
  • More pointedly targets the spot vs. Helix.
  • P-tab for perineum pressure & automatic motion.
  • Clenches & breathing ➡️ feedback loop that takes pleasure to another level vs. penis stimulation.


  • Learning curve: Requires patience.
  • Pointed shape not preferred by all prostates. (Maximus and then MGX are least-focused.)
  • Silicone is less slick vs. plastic.

The Aneros Psy is made of nonporous silicone with a plastic core, and likely a metal support structure so the tabs can bend. It’s 4.08″ total length, adjustable from 2.7″ to 3.25″ insertable length, from 0.75″ to 0.95″ insertable diameter, and has tabs extending up to 5.25″ span. Psy is non-powered (not a prostate vibrator or thruster plug).

My Review Criteria

All body-safe, zero BS. I only recommend body-safe toys, no bullshit and no paid promos. If I wouldn’t give a toy to a close friend, then I won’t recommend it to you, either. I’ve tested over 1,050 vibrators, 515 dildos, and 150 butt plugs (and a plethora of cock rings, kink gear, and lubes!). Everyone’s preferences vary, so I rate vibrating toys by 1. power level and 2. rumbliness; and always describe how my personal tastes color my experience.

Hands-free prostate massagers - Aneros Psy and Aneros Helix tested

His Experience

Aneros. Unrivaled among hands-free prostate massagers, the brand’s built a reputation over 25 years.

If you’re an Aneros devotee, you are hardcore into prostate stimulation — seeking waves of orgasms, the “Super O,” a full-body experience.

My wonderful, open-minded boyfriend’s been getting into prostate play more over the last 2 years. About 6 months ago, he adopted my neglected Njoy Pure Wand (I prefer broader & less-hard G-spot stimulation)—and found his way to a hands-free orgasm he says was “like nothing else on Earth.”

Aneros toys are the one other P-spot stimulator category (besides Pure Wand) that gets incredible glowing all-around reviews from dudes who’ve discovered the awesomeness. So, I handed over an Aneros Eupho last December, and we picked up a Helix Syn Trident the following month. Last, the Psy arrived a month ago… I’ll let him describe all the rest:

Aneros Eupho vs. Aneros Psy vs. Aneros Helix Syn Trident - his experience
From left: Eupho Trident, Psy, Helix Syn Trident.

I received the Eupho first. It’s the smallest Aneros. Beginner-level, but I’m not new to anal; also, the less-arched head makes it advanced as well. It’s the lightest one to me no doubt. I tried it a couple times and was enjoying some, but also frustrated.

Getting goin’ with Aneros Psy vs. Aneros Helix

We tried the Helix for more focus. Tried wearing it during sex first, while penetrating her. One hell of a turn-on, but evidently, that’s not the right way to a pure prostate orgasm. Back to solo time: clenching lightly as per Aneros’ instructions, and “do not apply manual pressure.” (Don’t thrust it like thrusting a dildo.)

I got more from the Helix Syn‘s tip [than Eupho’s]. It pushes harder into my spot. The Helix Syn Trident’s tabs are the most flexible of all these, when you push into them. I pushed the P-tab down lightly. It moved a quarter-inch forward, as the Helix’s firm tip was really targeting my spot now. I started to get it. I could feel my arousal off and on, like echoing waves rolling. I thought I was close, but hitting a wall. I tried again a few days later.

Aneros Psy vs. Aneros Helix shapes

The pleasure from Aneros Helix is substantial. I resisted stroking my penis a number of times. Also the urge to thrust, since I like a good anal dildo and pegging. I was dripping sometimes and on the brink of something. But felt stuck. The Pure Wand is so much more pressure.

Enter the Aneros Psy then, months later. Besides lazy Saturday morning sessions where I’d experience great pleasure but no orgasm, the Helix sat around. Now for the Psy.

Vs. Aneros Helix, Aneros Psy’s tabs are larger, first. Wider beads raised up. You bend them, slowly, to situate where you want them to touch your body, and how deep the Psy is penetrating into the rectum.

Aneros Psy vs. Aneros Helix P-Tab size

I immediately liked that I could bend the P-tab farther forward, and that the K-tab can rest flatter as well. I learned that it increases the perineal pressure lightly. More important, it makes Psy better able to self-massage for me.

I got really good and relaxed one Friday night. Dedicated to this. Low-key and very chill, if you know what I mean. And holy hell, did this thing click with my prostate. My sensations built, and contracting started. It was flowing, I wasn’t actively squeezing. Incredible. The Psy’s points really massage. That’s the only word. I was breathing and was brushing my nipples too, but now it was better than before [than with the Helix Syn]. The first orgasm started, and then it kept going. Rounds and waves of feeling this pleasure. I’m not sure how long it ran, but I’d guess about 10 minutes until the first round subsided. Next I was able to build back up by brushing the tip of my cock and watching a quick favorite porno. Then the process started again. I must’ve spent two hours like this.

Just, holy smokes, I needed one of these. As hard as I have come from the Pure Wand, this [Aneros Psy] is lighter and simpler to position. You’re not figuring out how to angle a weighted curve against your body. [With Psy,] it’s not as troublesome to keep the P-spotting tip in the correct position if you’re… thrashing around amidst orgasm. I finally get Aneros, fully. It may take time, but in the end, it’s the best solo act I’ve ever engaged in.

Psy’s Silicone

Aneros Psy is coated in smooth silicone, but a matte silicone. It’s not as slick as the Aneros Trident (non-Syn model). There’s no contrast in Aneros Psy vs. Aneros Helix there: both are silicone-coated.

If you’re sensitive to surface texture and want the slickest, then use either: coconut oil or X-Lube, with the Psy. Coconut oil greases the silicone right up, for zero drag.

How to Use

Adjustable P- and K-Tabs

Called the “first adjustable Aneros,” Psy’s tabs can both bend inward, or outward—being posed, then staying in place.

Aneros Psy adjustable P-tab and K-tab
  • Bending inward (into the Psy plug body) means less insertable depth and more elevated pressure from the P-tab.
  • Bending outward (away from the Psy’s plug) allows for more insertable length.

The P-tab is the perineum tab. It rests against your chode: it should access what Aneros calls the “perineal accupressure” point. This distance is approximately halfway between the anus and the scrotum.

The K (kundalini) tab, meanwhile, curves backward, into the butt crack.

Psy’s adjustable tabs are difficult to move at first. After several sessions of moving them back and forth, they’re never unreliably flexible like a posable dildo is — but they get easier to bend.

Long-term, Aneros advises to not overstress the Psy’s tabs (like by rocking your full seated body weight on it): Psy “is not intended for infinite adjustment. … [It] is not suitable for grinding.” Instead, how to position an Aneros like Psy:

How to Position and Use Aneros massagers

When both K-tab and P-tab are properly aligned, the Aneros will move itself, gently, rocking back and forth.

You should be on your side, lying comfortable. Try raising the knee of your top leg up. Breathe deeply and calmly.

Start with small contractions (Kegels).

Let yourself feel deeply, fully. Never contract as hard as you possibly can.

Most important: If trying to reach Super O, ignore your penis. 100%. Don’t stroke it. It doesn’t matter if it’s soft or hard. Jacking off will get in the way of hands-free prostate orgasm progress.

He says that “feedback loop” is a cool way to phrase it. The stimulation should gradually build as you lay back relaxed, barely clenching. It’s better to let your butt do any contracting, don’t force it.

If you need additional arousal, run your fingers over your nipples gently. Nipple play is fantastic with prostate stimulation. You can watch porn, but don’t let it distract you from breathing deeply and feeling that your butt is doing pleasurable work.

Above all, patience. Achieving a prostate orgasm isn’t like jerking off, where if you pound harder, you’ll get there (almost all the time). He says you must let go, instead of forcing it. Finally, he first got his super-O after an edible… treat. So, a certain type of depressant, in moderation, may be helpful in reaching the correct mindset — and therefore, relaxed physical state — most likely to lead to an incredible prostate orgasm with the Aneros Psy (or any Aneros toy).

Care & Cleaning

All Aneros toys are easy to clean. They’re either pure plastic (likely ABS) or ABS + silicone, both functionally nonporous materials.

Just use your normal handsoap and scrub your Psy under running water from your sink, for about a minute. Scrub harder, and perhaps another 30 seconds longer, if you’ve used coconut oil.

Silicone is safe enough that if you happen to be wiped out after hard play, you can even wash it well the following day.

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Recap & Rating

The Aneros Psy is the most dramatic, wearable prostate toy we have. In comparing Aneros Psy vs. Aneros Helix:

He likes the extra pressure points in the Psy’s body, how they press in for a touch more ooomph. Getting to an Aneros-induced orgasm is subtler vs. Njoy Pure Wand or a fucking machine—but the payoff: achieving the wildest body-rolling, flailing orgasms. Aneros toys do require practice, learning, understanding that you can’t force the orgasm.

Once you get loosened up either through awareness of your PC muscles & kegeling, breathing and relaxing (and possibly a green friend🌿), then, you might find that this is the one that finally gets you to a hands-free prostate climax.

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(out of 5)
Orgasms per dollar value:
Reached super-O in 1 session (after 6 months occasional training). He finds the 3 raised pressure points in Psy’s body more insistent. Helix is good; Psy is better for him.
User experience/ Ease of use:
Easy size to insert, zero pain. Aneros massage is a process, so don’t expect thrusting & pummeling. Once you understand how: Then he found Psy the best time, easier to position vs. Pure Wand. P-and K-Tabs do take a couple sessions to get easier to move; adjust slowly.
Luxury feel:
Body-safe; Professional packaging doubles as a storage box; Clear instructions inside.
Silicone Feel
Smooth matte. Not bad. Slicken with good lube to help the self-massaging flow.
Total4.6 of 5 ⭐s
Dimensions0.95″ max. insertable width × up to 3.25″ insertable length


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