Lux Active Triad Review – 2-Loop STRONG Vibrating Cock-Ring

Now *this* is how a cock ring should be, I concluded 30 seconds into grinding my clit on Lux Active Triad’s strong-vibrating “landing pad.”

Historically, vibrating cock rings have suuuuucked for me, every time a partner tried wearing one. Distaste. Fit issues. “People enjoy these?” So my boyfriend & I are floored that this one improves sex for me (F) and him (M). Here’s why the Lux Triad vibrating rings r rocking us:

The Run-Down:

Very-soft silicone rings with intense vibrator attached. For clit orgasms hands-free during P-in-V sex. Easy wear around penis & testicles. Remote included.

$64.99 USD standard price; up to $81.99

$55.99 at Peepshow Toys

Lux Active Triad review

Pros & Cons

Vibrating cock rings have several goals: 1.) hands-free clit stimulation during sex, 2.) keep the wearer’s erection harder, longer; 3.) stimulate the wearer’s penis and/or ballsack.

The Lux Active Triad does #1 and #3 incredibly well & reasonably well—but we’ll see how my favorite part of the Triad ring set makes it less successful at #2, being an endurance tool.

Lux Active Triad parts
Lux Active Triad’s parts: the remote, then the vibrator & clitoral-contact zone, and the cock-ring and balls loop.


  • Super-soft silicone cock rings with vibrator.
  • VERY STRONG vibration vs. other cock rings.
  • Squishy, raised area for clit stimulation.
  • Amazing for grinding on top of your partner, cowgirl-style.
  • Remote controllable.
  • Very stretchy, will fit any package.
  • Body-safe (Silicone + ABS plastic), doesn’t degrade.
  • Waterproof submersible. USB rechargeable.


  • Mediocre vibrator battery life.
  • Not for maintaining erections.

Lux Active Triad by BMS Factory is made of nonporous silicone (rings + vibe slot) and ABS plastic (vibrator and remote). Its clitoral-stimulation extension is 2.1″ wide, and rises 1.6″ high. The Triad’s PowerBullet vibrator is IPX7 waterproof and USB magnetic rechargeable, 3.1″ long × 1″ diameter. The Triad’s silicone is 00-50 Shore, and its rings’ internal dimensions don’t matter because they stretch like crazy:

Lux Active rings squishy super-soft silicone cock rings
It’s easy to stretch either Lux Triad ring, and it springs back to original size when you let go.
My Review Criteria

All body-safe, zero BS. I only recommend body-safe toys, no bullshit and no paid promos. If I wouldn’t give a toy to a close friend, then I won’t recommend it to you, either. I’ve tested over 1,050 vibrators, 515 dildos, and 150 butt plugs (and a plethora of cock rings, kink gear, and lubes!). Everyone’s preferences vary, so I rate vibrating toys by 1. power level and 2. rumbliness; and always describe how my personal tastes color my experience.

Our Experience with Lux Active Triad

Clitoral Stimulation

OMG. It’s squiiiiiishy-soft liquid silicone and it has one helluva bullet vibrator inside, too. I love grinding on soft things, but vibrating rings are usually either soft-but-porous TPE (which can grow mold🤮), or firm silicone.

The Triad ring is miles better than either of those materials. Its gentler silicone *clicks* with my vulva, because it feels more like squishy flesh—like rubbing on a scrotum, for example.

But then, the vibration is nothin’ life-like. This bullet vibe starts fairly low, deep and thudding. But it gets bold on functions #3 and #4. The power makes the Lux Active Triad’s bullet rotate like nuts if you leave it to roll around on your sheets (or an open palm). It reminds me most of the Lovense Dolce, which works as a vibrating dildo (since it’s nonfunctional as a wearable vibe, for me) when I don’t need the rumbliest vibrations.

The energetic vibes work through the Triad ring’s thick loop. I want it cranked up to function #3 quickly. We have the remote control at hand, ready to move to the strongest vibration setting (function #4) upon command. Hell yeah.

Lux Active Triad vibrator review how to turn on

The Triad’s best for my clit when I’m on top, in full control of the speed & rhythm of my riding+grinding. My weight also provides more pressure, more stimulation. We wouldn’t recommend it (and this is true of all cock rings) for doggy style, if you want consistent vibration against the clitoris. There, longer strokes in-and-out pull the vibrator away, again and again.

Lux Active Triad vibrating cock ring review - bullet vibrator grinder
Or, I can wrap its loops over, then rub off on it in the shower, where it’s like a super-soft tentacle grinder 🙌

In short, I loooove the Lux Active Triad’s third and fourth vibration functions, coming through the super-soft silicone ring. The Triad’s raised triangle is spot-on for where I like my clit stimulated. But, sometimes I want a break from the texture. In those cases, I flip the ring over (after removing both its cock and balls loops), for the smoother silicone side. Extended sessions with this ring vibrator please me so much, I’ve mounted it on a dildo on my best fucking-machine—and used it for the whole 1 hour battery life, a sloooow & relaxing Friday night “me-time.”

Lux Active triad front and back sides vibrating cock ring
Lux Active Triad, front and back sides of the silicone.

Penis & Scrotum Stimulation

That’s all about my pleasure: What about how it feels for him? With the standard placement—vibrator above the penis, smaller loop around the shaft, larger loop around the scrotum—he likes the vibes. Pieces of our conversation after a full Triad trial: “Fun.” “Tingly.” “But not more orgasmic when I finish.” “Would use this occasionally, not every time; I think you love it most, that works for me.”

Two position options: vibrator in front of the penis shaft, or underneath the testicles.

Since Lux Active Triad’s silicone stretches so much, it’s not trapping blood in his penis. It doesn’t alter how long he takes to cum. This does make the Lux Active Triad less risky for extended play: it’s not going to strangle your dick to the point of injury. (With normal rings, only 30 minutes wear-time is recommended.1)

We later tried the Triad for scrotum (ballsack) vibration. For that, you put the larger loop around the penis, then stretch the smaller loop around the balls, and sit on the vibrator. It’s a new kind of edging for him: stimulating and a big turn-on, so he’s dripping in short order. Pairing it with a super-soft stroker is how he got harder orgasms from the Triad’s vibrator. “Yeah, I came more than usual,” he said, looking down. “And it lasted a few seconds longer.” While Triad isn’t revolutionizing his penis orgasms (not a whole new dimension like a great anal toy), it’s a sweet add-on to a toy that I especially enjoy.

Lux Active Triad how to put on - cock ring and testicles rings

Vibration Functions and Strength

The Lux Active Bullet Vibe has 7 vibration functions: 4 steady speeds + 3 vibration patterns.

As a thick bullet vibrator, it’s able to contain more motor power than other BMS Factory mini-vibes. The Lux Active Triad’s vibe is stronger than the Essential Bullet, the PalmPower Groove, and my favorite mini, the Swan Maximum Bullet. (Which I’m not putting aside, because the Max. Bullet is rumblier & has more intensity options.)

Lux Active Triad bullet vibrator functions and power

I rate it as: from 5.5 to 7.75 out of 10 for vibration strength (where the strongest wand vibrators are almost 10). This Lux Active bullet is stronger than the Magic Wand Micro!!! And, I rate the Lux Active Triad’s vibe from 9.0 to 5.9 out of 10 for rumbly vibration.

How to Use

Two loops wrap around either: 1.) penis+scrotum; 2.) penis ×2, double looped; or 3.) your favorite dildo:

Lux Active Triad vibrating cock ring review - how to wear 2
Wear positions #2 and #3 combined: double-loops on a dildo.

How to Control the Vibrator

To turn on the Triad bullet, tap the power button. A ring will light up around it. Then, tap 1 more time to start the vibration.

Lux Active Triad vibrator review how to turn on

Press the power button to continue cycling through all 7 vibrating functions. To power off, hold the button down for 3 seconds.

To use the remote, first take off the back cover. Remove the separating plastic bit, then make sure the battery is pressed down all the way. Cover it again, and press the power button. The vibrator must be turned on before you can control it via remote. To increase speed, press the larger button on the remote; keep pressing to cycle through the functions. Or, press the power button to move backward a function.

How to Position during Sex

To keep the vibration most consistently clit-focused with a vibrating penis ring, the female/clit-having partner will:

  1. Ride on top, so they’re in control of the speed.
  2. Positions: Cowgirl works great. Or, try reverse cowgirl: there, you want to flip the vibrator on top of the wearer’s ballsack (so both loops will encircle the penis).
  3. Grind their hips forward, while riding/rocking up and down.
  4. Stick to shorter upward strokes, to keep in touch with the vibration.
  5. Use the remote control anytime to change up the vibrator’s function.
How to use Lux Active Triad vibrating rings

My caveat for others with different pelvic floor spacing: Anyone who has / whose partner has a clitoris-to-vagina distance of more than 2 inches (=median) may have trouble with Triad’s soft silicone reaching far enough for direct contact.

Care & Cleaning

IPX7 Waterproof! The Lux Active Triad’s silicone loops + ABS plastic vibrator can be submerged underwater.

To clean, remove the bullet vibrator from the silicone rings. Apply your normal handsoap to each toy, and wash the Triad’s 2 parts under running water. Shake excess water off, then let air-dry before storing this cock ring set in the teal Lux storage bag.

The vibrator is USB rechargeable: Magnetic charging nodes are located on the bottom of the bullet, on opposite sides of the power button.

Recap & Rating

As a pro toy tester, the most fascinating thing for me is when a certain new “novelty” changes my view of an entire category of sex toys.

The Lux Active Triad slashed right thru my assumptions about vibrating C-rings: that they’re weak-powered and uncomfortably hard (for my sensitive bits). This is different, finally. It’s squishy silicone, a wide-grind-worthy expanse, powered by a damn-strong vibrator. I’ve got 20 other vibrating rings in storage; this is the only one I’ve ever reviewed positively.

Triad’s only failure for me was when I wanted its battery to go longer, as it was attached to my unlimited-run-time sex machine via a fave dildo. On the strongest vibration level, you won’t get over 50 minutes per Triad bullet recharge. A small trade-off, since it’s the only vibrating ring I’ve ever been thrilled about. My partner likes the feel and comfort—plus, seeing me cum harder when he turns up the Triad’s vibes to top speed!!!⚡🤪

Find the Lux Active Triad set here.

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(out of 5)
per dollar value:

A beautiful add-on; great for grinding on top, or rubbing
on for solo clit stimulation; increases feeling for him too; very good price.
User experience/
Ease of use:

A+ functional. Stretches easily, simple to put a penis & balls through; Button-tap to turn on; Remote control; must remove battery cover & reposition battery to get remote working.
Luxury feel:
Body-safe silicone & ABS, clean packaging, not fancy, but professional; USB magnetic rechargeable, waterproof
Run time
& easy charging
Total4.25 out of 5
[vs. all vibrators]
From 5.5
to 7.75
/out of 10
bullet vibe
I own
Vibration depth
From 9.0
to 5.9
/out of 10
36 to 54
Lux Active Triad

Grinding my clit on Lux Active Triad's strong-vibrating landing pad... These cock-rings r rocking us. Clit orgasms hands-free... Pros & cons of BMS Lux Active Triad set, honest review.

Product SKU: 677613469250

Product Brand: BMS Factory

Editor's Rating:


  • Super-soft silicone cock rings with vibrator.
  • VERY STRONG vibration vs. other cock rings.
  • Squishy, raised area for clit stimulation.
  • Amazing for grinding on top of your partner, cowgirl-style.
  • Remote controllable.
  • Very stretchy, will fit any package.
  • Body-safe (Silicone + ABS plastic), doesn't degrade.
  • Waterproof submersible. USB rechargeable.


  • Mediocre vibrator battery life.
  • Not for maintaining erections.


  1. BMS adds that disclaimer for this product too, for liability reasons, but there’s zero chance this ring could injure a human penis; too stretchy.

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