Lovense Lapis Review – We Tested Double Dildo Power!

The Lovense Lapis is the best-engineered “strapless strap-on” I’ve felt: three motors inside a wearable double dildo. Lovense’s app control means you can adjust each vibrating motor’s intensity to taste, and Lapis gets quite strong—more intense than Lovense’s popular Lush vaginal vibrator.

We’ve worked it by: I insert the vaginal bulb (“pony”) end, and I feel Lapis’ G-spot vibration pressing into me as I thrust the dildo into my boyfriend. Our full experience with Lapis’ power & functionality:

The Run-Down:

Strong, wearable “strapless” vibrating dildo. Penetrates two partners at once. Well-designed for firm pressure.

$129 USD standard price

$129 at Lovense now

Lovense lapis review - wearable dildo for two

Pros & Cons


  • Vibrating double dildo for couples use.
  • G-spot stimulating bulb moves as you thrust.
  • 3 motors with adjustable vibration strength.
  • Lovense app control for different patterns.
  • Firm P-spot or G-spot stimulation from the dildo end.
  • Waterproof & rechargeable.
  • Body-safe silicone.


  • Only 1 size.
  • Firm silicone = not the best fit for fans of realistic-feeling dildos.

Lovense Lapis is made of nonporous silicone & ABS plastic, has a 1.5″ diameter × 5.5″ long dildo, has an up-to-1.4″ diameter × 2.8″ long vaginal bulb, is IPX7 waterproof, and is USB magnetic rechargeable with up to 2.5 hours run-time (that’s on low intensity vibration; it’s 1.75 hours running on full power).

Lapis works for either pegging play (where a man receives anally); or for sex between two vagina-having partners. To keep the Lapis in position vaginally amidst vigorous penetration, I strongly recommend a harness with a pass-through O-ring.

My Review Criteria

All body-safe, zero BS. I only recommend body-safe toys, no bullshit and no paid promos. If I wouldn’t give a toy to a close friend, then I won’t recommend it to you, either. I’ve tested over 1,050 vibrators, 515 dildos, and 150 butt plugs (and a plethora of cock rings,, kink gear, and lubes!). Everyone’s preferences vary, so I rate vibrating toys by 1. power level and 2. rumbliness; and always describe how my personal tastes color my experience.

My Experience with Lapis

The Lapis low-down: He loves it as a prostate vibrator, with me doin’ the work pegging him. I go slower than with a super-soft dildo, since Lapis is more pressure-ful, and its vibration is a huge part of how effective it is. The Lapis dildo’s ridge is subtle, but he says, “Hell yeah I can feel it” about it making contact with his P-spot. I’m sure he came for almost 5 minutes straight in our hottest test session.

Lovense Lapis review - clitoral stimulation textures + power button

Using the Lovense Lapis is very fun for me as the wearer, just not over-the-moon orgasmic. (We’ve flipped positions from our thoughts on (my fave) strong vibrating cock ring, which I think is frickin’ fantastic & he’s good with it, but is mainly along for the ride & my pleasure.)

Lovense Lapis in strap-on harness modeled

With Lapis, I can feel the kidney-bean-shaped bulb pressing into my G-spot. The vibration moves some inside me. And the external vibration is strong enough, too. My inability to come is a “It’s not you, it’s me” issue. I need more internal motion, like thrusting; and/or softer, wider penetration to reach orgasm. That’s why my best strap-on experience personally continues to be the Lush 3 paired with the SuperSoft silicone G-squeeze pussy plug: suitable if you’re able to take girth, because it’s about 2.25″ diameter.

To position the Lapis, I’ve mainly screwed him from behind (like doggy style) as he leaned forward over a couple pillows. This is the easiest access for us, since I can move freely to power the thrusting. But, when I get tired, a cool-down with “spooning”-style sex means I can also reach over his body and play with his cock in the end; that works well for both of us. Lapis is gonna have to be added to our list of top prostate dildos.

Vibration Functions and Strength

Lovense’s Lapis has three motors, designed to stimulate:

  1. Wearer’s vagina,
  2. Wearer’s clit,
  3. Receiver’s vagina or rectum (depending on whether they’re taking Lapis vaginally or anally).

The vibration intensity is competitively strong, more powerful vs. almost all other strapless double dildos. The Lapis beats the Strap-On-Me Vibrating Bendable Dildo for vibration power. And compared to the Lapis, the Tantus Strapless toys’ cheap-o bullet vibrator insert seems like a bad joke.

Among Lovense G-spot toys, Lapis’s vibration feels similar to the Lovense Dolce except spread out over more length; while Lapis’ three motors outgun the Lovense Lush’s one.

Lovense G-spot vibrators - Lovense Lapis bulb vs. Lovense Dolce vs. Lovense Lush
Lapis’ vaginal bulb, left; vs. Lush 3’s bulb, right; and Dolce’s wider / G-spot end, top.

Lapis is pretty rumbly, too. One of the motors—the purple-colored one in the Lovense app—is slightly higher-pitched. For those of us who prefer deep “rumbly” vibration, here’s what I recommend: In the app, turn down the purple slider to half-power, while maxing out the two other motors. This makes Lapis rockin’ with power while still being 7/10 rumbly. How to adjust Lovense Lapis for rumblier + strong vibration:

Lovense Remote - how to adjust Lovense Lapis for rumbliest vibration

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How to Use Lovense Lapis

Lapis Parts: How to Wear

Lapis has 3 motors, designed for: (1) G-spot stimulation for the wearer, (2) clit stimulation for the wearer, (3) vaginal or anal stimulation for the dildo receiver.

To use the Lapis “strapless” vibrating dildo:

  • Apply a few drops of water-based or hybrid lube to the vag. bulb.
  • Insert it slowly, holding the other end and pushing until it feels fully inserted.
  • Gently bend Lapis’ “neck” until it’s situated comfortably against your vulva.
  • The dildo end will angle outward, 5.5 inches length in front of the wearer’s pelvis.
  • Turn on Lapis’ vibration anytime, via the power button right beside the clit-stimulating silicone section.
  • Lube up the dildo end too, and go to town on your partner!

If you want to be able to spread your legs at all, or thrust harder while wearing Lapis, then you will need a strap-on harness to support that. (See: “Are strapless dildos really strapless?“) I’m using the Packer Gear Briefs, $27.99: its O-ring has a open flap behind, so the Lapis double dildo will feed through. Recommended with hybrid lube for longevity: Sliquid Silk is a good safer option. Other pass-through O-ring harnesses are anything by SpareParts, including Joque and Tomboi. Lovense also has a harness compatible with Lapis.

Strapless strap-on how-to pass-through O-ring harness Lovense Lapis
How-to slot Lovense Lapis through a harness’ O-ring.

Lovense App Control

To turn on Lapis, hold down the power button for 3 seconds. It will flash, showing Lapis is in standby mode. Press the button again to start the vibration, and continue pressing to cycle through all 7 vibration functions.

Lovense Lapis how to power on

Syncing to the Lovense app is fast: just hold down the power button till Lapis is on standby, open the Lovense app, then tap the “Your toy is not currently connected” banner or the link icon at the top of your screen.

Go into “Remote” from the homescreen, to adjust each Lapis motor’s vibration strength. I like the “Traditional” slider bars; or use the Slide visualization and tap the “Float” button to keep the vibration running at a steady intensity (so you don’t have to be touching the phone screen all the time as you use Lapis).

Care & Cleaning

IPX7 Waterproof! The Lapis’ silicone + ABS plastic body can be submerged safely, and is easy to wash down in the sink.

To clean, just use your normal handsoap and scrub the Lapis down, as water runs from your faucet.

It’s USB magnetic rechargeable. The charging nodes are at the “stem” of the toy, the underside of where the dildo meets the clitoral/mons stimulating textures.

Recap & Rating

We found Lovense Lapis to be well-executed. It’s a careful design, ergonomic with a flexible connector so it can fit different vulvas better. And it has strong vibrating motors. ⚡🙌

The firm silicone coat is smooth. Lapis is a hard material, yet with gentle textures (no jagged huge ripples like in another strapless dildo we recently tested).

I felt very comfortable wearing it inside a harness while pegging my bf: The G-spot stimulation was good, and the feedback as I thrust was fun. It wasn’t 110% 😛perfect for me because I adore fleshy-soft silicone inside my vagina, so I don’t recommend it if you & your partner are set on a phallic (realistic-dildo) feel. But if you like streamlined nonrealistic dildos, it’s an excellent choice. Lapis is the most powerful Lovense vibrator except the wham-bam Domi wand.

Find Lapis in the Lovense store.

(out of 10)
per dollar value:

He loooves the P-spot vibration + thrusting; I think the G-spot bulb is good. Reasonable price for how functional the Lovense app is, so you can tailor the vibration intensity for all 3 motors.
User experience/
Ease of use:

Fun for both of us. The receiver gets more stimulation, as the dildo moves in-and-out, powered by the Lapis-wearer. Lapis’ G-spotting bulb is well-designed to provide light pressure, gentle rocking, not full thrusting. Comfortable; doesn’t leave marks in my skin, easy to control.
Luxury feel:
(Body-safe, smooth silicone; Neat packaging; USB rechargeable, waterproof; Great app control)
Run time (1.75–2.5hrs.)
& easy charging
Vibration power,
[vs. all vibrators]
From 2.5 to 8.0
/out of 10
Vibration depth
From 10.0 to 6.9
/out of 10
pink & blue motors
From 10.0 to 5.0
/out of 10
purple motor
28 to 56
Lovense Lapis

Strong, wearable "strapless" vibrating dildo. Lovense Lapis penetrates 2 partners at once! We tested Lapis' power & functionality. Our full experience with pros & cons.

Product SKU: 6972677430227

Product Brand: Lovense

Editor's Rating:


  • Vibrating double dildo for couples use.
  • G-spot stimulating bulb moves as you thrust.
  • 3 motors with adjustable vibration strength.
  • Lovense app control for different patterns.
  • Firm P-spot or G-spot stimulation from the dildo end.
  • Waterproof & rechargeable.
  • Body-safe silicone.


  • Only 1 size.
  • Firm silicone = not the best fit for fans of realistic-feeling dildos.

2 thoughts on “Lovense Lapis Review – We Tested Double Dildo Power!”

    • Hmm! Do you mean wearing the vaginal bulb end, or using that as a handle and thrusting the dildo into yourself?

      Either way it’s a cumbersome setup unless someone with a vagina wants to feel that they’re jerking themself off, in which case the dildo sticking up and out makes sense. (For stroking, though the silicone isn’t soft enough to make the dildo feel phallic.)

      If that’s not the case, then see the Lovense Dolce. It’s about as strong as Lapis, and designed for clitoral + vaginal for one person.


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