Vibrating Strapless Dildos Top 3 – Power Compared!

Strapless strap-ons are double dildos where you insert the smaller “bulb” end vaginally, to penetrate your partner hands-free! In theory, strapless dildos allow more skin-to-skin contact & intimacy. But as we’ll see, strapless toys in reality may require harnessed support.

Vibrating strapless strap-on dildos vary widely: from very weak vibration, to app-controlled rumble, to “Daaaamn” triple-motor power. All vibrating dildos I’ll rate here were specifically selected for being body-safe (100% silicone contact area) and having good, stimulating vibration—or for being the first of their kind, in the case of Tantus Strapless dildos.

Best-Of Vibrating Strapless Recap:

Vibrating Strapless Strap-On dildos top 3 best

Triple Teaser Strapless

⚡Power + ✅ Pros & Cons ❌

Vibration power: From 6.25 to 8.2 out of 10.
Pros: Revvvv it up vibration; the strongest power. Smaller shape, with G- / P-spot probing dildo ridge. 3 speeds × 9 functions via remote. Less expensive, yet strong.
Cons: Raised clit-stimulating textures may feel aggressive for some users. 1 size. Non-posable connector between the two ends.

I was truly surprised at how the Triple Teaser double kicks into action when you turn on the vibration. It starts on high, so you gotta bring in the remote to access all 3 intensity levels: Do that before you insert it, and then work up in power.

Its dildo ridge is assertive. An “OMG” escaped my partner’s mouth when I first started thrusting with it. Similarly, the G-spot-stimulating bulb—when I put it into myself—was like “Whoa, hello there”: Immediate excitement.

Triple Teaser vibrating double dildo in hand

Triple Teaser is smaller vs. most vibrating strapless toys.1 The dildo end’s 4.5 inches penetrable length, and Triple Teaser is lighter-weight at 7.1oz. (less than half a pound).2 I can wear it as a hands-free dildo if I’m leaning leaning over my partner, legs together, not moving too fast.

He (my bf) thinks it’s bangin’, he just wants me to keep goin’—due to how firmly the ridge massages his prostate. I like the Triple Teaser at first, but this wearable dildo’s clit-stimulating textures push hard into my skin as I thrust, leaving imprints. Triple Teaser is a good time for 15 minutes, maxxing out the vibration intensity. I wouldn’t use it for long & enduring pegging sessions; YMMV, especially if you don’t shave it all off👙. See Triple Teaser’s size vs. the Lovense Lapis, next:

Triple Teaser vs. Lovense Lapis powerful strapless vibrator size
Triple Teaser strapless, top; Lovense Lapis, bottom.

Lovense Lapis

⚡Power + ✅ Pros & Cons ❌

Vibration power: From 2.5 to 8.0 out of 10.
Pros: Very adjustable: All 3 motors have full adjustability in the app, plus bendable “neck” between vag. bulb & dildo-end. Good speed range. Well-shaped for consistent G-spot vibration while thrusting.
Cons: 1 size.

I’ve been disappointed by some Lovense releases—they of the pink-tail Lush vibrator + app control fame—but this is not such a case.

Because Lovense’s Lapis strapless is well-designed and heckin’ adjustable:

Lovense Lapis review - clitoral stimulation textures + power button

Just easy to wear and play in. I do still recommend a strap-on harness (we used Packer Briefs for testing), but the Lapis plays smooth; it feels carefully crafted. Fully adjustable intensity is a HUGE plus for me in vibrators, and here, you can toggle up-or-down the power for all 3 Lapis motors, using the app. Lapis starts very low & rumbly, meaning more vibration speed range!

Lovense Lapis in strap-on harness modeled

I’m still most into soft-silicone penetration for my pleasure vaginally, so sometimes we’ll definitely go for the dual-density dildo / SuperSoft SquarePeg dildo in my harness instead of Lapis, as I wear a vaginal stimulator too. But, the Lapis has gotta be our top strapless choice. Its vaginal bulb is solid, substantially strong vibration pressing lightly into my G-spot & anterior vaginal wall as I push the Lapis’ “just big enough” streamlined shaft into him.

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Strap-On-Me Vibrating Bendable

⚡Power + ✅ Pros & Cons ❌

Vibration power: From 6.5 to 7.5 out of 10
Pros: Three dildo girth options. Bendable “neck” between vag. bulb & dildo-end = most individual placement. Remote lets you adjust 3 vibrating motors separately; 3 speeds/motor.
Cons: Round bulb = less G-spot stimulation for the wearer.

The Strap-on-Me Vibrating Bendable Double Dildos come in three sizes ranging from 1.3 inches diameter (a bit slim) to 1.77 inches diameter (thicker).

I’ve said that Lovense Lapis is adjustable, but the Strap-On-Me’s posable neck (connector) can bend even more, and it moves more side-to-side afterward.

Strap On Men Bendable Vibrating Dildo, posable vaginal bulb
Very bendable vaginal bulb.

The Strap-on-Me Bendable’s vibration intensity has less range, with 3 intensity levels. The remote lets you turn on/off each vibrating motor or make them all rhythmically-vibe together. The vaginal bulb here is filling, but not as curvy & bulbous for G-spot pressure as you thrust.

So, this strapless vibe is the better option: (1) if the giving partner does not want G-spot play, or (2) if they have a longer clitoris-to-vagina distance: the Strap-On-Me Bendable bends enough to accommodate distances over 2 inches.

Tantus Strapless Dildos (Formerly “Feeldoe” and “Realdoe”)

⚡Power + ✅ Pros & Cons ❌

Vibration power: From 2.0 to 3.75 out of 10
Pros: Strapless strap-on original; made for F-F play, usable by any couple with at least 1 vagina-haver. Two size options (original vs. slim) for the dildo.
Cons: Battery-powered bullet vibrator feels super-cheap.

The OG strapless! Tantus Feeldoe was the first “strapless” wearable double dildo. The “Realdoe” was later released: the same concept, except the dildo end looks more phallic. Today, both are called the “Tantus Strapless™,” with original Strapless, Slim Strapless, and Real Strapless versions.

These are firm dildos (not realistic-feel), with a small rounded bulb not designed for “come-hither” G-spot stimulation. The most common complaint is that they’re not strapless, you should wear a harness if you want them to stay in place. For me, the biggest oversight is that Tantus has been using the cheapest vibrators for over a decade now: 3-speed, buzzy (high-pitched), and very weak vibration that doesn’t travel through silicone well.

Temptasia Estella

⚡Power + ✅ Pros & Cons ❌

Vibration power: Bullet by itself: From 5.5 to 7.5 out of 10; Dildo end: From 4.0 to 5.0 out of 10.
Pros: Great look. Smart G-spotting bulb shape + textures to grind on clitorally (wearer).
Cons: Bullet vibrator is strong but sticks out a lot, and much of the vibration is lost. No flexible joint between bulb & dildo = more prone to falling out.

Temptasia Estella by Blush’s fuchsia silicone rebounds with a curvy G-spot stimulator, not too different from Lovense Lapis’. The silicone springs back once inserted, making this double dildo definitely not strapless.

Temptasia Estella strapless dildo with Nocturnal bullet vibrator

The included bullet vibe is extremely strong among bullet vibes, and the vibration is very noticeable in the clit-grinding section. Yet, its intensity gets cut down as it travels to the dildo’s tip, 6 inches away; and is even weaker in the vibrating vaginal bulb (maybe 20% of the power comes through). The vibe is removable for separate, directly clitoral vibration.

How to Position & Use a Strapless Double Dildo

To use a vibrating “strapless” double dildo you can wear & insert into your partner:

  1. Discuss who gets the remote / app control! Is the giving partner the dominant, in control of the vibes; or does the receiving partner get to change speed too?
  2. Have your lubricant ready? I don’t always need lube to insert the strapless dildo’s “pony” vaginal bulb, but some days it helps. And for my partner receiving anally, lubricant is a must. Sliquid Silk hybrid is great all-around.
  3. Insert the vaginal bulb (into the strapless wearer’s body). Push it in until it feels fully & comfortably adjusted. The flexible Lovense Lapis & Strap-On-Me Bendable both can be adjusted extra; you want to hold the “neck” right under your vagina, then the dildo end with your other hand, bending and pushing up until it feels properly aligned.
  4. Lubricate the dildo end, as needed, prior to inserting it into the receiving partner.
  5. Find your positions: For pegging play, we mostly go for a doggy-type pose, with his butt elevated & his torso resting on firm pillows. Missionary-style strapless use is easier during F-F sex / two-vag-having partners. Spooning sex is a great wind-down position: I don’t have as much leverage to thrust fast, instead, it’s a gentler massage.

Before step #3, you might choose to put on a strap-on harness, because:

“Strapless”: Are they, really?

I’ve heard legends of folks being able to successfully use strapless dildos straplessly: That means, only the wearer’s vagina holds the whole apparatus in place, and they can thrust the dildo-end into their partner without it falling out.

Anatomy varies by individual. This magical event (successful strapless sex) apparently has happened for some couples, sometimes. But no matter how strong my PC muscles are, my pussy will.not.hold a 5- to 8-inch protrusion up UNLESS:

  1. My thighs are closed fast. I cannot open my legs, at all.
  2. The penetration must be at a favorable angle: downward. The more my partner’s ass is facing the ceiling, and I’m thrusting more like a 45-degree angle downward, the more gravity will allow this endeavor.
  3. My partner cannot move his body against the thrusting, rocking on the strapless toy’s dildo.
  4. I cannot overdo the speed; it must be a slower massaging thrust, to avoid the dildo getting pulled out from the resistance.

This is all awkward, and cuts down on the fun element. So, I use a harness: it’s just simpler, more worry-free.

You’ll need a harness with a pass-through O-ring, so the vaginal bulb can feed through. A flap opens up behind the O-ring, allowing access to the wearer’s full pelvic floor. We’ve used the serviceable Packer Gear Briefs, which support well and are machine-washable, but not the most premium feel (a few threads hanging out untrimmed). All Spareparts harnesses (like Tomboi) also have the pass-through flap.

Strapless strap-on how-to pass-through O-ring harness

Alternatives to Strapless Strap-Ons

All the above strapless vibrators are firm silicone over a harder, plastic enclosed motor core. This makes them stable, but they lack the fleshy feel of super-soft silicone. (No one currently makes a safe, liquid-silicone-coated vibrating strapless; though I bet it’ll happen within the next 5 years.)

So, if you (like me!) are gung-ho for softer sex toys and/or realistic dildo feel, these components will combine to deliver different—but simultaneous—pleasure to two partners:

  1. Choose a realistic dildo for the receiving partner. (Or any silicone dildo with flared base.)
  2. Have your strap-on harness. Brief & boxer styles are most comfortable + supportive, as they allow the harness to hold toys better too.
  3. Pick a combo of clit-stimulating bullet vibrator and/or pussy plug to please the wearer.

I describe my favorite dual pleasure strap-on setup here, which is wide!


  1. Even the Tantus Slim Strapless is bigger overall (5.5″ dildo length vs. 4.5″ for Triple T), only having a slightly-narrower dildo end, 1.25″ inches diameter vs. Triple Teaser’s 1.46″.
  2. Lovense Lapis is 11.1 ounces, & Strap-On-Me’s Vibrating Bendable is 11.4 ounces.

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