Beat Magic Tickler Review – Vibrating Vaginal Plug Tested

Hooray! The Beat Magic Tickler’s a vibrating pussy plug with 5 tongues outside, to stimulate clit & vulva better.

It’s a fantastic concept for me: I can sit & grind forward, so its flexible “ticklers” are rubbing under my clit — as this plug’s 4-inch length thrums away inside my vagina. For me & my partner, it’s fun as a remote-control foreplay vibe (a big turn-on while we’re hanging out together), or if I’m wanting a pick-me-up while bored.

The Run-Down:

Silicone vagina plug with peppy vibration & remote control. 5 flexible tongues for clit / external stimulation. Easy to wear; grind-worthy teasers outside 🩷👅.

$49.99 at Peepshow Toys

Beat Magic Tickler vibrating vaginal plug in hand

Pros & Cons


  • Vibrating vaginal plug with external stimulator.
  • Upbeat, zingy vibration.
  • Five silicone tongues are flexible for comfort.
  • Clit-stimulating when I sit and grind on top.
  • Remote for intensity changes while plugged.
  • 5 intensity levels × 10 vibration functions.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • Body-safe silicone & ABS plastic.


  • Available in one size.
  • Not-rumbly vibration.

The Beat Magic Tickler is made of nonporous silicone & ABS plastic, is 4.5″ total length and 4″ insertable length, has a 1.125″ diameter, is waterproof, and is USB rechargeable. You untwist Beat Tickler’s base to find the male end to plug directly into any USB-A adapter or port, meaning: it’s impossible to lose the charging cord.

My Review Criteria

All body-safe, zero BS. I only recommend body-safe toys, no bullshit and no paid promos. If I wouldn’t give a toy to a close friend, then I won’t recommend it to you, either. I’ve tested over 750 vibrators, 500 dildos, and 120 butt plugs (and an array of cock rings, kink gear, and lubes!). Everyone’s preferences vary, so I rate vibrating toys by 1. power level and 2. rumbliness; and always describe how my personal tastes color my experience.

My Experience

As a Wearable Vaginal Plug

I tested the Beat Magic Tickler first while alone at home during the week, off and on during the days. I work from home, so (😁)… work may occasionally get distracted from. Inserting and sitting on the Magic Tickler while I’m skimming through a boring chapter for typographical errors is the way. Really livens the process up!

Beat Magic Tickler vibrator size vs. hand
Beat M. Tickler’s 4-inch length × 1.125 inch width vs. my hand.

But, at some point I’ll want to stop and focus on the tingly arousal this toy’s causing me. That’s when I get to enjoy: arching my back, and rocking my hips back and forth, to feel the motion of the Beat Tickler’s flexible-tongues against my clit. That’s gentle, never sharp, because these ticklers are very bend-y. When walking, I can feel them pressing inward between my clit and urethra, present but not poking.


Clenching around the vibrating plug while rocking, and thinking about a hot’n’sexy scenario, is how I get off hardest on this vibrator. It’s been sticking out of my computer’s USB port a lot lately, so it’s recharged & ready for me the next time.

As a Remote-Control Couples Vibrator

How we tested the Magic Tickler for remote play: Twas a Saturday night and we were chillin’ on my livingroom couch, a movie playing in front of us, after a nice dinner & drinks. But now: the film had sounded exciting, but was dragging in reality. So I asked him: “Hang on, pause it for a sec.”

I went to retrieve the vibrating vag. plug from my bedroom, washed it quickly… and eased it inside me. I returned with an “Aha! 😏” from the bathroom, remote in my hand. I’d already leveled down from the high vibration intensity level: because the Beat Magic Tickler starts on the strongest setting, so I hit the – button to get down to a lower brrrrumbzzzzz.

Beat Magic Tickler remote control review - experience
Lounging like this except, ya know, with the plug actually inserted 😂

Inserting the Tickler plug makes it much quieter: it drops from 48 decibels, down to a lower 35 decibels. (I consider anything under 40 dB as quiet vibration.) So, it wouldn’t infere with anyone hearing the movie. (Just with focusing on it, in my case.)

I passed a few minutes enjoying the thrum of the vibration, sitting quietly. I hadn’t explictly offered him the remote yet. But as I got used to it, I wanted it turned up, I wanted more. Then, The remote was his, then; I handed it over.

And he started flipping through the functions. I like them OK except for one, which is too on-off-on-off intermittent. I asked him if he could turn up the vibration intensity (the + button). He did, after teasing me by flipping thru the functions for a minute first. I’d started wiggling my hips, so the flexi-tongues would do their work for my clit. We did have the remote lose connection once, and needed to pull the plug outta me and turn it off, then on again.

We made it till right after the movie’s so-so “climax” before pausing again. It was definitely time to adjourn to the bedroom—where I learned that the Tickler plug is wearable while giving blowjobs. It stayed in place! 🎉🍾

All in all, the Magic Tickler plug is doing more for me—I just enjoy the experience more—versus either vaginal-only or clitoral-only wearable vibrators. The Tickler’s wavy, rock-on-able base is a feature I hope to see a lot more vibrators with; and I’m looking forward to wearing this one around more.

Vibration Functions and Strength

Fittingly, The Beat line by NassToys has “upbeat” vibration. They’re strong vs. most vibrators of a similarly small size.

The vibration is also up-frequency—that is, moderately high-pitched. Don’t go in expecting the deepest, rumbliest vibration. The Beat Magic Tickler progresses from a midpoint between rumbly & buzzy, to fairly buzzy (but not beeswarm-buzzy like the highest-pitched vibrators).

Magic Tickler’s vibration reminds me most of the Lovense Ferri, except I like the Tickler more because it’s dual-stimulating (not just clitoral).

Beat Magic Tickler vagina plug with grinder base - teaser tongues

How to Use

How to Control

To turn on The Beat Magic Tickler, find the power button on the plug’s body. Press down for 1–2 seconds. It will buzz while lighting up, and the light will flash off and on. That means this vaginal plug’s now in standby mode.

Then, press the power button again to turn on the vibration. Keep pressing to cycle through the 10 vibration functions.

Beat Magic Tickler how to control power button
Power button on Beat Magic Tickler plug; Plus remote with 3 control buttons.

Or better, use the remote after removing the cover over its CR2032 battery. The remote has + and – buttons, so you can access all 5 steady speed settings. Press the remote’s power button to move through all 10 vibe functions, then use the + and – buttons at will to tweak the strength of each function.

How to Position

Inserting the Beat Tickler is simple for me, due to its slimline size (1.125″ max. diameter).

  1. If I’m drier vaginally, apply a couple drops of water-based lube.
  2. Then hold the Tickler’s wavy base,
  3. And push the plug’s tip inside the vagina gently, until it can’t go farther.
Beat Magic Tickler how to insert and position

The 5-tongues side of the base works best for me clitorally (facing my belly). But, you could try it as a perineum stimulator: facing toward your butt, too.

To position, you may either wear it around, or sit on it.

Amazingly, when walking with the Tickler inside, I don’t even need an extra layer of support shorts like for all my other vaginal “love egg” vibrators, just underwear. But, my favorite position is sitting on top of the Magic Tickler: I can feel the vibration more strongly when I sit on the vag. plug. On my desk chair, or the couch! This way, I can feel the flexi-tongues, and grind forward on them. Rocking my hips slightly produces the most feeling here.

Care & Cleaning

The Beat Magic Tickler is waterproof enough to wash in the sink, with its base attached normally. When it’s inserted vaginally, you won’t experience any fluid ingress into the plug.

To clean, just use your normal handsoap while scrubbing the plug’s silicone under running water. Spend a few extra seconds running soap & water over the ticklers.

Beat Tickler vibrating pussy plug - how to recharge

It’s USB rechargeable. Here’s how: The base of the plug twists off, about a 45 degree turn. Counterclockwise to loosen. The USB-A connector appears, ready to be plugged into a computer port or an adapter. Then twist back on when you’re done charging; you’ll feel the notches inside catch as the base seals back in place.

I have too many cords to keep track of, so it’s awesome that this is one less to worry about.

Recap & Rating

The Tickler plug is the funnest teaser for me. Its tongue-laden base makes all the difference, as I’m able to rock on this vibrating vag plug and get grinding goin’ on outside, too.

It’s potent enough to cum on, though best as a foreplay toy for me. (I need more fulfilling in-and-out thrusting afterward, because the dual vibrating is so arousing.) The vibration is lively, and I like to pull out this vibrating plug to wear when I’m working on a dull project or doing something mundane like folding laundry.

Vs. other vaginal plugs, it’s slimline and lighter, so it stays in place (no pop-outs) for me better. I’m not giving up my G-squeeze as a vag-stuffer while masturbating, but this smaller vibe will remain inserted best while I walk, hoooray!

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(out of 10)
Fun per dollar value:
The vag. plug I can grind on that I’ve always needed: humping the “tickler” tongues is 😍; Strong-for-size power, neither rumbly nor uber-buzzy; Remote control’s fun to hand over; Good value for the vibration’s *zing*.
User experience/
Ease of use:

Comfortable to sit on and wear around. Stays put for me better vs. vibrating “eggs,” especially pointed ones like Lush. Remote needed to access all 5 intensity levels; decent but not perfect connectivity. Great for wear while low-key working, or Netflix-n-chillin’ with my bf.
Quality feel:
Body-safe silicone & ABS; Bright, clean package; Directly USB-A rechargeable; Water-resistant.
Run time (1.13–1.73hrs.)
& easy charging
[vs. all vibrators]
From 5.25 to 7.25
/out of 10:
Good-panty-vibe power
Vibration depth
7.0 to 3.5
/out of 10
35 dB max. when inserted


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