How-to Care for & Position Hismith Sex Machines

Mechanical Romance: Pampering Your Hismith, Adjusting Machine Strokes, and Hitting the Bullseye of Happiness!

In this digital age, we not only feel the influence of technology in our interpersonal relationships, but even in our intimate relationships, leaving obvious traces. As a product of modern technology, the Hismith machine has opened up new possibilities for users in terms of eroticism and sex, but of course the machine itself needs to be well cared for and maintained.

So how do you care for your Hismith machine, keep it in best condition, and adjust it to the best angle for you?

My Hismith machine is an absolute staple of my sex toy collection, fantastic. I’ve been using my Premium machine regularly 😉 for 3 years now, and recently did not follow directions when I used silicone lube carelessly to grease it: it gunked the arm up, and required extra cleaning! So, I asked Hismith if they could provide more detailed how-to instructions on Hismith fuck machine care and cleaning, so you can be informed & avoid my error! This is not a sponsored post. Find my guide to Hismith models here, and our Premium Hismith experience here. The rest of this article is written by Hismith staff. —Phallophile😘

Cleaning and maintenance of Hismith machines

1. Cleaning foreign objects

Before enjoying your machine, make sure that the thrusting surface is free of foreign objects, just as it is between you and your partner, and free from outside interference.

2. Cleaning accessories

Wash the accessories [dildos and other attachments, like a suction cup!] of your Hismith machine with mild soapy water, just like caring for the relationship between you and your partner! Never use aggressive cleaning agents.

3. Lubrication maintenance

Use Hismith’s officially recommended lubricant (high-temperature grease) to moisturize the operating parts of the machine, just as you would in a relationship where you are constantly nourished by love. Avoid the use of lubricants containing silicone. Refer to Figure 1 for lubrication locations.

How to adjust stroke length of Hismith machine
Figure 1. Where to lubricate Hismith Premium.

How to Adjust Hismith Machine

1. Determine the need

Imagine the ideal stroke length for you: just like planning the future in a relationship, with a clear direction in mind.

2. Adjust carefully

Adjust the stroke length carefully, just like in a relationship where every step should be taken with care! Make sure the machine is off, and adjust gradually to avoid any surprises when turned back on.

3. Test verification

After the adjustment is completed, conduct a short test to ensure that the machine runs smoothly—just like an enduring love needs to be tested over time.

4. How-to for different Hismith machines

How-to adjust a Hismith machine’s stroke length is different for different machines. We’ll cover the stroke-length adjustment method for each different machine.

(1) Hismith Premium: Models HS06, HS03, HS11, HS12, HS13, HS14, HS28

The machine’s stroke length can be adjusted by simply adjusting the position of the knob on the swivel arm of the machine. Refer to Figure 2.

Hismith Premium - adjust stroke length fucking machine how-to
Figure 2. Knobs for operating adjustable thrust distance for Hismith Premium.

(2) Hismith Table Top: Models HS10, HS15, HS16, HS17, HS20, HS21, HS22, HS23, HS24

As with the Hismith Premium Series, the stroke length of the machine can be adjusted by simply adjusting the position of the knob on the swivel arm of the machine. Refer to Figure 3!

Hismith Table Top - adjust stroke length Table Top sex machine
Figure 3. Hismith Table Top adjustment.

(3) Hismith Mini: Models HS25, HS26, HS27

As with the Hismith Premium series, the stroke length can be adjusted by simply adjusting the position of the knob on the swivel arm of the machine. Refer to Figure 4.

Hismith Mini - how to adjust thrust distance
Figure 4. Hismith Mini adjustable stroke.

(4) Hismith Pro Traveler: Models HS18, HS19

You can adjust the stroke speed of the machine by adjusting the controller or APP settings, but the stroke length is fixed. Refer to Figure 5.

Hismith Pro Traveler adjustable app control
Figure 5. Hismith Pro Traveler with App Control.

(5) Hismith Servok and Hismith Duo Play: Models HS05, HS08

The Hismith Servok can be used to adjust both the stroke speed and thrusting length of the machine by adjusting the settings of the controller or the APP. Refer to Figure 6.

Hismith Servok Hismith Duo Play - adjustable control how-to
Figure 6. Hismith Servok adjustment & app control.

The stroke adjustment of Hismith Duo Play is the same as that of Hismith Premium series.

How to set up and position a Hismith machine

1. Firm support

When setting up the machine, ensure that it is on a firm, smooth supportive surface.

2. Positioning tool

Use the positioning tool supplied with the machine or follow the instructions in the user manual to adjust the position of the machine to ensure that it fits perfectly with the user’s body position, just like finding the best fit in a relationship. Hismith now offers a number of lifting platforms to help customers choose a better positioning. See Figure 7.

Hismith machine positioning - platform
Figure 7. Hismith machine positioning platform.

3. Secure placement

Once the machine is installed, check and ensure that its placement and positioning are safe and secure, by starting the machine at slow speed and stepping back to consider.

Conclusion: A Hismith Love Song

Conclusion: In this journey of mechanical love, we take care of Hismith meticulously, like a beloved partner, putting love and care into every detail. By optimizing the stroke, we are pursuing a more perfect understanding and resonance, just like in a relationship. And when we succeed in hitting the bullseye of happiness, it is as if the most beautiful melody resounds in the mechanical world at that moment, making us feel endless sweetness. This is not just the cold running of machinery, but also a love song full of warmth and emotion between man and machine. Let’s continue to create and immerse ourselves in this unique and beautiful world of love and write more sweet chapters of our mechanical love!

Finally, we attach a comparison table of all Hismith machines, so that our customers can better understand our different machines. [Click to enlarge!]

Hismith machine comparison chart

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