Pris Toys Tribble Grinder Review – Helloooo, Rub-On Textures!

It’s like an alien yoni? Pris Toys’ Tribble fantasy grinder is for rubbing your clit on the extra textures: humping for hands-free external orgasms.

Importantly, this medium-soft silicone grinder has a vibe slot—an opening where you can insert a smaller “bullet”-style vibrator. Powering up the Tribble’s tremendous textures works best for me!

The Run-Down:

Hyper-textured fantasy grinder that reminds me of an otherworldly vulva! Bullet vibrator slot for adding vibes.

$40 USD at Pris Toys

Pros & Cons


  • Fantasy silicone grinder with lots o’ texture.
  • Easy to feel all the lines, ripples, and nubs.
  • Handcrafted, with unique colors.
  • Platinum-cured silicone.
  • Bullet vibrator slot so it can vibrate. (Vibe not included.)
  • Medium-soft (5A Shore) silicone = more noticeable textures & transmits vibration better than super-soft.
  • Excellent price for handmade plat. silicone.


  • Medium-soft silicone is less forgiving (“squishy!”), if your clit is sensitive.

The Tribble grinder sex toy ($40 USD) is made of silicone with skin-safe pigments, is approximately 4.5″ total length × 3.3″ diameter × 1.8″ maximum height, and fits standard bullet vibes (its hole is 2″ deep × 0.8″ diameter).

My Review Criteria

All body-safe, zero BS. I only recommend body-safe toys, no bullshit and no paid promos. If I wouldn’t give a toy to a close friend, then I won’t recommend it to you, either. I’ve tested over 1,050 vibrators, 515 dildos, and 150 butt plugs (and a plethora of cock rings, kink gear, and lubes!). Everyone’s preferences vary, so I rate vibrating toys by 1. power level and 2. rumbliness; and always describe how my personal tastes color my experience.

My Experience

I’m always ready to give a new humpable grinder a go! The Tribble’s the most “all-in-one” fantasy grinder I’ve tested so far, because it’s like a maw (open jaws) and geometric lines and with a yonic/vulva-resembling aspect, too. A lot goin’ on.

Pris Toys Tribble review size in hand

What I’ll call the “alien clit” in center is the highest part, multiple nubs that rise upward (see arrow in pic, below). I like to sit with my vaginal opening on the back of the grinder—on the fangs!—then rock forward into the gently-lined section I’m pointing to here:

Pris Toys Tribble review - textures for clitoral stimulation

By itself, it’s interesting. Good. Could come on it after 5 or 10 minutes, a thin coat of Sliquid lube covering the Tribble’s lively surface. But the better way by far is to insert a bullet vibe into the hole:

I first paired the Pris Toys Tribble with the Maia Jessi Trippy bullet, because I like the colors together and it’s pretty strong. (It’s like the power of the BMS Essential Bullet, except starting on high intensity.)

Pris Toys Tribble grinder toy with bullet vibe slot - Maia Jessi Trippy

But that bullet was a lil wide to really easily remove, so I moved my favorite, slick-surfaced mini-vibe, the Swan Maximum Bullet. Its shiny plastic + tapered tip are easier to get in-and-out. In either case, the vibration does carry very well for clit stimulation through the Tribble’s teaming textures.

Tribble is slightly different than most other fantasy grinders cuz it’s a 5A Shore instead of an 00 Shore (00-30 or 00-40 or 00-50). That means it’s harder than those super-soft densities, but Tribble is not hard compared to the firm silicone you’ll find coating 99% of silicone vibrators. Tribble’s silicone is in the middle. I see why Pris Toys chose this not-incredibly-soft, yet-pretty-gentle silicone, since it’ll allow the vibrator hole to be much less likely to tear as you remove the vibe after use. Tips on bullet vibrators for the Tribble grinder, next.

What Vibrators Fit in the Tribble Grinder?

With a diameter of right at 0.8 inches, the Tribble will fit most but not all bullet vibrators. The biggest bullets, and the pointiest lipstick-style bullets, aren’t great options here (being too wide, and falling out due to the Tango X’s new bulbous “handle” grip, respectively).

Here’s how I insert my favorite vibrator in bullet form:

Pris Toys Tribble how to insert bullet vibrator for vibrating clitoral grinder
Bullet vibrators in a range of sizes. Two of these (center and far right) are too wide to fit Tribble.

How to Use the Tribble Grinder

How to Insert a Vibrator & Maintain the Vibe Slot

Have your bullet vibe ready. Squirt a few drops / a small trickle of water-based lubricant into the Tribble grinder toy’s hole. Rub your finger around, to disperse the lube. Then insert the bullet vibrator.

This is most important if your bullet is close to 0.8 or even 0.9 inches max. diameter; adding lubricant will make it easier to remove later.

How to Position

Positioning options for small grinder sex toys:

  1. On a chair: Put Tribble down, then sit on top. This is the easiest way. (Use a waterproof pet blanket under your body + Tribble toy if you’re concerned about shielding a chair’s fabric.) Rock your hips gently forward, figuring out where your clit feels best situated.
  2. On pillows: Stack a couple pillows on your bed, then put the Tribble atop those, and straddle the whole setup. This is for more riding / cowgirl/cowpoke-style humping, broader rocking forward that’s more vigorous.
  3. Lie back and brace Tribble against your vulva (either by holding it with your hand, or with a pillow wedged in place). Possible, but less convenient for me.
Pris Toys Tribble grinder in hand
If positioning the Tribble grinder atop pillows, use your firmest pillows to better support weight—not like the pillow above that totally caves in!

Care & Cleaning

Platinum silicone remains absolutely the safest soft sex toy material, which is fantastic for a toy this textured.

Just lather your Tribble up with your normal handsoap, and scrub its surface under running water from your sink. Shake off excess water, and leave it to dry.

It’s compatible with water-based and hybrid lubes, if you want to soften the textures during use. Oil-based lubes aren’t damaging, but will be a chore to scrub off all the textured recesses here.

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Recap & Rating

The Tribble by Pris is a cool lil gadget, because it turns your bullet vibrator into more. The textures fit my vulva well, as I’m rocking forward. Looking down at the bumps that I imagine as friendly-alien clits is very fun.

As a medium-soft grinder, the textures feel more prominent, so it’s a gentler hump vs. a really squishy-squashy soft toy—where I might want to ride harder. That’s awesome too, I’m glad for both experiences. But the Tribble’s firmer texture here produces slightly faster orgasms.

Find the Tribble grinder at


3 thoughts on “Pris Toys Tribble Grinder Review – Helloooo, Rub-On Textures!”

  1. Pris toys!! Thank you!
    Side note- every once in a while, I read a review and see a toy that I had no idea you owned. Two that really stuck out to me were the Njoy Eleven and Vixen Ranger. I’m very interested in both–what did you think? And if you don’t end up reviewing a toy, does that mean you don’t really think it’s worth reviewing?
    Love you, as always!

    • Ooh, I missed this the other day! Yeah, there’s a lot hiding in my closets 😆 It’s pretty much a similar situation with the 11 and the Ranger and me: I think the product quality is great, they’ll be appealing to some (maybe the 11 less so, due to its higher price point), but I just couldn’t navigate how to get much pleasure out of them. The Ranger’s head shape also feels odd to me, like I like thick heads but something about it feels boxy in an unnatural way. I’m sure that another problem is that I’m trying to do too many things at once all the time so I have to select for toys I can take a strong stance on, that really move me one way or the other. So, “it’s not bad” toys do get neglected. It’s not that they’re not worth reviewing, it’s just that… I need clones. lol.


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