Njoy Disco Review – Stainless Steel TEXTURE tested!

Wow. It’s a beast, I thought, at first opening the Njoy Disco. Njoy Toys’ first new product in 15 years!!! Disco’s stainless steel is jammed with ripply, bubbly texture.

Like a fantasy silicone dildo, except harder & slicker.

I admired the Disco for a day, photographing its shining surface and its geometric design from different angles. Then I tried it… Less forcefully curved than Njoy’s famous Pure Wand, yet the Njoy Disco is more quickly orgasmic for me. Here’s our verdict after testing the Njoy Disco:

The Run-Down:

Intensely rippled, stainless-steel dildo by the Pure Wand’s creator. Ultra-firm, ultra-stimulating to twist and push. I recommend for definite fans of “fantasy” shapes; unique & niche.

$180 MSRP

Njoy Disco dildo review

Pros & Cons


  • Creative geometric design: 5 interlocking circles you will feel.
  • Weighty = more pressure.
  • Slick mirror-polished surface.
  • No butt odor retention.
  • Silicone-lube compatible.
  • 316 stainless steel doesn’t corrode.
  • Warms up easily with warm water.
  • Matching storage case.
  • Filling size: 1.96″ max. diameter.
  • Limited edition: Each of the first 1,000 Discos has its specific # out of 1000 etched into its base.


  • Advanced texture + size = more difficult to insert anally.
  • Can’t ride it or thrust it fast.
  • Texture may be too extreme for some users.

Njoy’s Disco dildo is made of 316 medical-grade stainless steel, and is hand-polished before packaging. It’s 8.2″ total length, 6″ easily insertable length, and its circles progress from 1.18″ diameter to 1.96″ diameter. Disco’s compatible with all lubricants including silicone lube. It includes a shiny storage pouch to protect the stainless. My first-edition Disco is number 404!

My Review Criteria

All body-safe, zero BS. I only recommend body-safe toys, no bullshit and no paid promos. If I wouldn’t give a toy to a close friend, then I won’t recommend it to you, either. I’ve tested over 750 vibrators, 500 dildos, and 120 butt plugs (and an array of cock rings, kink gear, and lubes!). Everyone’s preferences vary, so I rate vibrating toys by 1. power level and 2. rumbliness; and always describe how my personal tastes color my experience.

Our Njoy Disco Experience

As G-Spot & Vaginal Dildo

This Disco’s distinctive shape will not be perfect for everyone—but it’s fuckin’ fantastic for me. I’ve never been so rocked by a stainless steel toy.1

It’s weird, and I love it. I came 30 seconds into my first Disco insertion, standing up too (where it’s usually tougher to get off). Disco-play only gets better as I’ve relaxed, laid down, and taken my time.

Njoy Disco review - stainless steel beaded dildo
OMGawd, that last beaded-circle.

I love it cuz it’s wide. That almost 2-inch-thick expanse, the last “bead”: flattened, but with the half-ripple in front. Magic for my vagina.

The Pure Wand doesn’t make me come this hard; not like the Njoy Disco. I know the Pure Wand is classic and understand its impact—G-spot discovery and squirting orgasms for many women & vag-havers—but I don’t get it personally. The Pure Wand’s not a favorite because it’s too streamlined, too slim for me.

Njoy Disco review - my experience

But all the Njoy Disco’s pressing circles, rippling down its 6 inch shaft… it’s working a wider area of my front vaginal wall. I get the Disco dildo’s full length inserted, 5.5 inches to the bottom of the biggest bulb, then let the handle push up against the pouchy flaps of my inner labia. The thick handle’s bar is either locking in right under my clit,

…or I’ll wiggle it. Just barely thrusting. So much feeling, from so little motion. I can still feel the euphoria, just thinking about it.

Njoy Disco loop base - first edition engraving

Because inserting Njoy Disco up to its final bead leads me to the kind of orgasms and aftershocks best described as “full body.” Shaking, and felt for up to 10 minutes afterward. (My fucking machine can do this to me, too, with the right dildo attached.) You reach a place where the spasms roll outward from your core, in waves and contractions, for minutes. “Great” isn’t evocative enough. These orgasms are ecstatic, removing you from your normal mindset—so you’re floating inside your own brain, as your body heaves below.

100% my best firm (not soft-silicone) dildo experience ever, vaginally. Adding the We-Vibe Melt in, too, while the Disco is fully inserted, is hands-down awesome. Not better (vs. only Disco), but insanely pleasurable.

Njoy Disco review - intense beads

But when I tried it anally, the Njoy Disco’s two-sided personality became visible. Holy mofo, the bi-circular shape is tough to insert comfortably, even with patience and copious silicone lubricant. My sphincter muscles protested grievously by bead #3 (out of 5). I chalked this up to my tight asshole, at least partly; so I passed it on for further testing:

As Prostate & Anal Stimulator

“Are these… anal beads?” He turned the Disco dildo around, holding the grip and twisting his hand to view its two angles. “That’s wild.”

He paused for a second, then pronounced, “Heavy, too.”

We conferred, to decide whether he wanted to take it anally. No worries if not. He decided, “Yeah, it’s so different— Let me try it and see.”

Njoy disco beast stainless steel dildo

Two hours later, we were ready. He’d warmed up with a standard large plug first, wearing it for half an hour, then I pegged him with a Leo (actual size) dildo. His ass was open. He lay back—already relatively exhausted from the strap-on sex!—on my bed as I brought the Disco’s storage case over, offering him the heavy dildo.

Then I watched. Watched him get used to the grip; watched him insert the first circular “bead” easily; watched him hit some resistance and turn the Disco slightly, to work the second circle in; then twist back when trying to take in the third texture-bump.

Njoy Disco dual sides - 3 Beads vs. 2 beads

He was focused, not speaking; but I could read some confusion on his face. More effort, then his ass absorbed more of the Disco’s length, so only the final circle remained outside. “OK, this is, uh, strange,” he remarked. “I mean, the dildo was as thick as this, but I’m not getting this toy [Disco] in. I don’t know.”

When asked, he said the length [about 3.25 inches] he’d inserted so far was putting some pressure on his prostate, as he angled the tip forward, but it was difficult to execute a probing massage because of the opposing bead.

He seemed tired (I’d tired him out!), so I sent him home with the Njoy Disco. He reported back later in the week. He’d leveled up with a Blunt Plug size S5 first; a good wide choice. And, with that right-before extra anal prep, he managed the Disco’s full 5-bead/circle length.

His report: “It’s so unusual. I like the fullness at the bottom, I understand the “getting knotted” thing now. It was WHOA when I finally got that in. Just insanely filling. It’s not wearable as a plug, too heavy. The fullness is unbelievable. I was confused about how to handle it, honestly 🤔”…

Later, he tried it against and decided it was just fun to sit with wearing. The bulk, the weight. It’s sensational, though he hasn’t had as excellent an experience as the Pure Wand is for prostate play — just phenomenal, once you get the hands-free positioning explored and figured out.

I’m taking back the Njoy Disco from him, though: my Njoy Disco # 0404 / 1000 is mine. My vagina is like, “My precioussssssss….” 😂

Size vs. Njoy Pure Wand (and Eleven)

The Njoy Disco and Njoy Pure Wand are extremely different creatures. Bumpy & quirky, vs. smooth & arched. Here are Njoy Disco vs. Njoy Pure Wand vs. Njoy Eleven sizes compared:

  • Pure Wand: 1.0″ and 1.5″ bulb diameters; from 0.5 to 0.85″ neck diameter; 4.5″ easily usable length; 1.44 lbs.
  • Disco: 1.18″, 1.3″, 1.55″, 1.75″, 1.96″ circle diameters; 6″ easily usable length; 1.7 lbs.
  • Eleven: 1.75″ and 2.0″ bulb diameters; 1.1″ to 1.5″ neck diameter; 8.7″ easily usable length; 2.75 lbs.
Njoy Eleven vs. Njoy Disco vs. Njoy Pure Wand size

The Njoy Disco ($180.00) is less of a bludgeon vs. the Njoy 11 ($399.99): Disco’s stainless weighs 1.7 pounds, vs. the Eleven’s 2.75 pounds—and Disco is almost as thick for its maximum diameter. As a result, the Disco is the easiest to manage, IMO.

How to Use Njoy Disco

How to Insert & Play

These tips center around my experience with how-to use Njoy Disco as a vaginal dildo.

Njoy Disco how to hold
  1. Run the Disco under warm water (not hot-hot water). This will make it feel more awesome.
  2. The Njoy Disco can be used with any lubricant type. Silicone lubricant is safe and slick, and non-damaging to glass or metal sex toys. Apply a few drops if needed for vaginal insertion; definitely lubricate the Disco well for anal. Since the mirror-finish is so slick, I often haven’t used lubricant vaginally (that’s impossible with silicone toys, where drag always happens).
  3. Hold the Disco’s loop-grip, with the first finger wrapped through, your thumb opposing it, and your other fingers around the dildo’s thinner “neck.”
  4. Insert slowly, gently. The first bead is so small, but you’ll likely feel the bump of the second circle; then the third circle/bead approaches quickly.
  5. Insert between 2 and 4 beads at first, seeing how many feel comfortable to you. Angle the Disco upward (moving the handle more toward your belly) to apply more G-spot pressure / vaginal-opening pressure.
  6. Play with gently twisting the Disco, from 30 to 45 degrees left-to-right-to-left…
  7. You can turn it a full 90 degrees too, to feel the alternate side better. My front vaginal wall (bellybutton side, where the most-sensitive nerve endings are) feels more when the Disco’s loop is not parallel to my labia, but instead angled across the full vulva width—so I can feel the flat thickness of the 1.96″ diameter final bead best. YMMV.
  8. Insert the final bead, and Disco’s neck, anytime you feel comfortable.
  9. Disco’s pressure & uber-textured nature mean it exerts more force, with less motion. It’s for rocking slowly, or wiggling in-and-out (a short-distance thrust), rather than big movements or thrusting speed.
  10. Listen to your body’s signals, and enjoy the weighty pressure!

Care & Cleaning of 316 Stainless Steel

To clean, grip the Disco’s loop-ring tightly, and use your normal handsoap on its stainless steel. Scrub the Disco down under running water for about 30 seconds, lathering up & washing off each bead.

Njoy Disco how to wash

When you’re done, you can grip the ring tightly and shake any remaining water off (to prevent water spots when it’s dried, if you have hard water). Or, you can use a jewelry polishing cloth or gentle washcloth or soft T-shirt on the stainless steel.

316 stainless steel is also used in medical settings (as in surgical tools & forceps) because it’s more resistant to corrosion and acidity (remember, vaginas are normally acidic) vs. cheaper 304 stainless steel. So, the Disco won’t tarnish over the years.

Njoy Disco storage case

Still, all stainless steel toys should be handled carefully: You don’t want to drag their surface against anything hard, nor drop them, which will dent or scratch the finish. So, I’m not lumping the Disco in with my dildo collection. I’m keeping it in its shiny case (which is super-cute!).

Recap & Rating

The Njoy Disco is quirky and bad-ass. You may love the extreme texture, or you may think it’s overdone. The Disco doesn’t care. Its dual-sided circles are rolling with the flow.

For my body, the Disco dildo’s like two different toys. Vaginally, it’s everything I ever wanted (but didn’t know I needed) in a stainless steel toy. I’m over the moon. The flattened, girthy fill of the last bead; the popping, insistent texture of the interlocking circles that rise up. Brilliant.

But anally, the dual nature of Disco becomes more difficult—it’s awkward for my tight asshole. My boyfriend’s better-trained butt got it in after a good warmup (with other toys), and he likes it okay as a “different, good if you’re bored with normal toys and want to spend some time playing around” experience; but would definitely recommend the Pure Wand for prostate play over the Njoy Disco.

The Njoy Disco leaves us divided: crossing, intersecting opinions, just like its crazy-intriguing design.

Find the Njoy Disco beaded dildo here!

(out of 5)
Pleasure per dollar value:
Very individual: Many folks won’t like this much texture. My vag. thinks it’s fascinating & immediately orgasmic, full-on ecstatic high. Tougher to insert anally, more confusing.
for vag.
for anal
User experience/ Ease of use:
Gentler handling needed: insert slowly, twist, move lightly. It’s so much pressure, so bumpy-ripply. Weighty = not for anyone with grip issues. Loop base makes it easier to support the Disco’s heft; excellent design there.
4.0 V

3.0 A
Luxury feel:
Body-safe; Protective storage case; Mirror-polished finish; Just looks luxe.
Material quality
& easy cleaning
Premium 316 (medical-grade) stainless steel. Easy to wash with soap and water, then either: shake water off and air-dry, or wipe down with a soft cloth. Must be careful not to scratch it by dragging it / setting it down hard on hard surfaces (=requires more cautious handling).
Total4.6 out of 5

3.8 out of 5
Dimensions:From 1.18 to 1.96″ diameter × 6″ usable length
Weight1.7 lbs.
Njoy Disco

Njoy Disco tested... intensely rippled, stainless-steel dildo by the Pure Wand's creator. Magical, full-body orgasms vaginally... but anally, tougher to insert. Pros & cons from vaginal & anal use.

Product SKU: 854860005091

Product Brand: Njoy

Editor's Rating:


  • Creative geometric design: 5 interlocking circles you will feel.
  • Weighty = more pressure.
  • Slick mirror-polished surface.
  • No butt odor retention.
  • Silicone-lube compatible.
  • 316 stainless steel doesn't corrode.
  • Warms up easily with warm water.
  • Matching storage case.
  • Filling size: 1.96" max. diameter.


  • Difficult to insert anally.
  • Can't ride it or thrust it fast.
  • Texture may be too extreme for many users.


  1. Though I do think the Pure Plugs are super hot to wear, arousing, scandalous even; and the Pure Wand is sensational, just not in a way that suits my vagina’s girthy needs.

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  1. As always, your reviews are great. Very comprehensive and informative. You also provided your vagina and anal perspectives, including a male opinion. With only a thousand available, can’t wait for any discount. So, thanks for making my decision easy.

    • Hi, thank you so much for appreciating the work!
      My understanding is that Njoy has a MAP policy in place for this product, so that it’s not discountable either at retailers they sell to nor at Njoy’s site direct. Sorry to disappoint there!


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